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  1. We haven't received the 3 upgrade emblems either, I believe.
  2. Thanks a lot for those tips, I really appreciate them! :)
  3. i had the same bug, but ctrl+F5 worked for me, ty
  4. the same thing was going on more than a year ago when some1 won the costume contest with alice wonderland costume, which was suspected of plagiarism, at least many thought so. (for example: the male mask of that costume set was undoubtedly a complete copy-paste, and everyone knew that, and people were raging). there was a thread about it with tens of pages on these forums, yet the costume still made it into the game, and if I recall it, ncsoft didn't even give a response to that. so if that could happen, this is defenitely happening. (I'm not accusing anyone with anything, I just told what
  5. Thank for the tips regarding my gloves and outdated accessories! (By the way, yes, those gloves are, indeed, from the story quests, so now I'm gonna check out that NPC you suggested.)
  6. Ahh, sadly, I guess I just missed the prvious event, cuz i've got back literally just a few days ago. Now I should just hope that the ring will drop. And I assume if the ring is this "easy" to get, then I should save my dracen core for another accessory. Also, may I ask what are the common grinding spots?
  7. I've seen that I could craft them, but I thought they were the tradeble ones that are also on the marketplace, so I didn't really check the crafting cost, cuz I thought it would be still expensive. But now that I know they are the nontradeable ones and they are cheaper to make, I'm gonna defenitely take another look at it. (I have the soul warden crafting btw, but the crafting window, and I think the whole crafting system itself, has complitely changed.) Thx for the tip! Ahh, and I'd have another question: how do people level their HM LVL these days? Grinding mobs or? just because those
  8. Thanks to both of you for your detailed answers, it really helps a lot to see where to start, cuz there's so much content in B&S that it was somewhat confusing, so it's defenitely clearer now :) (And yes, you both got it correct that I wanna build towards earth element. I have the full MSP SS from the storyline btw, however I haven't fused them with crit prime SS, because they are like 80+g/each. I still remember the time when it was like 15g/each q.q, it was long ago.)
  9. Hello Optional to read: I am a returning player, but I played B&S as my main game from the betas till August, 2016. Since then, I have taken a break. (I once planned to come back to play the game, but I kinda dropped the idea, because I was also playing another game, and I didn't really have time for B&S as much as I thought.) But now I am not really playing anything else, so I decided that I would come back to B&S to play it actively. However, there's A LOT of content in the game right now, and my head is like full of question marks about certain things, so I wanna ask your
  10. QRob


    and B&S optimization just gets worse and worse update by update instead of any improvment, at least this was at the time I actively played.
  11. QRob


    i restarted it, it took 30sec-1min now. still longer than it was. have ssd but bns is not installed on it though. ingame loading screens are quite qick though. it was just the launching i was talking about
  12. Hello I took a 1-year break in b&S. I updated it and everything. Question: why does launching the game take so much time? that once was 10-20seconds, is almost 5 minutes now? what the...?????? (also another question: is there some returning reward for those who took a break?)
  13. Yeh, basically what Queallarnar said. so don't worry, SFs r useless trashes in group pvp only (like 6v6), but they r more than fine in pve.
  14. 1. I'm playing from Hungary, and I don't have lagg at all, at least not the amount I could feel. 2. agreed, sort of... 3. rng is rng... many of us have just bad luck (at least that's what ncsoft says) 4. I don't really care about the bots. the bots in OW doesn't bother me, and the ones that are spamming my chat I just block them, 2-3/day, it's not something that I couldn't stand... 5. the classes (in pvp) are still more balanced then u'd see in any other mmo. ofc, there are certain classes which have some advantage against the other ones, and that's is all right imo additional info:
  15. Definitely. Revelation could have been a good game if it hadn't got such graphics... it seems just awful. I haven't played the game yet, and even when it comes to EU I won't try it. I just don't wanna play a game with such graphics, no matter how cool it might be. I still think B&S has got awesome graphics, awesome combat system. B&S is a unique game, and I haven't met anything else that could come close to it yet. Note that I am talking about the general things here, such as graphics, combat system, maps (the world and the culture). It has got some optimization problems though, th
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