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  1. So everything is fine with the unreal engine 4, i really like it a lot (i have a high budget computer so i am not complaining) what i want to say is why you guys keep on recycling dungeons? like for example, the dog of TC first mini boss is the same of Startones mines, the first mini boss of Forest of Echoes is the same mini boss of Ebondrake Lair and is the same damn mini boss in the raid VT, the first mini boss of House of idols is everywhere like in brood chamber, now the new dungeon that is coming with the new event is the same of brood chamber you only changed the color, guys don't you ha
  2. I can not agree more with all this, you are right in everything, is the only video game company that does not "do" that, I have played other games and for a couple of points you can change server, an example? league of legends you can change region for an amount of points, ncsoft does not give you any option, but well we can not compare two totally different games, but you understand my point right? i have 80 ms in EU and 280+ ms in NA i want to enjoy the game you know...btw as i said before, in eu server i have a character that i know i won't use because i won't invest money in it, the thing
  3. I have also invested a lot of money in trove and RNG boxes too, I have no idea how much, but they should at least give me an option. I don't know what to do anymore, nothing guarantees me that if I spend a certain amount of money they will help me, thanks anyway for getting back to me.
  4. I have already sent them about 3 tickets, and they have told me that they can't do that """"due to limitations of the tools they have available.""" I already sent them proofs and everything that i live in Italy and honestly I know they can, they just don't want to help me, I created an account in the EU server just for fun, my question is, how can they not transfer my character if when I'm in EU I get the Ncoins and Hmcoins that I have in the NA account? is something that is connected you know what i mean? I also get the level 60 vouchers and slots vouchers, so how can they not help me?
  5. Is there any chance that in the future people will be able to change servers? I want to change to EU server. I would like to know if there is any chance that people can switch to another server? in my case, I recently moved to Italy with my husband, and both have been playing this game since 2016, i love playing blade and soul, i could say it's my only relax after a long day, since I moved to Italy I have had very bad ms about 290 and 300 ms something unplayable to be honest for the reason that i was living in Latam (NA), I went to that EU server just to see how much ms i would have if i we
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