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  1. I am myself lost more than 1000 dollars in outfits I got my Rosethorn for 300 USD 3 years ago, my Moontide for 200 UDS 1 year ago, the Silver Saber another 300 USD like 2 years ago getting the collection of the other outfits from each time they released Outfit RNG boxes like the current ones, buying all the accessories for each outfit another 200 USD . I lost a huge amount of money and most likely they will go away with it, they just robbed me in my face. . . They dont know the troubles i had to face in my life to get in debt with my credit card so i could get this virtual stuff, it was my choice i know but is not fair to get robbed like this when what i did was in fact supporting the game but in return i got screwed by them. We as players cant do anything about it, is their game, their company they can do what ever they want, they are the ones in power if they want to steal the players hard worked money is up to them, I just hope that they get some kind of punishment for what they did but i know that is never going to happen.
  2. Where is Summer Love???

    My guess is that is going to be in the next outfit rotation.
  3. Why remove non tradeable outfits???

    If that is the case then why they didnt remove the maxed pets and maxed talismans during the exploit then? that is even MORE unfair than the outfits itself, outfits dont give you any stats or advantage over other players, maxed pet and talisman do. They should remove those instead outfits. . . Or remove both outfits and pet/talisman upgraded/obtained "DURING" the exploit, not the stuff from months or even years ago, like my case i got my Rosethorn 3 years ago spending like 300 Dollars in RNG boxes. Or my Moontide like a year ago for 200 Dollars. . . This people in fact have no idea of the damage they done.
  4. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Please I beg you i want my outfits restored I have spent tons of money and gold for them no joking I am an outfit collector and now they're all gone along with nearly 100 pet pods i made myself buying pets from other players. My character's name is: "FM Mishel" Server: Yura Request Ticket: 23597398
  5. Say something good about BnS

    I can make thicc beautiful Gons here that's my only and single motivation
  6. What everyone's thinking?

    I'll just say that I wouldn't mind pvp if only pvp was a good experience but is not. . . Blade and soul PVP System in general is the most disgusting thing ever created by humanity specially the 6v6 matching system.
  7. Another art theft.... please pay attention

    Just wondering if the original artist, this guy called San Hua gets to know that his art was altered for a Loading Screen in a game company, without his concern, What he could do? Because this is not matter of tracing or such his art was basically altered his original art was flipped horizontally and basically painted over.
  8. Chat Box Bug poll question for everyone:

    I had this kind of issue too not with the chat but with the game graphics settings I had a certain configuration just saved it by default in the game say for example Characters VFX in 5 and no matter what value I put on it always got back to 5 again. So what i did was: 1. I logged in into the game, I stood in the Character Selection LOBBY. 2. I went to My Documents > BnS > NCWEST > and deleted the ClientConfiguration.xml 3. Back to the Character Selection LOBBY, Click in the button next to the Setting button with the shape of an arrow pointing down. Is used to save your game changes in the cloud or in your PC. 4. Select save the changes locally or something. 5. I changed the values I wanted to change in the Settings window then pressed Accept. With that, the graphic options never reset by itself again. It could be useful for your case maybe.
  9. I finally got 1 pentagonal diamond and I have 1 square obsidian and 1 square garnet but sending them are is too expensive for Lord's sake, 10 gold only for 3 gems 15 gold in total with the other gems is too much, so if I happened to have 8 gems it would be almost 30g? thats crazy! Please reduce the mailing fee, why would you jump from 80 silvers to 3 gold ? obsidian and garnet arent even pentagonals
  10. If they really did something to prevent the XML Editing I AM GLAD FOR THAT!, people always talk about QoL (quality of life) edits like instant opening boxes, instant transmutes,etc. I think everybody can live without it lol in fact i dont think everyone is using it btw. That QoL crap is just an excuse to modify the game's default skills layout just check this forum out , That is not fair for people that just want to play the game honestly.
  11. Any statement to the current situation ingame?

    The statement is that most likely this post will be deleted by moderators for calling an issue in the game out because you cannot possibly say that here, BnS forums is only for happiness and harmony.
  12. In the eligibility section which is the rule 1, are those the only countries available? so that puts automatically people from Asia and South America out of the equation? please I need a GM or a forum moderator to replay this before I start working on it.
  13. 33g each! The only source is MSP which is only alive on weekends, we used to get randomly when Merchant of wonder occasionally spams in dungeons but that's not the case anymore he doesn't spam anymore since last patch. Not even last trove solved the problem the stones didn't change the price. So the only source is MSP 3 days a week WTF man.
  14. Pet aura bug

    What happens with the pet auras?
  15. weekly skins droprate nonexistent?

    Is all RNG i have 128 Raven King kills and I have never seen a piece of a Raven Fall outfit with my main but I've got like 6 outfit drops with my alt in less than 50 runs.