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  1. Tracing is violating intellectual property, which is against the rules. Not exactly sure what happened with the last contest so I wont comment on that.
  2. The issue is that the BNS submission is clearly traced. The artist must have overlayed the original image to copy everything; and you can also see how the skin (clear example on legs) are painted the exact same. Referencing a pose is fine as long as its not blatant tracing, however, this is tracing. This makes part of the drawing completely unoriginal because it used someone else's "intellectual property" (violation of contest rules) to directly make the art. Not only is the pose the same, but the entire composition too. General lighting, angle, etc.. even the flying bullets..! Though I agre
  3. Are we going to get a participation reward for the people who entered the loading screen art contest like in the comic contest?
  4. I can't believe I messed that up! Thank you for pointing it out, you're a life saver
  5. Character Name: xRaeyeon Server: Yura Description: Blade Dancer Lyn in Heaven's Mandate, happy to have defeated Jinsoyun.
  6. How do you start with NCLauncherS?
  7. Today my BNS Launcher randomly stopped working.. It shows up the first small loading icon and then disappears. Anyone know anything about this issue?
  8. They announced the winners on their Twitch but didn't really specify any details on how they'll contact winners/participants, I believe.
  9. Any news on how players will get their participation reward for the comic contest?
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