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  1. Move on , lol . They won't give you anything else.
  2. Thank you Stranger! , it even unlocked the UE4 version on my laptop !! :D
  3. I really don't think this is an error but they might as well release it later in the future or not . To be honest i suggest to not buy it cause imagine if you do, you'll have to re-buy it again to get the variant version.
  4. Probably most of you don't care or didn't notice. But in one of their Summer Love promos, they showed us female Lynn Summer love with the variant version The set was recently added to the game and sadly the variant version didn't come along. Now i wonder if it was intended to be like this or they're planning to add it later in the future , PROBABLY NEXT SUMMER -cries- u_u
  5. Never done this before but you know, i always thought the 1st time is always especial !!
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