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  1. If your things where bigger lower game resolution, that will give you more fps.
  2. Soul stat nerfs

    Thx for the cost "reduction" of soul upgrades and the reduction of stats for all souls below true tiger/dragon. That will realy help the new players.
  3. Server Down?

    Maintenance now?
  4. Beware of CS scams

    I'm not, if you get dc you still in party, but the guy actually left, he was still in game because I could whisper him.
  5. Beware of CS scams

    Some player (can't give name apparently, so he can still do it) makes moml gr takes first boss loot and leaves. Just be careful. Is there any place I can make his name known?
  6. No! they don't. The easier rewards Legendary Orb and the harder rewards Resurgence Emblem.
  7. Simple mode needs to be faster

    You can asign RMB to a keyboar key and the make a macro that spams that key. It will make it faster.
  8. Day 2 with no F10 CS/HM orbs!! YOYL!! :))

    ATM its cheaper to buy DGS than do 20 runs of CS/HM.
  9. Swimming isnt working.

    As title says.