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  1. Pro Account sorry sonst würde das echt jeder farmen. Das schlimmste ist, wenn du auch nur 1 Tag vergisst bekommst du nur die schlechten Boxen.
  2. I really want to know from general skill support

    Assumptions. Most actully said there are 2 reasons 1. there is not going to be any kind of world championchip or tournament in Blade and soul so it is no fun for them anymore. 2. The balancing in general is at a low since awakening nearly every PVP Player (including Tenah) where telling NCsoft this Update is gonna destroy PVP but NC just didnt care. Just bringing tenah up cause he was pretty much the person with the most influence in PVP. I am still sure expect for Warlock no one left because their class is weak its mostly due to the lack of Esports (there is none) in this game and the lack of interest in listening to the PVP Community.
  3. Man sollte 2 Pro Woche bekommen, wenn du alles gemacht hast. Letzte Woche haben die einen Fehler gemacht und uns 2 Pro Tag gegeben. 5 Kisten ist schon richtig, wenn du auch die Billig 1Ncoin kisten dazugerechnet hast. 2x 139 Ncoin Kiste und 3x 1 Ncoin Kiste so war es beworben.
  4. 3rd specs in pvp

    Of course they should be removed in PVP cause not every class got their third spec but third spec is by far not the only reason we are not happy pvp wise.
  5. 15 - 25 AP Achievements

    Have you played them ? Normal count aswell its just they didnt count the normal runs you did before patch.
  6. I really want to know from general skill support

    Yeah we had this before and i am still telling you of course you can look at leaderboards but they will not tell the whole story. For example BD is 2nd strongest class but there is no high skilled player playing this class anymore. Broder Bill left and he was the last one. I am not sure but from thoose guys which played on the Elo i am always talking about only zapish plays 1v1/3v3/6v6 anymore as far as i know. You simply cannot say "oh this class is on ladder the most it must be the strongest". Sometimes thats true but there are several players with alot of alt of the same class while other classes may not have someone like this so thoose classes are less in Rankings. Thats mostly correct but Warlock is trash and litterly unusuable in 1v1 and 3v3 but its still pretty good in 6v6 since it got so much AOE DMG and can survive long. Show me my false information: If you mean about the qualification of teams in World Championship i was correct. It is decidet a bit by ranking ingame.
  7. Frost FM

    Blade Master: Iframe = Untargatable Destroyer = Ember Stomb Summoner = Insta Aerial which can do double Kung Fu Master = Firery soul or whatever the skill which gives you godmode for like 7 seconds and removed blue buff Assasin = Second tab Blade dancer = 45K onehit skill Warlock = ok Warlock is trash Soul fighter = Skill reset (15 sec reset on every CC after he chi burst) Gunner = Untabable aerial multiple times Warden = Bladeward (18sec cool down if i remember correctly) Any class got something which shouldnt exist in the first place. But i agree there is litterly no way to counter Frost Tornado if you play BG and enemy got like max gear it dosent matter how good you are most of the time it kills you even if you are able to run away.
  8. I really want to know from general skill support

    You like alot of people forget they have to somehow balance this game for 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, BR and PVE. We know they pretty much dont care most of the time about balance but if they do something its usually cause the class is way to strong in atleast one gamemode. For BD it is 1v1 and 3v3 just like BR. I dont know on what rating you play as or against BDs but in higher rating you see very fast BD is currently the 2nd strongest class in meta only BM is stronger with third spec. Ever thought about the skill which can crit 45K and can be done in aerial ? Ever thought about the amount of shields BD got ? While having a Spin in a game where most KDs got removed. In 6v6 BD is pretty balanced thou. Its the gear which shouldnt exist but we had that conversation mulitple times but NC prefers to listen to the 10% which likes the PVP Gear.
  9. I really want to know from general skill support

    maybe cause BD needs a nerve just like BM ?
  10. Blade & Soul Player Base

    Unfourtunetly i dont see them doing this. We asked them to do so even before release, i admint thou it was not a needed step back then it would have been 100% a quality of life thing but nowdays as the player base is declining with every update it would keep the game alive a lil while longer. On the other hand the profits would probably decline on the short run cause think about it one casher pays 10000 €/$ for Trove without steam they only have to pay taxes but if its on steam (i think it was 30%) they have to give fees to steam aswell which would be contra productive. After all NCwest is a company driven by profit to my liking a bit to much on the short term thou but at first it would be a profit decrease. Another option would be make it more expesive to buy stuff via Steam but i dont see steam allowing that.
  11. Ppl complaining about KFM, meanwhile SIN and BM.

