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  1. Don't take my willingness to have strong feelings arguing a point meaning that I have issues with *you* as a person. Please. I realize most people get very distressed about disagreement, but *generally* I don't. Most of the time, I don't remember people's names as I usually pay more attention to what they are saying/writing and how they are saying it. Now admittedly, I start to recognize some people by their writing style , but ask me to remember their name? That takes alot more time. Besides -- actual grudges take too much energy -- but arguing about something you want -- that makes it's own energy coming out of passion or something I care about. I wouldn't bother posting if I didn't have emotions and feelings about some of this... However, the behaviors I see coming out of the wrong people having or holding power -- makes for a good case for them never holding power in the real world -- unfortunately, often they do and I don't see things getting better in the immediate future.
  2. What? Video games existed long before's only been in the past 10 years or so that people could play these on line. Elder Scrolls 4 -- offline at $30 new, and $10 now -- from 20 years ago. ES5 -- came out about 5 years ago with RNG/pay to lose. Before players were able to make extensions and their own content. With RNG,l all that's been sewn up into sterile packaging where users get no say. If the outfits in BnS were all RNG, they'd lose alot of players -- since with this game, what is "win"? There is no win, there are only costumes and pvp and alot of players don't like pvp. Without a wider appeal, who wants to get into eSports? About the same number of people interested in getting into regular sports. Maybe you are hitting close to the mark though -- in that maybe todays youth aren't as interested in games -- just opportunities to engage in esports or pvp. But in games like oblivion -- it was real different than players get off on dealing out hurt and grief, whereas in previous games, players got off on helping other players and providing used extensions. But things moved to everything being about money and competition and the fun has suffered accordingly. As for those figures of $80 via gambling vs. $50 guaranteed? Try more like $500-$5000 on the gambling side. Remember NCSoft's payoff %boxes are supposedly <1%. So 100-1000 times higher via the gambling route.
  3. Too bad there's no training room that allows you setup conditions as they would exist in the dungeon or on a raid and test various combinations. No...the game has worked to disallow users exploring and testing things themselves. You can't test your combos among various options and certainly can't check how much damage is done using the same "firing pattern" between one setup and the next. If it only came from individual player research, it might be interesting, but its not -- it becomes handed down "lore" where anyone who tests or tries things out that are different is ridiculed and/or penalized. Just like when I wanted to explorer in ET and was told I was insane, and kicked from a clan for such heretical ideas. So what if we didn't have videos to watch and memorize? So what if no one knew what was out there? But people get very upset if they haven't seen "the video" showing them how to run a dungeon, or even -- do their rotation. How is that better? It was in rising trolls, that my questions got met with silence or derision. Can you explain how that is a better way to learn? I'm from the school that likes to read game-guides and learn tips from the game writers/developers. In this game, learning from others becomes toxic -- as others have pointed out in numerous threads -- they get trolled, or lied to, or told wrong information because people think it is funny. I don't like situations where small numbers of people hold power and lord it over others. I much prefer dynamics where such people are not allowed to hold power over others -- either by having an advanced character or pretending to have true information. At every point, look at the consequences of something being freely available or held by a few insiders. I see far more people abusing such circumstances than helping others. Acquiring such information as part of the game can not be evaluated in a vacuum, but must be seen in terms of how it affects others in the game. Is it divisive or does it bring in a sense of helping others? Anything that contributes to people holding power-over others where those holding the power use it to oppress others, needs to be seen as part of the cause of that dynamic.
