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  1. Since i cannot edit my post for some reason. I managed to do it finally. There is a tornado animation when this ends you need to wait a lil moment and jump away from the white circle till she jumps in and get stunned. You do it twice and its pretty much free dps after.
  2. Hello, sadly i am struggling with the new solo dungeon and i cant seem to figure out the timing on the last phase. Anyone got any tips on how to get the timing right ? Here is what i mean: Thank you guys.
  3. I might be in the minority but the gamemode had several problems which i also think are the reason this mode was removed pretty quickly. 1. There where Items like the hook doing 10k dmg per hook which also do a stun for a short ammount of time. Thoose hooks had no Cooldown so if you have multiple hooks you will win the fight no matter how good you are. This hook was able to go through block, iframe through anything. It was litterly 1st player who activates hook will win the fight. 2. Classes with Knockback stuff had a huge advantage making this gamemode pretty unplayabl
  4. Thats a personall problem. I cant learn with guides too they always try to teach you the full mech even tho you may not even need half of it that confuses me. My way of learning is simply asking my guild or my challenge mode group. Its kinda scummy to expect them to learn the mech but thats the easiest way for people who cant learn well from guides. I also teach everyone the mechs of the dungeons as long as they ask me but well i expect them to have minimum required gear of course. The worst part is you may accept people with minimum gear to your party and then they kee
  5. This is one way but it can take like half an hour to get a reasonable group and i am not talking about only 3000 ap dudes or something i am talking about like 2.3k ap which is totally reasonable for Dollhouse. Maybe by doing the intendet path ? I am pretty sure he is not talking about people with 3rd gen accesories and Thrownbreaker even tho thats hard at the limit for Dollhouse i am sure he is more likely to complain about people with like Story gear and raven stuff and i have to agree theese people should be completly locked out of current dungeons (Naryu Sanctum and Dollhouse) unles
  6. You can switch some accesories to another spec with them. Thats the cheapest way of changing your TT Accesories for example and it can still be bought in the Dragon express.
  7. We dont have to guess if they do it we can definetly say they wont do it. There are still plenty regions not able to play with below 300ms and some of thoose regions actully have a somewhat big playerbase for this game but guess what they did not see a server for them. If BNS ever comes to your region you wouldnt want NCwest as your publisher anyway.
  8. Just want to add another cheat which is pretty rare yet but might become a problem soon. Assasin can use its decoy skill without cooldown unlimited times with a hack.
  9. We dont even have 10k players left in this game. From the past we know the only times they do something in this game is when people discontinue their Premium Membership on mass. For example the fiasko we had shortly after Archer got released. Their Management is $$$ > Players which is proven time and time again. Proofs we have for it: Support does things for high spending players which you wont be able to get from them as F2P. (Gear Transfer, Free HM coins......) Bans for cheating are not permanent for high spending people and if they are they get unbanned
  10. You are not really well informed are you ? Everyone that got perma banned for cheating has been unbanned unless they where no whales. They are known cheaters all they get is a remove from pvp ladder for 1 single season but they are still able to play pvp with all their cheats on.
  11. There are enough cheaters that they created their own cheater guilds so excluding wont matter cause there are enough of them so they can do the raids etc. by themselve. If you dont cheat too you are simply at a disadvantage compared to cheaters. And community reports it often enough but no bans happen. So its 100% NCsofts fault but our oppinions differ here thats ok. In the past NCsoft tryed several ways to fix the cheater problem every time the community had a solution to bypass it in 1 day or less. There is probably no way to fix it software wise cause our dev dosent
  12. To my knowledge the next Raid weapon comes before pve path. Even KR dosent have stage 7 - 9 yet as far as i know. It could even be that they dropped the pve weapon.
