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  1. Pet need our attention too.

    Thats the point if you give them stats people will only use 1 specific pet and of course thats the one with the best stats. It would totally destroy what you actully want to acomplish.
  2. pay for the games you are playing maybe ? Its a premium feature one of the few making premium actully worth the effort.
  3. lagging

    First off its really hard to understand what you are trying to say cause your english is like really bad. Second i dont think you know how PCs work. PCIE is the standart of GPUs since 2006 or something. There are 4 different versions PCIE 1.0 (1.1), PCIE 2.0 (2.1), PCIE 3.0 (3.1) and the newest PCiE 4.0. If your PC can run Blade and soul at all it needs to have atleast PCIE 2.0 but this would mean your PC is like 2008 and you should get a new one anyway. So long story short PCIE dosent matter cause if your PCIE is to old then your CPU will be too since this is a Standart from your Motherboard. PCIE 2.0 is usally something like Intel Core 2 quad Q6600. Not exactly false but not exactly true. Sure your PC needs ressources to send data and get data but it is like 0.1% of even some 12 year old PC since the ammount of data you need to play online games is not gigabytes its simply Bytes. Here again if your PC is from 2000 or newer its not a problem. The PCIE Versions differ in the ammount of data they can transfere you cannot say PCIE 3.0 = 8GHZ cause its simply not true it depends on your GPU. For example my RTX 2070 does have 5GHZ but its a PCIE 3 card. Last cards with PCIE 2.0 were GTX 5xx and even if your motherboard does have PCIE2.0 and your card is PCIE 3.0 it only takes about 2 FPS at max from your games. Maybe cause they use an engine which was originally created to make Single player games ? Maybe cause it can only use up to 2 Cores ? MMORPGS usually have alot of players in the world and alot of stuff. All of this needs to be calculated at the same time but the game can only use half your cores or if your PC is a bit more modern 25% of your cores. If you use some ryzen probably even less cause they tend to have even 12 cores. It was simply a bad idea to create a MMO in Unreal Engine 3. And how are they gonna ban 2.0 systems ? there is litterly no way for them to know if your system does have 2.0 also it would make no sense cause they would ban players for litterly no reason if they can play the game with their 2.0 systems. I start to think you are talking about BNS itselfe with "systems" but sorry your english is so bad i have to guess. Unreal engine 4.0 is proven to not be the solution. We have seen gameplay and this gameplay dosent show much of an improvement on the FPS side.
  4. lagging

    From your text i can only assume what your problem is but here are some solutions: 1. clean your registry with CCleaner (easiest way and sometimes it helps) 2. If CCleaner did not work do it manually by deleting a specific file in your registry. (text would be to long if i include a How to here) just google BNS registry you should find a yt vid. 3. If your game lags in general and you are sure its not the Ping (you can look ingame what your ping is aswell just activate it in settings) than this is normal cause NC dosent give a damn about performance. Community solutions are wide and i recommend the "Holo 32bit guide" +4gb patch for the client. It has nothing to do with your hardware unless your hardware is from 2008 or something like this.
  5. Pet need our attention too.

    Its litterly 3 bronze for premium players. I dont use the skins cause its way to expensive to buy the skins itselfe. If i wanted to get poharan id have to pay atleast like 6k gold just for a skin. Same with all the other waifus. I would quit immediatly just like a ton others. You are asking for forced fashion. If there is one piece of skin which gives better stats then others what will happen ? Fashion is actully one of the biggest reasons some players stay in this game. I saw several interesting MMOs since BNS came but every MMO had litterly the same outfit but in different colours only offering good ones in Cash shop. Please dont even joke about it we had this system when pets got released. We had to feed them but it was not Ncoin only atleast. Dont give them the impression players forgot cause it was already a fiasco back then. No one fed them cause it was so damn expensive. If i remember correctly 1h was like 15 silvers in a time 1k Gold was like 50k nowdays.
  6. Automatic attack?

    There is someone who sells xml he creates. For example the Global Cooldown cheat and the Auto fight mechanic in Moon refugee. He probably sells alot more stuff but to this day i couldnt track down who it is. I know he sells it for 5.80€ a month thou and they say his stuff actully stops working after 1 month of usage.
  7. Dual client and wintrade in 1v1.

