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  1. nerv pvp !!

    Was meinst du warum nur noch eine Handvoll PVP Spieler übrig ist ? Und wie ? Spielen wir das Selbe Spiel ? Seelensteine waren nie PVP exclusive und Mondsteine seit letztem Update auch nicht.
  2. Maybe We are all wrong ,NC may mean to do this

    6. people who get banned and their pet pods taken have been writing to the support saying "my pet pods are missing " and they gave them their pet pods back.
  3. I have 40,000 XP Charms

    No one is gonna farm 200K of thoose blooms. I am 100% certain thats not gonna be the solution.
  4. I made 4500G in 2 hours and 20 minutes twice yesterday. Its super easy but to be honest silver players probably hate me cause of this.
  5. Welche Fraktion 2020?

    Ich habe andere Erfahrungen gemacht. Bei Coelin (Blau) wirst du keine Chance haben zu farmen, da 8 oder 10 player auf dich hauen während bei dir max 2 Spieler auf der Ebene sind. Ich habe das gestern getestet konnte eig. auch solo alle 8 platt machen, wenn da nicht ein Assa wäre mit fast max gear, der mich selbst mit PVP gear fast one shot macht.
  6. I have 40,000 XP Charms

    I dont believe you have 40k of 1million xp charsm if you really have 40k its probaly the 10k charms which you can fuse for free which reduces the ammount to 400 charms so in total you need to click 800 times which shouldnt be much of a problem for your finger. I do agree BNS needs alot of Quality of life things and i cant understand why NC cant manage to bring all the quality of life things people want and use BNS buddy etc. for.
  7. Mondtanz Outfit Bug

    Ich bin gegen einen Rollback und ich erwarte auch, dass es keinen geben wird. Dank des Bugs sind Pet pods endlich wieder auf einen Preis, wie Sie es sein sollten. F10 war vor dem Bug ja eig. die einzige Möglichkeit Pet Pods so richtig zu bekommen was der Bug behoben hat. Ich würde mir nur den gleichen Bug bei dem Fischhändler für Xp und irgendwo, wo es Evolved Stones gibt wünschen.
  8. I don't want to be WL anymore

    Due to awakening this was asked alot. Classes changed to such an extend that they are no longer the same and alot of people didnt enjoy their classes anymore. They didnt care and let thoose people quit. Do you think its gonna be different now ? Atleast back then people had a reason to demand such a thing but thats nearly 1.5 years ago you cannot argue anymore that your class changed to such an extend.
  9. Arena Matchmaking / Points System

    What does this tell you ? Que is unable to find another player close to your rating so they need to let you play with the same guy over and over again. This is what we call a dead que. If you now also look at the player now you encounter you will notice very fast most of them are alts. Some people including me gave nc suggestions how to make PVP alive again but well we complain sinmce years they dont care about pvp. Best thing we got so far was dmg reductions in 6v6 but for some reason they forget to also nerve the strongest classes again.
  10. Sadly thats how it is right now. I remember the time when you could que at 1800 at still get plebs as enemys. Hard que started with like 2000. Now we have players beating top 5 or even top 30 players at the start or in the middle of the season and they think they are good. People are sadly not playing serious till end of season thx to a certain company destroying pvp. You can still learn Tech chase, when to iframe, how to do max dps out of your class but back then you could outplay other classes while now its not possible to outplay em depending on your class. If you play BM for example its impossible to lose to warlock or if you player Warden how are you supposed to beat archer ? This is one of the biggest reasons PVP is dead right now. Alot of stuff is forbidden to do and people got banned for it back in 2017 but now its different. No matter what you do if it dosent decrease the income of NCsoft you will not see a single ban. There are still people that would like to be in the top rankings but they dont boother actully trying cause they know last day of season they will no longer be in top 5 unless they are super lucky. For example in EU we have like 1 or 2 WL. Best WL EU struggeled to even get 1800 rating (well class is trash) but magically at the end of season 5 no name WL you`ve never seen before got plat and not even 1900 they got up to 1960. How ? if best WL EU cant reach plat in mutliple weeks how can 5 reach plat in a single night ? NCsoft said we investigate it but well nothing happened. Thats a bit to simple how you put it but i agree with the message. If NA/EU wanted to fix something they would have done it a long time ago. There are things which are gamebreaking they could have changed a long time ago. For example removeing the time restrictions for 3v3 pvp i am sure KR wouldnt mind doing that if EU/NA said we need that cause its not much work to do so and it could increase the playerbase.
  11. MSP changes

    90% we get exactly what RU gets like litterly all of the time. They will at max write once that they are listening to our complains but in the end our msp stuff will expire with no compensation.
  12. Way of the Lightning

