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  1. I don't care if they disable it in the lessons...I'm talking specifically about allowing it when in battles against the bosses.
  2. I don't get what this has to do with allowing practice training under "real-life" (as in actual conditions in dungeon) conditions. That alone is 1 bug. (not to mention you don't have same fps and ms in a raid vs. training room). Bug 2) since the advent of various skill talents, different talents do different damage. The training room is supposed to help you train in the different modes you can pick -- but since those were introduced, there is no way to get anything close to an accurate read of DPS over time. 3) different accessories don't do the same damage or give the same benefit due to which things are enhanced or not and what things work in combination with other things to give extra bonuses. Not only that, but damage will vary depending on long vs. short soul. How can you tell which is better if you can't try those out and hold the attack sequence the same over multiple attempts. All of those can't be practiced or honed in training. Why would devs work so hard to prevent us using something that is needed and normal to use in the dungeon? There used to be work-arounds and weird ways to get simple in the training room -- why would you prioritize fixing bugs that compensate for development flaws rather than either just leaving them alone, or fixing the development flaws? How can you justify spending the time to disable a feature that lets players work around a bug when you aren't fixing the bugs themselves? There's plenty of other bugs that go unfixed, but you have to make sure a player work-around for a design flaw is disabled rather than working on more important bugs? Why? So now, you are left with the request to fix the original bug of simple mode not working in boss fights the same as it functions in the dungeon. What possible reason do you have to disable that? You can't claim that it wasn't implemented in the training room -- as it was. What was the reason for going out of your way to disable training the same way it worked in the dungeon? It's suppose to be a training room, not a torture room. As it is, its worthless (the fighting against bosses part, specifically).
  3. Do you have a reference for your statement?
  4. Why help us get imperial gloves when there is no way to upgrade them? You still need *2* mao gloves which are the near impossible item to get. So why skip Mao reqs, for 1, and 2, you did this before when you realized 100 rounds of a difficult dungeon is way too many and chopped all 100-round requirements to 10-round. So why have new items not followed the 10-round completion rule when you new that 100 rounds were too many for many or most people? You don't need to point out that some people can do it. Some people can program in assembly language as well. But no believes that assembly language should be required for programming. Programming is always advanced to higher level languages. So why requirements for tedious counts of 100 or to get items from bosses that have such poor drop rates. You've already shown that those requirements were abusive to most of the playerbase. So why would you go back to requirements that are already known not to work for most of the player base?
  5. I wouldn't project your habits onto others.
  6. On a gunner, most seem to think that simple mode is going to get you near optimal without killing your hands/wrists. I appreciate the info, but your info seems like the polish that goes on after building up a base. I.e. we are looking at averaging 60% more damage and even with a 7th BS out of 6, that's still only 17% more damage. But working on such fine tuning now just frustrates the *bleep* out of me given how much time I've felt like I'm standing still. Most of my recent efforts have been on my FM who I started maybe last November though really, in linear time, that's more like early Feb, since I couldn't get the game to run for about 2 months in there (spent weeks w/support and they finally gave up saying there was nothing more they could do). But I've felt pretty much stuck on the gunner due to no ability to progress in a way I can see any consistent difference (my GS, BTW, I started after thanksgiving the previous year(2018)). Anyway, I keep working on variations above/beyond SM, though I wish they'd let me choose what key to put it on rather than taking away my mouse key. I have a 4 button mouse with 2 keys that pretty I can't make much use of because BnS doesn't allow alternate inputs (like Mouse3 & Mouse4). Working with variations was partly my reason for putting the SM-toggle on CAPS-LOCK, where it's no harder to hit than tab, sometimes less, unfortunately if I don't make the reach for tab. Thanks for the tips, though not sure when I'll be ready for them.
  7. ms=127-133 rt now, have seen as low as 99 in wee-morning, and recently 160-180 under loads. refresh was 70FPS in windowed 1600x900 and 100FPS in full window 2550x1600 mode (weird). Idle (indoors, by self, 120FPS norm). As I mentioned above, I was using the "Simple Mode" in both cases as a baseline, since it will send the same keys with the same timing each time I do it. I really use an assisted simple mode, meaning I'll manually crank out a 4VTAB on my GS at the start of a battle or if I see the corresponding skill timers @0 (have my SM (SimpleMode) on CAPSLOCK, so its easier to reach typing normally). On FM, if especially when I'm buffed, I'll try to make sure to hit 'Z', before adding '2' to SM(Simple). My non-simple mode damage is notably lower, and at least for gunner, I'm told, should be optimal. Ideally, if given a chance, I'll time my GS rotation to start when soul is @ 0 (not on CD). As for FM, not sure of DD vs. Inf. order, as I usually use Simple mode. I find that my GS sometimes doesn't use BS when it should be -- so I'll hit 'f' during those times to start it. Usually get around 5-6 rounds unless I miss the start or don't have my counters sync'ed for some reason. But again...usually using SM
  8.á (with either all points in offense or with potions/edibles). Seriously greater than 1900 with both. FM (with both, since with points-only, she's only @1899 AP) I have complained to support about low damage on gunner lately -- seems maybe since last update (when this event started) are down hits, but was told "many factors affect damage"...etc etc etc.
  9. Noticed when I went to buy associated Countdown Hat to go with Countdown outfit that I received from the Sunfire Outfit Selection chest, that it was missing. Submitted message of oversight/"wheretoget" to support. Got reply: responded with question of "why" and repeated, "wheretoget"; received: Following these instructions, I'm posting this petition as a request to the Dev Team to make the hat available in the F10, Hongmoon store for no more than 575 NCoins (preferably less) and highlight it under the "limited Time" section for at least a week, so it will be seen by those wanting it (simply adding it to the adornment chest won't notify anyone that the hat is available) Additional help: add an Adornment Chest to the characters that acquired the Countdown outfit from Sunfire Outfit chest, limit 1 hat/character (Note: not limited to 1 per account). Thank-you. If you don't want this, start your own petition as a response to this will be taken as supporting this idea and wanting the hat, for those who already possess the "Countdown outfit", obtained from this event, on one or more of their characters.
  10. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    Actually, I thought they had subbed in orb-of-ascensions...sacred orbs, don't really care. But they should give more keys and more green gems so I can at least open the 4-6's on a 1-6. That's sorta lame. Maybe cut the green-orb cost to 5, or take 1 yellow as a substitute.
  11. Countdown missing hat

