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  1. It's not just ping in itself, but rather the performance have decreased even further than what it was, which wasn't perfect in the first place, as in for example in 12man raids I had constant 15-25fps during fights at the very least, nowadays it is always below <10fps. I've no idea what you guys did with the game, but the performance in overall ever since awakened patch have decreased and it has been extremely frustrating to play raids with, I am really disappointed to see such a state of the game after all those years.
  2. Exactly, and that's where the problem is in itself, since the rates are quite scuffed that most of the times you will obtain a negative result by refining these stones after you've either spent decent amount of time OR paid money for. Legendary ones can stay as it is, could care less, but Heroic refining stones should be more approachable during refining system as in 60%(heroic) to 40%(blue) with 8 blue stones at once and not the other way around.
  3. Honestly i dont care about legendary part, but the heroic grade refining stones should be more accsessible, after putting 8 blue grade should be like 50 to 60%, not what we have right now.
  4. Yes I did it on my own, so what? Nobody wants to see poor results like that and dont give me the obvious answer, basides have you seen the other thread about how much time it takes? Also I have already a couple of friends that failed 7 times in a row if not more, which by your suggestion goes like this, 1 attempt per 6days if you dont use your orb, so add up 6days x 7, how many days is that when the person itself has lost to even be able to get something decent? But yea other than that, i just decided it to try it out, definitely not worth the time and money right now
  5. Here's my little rant after over 3 years of playing this game: I understand the part where this whole unity system is long time investment and such, but i'm not here about that, where I have issues with (i'm sure plenty of others found this frustrating as well) is the percentage of the refining stones themselves, lets say making from normal into Heroic stage of stone. I fail to understand how after you've spent decent amount of time or even decent amount of gold/hmcoin or even ncoin for resets and shards to obtain 8 normal stones for a 40%(if not less) CHANCE to make in
  6. Funny how NC decides to antique the essential items to do the EVENT with. But hey! At least I get to slack for another event Have to say, the game's great and all even up to this day in my opinion that is, but the way the management and communication is.... You guys need to work A LOT on that, no joke and i'm not even mentioning this case alone, but healthy amount of other things too that happened within past 3 years.
  7. Come back to this thread once you will acquire worse result as 1/20 PTS ratio :)))
  8. My only concern is, if we actually get the angler's oils from an actual weekly quests or is it dynamic quests? Since I wan't to know if we can do weekly quests safely without taking the rewards after completing the quest before maintenance or not.
  9. You're wrong, when I had no premium (or VIP as you say) for a few months, got like 4-5 venture tokens and even 1 sparkling venture token from boxes themselves, although sparkling venture token is as close as non-existent, got only 2 since the very beginning of the game (2,5years ago), but green ones should show up once in a while for sure.
  10. Failed 6 times in a row on both of my alts, forget about attempting to farm vials for your main, basically get delayed by RNG. But yea, just fail another 5-6 attempts and you're gucci, soul is yours, just make sure to go through hell of F8: - Especially fun times with under 1,1k AP alts doing those dungeons when you get kicked from half of those for not meeting the 1,1k AP requirement, despite the fact they're full BT geared, sure better take 1100-1150 players with no BT equipment whatsoever, they will totally do more dps :))
  11. I remember talking about it to my friends last year about making achievements as account-wide instead of current system that is separate as it is now, nobody wants to run same stuff over and over, especially when you have 10 characters in the list + one more is coming up soon. I fully support this idea and hopefully NC will listen to the feedback about it, it would be a nice QoL changes.
  12. Regarding the gain of hmcoins per day for premium users, the amount of coins is too little, back in the day I used to play in Taiwan servers of BnS I clearly remember that when u have a premium in a month of just logging in, u accumulate enough currency points to be able to obtain an a free outfit at the very least within that time frame. I find 15-hmcoins too low of an amount which would take the person to get 1 outfit within 3 months(without selling gold or getting tokens), knowing that the decent outfits are at like 1,2k+ coins. Making 30-hmcoin per day, premium woul
  13. True, the EXP charms aren't stacked and clicking one by one to unpack is getting frustrating, I do believe that "Unpack" needs to be reworked a little, even if it's just by 10 items per page, would save up some time and be more convenient rather than opening one by one.
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