    Yeah you are right i also know atleast 4 fms who wintrade but they wintrade only to rank 30. (They invited me to do it with them thats why i know) I forgot about that cause i dont mind rank 30 wintraders. But its disgusting how you can get the top 5 outfit with wintrading while others have to work really hard for it. Ive gotten it 2 times only. (not a tryhard in PVP since awakening) There are always between 3 and 5 people in the top 5 which are known to be wintraders or people who shouldnt even be on our server due to region lock. There are very few classes where its mostly clean for example Gunner cause we have a gunner actully being from EU with tons of Gunner alts taking all the spots but atleast he is social enough if he sees you play good as gunner he "allows you" to stay in top 5 and donsent kick you on purpose. Nowdays i consider myselfe as one of the best Soul fighters in EU (Not including players from other regions playing in EU) simply cause nearly everyone who is better than me quit due to this stuff.
  8. 50 lvl rules in PVP

    People expect you to have atleast the very basic PVP gear which is given to you in story already and if you went for the pve stuff in story the cost is still 0 gold and 0 silver to get full PVP Gear (Basic of course) if you cant even manage this you are simply selfish. Think like this what would you think about a person getting into a store and demanding stuff for free actully thinking he is special and everything is supposed to be free for him while others have to earn the stuff the hard way. Thats exactly how people see you if you go in without even the basic PVP Gear which again is give to you through story already. And thats fine if you join once but after one time you should be able to notice the gamemode is not yet for you but there are so many people with a toxic attitude like you. People without gear are feeding the enemy teams points making it way harder to win the game for thoose actully wanting to play the game but there are so many people ignorant and say "but i need Moonstones" or "but i need quest" destroying the game for everyone actully trying. (its different at end of season cause people know you are in for hm coins) Guess what happens to thoose players in a game which is actully managed by gamemasters ? they get banned for grieving and losing on purpose. Take LOL as example if you feed the enemy you get reported and banned pretty quick. There is no quest starting at hm 20. Also 6v6 is possible to do just dont be toxic and get ur basic gear like i wrote already and if people still blame you its not your fault anymore. Sorry to tell you this but no one will miss you if you are this toxic in the game. You need to capture a spot or attack an enemy to not get marked as afk the information with 60k dmg he said was not completly true but not completly false either. Sorry for the long text i am just fed up with people expecting to get carried through everything and then complaining how toxic the community is while the whole reason this player has such a bad time in the game is he himselfe. There are actully people comming right out of story and expect you to invite them to the newest raid and carry them and if people say no they are toxic for some reason.
  9. Dual client and wintrade in 1v1.

    Have you read the topics name ? gear dosent count in 1v1. Of course people dont wintrade in 6v6. (there where some minor cases but only for few matches) Its a serious issue we have in the game why shouldnt we discuss it ? We do have time but ncsoft ignores any kind of proof for wintrading. Trust me me and a few other friends reported several wintraders but they never got banned or even punished they simply got their rank 1 to 5 hm coins and thats it. First off 1600 is super easy in 1v1 (again we are not talking about 6v6 here) second there was a certain sin for example even posting in BG Server he wintraded his plat but no punishement for him. Comming from the guy not even realizing the topic here is 1v1 not gear based pvp like 6v6. Its totally different. While 6v6 has no problems with wintraders 1v1 does have a huge problem with them.
  10. Dual client and wintrade in 1v1.

    What are you even writing about ? i wrote exactly how wintrading works and you say its some kind of logic of mine ? Its litterly a tutorial like NCsoft used to do with the pet pod exploid. Now you insult me for writing facts ? The que is super dead in 1600 so all i said is true you just need 2 accounts and be able to reach 1600 to get ur char to like 3000 rating (would take a serious ammount of time thou)
  11. Geh auf die Homepage und oben Rechts ist ein Support Button. Dort erreichst du alle 3 Sprachen. schreib einfach ein Ticket in deiner Sprache und die ordnen das schon automatisch zu.
  12. How to lvl up Clan

    The pictures he was showing are from a Social Guild. There is no such thing as a level system in a Social Guild. As i answered Grimoir you cannot lvl a Social Clan thoose are exactly for the purpose of not being competetive giving it also less bonuses you can get from it. This is also why you mostly see alts in Social guilds. They still give you some benefits but its way cheaper.
  13. How to lvl up Clan

    Press H and there is a list (if you are the leader). It shows you what mats you need for the next lvl.
  14. Suggestion regarding bg´s

