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  1. Trove und Support Gespräche

    "flen flen flen ich habe am Gewinnspiel teilgenommen und nicht gewonnen flen flen flen". Dann gibst du ebend kein Geld mehr aus ist auch besser für deine Gesundheit aber die Leute müssen endlich kappieren, dass Gewinnspiel ebend keine 100% chance ist sonst würde ich auch jede Woche Lotto spielen ! Ich finde es echt krass, dass der Support für Leute, die Troven teils 45K HM coins verschenkt, damit die Zufrieden sind da lese ich sowas gerne, wenn jemand, der Cashed einfach abgewiesen wird passiert zu selten !
  2. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    Of course a normal HDD like 100 MB/s wont be much of a problem but imagine you are also using this HDD for your Operating System and other programms at the same time. Another reason could be SATA I. There are still alot of people with Athlon II or whatever the cheap Quad cores are from AMD and in thoose PCs you mostly find Sata II or even Sata I and this is slow af.
  3. Pets get less Boss attack power on upgrade

    Like Cyan wrote himselfe "its just further feedback" i am sure this means not even he himselfe thinks the devs are trying to please us. What has BNS become if not even their own employees have trust in their devs ? but before i write down tons of anti nc stuff i just write "i dont think they are gonna change something soon since there is no such a backlash like the last weapon cost increase update. A significant ammount of people need to leave or atleast stop their premium membership for NC to do something.
  4. Tired of toxic people with trash language

    Its understandable why people load fast if they have a bad PC but there is no person i could think if who cant afford a SSD nowdays. Even the person with the biggest deb in history can buy a SSD if he can afford a PC at all. Most people complain "ah you guys are to fast i am still loading" but if you ask them to buy a SSD to change something they say "nah i dont need this" there are very few people who want a SSD for BNS if they are using a HDD right now but its needed unfourtunetly.
  5. VT 2019/2020

    Not not really just attack the boss. There are insta death zones in boss 1, 4 but as long as you evade boss 4 knockbacks there is litterly no way you can die in this Raid.
  6. VT 2019/2020

    Just attack the bosses. There is still mech but you have to consider you needed 150K back then to do VT without problems now alot of players do 3 Million or even more. A total party back then needed around: 12*150K = 1.8 Million. Usually a raid of 12 Players kills the boses before you even encounter mechs.
  7. New Class Ideas

    Still sticking with a summoner rework: Why is this class called summoner ? It summons bees and if the cat is dead he revives (resummons) his cat thats all. Revelations Online actully did something with the summoner class so the name was correct.
  8. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    If this happens alot to you there are only 3 reasons: 1. You are slow af. People want to rush it not wait 20 hours for some slow player. 2. You are trolling and wait alot in dungeon 3. Your PC is really bad so it needs to load ages. If you want to have alot of time in dungeons search for a premade group !
  9. What about consoles?

    It was announced they gonna bring it to atleast NA (not EU) with the Ps4 (i think xbox was not announced) but this is the last information we got in 2017. Everyone who still believes in a console port expects them to give us more information when UE4 is there but i personally think we will not see BNS announcement for Console till we got PS5.
  10. Hi, i wanted to switch my main cause SF even tho it is strong in PVP 6v6 its way way way weaker than something like Force Master or KFM but the reason i dont do it is i would have to farm the soul shield and mystic badge again. Why does a system to switch the main class exist if i cannot sent everything ? What do you guys think about it ?
  11. Commissions?

    1. How much ? 2. How long will it take ? 3. Discord ? 4. Are you doing lewds ? not porn. (Asking for science) 5. Chibi Style ? 6. Any kind of special Art Style ? Thanks in advance.
  12. please help me

    You may try to contact the support even tho its very unlikely if they are giving you back the gold its possible. If you are whale they will definetly do so if not you need alot of luck.
  13. Fresh Server EU

    Well its expensive to keep a server running and a company like NCsoft who really likes to spend money to make their community happy is there.
  14. please help me

    How ? If you bought them no one can help you cause its your own fault.
  15. your class balance is really really bad

