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  1. Got my squad a uniform previous event: The Allnighters!
  2. So let me get this right... We get easy mode with harder mechanics than we used to have in normal mode to prepare us for hard mode that doesn't even exist for all but a few dungeons? Yeah, makes total sense! The number of dailies you have to run to get any worthwhile rewards is increased but the the number of possible dailies to run gets decreased, in fact if you want to fully complete the dailies you get zero choice except for Friday & Saturday where you can skip one... Mmmmkay. To add insult to injury we also get a very lackluster event for a big new class patch.
  3. I don't care about the wings and I'm actually OK with stage 4 not being for everyone... It's just that the rewards are plain silly.
  4. Yeah, I'm not leaving, but this event might be the perfect time for a break, summer weather is too hot to play right now and no interesting rewards this event anyway besides the standard but now new and improved limited edition oils. ^^
  5. The reward box #5 is for the past week and faulty reset time afaik... Reset timer might be fixed this week but the current state is obvioulsy worse than before.
  6. They did manage to break weeklies and orb use in CS though. Nice patch. :-/
  7. Agreed, this event weapon makes zero sense imho... Who's it for? I fail to see it. People that could use it can't get it and the people that can get it probably don't have much use for it if they would even want to waste event currency on it. Honestly, the event soul & heart aren't much better really, sure they're nice for clearing dailies just a little bit faster on alts, but I doubt they'll help anyone clear stage 4 of the event dungeon. Especially the heart actually, most of my characters own the same or a better one but can't even dream of clearing stage 4.
  8. Well... BnS is my favorite powerpoint presentation atm. Srsly, get some fixes out, at times I get 10fps in places I had zero issues with ever since launch...
  9. Talking about 20 hours like it's a lot on the BnS forums... Mmmkay.
  10. Summer, summer, summertime! Time to sit back and unwind...
  11. Sure, having a full team of guildies/friends with decent+ gear join instantly is the fastest way but... When talking only 1-3 daily you're usually faster just joining whatever random faction/region party that pops up than trying to get a FAST high geared group together... Noukah's 10-15 estimate is pretty solid imho. I can probably count the really slow clears since Awakening on one or two fingers... You really need a full fresh-out-of-story geared alliance that ALSO doesn't have a clue AND doesn't get lucky with pigs or golden mushrooms to be much slower than that.
  12. Event tokens for MSP daily on Friday & Sunday is perfect for me: double rewards during weekends, decent gold and it's content all my alts can do and during the weekend I actually have time to play them a little more... This really is a weird thing to complain about imho, you can't expect to be able to do everything on infinite alts every day. Sure if it would be possible to finish dailies & event on all characters by doing Celestial Basin quest three times, I would do it, but would I still be having any fun? Doubt it.
  13. Ok, you don't trust your players to upload something... Mostly meaning you don't want to invest in moderating whatever inappropriate stuff we come up with as avatar, fair enough. But a simple avatar gallery could and imho should have been implemented years ago at this point, I don't get why it hasn't happened yet? Just start with the class symbols so people can pick their main class as forum avatar, that can't be too much work and would be a great start. The fact that the BnS reddit has this but not the official forums... C'mon step it up already, this could only help with keeping
  14. Gear demands are getting real silly lately, the things I read on F8 for dungeons I just hit LFP for and never fail on any of my crap geared alts...
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