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  1. Oh No. I am on stage 23 I think i am screwed
  2. How about the people who cleared a lot of stages in the soul boost? Will they be able to get anything after the modification? or it will be lost forever?
  3. it is fine but still why leave so many characters and specs on those characters is very weak?
  4. Hello @Green Storm I wanted to talk about something is going on with buffing and nerfing classes I am a Force Master Player in the EU server and I an struggling to know why you nerf Ice and Lightening Specs to the ground and I am not talking about PVP I am talking about PVE and not only FM but a lot of people are quitting because their DPS is getting nerfed to the ground and can barely do PVE content and not only FM but other classes which is like very annoying as if you have FM in your party FM doesn't do anything but DPS and no party protection or anything but still another class like B
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