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  1. AMD RX 5700XT Performing bad on BNS

    I had some problems on my main PC and I had to go back to the old. (MB had to go to the warranty) And I can tell you that is everything on the CPU. I use the same GPU but the CPU and MB change and go back from a 9700k 5ghz to a 6600 the difference is brutal The number of settings I had low and I still have worst performance most notable is stuttering.
  2. DC 3x in less than 1h

    as it says in the title. never dc but today it's been that since i started playing won't tell me to contact support or is my ISP fault. fix your server pls i go play another thing
  3. Upgrade Soul/Heart with Event Currency

    I don't know what is the general opinion about this because I didn't play when they made the change. But this of using the same materials for everything is worse than before. Before i upgrade my weapon and farm events to upgrade my Soul/Pet/Heart Now I can only do one at a time all need ridiculous amounts of the same materials. Then ppl say the game dont have new players. with these changes no wonder
  4. treasure trove

    Trove is a big scam since day one. you paid 2x with real Money just to have a chance and then you still have to pay with game money. (and ppl say worth it) This thing beat any EA Activision 2k Games surprise mechanics
  5. Since when is this allowed?

    how about stopping lying and copying just what suits you? or maybe this is bad for your NCS employee reputation. here it is complete with underlined parts of what you try to hide. Account sharing is a violation of the Blade & Soul User Agreement and an account can be closed for it if it’s found to have been shared. Not every violation of the rules will lead to an account closure. Just because an account is shared does not mean the account will be blocked, and if a shared account is not blocked at a particular time, it does not mean the sharing is allowed. The rule is there to protect the account holder, not to punish. The rule is also there as an supplement to other more serious rules – for example, account sharing cannot be used as an excuse for some other rule being broken. The great majority of account thefts – that is to say, “hacked accounts” – happen to account owners who have previously shared their accounts and failed to secure them afterward. You, as the account owner, are responsible for the security of your game account. Sharing your account information may lead to unintended consequences for your account that customer service agents may not be able to reverse. Further, if someone else who knows your account information provides it to someone else, support staff cannot intervene. The only time it is ever acceptable to allow someone other than the account owner to play the account is when the account owner’s child under the age of 18 is allowed to play, and then only when the owner is present. link here: once again stop lying BnS buddy has been used for cheating in the past and you know that very well It's true that it helps a lot of people have a decent gaming experience but it's also used for cheating some more rules for you and those who think are defending they pernicious game. without realizing that they are actually helping to destroy the game Blade & Soul Rules of Conduct 9. You may not modify any part of the Blade & Soul Client, Server, or any part of the official Blade & Soul website. 17. You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running Blade & Soul. 18. You will not exploit any bug in Blade & Soul and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting, to any other user of Blade & Soul. Bugs should be promptly reported via 'Support' at 21. You may not use any third-party program (such as a "bot") in order to automate gameplay functions, including playing, chatting, interacting or gathering items within Blade & Soul. You may not assist, relay or store items for other players who are using these processes. the whole thing:
  6. Now whales new fun is go steal spiders of new/alts ppl that try get same gear. They equip that mask that dont let us see the name or block (why i cant bloock this trash ppl NCS?) and stay there for hours just to be idiots GG NCS it's a complete disaster is ruining the game and most of ppl that still play this game are complete idiots keep silent and do nothing as usual NCS
  7. The game is a load of garbage

    most of them have a iten that give 100% success that you can buy the only difference is that our version they hide with fragments or tokens in rng box
  8. In this I totally agree with you Grimoir :D
  9. You dont want to encourage others to use software that is against the Terms of Service. but you/NCS also do not want to stop this. and make ppl respect the Terms of Service.
  10. well you can follow your advice and start by learning to read. When did I say that bns buddy remove load screens? Yes for sure like they did when ppl use bns buddy for XML editers. they instantly removed this functionality. right?
  11. using simple mode - its not fair (in pvp is not but I do not really care. I just do not understand why people hate so much playing a game but they continue to play) using macro - its not fair (the same from above. simple mode is just a fancy name NCS give to macros because they think macros sound bad using bns buddy - it's not fair (this is the worst of all yes you can cheat with him. ex make you loading fast now go to arena hit ppl stuck on loading because they do not use buddy) using vpn ping reducer - it's not fair (nop . is just sad that ppl have to pay to another company to play a F2P game) Is not hate on other people. I just do not understand why NCS allows some things. How you can see the only one that really bothers me is bns buddy. but I think NCS knows very well that a lot of people need to use because the game is so badly optimized so they allow this third party software that helps a lot of people but that also lets a lot of people cheat.
  12. Yes they are quite diferente and yes I agree with you. I just think it's hilarious how NCS has handled people crying for years on macros.
  13. This is like bns buddy. NCS will not do anything. Even when bns buddy was used to cheat for real NCS never did anything. NCS rules third party software is not allowed. ppl admit and recommend on the forum/everywhere that use third party software and NCS just close the eyes and dont do anything. They solved the macros problem introducing macros in the game. lol a game that wants to be competitive introduce macros WHAT A NICE JOKE NCS. (to be honest there was not much they can do to stop macros) but the solution they get is to die laughing. Grimoir - nobody expected less from you. everyone in this forum already know what you are about.
  14. Great move

    I think you've been playing this game for a few years. You can easily respond to this. Why NCS do gear price reduction all the time? When this reduced the difference between players? Why you think this time is diferente? The only thing that changes is now ppl go get stuck with a little more gear. and this is what NCS has been doing all these years. (establishes minimum gear and give almost for free) But it does not really matter because everything goes up. (more upgrades more AP for new dungeons….) So What's your point? Why is this so good and different? It's cheaper yes. But in reality it does not change anything.
  15. Great move

    keep dreaming. and spread your BS