    You havent finished the awakening quest yet. You unlock the awakening quest with lvl 60 hm 7.
  13. PvP Balance

    Note that i am not always focusing 6v6 for theese but if i do i write it down. Blade master: Fire/Lightning remove untargatable or make it tab only atleast + reduce dmg of flash step and reduce dmg overall cause currently this class can one shot you faster than fire fm, Third spec, remove autoblock so if you get stunned you cant block. Destroyer: Earth/Shadow make it possible to break their shield with KB or some rare type of CC, Third spec decrease iron clad dmg reduction. Summoner: Decrease dmg of small bees thoose summoner uses to 100 to 0 in one aerial. Force master: Ice remove wallbang by simply making it possible to tab at wall, Fire change 500 ap buff to 500 boss ap for their self buff, Third spec decrease dmg of aerial in 6v6 KFM: let the 2 sec resist gems expire. Assasin: i dont know what it is but they can cap a point even tho enemys attack him 24/7 make that impossible!, reduce evasion while in stealth and make aoe stuns work against them in stealth. Blade dancer: Lightning make V skill (the atomic bomb skill) unable to be used in aerial, Wind increase CD of shields just slightly and if Untargatable still exist in BD remove that too. Warlock: Sorry this class is trash i want it to get buffed or better to get the old warlock back which would be mid tier i suppose in current meta. Soul fighter: Is fine if the other op classes get nerved. but well could be biased cause i am sf myselfe. Its the most predictable class in my oppinion which makes it easy to counter em. Gunner: Shadow increase CD of 4 slightly so you cant use it twice in one aerial, increase hooks instead. Warden: Make KB work in blade ward Archer: Remove wallbang they currently have even stronger wallbang than fm. I play: Blade master, Destroyer, Force Master, KFM, Assasin, Blade dancer, Warlock, Soul fighter and gunner.
  14. Fix F10 Prices?

    Well last time i had gold on NA i saw no one is using F9 and since the Discord where EU People sell is also the same NA people sell you definetly misunderstood something. Maybe you looked in F9 and thought "oh 1:1" this is the same in EU but the point is no one is using F9 cause you cant get lower than 1:1 even tho the actual price is way worse for the gold selling part. Gold is probably worth a bit more on NA thou cause i assume you have less people playing.

    You need to seriously update thoose code of conduct. We all know the support is not the the correct place to report people cause no one gets punished. We have alot of problems ingame which result in alot of people quitting and all of that could be solved if the support actully punished people. Most people just like myselfe dont expect them to give perman ban or a ban at all but depending on what the player did they need to be punished which will not happen if you write support. Some examples: Wintrading: Remove the player from the ladder for 1 season (he/she can still play) XML Cheats: Remove the player from ladder for 1 season and forbid him to play pvp for atleast 1 week. Boosting chars of another account: Remove the player from ladder. Play from a region which is not allowed to play in EU/NA for example Russia: remove the player from ladder but the whole account. I think you can see what i am intending ?
  16. Fix F10 Prices?

    Everyone who actully knows the worth of gold currently maybe ? Currently 1Ncoin sells for 2.5G - 4G mostly in the 3G region. Now try to offer 1G for it people will laught at you and thats the reason F9 is dead. You cant go into a store looking at a 4k tv which cost 1.200€ and offer them 400€ saying its not worth 1.200€. Well you can but you will not be able to get the tv.
  17. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    its definetly your own fault that you got kicked. Thats why i wrote its a personall problem cause it seems like you dont want to progress this means people dont want you in their guild. (Keep in mind since i dont know you all i can work with is ur text) This seems like he gave you a chance to learn but you couldnt manage to. Which is again your personall fault since others might have managed to learn it cause others watch guides before raiding. This sound like you dont want to learn it just get it teached in raid. People expect you to have knowledge of the mech thx to guides they dont expect you to be able to do what the guide says instantly but having knowledge from guides will make learning way quicker and imagine having a progress raid and failing for weeks and someone new comes in not even boothering with learning mechs. I just say people can expect you to know the mech they cant expect you to be able to do it thou. Maybe ask other players of your class who do better dmg. You can probably learn something. Ive also played my class totally wrong in pve before wingrise badge came then someone told me how to do it and magically i got a 50% dmg increase. You got me completly wrong i do belief thoose are your experiences but i always look at what could be the real reason someone acts as he does and mostly new players/complaining players are actually the reason behind it. All i wrote was i dont beliefe the reason you wrote was the actuall reason the leader kicked you. 1. Not boothering with mechs, 2. Not boothering to learn how to play your class, 3. complaining about others instead of trying to better yourselfe. Thats my current impression about you. People who want to progress (yeah litterly everyone in 2xxx wants to) dont want to have people like that. Please dont think i am just here to troll or something i am actully trying to help you by providing information why community acts as it does towards you.
  18. Arena Matchmaking / Points System