    Sorry didnt quiet get my message trough i wanted to tell. I dont mean you in general its just there so much people complaining about KFM while they just spam their skills and dont care what KFM abilities are they just ask to get some op stuff for their class. For example one guy actully wanted to get Blue Buff on Warden extra to his Soul burn and he was actully thinking that would have been balanced. Another example a BD wanted a second tab. This "seriously was supposed to mean" "serisoulsy guys" and i didnt try to focus on you completly. I brought FM up cause unlike KFM there is no skill needed to play this class. They can use their normal PVE stuff and have 2 tab escapes while having frost which protects them for 15 seconds and cant be avoided ot countered. In that time they usually get one or 2 skill resets. The only reason FM seems easy to beat cause most FMs are simply stupid and have no idea how to play this class. I can cc combo then aswell most just insta tab but if you encounter a FM who got alot of gear and knows what he is doing you are pretty much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed since you cannot kill it and it does increadable dmg. Atleast you can counter every other class with something but you cant counter FM frost.
  12. Ppl complaining about KFM, meanwhile SIN and BM.

    Seriously stop complaining and learn how to counter KFM. 1. never focus KFM while you still see other classes in fight try to focus something else and attack KFM as last. 2. Wait for them to use their iframes he ist stunable a lil moment after he iframed. 3. Use AOE Stuns to open the fight. Dash stuns etc. can give him godmode due to his block. 4. if you are FM use ur Frosttornado this is currently the strongest skill ingame. Its pretty much try to fight him alone and look at his movement. KFM is actully pretty easy to beat unlike FM.
  13. [Suggestion] Buying NCoin Gives Bonus+ NCoin

    There is a reason their prices are like 4410 Ncoin they want us to buy 4800 Ncoin instead of 4410 which is extremly anti consumer but i dont see them changing it since it is a way to earn money and i dont think its just a few bucks. P.S if you calculate with $ thats totally fine but i have to add Europeans have to pay € which is worth a bit more: 5$ are 4,47€. 400 Ncoin = 5$ = 4,47€ would be correct right ? No we have to pay 400 Ncoin = 5€ = 5,59$. just some cent but now lets look at 100 Trove keys. 4410 Ncoin = 4800 Ncoin (cause we have to buy that much) = 60$ = 53,63€ or the other way around: 4800 Ncoin = 60€ = 67,12$. So Europeans pay 7,12$ per Trove Key more than Americans. I can somehow understand it with physical stuff since you have to import it and such but i dont see why it has to be on Digital stuff that much. If i buy Ncoin (rearely) i buy them on some site where i get cheap Ncoin card codes. There i pay American Prices or atelast a price which is somewhat close. For everyone who thinks "they cannot give us the current price for our money" why cant they give us the price in American Dollars ? we can pay with Paypal and Paypal changes your money automaticly to Dollars if you are in need to but well its a way to earn money.
  14. This forum is in serious need of Moderation

    We dont only need Moderators we need Active Moderators. The most Active moderator we had so far was Baskerville but he ignored way to much aswell and had misinformation sometimes even thou i dont like any of the current moderator and the moderators we had so far its unfortunate we even lost Baskerville now. We need an active, good informed moderator who actully plays the game himselfe. Someone like Eckogen i mean he does Guides for example a thing Mods could do. Unfourtunetly since as far as i know you have to live in the UK or US to be moderator or work in any kind of way for NCsoft there are very few people who would actully work for them plus NC would have to pay for them probably and i dont see NC paying for mods anymore.
  15. Floor 20 Yunsang

    You are writing in a nearly 2 year old thread about mech of a boss who only got like 6 Million HP ? Back then 20K was alot and you where considered high gear player. Nowdays even story gear can do 200K which means the boss is dead in 30 seconds while you needed 5 Minutes back then. This Boss got no mechs anymore due to our DPS increase.
  16. Designwettbewerb 2019

    Was ist so schwer daran die Regeln etwas zu ändern ? Es ist ja nun keine seltenheit, dass Ihr so Patchnotes etc. einfach ändert. Ihr seht doch, dass die noch existierende Community das nicht gut heisst. Ihr zeigt sonst auch keine Kompromissbereitschaft das wäre vielleicht mal ein Zeichen, dass die Community euch etwas bedeutet statt einfach sturres Ignorieren der Themen oder zu sagen "so ist das halt". P.S wollt Ihr eine Quality of Life verbesserung machen wie Ihr es manchmal macht wie wäre es die Community erstmal zu fragen was die davon hält ? Stattdessen einach durchziehen.

    Well he got a point. But i am pretty sure the votes would still be in favor for the ones with the bows even if the bow wouldnt have been in there. For me all of thoose skins are ugly and the only one which got actully a completly new Design (the one with the clocks) get like no votes while the Skin we already have ingame just with another colour gets the most. Soul fighter/Kung Fu Master here we got like one or 2 decent skins ingame.
  18. 5 favorites for bns cosmetic contest?

