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  1. In this I totally agree with you Grimoir :D
  2. You dont want to encourage others to use software that is against the Terms of Service. but you/NCS also do not want to stop this. and make ppl respect the Terms of Service.
  3. well you can follow your advice and start by learning to read. When did I say that bns buddy remove load screens? Yes for sure like they did when ppl use bns buddy for XML editers. they instantly removed this functionality. right?
  4. using simple mode - its not fair (in pvp is not but I do not really care. I just do not understand why people hate so much playing a game but they continue to play) using macro - its not fair (the same from above. simple mode is just a fancy name NCS give to macros because they think macros sound bad using bns buddy - it's not fair (this is the worst of all yes you can cheat with him. ex make you loading fast now go to arena hit ppl stuck on loading because they do not use buddy) using vpn ping reducer - it's not fair (nop . is just sad that ppl have to pay to another company to play a F2P game) Is not hate on other people. I just do not understand why NCS allows some things. How you can see the only one that really bothers me is bns buddy. but I think NCS knows very well that a lot of people need to use because the game is so badly optimized so they allow this third party software that helps a lot of people but that also lets a lot of people cheat.
  5. Yes they are quite diferente and yes I agree with you. I just think it's hilarious how NCS has handled people crying for years on macros.
  6. This is like bns buddy. NCS will not do anything. Even when bns buddy was used to cheat for real NCS never did anything. NCS rules third party software is not allowed. ppl admit and recommend on the forum/everywhere that use third party software and NCS just close the eyes and dont do anything. They solved the macros problem introducing macros in the game. lol a game that wants to be competitive introduce macros WHAT A NICE JOKE NCS. (to be honest there was not much they can do to stop macros) but the solution they get is to die laughing. Grimoir - nobody expected less from you. everyone in this forum already know what you are about.
  7. Great move

    I think you've been playing this game for a few years. You can easily respond to this. Why NCS do gear price reduction all the time? When this reduced the difference between players? Why you think this time is diferente? The only thing that changes is now ppl go get stuck with a little more gear. and this is what NCS has been doing all these years. (establishes minimum gear and give almost for free) But it does not really matter because everything goes up. (more upgrades more AP for new dungeons….) So What's your point? Why is this so good and different? It's cheaper yes. But in reality it does not change anything.
  8. Great move

    keep dreaming. and spread your BS
  9. after seeing the Russian server F10 This is even more frustrating (pathetic)
  10. Great move

    What are you talking about? You missed the part that Soul go have more upgrades. lol Basically everything will be the same (or worst because you need all this mats for all your upgrades) But the difference will remain the same. you put more $$ in game you have better soul
  11. Blade & Soul: New player feedback

    forgot to mention one thing about optimization. You can use blade and soul buddy is a program that helps with this. although it was used for cheats in the past and These days it's still cheating. because of the problem I mentioned earlier in 1v1. this program among many things can make loading faster so yes is cheat in 1v1. But NCS does not care people admit to using this program openly and NCS does not do anything.
  12. Blade & Soul: New player feedback

    PVP in this game is very bad and is practically dead. even 1v1 with equalized gear have many problems. like you can cc and atk your opponent with him stuck in loading. Yes storyline it's the only way to level up. Crafting is very bad and it does not get better. you have few items where you can do gold but is very bad. If you already have problems with optimization Wait until you start do raids. It's going to be a complete disaster.
  13. I think you quote the wrong line. but I understood (I think) Someone has to give $$$ to kids if they buy P2W stuff. (It seems to me that are the parents) But yes you were referring to loot box gambling. or not? i dont know anymore Maybe it was this part when you got this information so wrong that confused me. What games and tools are you talking? (nvm i dont really care) Yes for a minority may be true. But for most games this is wrong And by the way 17 kids are still underage in most countries. SO yes BNS give 0% of these tools that you talking about. So yea sorry to assume that you think if a kid buy P2W things in a game is parents fault. My bad edited: I think I realized the confusion the way I posted it's a little confusing. The thing that you quote is not for you nor is it related to what i quote for you. and yes my bad :D The thing related to you is above the quote not below. again my fault sorry
  14. The Senator's bill It's a perfect exemple of politicians trying to gain sympathy and using the kids argument for this. When he talks about Candy Crush Saga and P2W he is being ignorant. This is not government responsibility. (I can not believe I'm going to quote Grimoir lol) but in this situation what he said is 100% correct. (100% on the topic of P2W. about RNG I do not think it's correct) ___________sorry Grimoir by the confusion______________//__________________I think it's better now______________ What? i say "P2W Has nothing to do with this topic" I did not say if I think this game is P2W or not. But if you want to know I mentioned my opnion about this in another topic. and Yes for me this game is P2W. I was more referring that companies will do everything for these laws not be approved. First time I heard about the red cross emblem in video games. and after I read the link I think I do not have enough information to have an opinion. (I have to get more informed about it) Exactly what I think. I just do not want to start a discussion about it. I can be wrong. But I believe that most people that purchase thousands worth of NCOIN is to spend on RNG To be totally clear what I think about this is. RNG/Trove and all this things Yes governments should make laws and regulate this. If a game wants to have gambling must be 18+ and have the same rules/laws/taxes as a casino/online betting P2W without RNG. I dont like. but No governments has nothing to do with this. and should not intervene
  15. Some people do not understand the basics. P2W Has nothing to do with this topic. Governments dont care if the game is P2W. If NCS put end game gear in F10 without RNG is ok for governments (but not for ppl) The problem with gambling is not the kids. kids is just a easy argument to draw attention to a major problem. RNG/gambling is addictive and addiction is considered a disease. 18+ games will not be saved from these new laws. Vidio games industry It's too big and it makes a lot of Money for companies and governments. It will be very difficult for these laws to take effect. My guess in the next 5 years everything will stay the same. (unless EA or another company do another stupid move like in Star Wars) Example- When EU started talking about this France was among the first countries to speak and being against it. (and I bet Ubisoft has a lot to do with it) About NCS and this game if by some miracle those laws are adopted in NA/EU I'm pretty sure NCS close the servers (very little population and this game depends a lot on RNG/gambling to make Money)