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  1. Character Info bugged in F8

    We're working with the dev teams to get these issues fixed. We don't currently have an ETA but we will update everyone when we get closer!
  2. Hi all, We discovered an additional set of people that did not receive the Newsletter rewards. We have distributed the rewards to all of these individuals so anyone that says they had not received the rewards yet please recheck on your NCSOFT account management page. Thank you!
  3. Show Off Your Warden

    The max characters was raised to 11 and you can grab a free character slot voucher from the Hoongmoon Store.
  4. All the items should now be claimable on your account management page!
  5. Greetings new Wardens, With the launch of the new Warden's Fury update, many of you are going to be creating brand new characters! Let's share those Warden presets and screenshots below!
  6. The Newsletter items are still in the process of being sent out. We will let everyone know once it has completed.
  7. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    Understandably this is not the best experience, so we will be sending the feedback to the dev team. However, the short term solution is to contact CS and they will get the voucher ready for you to use.
  8. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    Our Customer Support department will assist you with exactly this! You can contact them here:
  9. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    Hey all, If you have a large number of items (stacks and pages) from your "Received Items" try clearing it out before attempting to use the voucher. If it is still not working. please contact our support department and they will assist you with getting the 50 voucher to work.
  10. It will be showing up soon. Hang tight!
  11. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    We're looking into the issues with the level 50 voucher. Hang tight for more info!
  12. If you haven't "applied the code" on your NCSOFT account management page, be sure to do that before checking in game! If you were signed up for the Newsletter you will receive your items.
  13. If you were already signed up, you will get it.
  14. Check the Hongmoon Coin section, not NCoin.
  15. Hi guys, We've sent out the Swordsman pack to all who signed up. We're currently working on distributing the Newsletter items to those individuals now. If you signed up for the Swordsman Pack but not the newsletter then you will not be receiving the Premium Membership. Thank you!