    The Countdown outfit in the sunfire chest is missing its hat.
  12. Free Bundles Available in the Hongmoon Store

    Would have been nice to have known about the rewards before they were removed from the market. Why not put them back in so people who missed those rewards can pick them up?
  13. Can't do it on my gunner or FM. Both are over 1900AP depending on HM point allocation. Sure gunner might start over 1M, but hold? Lately its been holding around 700-800K on simple mode -- similar with FM but w/o the burst. No, can't get mao gloves, can't get ET (never been in a TT run where I was fighting). Gunner got close down to <20%. So what is the stupid weapon for? Does anyone at NCsoft listen? It wouldn't help me anyway.
  14. Sunfire Outfit Selection Chest

    He is often making things up. He's a troll, a harasser and a spammer, but the mods won't do anything about him. I asked him not to post on one of my topics and he jumps in and shoots it down, saying it's his right. When I told him off, because I had asked him not to post a response, _I_ got suspended for a week for harassing and bullying him! As for the titles I used above -- they describe his actions. He stirs up arguments and upsets people and creates a divisive mood on these forums (trolling), he "follows" posters around to put them down, discredit and won't leave people alone even when they ask (harassment), and he posts his unwanted, opinions all over the board and no way to unsub from his posts -- spamming. He gets complained about and laughed at as a meme in faction chat because he posts so much wrong information. His only purpose is to shoot people's ideas down and if he has to make something up to do it, no qualms about it. Looking at his post count -- he can have no job except to post here, harass people and drive people off the board. He claims to play the game, but I certainly don't see how he has the time and has made mistakes about game play which make me believe he doesn't play either. Also, as far as outfits coming with accessories -- look at the bathing suits over the past few weeks -- most of them came with accessories and many with race/sex variations. The accessories are split off when the items are sold again as "repeats" to make more money.
  15. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    People? Cite the references and quotes. I don't have enough keys to open my chests as it was. So please stop making things up just to support your secret employer.