    We had this request now since 4 years. It will never happen. Also my mind changed in that regard. I would be ok with a seperated 6v6 mode but the balancing differs hard in a gear based pvp thats why i would like to keep it that way. Hm i find matches in between of 3 - 10 Minuts. Maybe cause you could atleast get some gear before entering a gear based PVP mode. Since BG release. If you encounter people with 3rd gen stuff you gonna suffer again. Ncwest doing everything to reduce the playerbase thou.
  15. Slacking players in F8 party

    I remember lvl 45 times where i could not kick online players. So i am not sure if that is correct maybe in beta times ?
  16. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    ive wrote more than 1.000 posts in forums, several tickets to support and a ton of stuff in twitch chat. I got an answer from NCwest once and it actully worsened my view on this company. I am not the only one like this and yet we still try to reach out to this company. We must be stupid or something. If we change the questions to "What would you say to NCSoft West if they answer to you?" then i would ask the following "why are you not banning (people from that specific region) ? cause they 1. are region locked (are not allowed to play in EU in the first place), 2. Wintrade like hell, 3. abuse any kind of third party stuff they can, 4. only play on EU cause of HM coins which they can convert into real $$$ and thats actully more than they would earn with a real job in their country. There is not even a money related reason for them not to ban theese cause they only hurt their income by having HM coins on mass making NC coin less needed.
  17. Dual client and wintrade in 1v1.

    We did that for multiple seasons nothing gets banned anymore. They simply dont care. NCsoft is to lazy to help us to ban them not the other way ! Get 2 accounts and be good enough to reach atleast 1600 you will be able to find yourselfe if you multi client. Its not magic and it dosent really take that much time. If you can manage 1 rating on 1 class you can do that on anyclass as long as you reach 1600. Its also giving alot of HM coins. There are players that do that to get like 200k hm coins or even more and simply buy Gem powder with it to sell it. Guess what they do with the gold earned ? they do not upgrade stuff they simply sell it for $$$. "Looking at a certain country they actully earn more $$$ with BNS than a real job would do."
  18. Where is armory pearl waiting for so long

    My Ingamename is: "EinFeuchterTraum" alot of people know me atleast by name ingame cause i am one of thoose players playing since day 1. People who know me also know i dont like NCwest and i blame them for nearly everything wrong here. There is simply stuff i disagree with people like you. For example armory pearls. There is no reason you would have been unable to fish enough during the event and now you all complain that you didnt manage to get them. I am fair to NCsoft in my oppinion. I write about stuff they do wrong and i flame them alot. Do you think NC would ban their employees twice ? My next one will be permanent. They dont like if people critizize to much like i did around my 800th comment. I am constantly trying to reduce the flame i am writing about NCsoft so i dont get banned.
  19. Alternate way to get Fusion Stones

    Doing Challenge mode is also a pretty good way to get them. You dont have to enjoy it just play 1 match per week for weekly reward. I dont want to participate in raids due to the terrible performance of the game so i need another sources to get the items. There is a reason stuff is limited to certain stuff but unlike me your reason to not do the stuff needed for it you are simply to lazy to do 1 match of pvp per week. Sorry but aslong as PVP Players dont get a single good patch its not fair. I think its time PVP finally gets a decent patch. Everything they brought in the last 2 years was only for PVE or was to worsen the state of PVP so less non paying players are there. Dont get me wrong i totally agree that you should not be forced to play something you dont want but look at PVP players too. Their upgrades are more expensive, they have to do more stuff to get good gear, the patches constantly worsen the state of it, cheaters etc. are accepted sadly. Please provide a way to make PVP better too if you want to remove reasons for PVP even more. You are litterly sending the message "i dont like this mode so delete it!" which is totally selfish.
  20. Hello, since NC seems to listen to like 1% of our complains now which is actully more than it used to be i request to change the core mechanics of 6v6 now. Whirwind valley is totally fine and i love the core mechanics of it. Beluga needs adjustments: Current cap time is what 3 seconds ? An Assasin can use godmode skills which exceed that time making it impossible to counter this class. I dont wanna complain about balance here we know NC wont care but this is a broken game mechanic. Solution simply make the cap time 5 seconds or whatever whirlwind valley has. Also the wall in mid where sin stleaths through needs to be changed so this is no longer possible in my oppinion. Nova Core: Remove the need to capture mid again. It was a nice idea to give booth teams a decent change to win instead of having rng in who is getting the first ball but it fails due to the balance of the game. Its safer for a team with alot of defence classes like warden, fm, etc. to protect mid so the game cannot even start, making the games way to long and people tend to go afk cause they know there is no way to win against this. Atleast you had a chance to switch the balls before but this is simply boring and probably the biggest reason most people hate nova core the most. Or another idea make the ball activate automaticlly after a certain time.
  21. Requests to change 6v6 gamemodes again

