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  1. But following this trend same happened when they did a cost reduction of Gilded Triangular like 3 months ago, in that better not to upgrade to Dyad-Square because there is already Dyad-Pentagonal in other regions, meaning that this Square ones in a few months are going to be obsolete just like the current Triangular. We are trapped in this endless loop where they keep screwing us up every 3-4 months with the supposed cost reductions every time new Dyads Gems are released.
  2. But I have made 2 Dyad and I have spent 100 Hongmoon Fragments on those 2 so when awaken hits means that i will be getting back only 50 fragments instead meaning that will be losing around 6000 gold wtf How can people be OK with that, you guys are just getting half of the materials you used.
  3. Mao is just nearly impossible for 300-350ms players, please I beg you increase the drop rate of Alpha Fragments from the first 2 bosses, don't make the new Necklace a privilege of lower ping user only please
  4. Dude seriously I know TT drops are demanded by RNG but this is ridiculous! my raid has 19 Boss 1 clears and 16 second boss clears and all they drop is Earth!!!! We've got already 19 earth earrings and 16 Rings!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! Is this a bug or what???????????????
  5. Yet another event requiring DC's

    Actually this event seems not be that bad, 5 oils per character doing all the stuff that you always do with every char is actually a nice deal, in that if you have 3 chars for DC and weeklies you will end up with 15 oils total that is actually nice compared with the last 3 events where we didn't get a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ xD!
  6. Focused Feedback:Harvest Tables boxes

    Nothing else to say here that this event was in fact the worst event of this year followed by the valentine's one where we need to kill other players. . . This shitty event hit us in our gold in order to get trash items. No sacred vials at all moreover they introduction of 5 stupid currencies: 1. Actual gold 2. Crafting materials. 3. Solo dungeon fragments. 4. Daily challenge freaking (Harvest Wine, Thanks giving invitation and Hongmoon Jade) 5. The empty pouch (if you lucky to get the drop) for the wheel.
  7. Weapon upgrade and gems sockets

    Yes dont worry gem sockets stay.
  8. I recorded a 5 minutes long video showing that the elevation Effect from the Elevation Necklace never gives stacks when it suppose to grand 10% critical damage and stack up to 3 times. I have tested dungeons, F12 and dummy training. And in sorry in the video there is the watermark from the program i used to edit it but you can see what i mean: Is pretty clear that the Elevation Effect never stacks. So what do I do now with that useless thing?
  9. Bd vs wl vs fm

    Is not about the class is about team RNG and gear, i've seen mega whales losing becasue they got matched with what they call "Trash teams" so the class is irrelevant. But if you are looking for the more fun class for my is FM then BD then WL.
  10. I already have the TT ring stage 3 but i was thinking swap that ring for the new dungeon ring called "Myth" because the modifiers seems more nicer cause of the critical damage and critical rate besides that succulent 20% focus recovery plus is a 2 pieces set with the Rukesh bracelet which means more critical damage and AP. So that's my question is there a significant difference between Elemental Damage and Critical Damage+AP ? Is it a bad idea to swap my TT ring to the Myth ring?
  11. Treasure trove Opening 350 keys

    No 3 star drop? rip I bought 500 keys and got pretty much the same drop as you got no 3 star drop either.
  12. There is no such thing as Hongmoon Secret Technique for Cold Snap. What are you talking about I want those 30% critical damage why do you lie to me???
  13. High Ping After Warden Patch

    There servers cant handle the hype of the ppl for the new class
  14. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    But the nerf is going to be here that's for sure cause Korea has it xD!
  15. 30% critical damage for 6 secs when using snowball is nice and 220% glacial bean damage with Divinity Bracelet is nice too