    BD can use it in aerial. Its hard though but thats why i think its unbalanced. You are right with saying if you are hit by it its your own fault cause it got a huge animation but if you are in aerial and get 60K crit thats simply unbalanced since you will not be able to evade every single aerial a BD can do ! maybe if you are warden. If i talk about Balance i mostly talk about 1v1 and 3v3 but its the same in 6v6 it can be used in aerial and it will one shot you but i agree BD is in 6v6 one of the weakest classes. The difference is Des got a 100% godmode in his shield (Show me in a vid how you can break this shield it happens way to much that des just stays in there and every class shoots every pierce skill they have but it does nothing) while sf gets 3 hits or 6 hits if you reset the shield. Destroyer can jump out of his shield and do X which mostly one shots and jump right back into his shield cause it resets in bare seconds. For SF all you have to do is look at his arms if he dosent block spam ur buttons if he does stop it. He will die soon. Destroyer can jump right back into his shield and fight 10 minutes against 6 players and there is no chance they can kill him.
  16. We booth had enough discussion about seperating PVP and PVE and i am sure you know by now that i totally agree but like you i dont see NC doing this cause it would reduce F10 probably. Sure they would still sell but think about the prices. Now Moonstones can be sold for 8 - 9 Gold after every Klan PVP you should have around 120 Moonstones atleast which is: 8*120= 960 Gold if you add PVE ways the price may become like 5 - 6 Gold (i think even 3 Gold) so it would be 5*120= 600. Since PVP Players dont only need to upgrade PVP Gear cause PVP Gear can only be obtained by playing PVE and the newest dungeon will have PVP gear again its way more expensive to be a PVP player but outside of Moonstones there are no valuable things you can get in PVP. Additionally you have to do PVE to get the keys to open the boxes which is a long request of mine to remove thoose keys i mean they have no other purpose than forcing you to do PVE.
  17. I explained several times here in forum why moonstones should not be in PVE. Its litterly the only source of gold PVP Players have and they need lots of gold just like PVE Players. NC will not give PVP Players any other way of farming gold since PVP players are usually players who pay less in F10 so they simply dont care about PVP Player needs, this means if Moonstones are avaible in PVE its a huge cut on PVP earnings which makes the game even worse than it is already for PVP Players ! Just buy them in F5 PVE Players can do that but PVP Players cant buy 100 Run Achivement in F5 so PVP Players are forced to PVE but PVE is not and you still want more.
  18. Will of Iron: Items and Systems Changes Preview

    Are you in any guild ? there is always some no lifer who posts upcoming updates from RU etc. it was well known next thing we get will be glove. I just recommend you to have a guild if you dont. If you have luck NC might reset your glove cause you just upgraded it. Its one of the very few things NC actully does for their community.
  19. your class balance is really really bad

    We may talk about different skills but: 1. I am one of the top SF Players in EU so i think i know enough about PVP to hold a discussion with you guys 2. There may exist pierce through skills on some classes which can shoot through ive just never seen one so far not from me nor my teammates (3v3 and 6v6) 3. Stun, KD, Daze, Knockback dont work against des if he uses the shield. 4. Pierce trough skills have no effect atleast sf got none and grab dosent work either (bd/fm) fm f knockback dosent work, ............. Dont get me wrong you might be right but ive simply havent seen a way to break his shield yet. Before awk you could daze but that dosent work anymore. Please write down the exact skill name and or button so i can test it myselfe. My EXP: SF, KFM, Assasin, BD, Gunner, Warlock, Force Master
  20. The future is now?

