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  1. Le coffret de fête et le coffret de célébration renferment de nouveaux éléments très utiles, mais aussi d'anciens objets qui font leur grand retour ! Découvrez ce qui vous attend ici.
  2. Die Partykiste und Feiertruhe bescheren euch allerlei nützliche, neue und altbekannte Gegenstände! Hier erfahrt ihr alle Details:
  3. The Party Box & Celebration Crate have useful, new, and returning items up for grabs! Find out all about them here.
  4. Hi all, If you still haven't received your 15 keys, please check your Received Mail now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  5. Hello everyone, We have distributed the the 15 Treasure Trove Keys to all eligible players. If you were eligible and do not see them available please let us know and submit a ticket to our support department. Thank you!
  6. Blade & Soul: „Theater der Geheimnisse“ startet morgen, doch schon heute erfahrt ihr in den Anmerkungen zum Patch, was euch erwartet:
  7. C'est demain que se lèvera le rideau sur Blade & Soul : Coulisses du mystère ! Découvrez dès à présent ce qui vous attend en consultant les notes de mise à jour :
  8. Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery arrives tomorrow, but you can see what’s coming by reading through the patch notes right now:
  9. Character Info bugged in F8

    We're working with the dev teams to get these issues fixed. We don't currently have an ETA but we will update everyone when we get closer!
  10. Hi all, We discovered an additional set of people that did not receive the Newsletter rewards. We have distributed the rewards to all of these individuals so anyone that says they had not received the rewards yet please recheck on your NCSOFT account management page. Thank you!
  11. Show Off Your Warden

    The max characters was raised to 11 and you can grab a free character slot voucher from the Hoongmoon Store.
  12. All the items should now be claimable on your account management page!
  13. Greetings new Wardens, With the launch of the new Warden's Fury update, many of you are going to be creating brand new characters! Let's share those Warden presets and screenshots below!
  14. The Newsletter items are still in the process of being sent out. We will let everyone know once it has completed.
  15. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    Understandably this is not the best experience, so we will be sending the feedback to the dev team. However, the short term solution is to contact CS and they will get the voucher ready for you to use.