  13. The reason for that is simple. 32bit can only use 4GB of ram at max which is in the real world even less cause cause of how data works on PC. If the game exceeds the need of that it will simply crash the game. This is a known issue since 64bit got released which is now 4 years old. We can savely assume its not gonna be fixed so community created several ways to optimize the game which by some might be considered cheating thou. I believe i am not allowed to give you a how to here on Forum but if you ask anyone with more than 2.2K AP ingame they will be able to tell you or
  14. The difference is in other games people get banned and thoose bans dont get lifted. Here in BNS people only get banned for the biggest cheats like insta killing Raid Bosses or create Ncoin. Not even speedhacking gets you banned nowdays or atleast not permanently. At this point you can argue if you dont use cheats you have a disadvantage in the game cause there are no consequences for it people may consider it as a feature to cheat cause it like they allow it and whats allowed is part of the game to be honest. Note: I dont want to promote cheating its just how i feel about the topi
  15. You got me wrong there i mostly play PVE aswell and at this point i dont give a crap about PVP anymore either but this is a forum and we are here to state our oppinions and mine is simply: Why should i care if another class does more dmg than mine we are in a team afterall so i can just benefit from it. In PVP however its different since it makes the other class more likely to win if mine can only output like 200k dmg while the other class can do 500k. If you are a high paying whale you might get angry about it i can understand that but ive never heared from someone complain a
  16. I dont see a problem here. If its solely about the PVE DMG than who cares its not a player vs player thing. You dont have any disadvantages if your team has more dmg but if it where about a "third spec does to much dmg so other specs are no longer viable" i could understand it cause not everyone wants to play the same spec but again here most of the playerbase dosent care about that either. If it would be about PVP third spec is far inferior to Wind spec on BD so i dont see a problem there either. If something needs to be nerfed its assasin third and FM third but the ba
  17. I am talking about the state of PVP. As a new player you will not have any fun cause there are only a handful of players left in this gamemode using their 20k alt charackters. I guess your winrate will be like 20% if you are lucky with que. Top players already play in silver cause there are simply no players in gold ranking. Sadly PVP is also the fastest way to earn gold in theory atleast i mean if you get players to play against and can win. Yeah its litterly "dungeon drops necklace" so you run this specific dungeon 100 times but you have to do the same for every dungeon i
  18. is this a joke ? Its proven Support is not investigating if the reported player is using cheats or anything. We have sent Youtube vids with private links and the view count dosent go up for example or we sent proof of their cheating which is not possible to excuse with anything other than cheating. For example 24/7 titan stance on KFM cheat. Support is not banning people most of the time and if they do its 3 days or they lift their perma ban. I am not writing names cause i know you rather ban the people who want to report cheaters than the cheaters themselve but there is an as
  19. probably summoner or gunner cause they dont have that much effects around them and they are far away from others that have effects around them. At this point you should ask yourselfe "should i really play this game if my ping is up to 500ms?" i mean thats half a second delay now include FPS problems you will have in raids no matter what ur system specs are. Its unlikely you will be able to do mechanics like you are supposed to and you will need around double the gear to do the same dps as others. Keep in mind we get mechanics nowdays where you have to kill certain mo
  20. Thoose are no longer in game since awakening patch which came ~March 2019. Now most of your skills are binded with others so if you want to have a certain skill you also have to switch another skill there is no individuality anymore. Every player has to play the same spec nowdays sadly.
  21. Ok 6 set of 3rd gen pvp accesories if i need dmg i use NS bracelet, Dragonfang SS 8 set and Dragonfang stage 9 is garbage nowdays ok. Its not max gear but its definetly not garbage. Of course FM for example but i am telling you not only des needs a nerf but we are here focusing on it thats why we write about des only right now. You do realize an attack that would normally do 100k against you it does 3k if you use ur shield ? Its useless to attack des in his shield cause the heal of a destroyer is way more than what you can dmg him unless of course you play fm or gun. Th
  22. To answer your question it is worth it if you are solely looking for PVE Content but you will be heavily bottlenecked by the ammount of Gold you can earn without PVP cause the fastest way is to play booth. Hard no its basically 100 runs and you are done. We are currently getting 4th gen accesories and you can get 3rd with ease. Not really its still super expensive but its super easy nowdays to get decent gear. You can just continure your chars i dont see a problem here but most if not all of your stuff will be trash by now. In short: If you are looking
  23. Since they banned some players recently cause they used Godsword (skill that insta kills everything it touches) i thought why not try and report a cheater after such a long time. So i recorded 2 PVP matches where the enemy KFM is using Titan surge cheat which makes it possible to be in titan surge stance 24/7 even from the beginning of the match you dont have to fill stacks or anything to get into this stance. Its a stupid cheat cause all i have to do to counter it is stun them from range since their godmode only applies when i am in melee range but its still a cheat an
  24. Its no issue to experienced players so its no issue for NCwest. The sad part about this is new players occasionally want to buy thoose and think they are pretty cheap but then see the Sale has already finished everytime they try to buy. New players simply think either their game is broken or they are doing something wrong.
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