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  1. Blade & Soul Soundtrack - Flash of Steel
  2. The Black Rose Witch - (Blade and Soul OST)
  3. + it's until the 08.01.2020. you get it about 14 times
  4. 100 auto bait from the cash shop + 3 trove keys. well, my clan mate got her prices as one of the winners ~
  5. i already got them and my clan member too ^^
  6. Hi, will the maximum character slots increase too? Edit: there'll be 12 character slots. Saw it in the stream just now
  7. Hey, well dunno what exactly happened, but the game is working like yesterday again. Just started it as Admin and got my FPS back ^^'
  8. Hey, thanks for the fast answer. My class is Destroyer, it happens everywhere. I got on the map normally 80 FPS and it decreased to 17. Doesn't matter if i stand there alone or with 20 people. My FPS drops down to 10 if i engage into combat. In raids my FPS are dropping to 2~5. My game totally freezes and i'm unable to do something until the boss is finished. My equipment is: Sapphire rx 570 (8GB - retail) intel core i5 4690 Windows 10 - 64 Bit Version Ram - 24 GB (i hope it's enough information) Regards, Fugisa
  9. Hey guys, my game was until now fine. Got my 80+ PS and 0 Problems. But after the Patch today my FPS decreased drastically. I obly got 17 FPS over. Does someone else have this problem? If yes, do you have a way to fix it? If not... could someone from NC-Soft give a feedback about this? sincerely - Fugisa
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