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  1. KFM changes since launch?

    The game has had a ton of full skill reworks since the launch build, mostly improvements however i do lament some of the skills we've lost in the process. At some point after the game released all the hongmoon skills, they did away with the original skill system which allowed the most extensive individual skill by skill customisation and replaced it with two elemental specialisations for each class. Kfm in this case was split into wind and fire and each spec had their own rotations and mechanics to keep track of. Skills in general were segregated between the two specs and neither really had access to the full skill package that you could have before. The game progressed, new content was released and the devs kept changing up class mechanics and skills throughout the games life to better suit the new type of encounters and raids they kept building. As a fun example, since you mentioned it, at one point grapple skills could be specialised to "restrain" the target allowing other players to unleash otherwise unavailable very powerful skills against them. The meta was pretty much, if possible, cc a boss > restrain > beat down by the rest of the grp, fun times. The devs toyed around with the idea a bit but ultimately decided against keeping it. Anywho, skills come and go, sometimes they get changed a bit for flavor, for example the the dragon fist kfm spec has firestorm kick instead of triple kick just as a fire themed version of the original, a remnant of the old dual element skill system. That said, our current skill patch isn't fully fleshed out yet, each class is getting a 3rd new specializatio, as a kfm you can unlock yours already, the 'iron claw' spec by completing a high level quest. You currently have a choice of 3 ways to spec 5 different talents for each spec. Each of these talents you pick have a very broad scope in the changes they can bring to your playstyle often affecting multiple skill interactions effects and even changing what skills you have available. tldr: a lot's changed and a lot more's going to change change your spec and talents around to see what skills you actually have available because skills're often hidden behind different talents
  2. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I really like the idea of making a dungeons default difficulty hard mode once you guys phase out their actual hard mode counterparts.
  3. Since when is this allowed?

    That's utter nonsense xD Citation needed on that one, also the incredibly small picture you've shown does not contradict the support article in any way.
  4. Since when is this allowed?

    Account sharing is a violation of the Blade & Soul User Agreement and an account can be closed for it if it’s found to have been shared.
  5. Since when is this allowed?

    There is an intrinsic value to the visual effect of stealth and it's not just an rp flavor to the skill. If you think every archer and assassin would be indifferent to having it removed from their skill i highly disagree. Any rule that exists and isn't enforced puts the players that abide by the rules at a disadvantage. That's the problem i have with them. So you can mod the game, get piloted or whatever and have a better playing experience.No one gets hurt supposedly and there's 0 repercussions from ncsoft. Cool. What about the players with a more robust moral code that say 'oh i won't do that cos it's against the rules'. Some people are just like that you know? They're objectively getting a worse experience in this example, for no other reason than the fact that they're not breaking the rules, which should have repercussions but no one wants to enforce them. I get what you're trying to say but ultimately the current situation where the company doesn't enforce their own rules creates an uneven playing field in every aspect of the game and objectively the people who don't want to cheat even with said harmless mods are the ones getting the short end of the stick when they should be the ones on top.
  6. Since when is this allowed?

    What classes do you even play that have no aoe skills? Are you incapable of reacting to someone else readying an attack on you? You see, some people, like to not get hit by every single attack, and may sometimes even prefer to put up a block, or iframe an attack coming towards them if they see it. Quite common behaviour actually, in fact if you're not already, you should to try this out in pvp every now and then, it might help you out. I honestly see no reason to go in depth about any of this. The bottom line is, both of these are against the games rules. One would presume there's a reason for this. Feel free to ask ncsoft about that since they undoubtedly know the exact reasons for this. However, there is an advantage to be gained by these is there not? Having someone pilot you through a raid/pvp or whatever and modding your game client still gets you some benefit, regardless of how much you want to downplay it. And it is against the rules. By all means, if ncsoft were to agree with you and change the rules, so be it, that's cool. But that's not the case. By ignoring the people who break the rules, even the blatant ones who openly stream and post videos of themselves doing it ncsoft's just taxing their more honest part of playerbase who don't want to mod their client and such just because it's against the rules.
  7. Since when is this allowed?

    It's quite a significant change. Your ignorance to the class mechanics doesn't relly change this. At the very least do you think people would bother doing it if there was nothing to gain from it? There are plenty of videos of assassins showing off the classes animations that're usually hidden behind stealth. Feel free to look for them on your own since the mods don't seem to appreciate such links ~ Ncsoft's stance on client moding and bug abuse is honestly depressing. Op shows a player that openly admits to account sharing and shows a video of them on a clearly modified game client and in all likeliness i expect them to face 0 repercussions because of ncsoft's determination to avoid any responsibility for enforcing their own rules.
  8. Since when is this allowed?

    Would honestly be preferable compared to the current state of the game where people get punished for not cheating and macroing.
  9. A long time ago they changed it so if you hit escape while near a masked person their name will appear and you can block/report them as you would with any other player. I'd be surprised if that wasn't still the case.
  10. Where is free slot voucher?

    Only the hcoin store has it, if you're looking in the ncoin one you won't find it ~
  11. If it makes you feel any better the upgrade cost reduction spreadsheet they released shows they replaced pet packs with crystals under the alpha pet tiers, which is a pretty huge deal for most of the population.
  12. I haven't seen a western release of 'The World' OST from NcSound on itunes, and idk how region locked spotify is but if you can find it, it's called '블레이드 & 소울: The World'. That said they are pretty good at putting their music up on their official youtube channel, so at least you can get an idea of what song to look for there as well as find any other tracks you might want :3 Anywho here's the link to the exact track you're looking for 'Pinehill Temple'.
  13. They already confirmed on the patch preview stream that we're getting a 0 cost character slot voucher in the hm store post update ~
  14. Not sure why you're being difficult about this since i did provide you with a written step by step guide. Perhaps you're wandering around in a completely different area or maybe if u think you're doing everything perfectly and clearly the game's bugged you can share a screenshot or two as evidence ~ Anywho, here's a low effort image guide that i put together a few minutes ago. Works fine for me :/ https://i.ibb.co/8rtDbNR/guiderino.png
  15. In the southern part of the misty woods zone there's an area called the skyhaven bastion. Put on the outfit, go there and as you're killing the resistance members, every so often junghando will appear to fight you off. Just defeat him, get your badges and repeat untill you have enough to purchase your desired outfit. Should be very easy to do with our current gear and skills. Btw, it's not the devs fault that you're unaware of how the system works, a quick search google or even in the forums here would've easily granted you the knowledge ~