    This would remove a bit of the competetive nature this gamemode is supposed to have thats why i personaly dislike this idea but i wouldnt mind it. You already fight to get to have the first orb. Its one way to reduce the difference in points if you dont get the first ball.
  22. Requests to change 6v6 gamemodes again

    I can agree to your oppinion and accept that you think its fine with the porting others through the wall even tho i think it shouldnt be there cause there is no other class that can get through it. Its not the biggest issue of beluga anyway. About your oppinion on godmode skills sadly we know they dont give a damn about balance otherwise bm for example wouldnt have untargatable since 2 years in its iframe or third specs would be banned from pvp so i dont see them doing anything about this. This is also the reason i want them to increase the cap time in beluga so Sin can actully be stoped from taking horns. As i mentioned in my last sentence it would be better to punish the mid protecting team by making the ball appear after a certain time of not capping so people are forced to cap mid at some point giving everyone a chance to win the game.
  23. You are probably trying to buy the cheapest ones which are locked cause they where created via cheating/exploiting a bug. If you want to buy them try the ones at around 300G or more they should work. Its not a bug its intended but as we know our dev they probably already forgot they did this just like they forgot alot of other stuff which gave us Western players trouble then. One big example they patched in a time restriction in 3v3 pvp for whatever reason and when we got a new daily challenge system guess when it was daily ? Exactly on thoose days you couldnt play 3v3 in the first place.
  24. Niedrige Fps und Lags

    30 fps wirst du nicht constant bekommen sofern du 64bit nutzt. Dein Problem mit dem FPS liegt aber an den Registry. Wenn BNS mal crashed passiert das oft. Es erstellt eine Datei und diese verhindert, dass du über 20 fps kommst. Ich habe gerade das Tutorial nicht parrat gibt es aber auf Youtube solltest du finden, wenn du low fps eingibst. 60 FPS kann man auch constant erreichen folge dafür den 32bit guide von Holo auf Youtube. Pass aber auch es crashed sehr gerne und sehr leicht. Raiden ist damit fast unmöglich und aktuelle Dungeons ist RNG ob du crashest oder nicht. Also Option 1 du hast 12 fps in dungeons und 4 fps in raids oder Option 2 du crashed alle paar Minuten.
  25. Wheres Armory Pearl in dragon express?

    I have respect but no one managed to give me one single reason to why they couldnt manage it. The Forum is not only to support players and their oppinions its to discuss with other players and my oppinion here is NCsoft did nothing wrong here thoose players are lazy cause there are enough ways to get thoos fish pearls in this timeframe. BTW. Blade and soul runs well enough on my Pentium E5300 + 4GB DDR2 ram and GT 530 so even that is enough to fish without crashing. This is a PC atleast 12 Years old. Potato PC is simply not a good argument cause the PC is either to weak to run the game at all which makes me think why he is trying to get the fish pearls at all or it runs well enough and the player is simply to lazy to let it run in the background. I dont want to help them cause my oppinion sides with NCsoft. I am no NC whiteknight i write about them in a bad way alot even that much that they banned me twice already. (next will be permanent). If you are to lazy to do the event then dont complain its as simple as that. That would be unfair to all thoose players actully doing the event so no thx. Why ? Like i mentioned Office stuff needs very few ressources most PCs from the last 12 years should have no problems here. 1. put in better cooling, 2. dont sleep right next to the pc, 3. keep it running at day when you are doing something else. Thoose are 3 option there are more thou. Are you 24/7 playing ? if not there is enough time to afk fish. Please give me a good reason to why a human being cannot run this game in the background. Hardware is no excuse like i said if your hardware is really that bad it wont run Blade and soul in the first place cause it would be a single core PC. Not being able to keep it on at night is not a problem either cause you can keep it running at day in the background.