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  1. Please dont put MSP in future events

    Sure, having a full team of guildies/friends with decent+ gear join instantly is the fastest way but... When talking only 1-3 daily you're usually faster just joining whatever random faction/region party that pops up than trying to get a FAST high geared group together... Noukah's 10-15 estimate is pretty solid imho. I can probably count the really slow clears since Awakening on one or two fingers... You really need a full fresh-out-of-story geared alliance that ALSO doesn't have a clue AND doesn't get lucky with pigs or golden mushrooms to be much slower than that.
  2. Please dont put MSP in future events

    Event tokens for MSP daily on Friday & Sunday is perfect for me: double rewards during weekends, decent gold and it's content all my alts can do and during the weekend I actually have time to play them a little more... This really is a weird thing to complain about imho, you can't expect to be able to do everything on infinite alts every day. Sure if it would be possible to finish dailies & event on all characters by doing Celestial Basin quest three times, I would do it, but would I still be having any fun? Doubt it.
  3. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Ok, you don't trust your players to upload something... Mostly meaning you don't want to invest in moderating whatever inappropriate stuff we come up with as avatar, fair enough. But a simple avatar gallery could and imho should have been implemented years ago at this point, I don't get why it hasn't happened yet? Just start with the class symbols so people can pick their main class as forum avatar, that can't be too much work and would be a great start. The fact that the BnS reddit has this but not the official forums... C'mon step it up already, this could only help with keeping people invested in the forums, community and game and that's what we all want? Right?
  4. How to reach 1.7 AP

    Gear demands are getting real silly lately, the things I read on F8 for dungeons I just hit LFP for and never fail on any of my crap geared alts...
  5. Show off your characters!!

    New look for the night:
  6. Playerbase

    High enough to quickly find groups for most content and that's all that matters to me really. But definetely not a booming game, no.
  7. K made a ticket, hope there's a fix soon.
  8. Well that didn't happen... My WL got NO season rewards and NO weekly rewards, so it surely wasn't based on his improved and not saved score. My KFM actually did get season rewards, but not the weekly ones. My other chars don't have any problem with TOI.
  9. Two out of five characters of mine can't get weekly rewards second week in a row because of this: Please fix, thanks!
  10. New launcher

    Hello new launcher! Please stop switching my region at random. Thanks!
  11. Premium events

    I just F8 LFP'ed all of last event. From main to story geared alts (and that's not even Raven), didn't get Kaari every day on all of them and I missed HM like once on two characters when they stopped giving free orbs from F10... But getting the soul was no problem at all, even got it on my lvl 50 Summoner with just the event dungeon and 1 coin from login rewards since I didn't play 100% of the days. Not sure why you would have needed to pay for that soul? I forgot about instant windstride though, gotta give you that, it's a nice benefit, the others are meh at best.
  12. Premium events

    Premium has to have some real benefits besides storage access everywhere and some extra gold (discounts). It used to be the wardrobe but that was a retarted setup from the start, especially at the start actually, since the game still had that launch "no p2w" store that relied fully on cosmetics and services... Anyway, I don't fully disagree with the OP: it does smell kinda fishy when it comes to event currency, but then again it's not like events are anything special in this game since there's literally always one running and you can still get plenty without the two extra potential coins a day. Also, being a working adult is what makes it possible for me to pay for premium, wouldn't have even considered it back when I was a kid... It's not the best argument imho.
  13. The rich get richer and the poor stay poor. Pretty much sums up the design philosophy behind this event.
  14. Server Consolidation — May 1

    You say that like it's a good thing.
  15. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Is it though? I expect a lot of Germans to adapt and speak English in public chat, but almost none of the French will, like in pretty much every single other game I've ever played with one EU server. And it's not like the rest of Europe speaks English at home, yet we all do online.