    You may think all thoose things would improve BNS and give us a bigger playerbase but i dont think this is the case. 1. Mounts people. People wouldnt mind them but they are not needed cause we can sprint unlike most other mmo. 2. indepth Trade. System i am not sure what you mean but our current trading system is simple and fast why change it ? 3. Load free zones. we already have very few loading screens but sure there are some which are simply not needed if the game where a bit better optimized. 4. What do you think they should do ? they use google adds and thats it. I think they should bring BNS to Steam this will give BNS thousands of new players and since BNS Buddy exist most of thoose will not use steam anyway so their profits can mostly be keept for themselve. More Players = More potential customers = more buying customers = more money = more possible investement = no investement i mean its still NCsoft but hey more players.
  21. On one hand i am glad they removed the need of elysians and sacred orbs alot but on the other hand i agree with Rysa PTS shouldnt be RNG which is giving us a higher price of the endproduct without reason. Making a untradable version of TS would be nice too for me it dosent matter thou since gold is not a problem to get if you are ET Gear but still its unacaptable how do you want to get new players if you put them behind a big paywall ? New Players will have to earn i guess 10K Gold or even more to reach Max VT and even at that point it can be hard to get a decent party for the newest dungeons. Now think about the daily income of a new player ? at start maybe 60Gold ? 80Gold ? a bit later maybe 120Gold ? to make it easy i calculate with 100 Gold per day. 10K / 100 = 100 days. I guess without help a new player would need maybe 3 Months to reach a okish level. A new player is not getting into a mmo thinking " this will be my next mmo i am gonna play day and night" they probably think "lets see if this game is any good" and then they see what they have to upgrade to be a valuable player.
  22. The game needs a new Dungeon Mode...

    To much work maybe ? if you play active you should have seen the updates since awakening. They put in minimal effort the only part of the game they work hard for is F10. Still would love such a system. Alot of stuff is not hard to implement: Giving good sources to farm stuff, removing restriction times in PVP, giving 2 kinds of mats one for pvp and one for pve, anti cheat system, giving bosses more health and dmg, balancing the crafting cost with the ammount of stuff you get out of the crafting and many more.......... Thoose are all changes a def which is actully interested in wouldnt need more than 1 week to make but they dont care about EU/NA Community like i always write. Have you seen what stuff KR got ? even RU is better than EU/NA. There are some red flags we have to consider otherwise there is not even a lil chance for us getting the update we want: 1. Does it hurt F10 in any kind of way ? If you can answer this with yes this update will probably not come ! 2. Will it increase the ammount of players which are not paying money in this game ? (PVP Players for example) if you answer with yes the update will probably never come. 3. Is there a possibility people will quit cause of this update. (hahahaha as if they would look at this just a joke of course) hahahahahahahahaha 4. How much programming work does it need ? If you answer with more than one simple line its very unlikely it will come If anyone wants to prove me wrong give me any update in 2019 which hurt F10 alot or helps pvp to grow back.
  23. Please make daily challenge work both ways.

    They want to make hardmode more alive but they dont get why very few people play hardmode. Why should i run a dungeon in hardmode if i get the same loot in easy mode ? Outfits ok but they are either ugly nowdays or you get them once and nothing interesting anymore. Psyches give AP and Crit now which is a dmg decrease i dont see why you should farm thoose. All they have to do is giving better loot in hardmode and i dont mean a 00000000.3 chance of one oil which you probably wont see after 3000 Runs. I mean a way you can get oil for example safe. I could imagine a counter which gives you a safe drop of item x after x runs.
  24. Need help please

    1. get the one from Dragon Express and either salvage your old (if this is possible) or throw it away. 2. Salvage it Riftwalk is the same weapon but 5 times upgraded. 3. If you can salvalge it do it if you cant throw it away you get first gen legendary Stuff in Storyline. 4. Same 5. Same 6. I am not sure what thoose are but i guess first gen legendary stuff if so throw it away. 7. Dont need it for anything anymore throw it away. Nowdays when you come out of story line you get nearly max gear from the time when you where active playing BNS.
  25. More options for Blood Roses

    hahahahahahhahah cause they listen so much you think they will listen now ? Have you seen the state of PVP ? People complained about it alot and it was obvious where it would lead this game PVP wise. They did listen and restricted play times of PVP so they can get rid of the last PVP Player. Now its only a handful of players and alot of russians with their alts even tho thoose players are supposed to be banned. I am 100% sure they only put in minimum effort into PVE cause they want to get to their next project, otherwise we would see some stuff for new players or some stuff people asked for since 3 years. Back to topic: I disagree since ET is still the most recent raid i dont think you should be able to farm the soul shields outside of it. They did the same to TT and it didnt take long till TT was pleb Soul shield. I do think the hearts would be cool if you could farm them in moon refuge since the only reason for their existence is to give us a bottleneck of upgrading our gear.