    There are 2 reasons for this: 1st our playerbase is super small in arena we starting with gold rank we have litterly like 30 players maybe and their alts. How much points you get depends on how much points ur enemy has. 1600 vs 1450 means if 1450 wins = 31 but if 1450 loses = -8. System is supposed to search at a maximum of 150 rating difference but if que is really dead it can go up to 200 to my experience. Cause balance is super bad since awakening patch and every patch makes it worse instead of better we`ve lost so much players that you will not be able to find alot of players in this game anymore which means system needs to search in a wide range.
  19. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    To be honest this is a personall problem. While there are alot really nice guilds there are some which are like you described too. If you notice you have such a guild just get another one. All guilds i was in actully teached me the mechs of the dungeons if i ask them too. They dont mind even wiping mutiple times cause of me as long as i show them i make progress in learning what they teach me. (i am a fast learner tho so it dosent need much wipes). Also if you cant manage to make a decent progress and for example your gear stays the same for months of course guilds will kick you cause you are either inactive or you dont wanna progress in the game. very few guild expects you to have their progress when you just start running with them but they expect you to read guides and ask stuff if you didnt understand it from the guide alone. I guess you just droped in and wanted them to teach you. Guides ? Vids ? Talking ? I dont believe that. Even if you turn on BNS Buddy Addons you are unable to see atleast 2 players DPS. unless they kick everyone not in the dps meter they kicked you cause of other reasons. For example you do the wrong mech or you need ages to run to the boss. Probably casue everyone who likes this game is pissed 24/7 because of NCsoft. You do notice how unstatisfied the community is with our publisher ? This toxicity makes it way to the game unintentionally.
  20. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    Guild ? what are thoose for ? in the last 2 guild i had they managed to create their own groups and they didnt care about the ap as long as you have the minumum requirements the raid needs. Sorry its just stupid. People work for their gear and if i reach 2xxx ap i should be allowed to profit from that. If you dont put in the work to get better gear dont expect to profit from others. There are multiple ways even 1200ap people can do this stuff but they expect to get carried. Thats not a legitimate concern to me. Its a Cooperative Multiplayer game after all. Its like you are saying "to all call of duty players, i am sorry but to win in a game you have to shoot your enemy" its obvious.
  21. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    Sadly this is the mindset of most new players and they insult even 2200 AP as elitist even tho thats not even much theese days. They get carried throgh most content in early which gives them the mindset that there is no content they cant do with like story gear and they get upset about people asking for specific requirements instead of creating their own groups. New players simply expect to get carried and cant accept it if there is content people dont want to carrie them for free.
  22. Nyraka in a nutshell

    Can i ask you why ? it dosent give you any kind of reward. Maybe for achivement ? I dont flame you NC decided to bring in PVP without giving any kind of reward for this. If we had some reward i would happily kill all the afk players too but for me its just a huge waste of time.
  23. wartung am 24.07.20 13 uhr

    Ich habe jetzt von einigen gehört, dass die bei den Casher Boxen immer den selben Pet gem bekommen haben. Vielleicht ist dort ein Fehler und NC will das fixen. Bisher haben wir meines Wissens nur Sonderwartungen bekommen, wenn irgendwas mit F10 nicht funktioniert und das letzte mal als so eine Casher Box falsch war musste NC alles zurückerstatten. Es ist egal wie kaputt ein Patch war für Spielrelevante Sachen gibt es nur ganz selten eine Extra Wartung, wenn überhaupt.
  24. Unbalanced 6v6 2020

    Fun Fact: Our tops BDs left the game cause BD got to strong. Now we only have the Russian BD left who logs into our server sometimes to snack some juicy HM coins. I hope the untargatable got removed this week but most ive seen in que last week where simply carried by untargatable there are like 2 or 3 actual good BDs in EU. Alot of people would love to reroll for that reason but people like me dont do that cause there is no option to send: HM lvl, Unity stones, Achivements. @NCsoft i thought you want to milk the players ! In 6v6 yeah but imagine playing gear equalized PVP. People complain mostly about 6v6 balance while its way worse in 1v1 cause you are unable to reduce the strengh difference between the classes.
  25. Farmen

    Seelensteine = 1v1 PVP und Naryu Münzen alles was Naryu im Namen hat unter F8 aber allgemein Low dungeons droppen die gut.