    Well it works quite well for them. They know what the community likes thats why they are doing a great job. PVP 1v1 = barely enough players PVP 3v3 = not enough players at all BR = without event not possible to play it due to the lack of players 6v6 = barely enoug players PVE in general: current dungeons cannot be played via LFP and old dungeons take some time to get a group aswell now. They did a great job since they know what we want ! We get a lot of new players and not alot of people leave the game. They listen very much to our needs and have a good solution to all our problems ! (For everyone who didnt get it yet its sarcasmn) They dont care about playerbase if you are not a new player you should have known that. They write down stuff in their announcements and change it at their need. Just take a screenshoot of patch infos if you see a backlash of the community alot of times they change lil stuff in it so they can say "it was announced that way" or they post stuff which can be interpreted completly diffrenrent. To get back to the topic the only reasons i can imagine why we cannot choose from all 11 outfits is either 1. to sexy for the game, 2. to much work (lets face it they dont wanna pay anymore money for this game) or 3. There is someone in dev team who wants one outfit but is not allowed to say it so he/she creates this farce. To my experience with BNS its Number 2 the fact that all outfits and Weapon skins look pretty much like already existing stuff makes my beliefe stronger.
  19. Some help

    No unfourtunetly you will not get 60 FPS during raid but it will be much smoother than your current system. I guess you will get like 25 FPS during TT Boss 1.
  20. phantom griped and cant use reversal

    We had nice combos on FM back when you had aerial. It was hard to 100 to 0 and FM actully needed skill but after awakening even someone like me who only plays a really short amount of time per season on twinks and never played Ice pre awakening could manage to wallbang. Its pretty stupid but they intendet Wallbang even tho it destroys the mechanics of the game.
  21. Alte Gebiete lukrativ halten

    Diese bitte gab es schon öfters und auch nicht erst seit gestern. Besonders Blackwyrm wollen viele, die den noch kennen gelernt haben wieder haben. Es wäre auch eine Möglichkeit Mondsteinkristalle/Mondsteine (dann aber bitte sehr langsam!) farmbar zu machen. Ich halte es für sehr unwarscheinlich, dass so etwas auch nur in Erwähnung gezogen wird, da sich in den letzten 2.5 Jahren nun auch nichts getan hat. Blackwyrm war damals ein weg, wie sich viele Spieler zusammengeschlossen haben heute gibt es sowas nicht mehr.
  22. event weapon, and alts (or not)

    Even for thoose who can do stage 4 without a problem its crappy cause its litterly one item you cannot get anything else usefull from stage 4. You got the Wings = you are no longer interested in Stage 4. When i read about this Event i was hoping i could farm thoose 5 oils and 10 Pet packs by farming stage 4. I was hoping stage 4 drops 1 or 2 coins so i could just spam him to get my weekly ouls/pet packs but again 2 Dungeons + Stage 1-3 while stage 3 needs around 420K dps which i would have to upgrade my trash alts for. This wouldnt be a problem if you could choose the daylies yourself but why is MSP 1-3 in there ? why is Ebondrake Lair in there ? Thats why again i dont take part on this event other than taking one oil per week with my main. Even tho i am one of thoose who cant understand why so much people are raging about stage 4 cause it litterly gives nothing and needs only 1 Million DPS which is totally ok cause Stage 4 is not meant to be for Alts or new players.
  23. Victory Tokens

    I agree but i want the tokens to be tradable aswell. There are very few classes which actully use the PVP Badge for example Soul fighter (my main class) can aerial enemys if they are knockdowned by using this badge. This is pretty much useless since SF dont aerial after KD. Alot of people have Vicotry tokens in stash and are waiting to sell them for example i got like 200 Probably they are useless. The only class i remember using this badge was Warlock cause it allowed Warlock to aerial 2 times instead of 1 time. I dont think the effect is still the same thou.
  24. event weapon, and alts (or not)

    Step 1: Finish Story Step 2: Get Weapon with 8 Slots Step 3: Change this weapon to Raven 3 Step 4: Run BT and get your Ring and Earring (basicly free cause litterly no one need this) Step 5: Get a guild Step 6: Run VT and get Badge + Necklace (Free aswell cause most guild dont need this stuff anymore) Now you should have like 250K - 300K atleast. Step 7: Start upgrading some stuff till yet you didnt use more than 100G in total. Step 8: Do the daylie everyday Step 9: Farm Gold for example PVP 1 day = 300 - 700 Gold usually Just an example cause it earns alot. Step 10: Upgrade Weapon to Aransu Finished now you should be able to beat Stage 3. Stage 4 still not needed cause it DROPS NOTHING and is just a huge TIME WASTE ! This should be doable in like 1 Week but of course i dont expect everyone to play like 10 Hours a day so i would calculate 2 weeks which is still like nothing in Blade and soul.
  25. Can't log in.

    Are you using BNS Buddy and try to login via Asia Server ? EU Account data can only be used in NA and EU. If you are using the official launcher did you select EU/NA ? Not Asia ! Another reason could be Chinas laws if you live there. I read some months ago they where planning to ban several games due to inappropiate stuff. Blade and soul was on the list aswell due to the Boobies. Anyway there are several Asian Servers have you tryed to play on one of them i am sure you Ping will be much better there. Taiwan Japan Korea China Russia I am not sure but i think i missed one server Thai maybe ?