  4. You said -- that the game shouldn't teach [tell] how to work your class rotation: Astara: should. A rotation is the most basic thing you need to know about your class. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hanuku: This isn't really part of the thread... If you are putting in "BASIC" info, then in the training room, it SHOULD teach you the basics of your class -- specifically your "rotations". This is my first point (not so well said, but hopefully direct enough to get what I mean across...(sigh) How to play your class is among the most basic things a character *needs* to know. This isn't meant to detract from anything else you said...but when we talk about putting in basic stuff, that has to include rotations. My, perhaps poorly constructed, analogous example has to do with a specific training exercise for FM's that has to be one of the most worthless bits of training -- as it involves synchronizing your timing to the server doing things that is worthless when you factor in lag time and the fact that you can't synchronize to a randomly changing ping-time, especially not to a sub-second resolution as displayed by lights flickering across the needed keys. So they teach you *some things*, that might be useful if it has anything to do with anything -- and adding salt to the wound -- they don't break it down to explain how you can even start to synchronize. There are tons of other things where they don't give enough info, I agree, and there are tons of places where the wording is ambiguous at best, and downright misleading at worst. When you are talking about what gems you get out of crafting, I had nearly the exact same issue in *buying* "the wrong" gems -- because I didn't get that I couldn't upgrade them. That they looked exactly the same -- didn't alert me to the fact that I couldn't use them in upgrades (which had been the sole reason I had bought them). Later, in upgrading an accessory, It said 2 things. This item gives you a 6% bonus on your bullet storm. Then later, it also said that this item enhances way of the undertaker (which in gunner class had more in common with 'shadow' vs. destruction which has more to do with 'fire'). What I didn't realize and what the text didn't say was that it ***only*** was good for enhancing powers of those following the undertaker path -- which, if I had known, would have let me know I couldn't use it!!! But that wasn't the case. While I was able, to revert that and go with something for my 'path', I was also told that it would be a one time exception, which also really annoys me -- since it was the lack of sufficient text or hints from NCSoft/West, that would have let me know it was the wrong choice for me. So its NOT just the lack of basic info (which is a serious problem) but also when they do have info, it may be misleading and NC'x' doesn't even take responsibility for the misleading text, but instead you are made to feel like it was your fault for not getting it right. Thanks! And at the end of my last note, I was commenting on how so often I feel under time pressure and constraints -- where if I don 't move fast, I lose "something", so it's rare that I feel I have the time to do full research -- compounding that problem is that info you might find from 2-3 years ago is likely dreadfully outdated. Hope I explained a bit better about what I meant.... Astara
  5. Pure White Seductress

    Yeah, i've so looked for this as well -- but like so many others, they feel a need to lock others out from some of these things, making them "permanently deficient" in the cool outfit department. :-(
  6. should. A rotation is the most basic thing you need to know about your class. There is a 'training room'[sic] that lets you learn how to press a button: "Here, notice your rm-killemdead button is on your right mouse button. Now practice pressing your rm button against your training dummy: click on right-mouse, (1), and now click again...(2)! Congratulations, here is your reward... vs. here's an advanced technique... press the buttons you see on the screen (LM-RM-LM-RM-4-LM-RM-LM-RM-shift-c). After the light goes on you have .9 seconds to follow up but only when they light up. You have a .1 second window to press each one, but only after they light up, but pushing down any button will invalidate the the whole sequence." The above never gets used again and is not part of a dungeon rotation -- even "FFXIII, Lightning returns" where you had to do something like execute a block within a 120ms window to execute a perfect block (or 150ms if you had defeated the 2nd hardest boss in the game) and got the 30ms bonus in hard-mode). Of course in FF, those were local timings, so 150ms was a real 150ms, not 150ms adjusted by your variable server RTT (RoundTripTime). Now, do you know something considered most basic to your class -- your rotation? or how each of your skills work in in combination with other classes' skills? nope. How about how when you are simpleton mode but are told your attempt to use some key happens to be same slot / key as party sheath and is killing everyone randomly, so please turn off party sheath -- which you do until next boss, where you are yelled at for not casting party sheath to save everyone, but can't reconfig now, because you are in battle. Later even with sheath on, you can't use it if you are in SIMPLE mode: Of course everyone know know that from their training time with SIMPLE mode that to cast frost sheath you have to switch into frost mode which is not possible in SIMPLE mode which is non-configurably bound to your right-mouse, thus disabling any frost mode skills. Of course with all the practice in the training room you'd know that, right? *snap*! forgot -- can't train w/actual combat options in the "training"[sic] room. If more people had trained with it, there would likely have been more call for making a SIMPLE-mode attack just a another attack key rather than a separate mode. Instead, they are caught by the mob pursuing them, killed by the flames from the forest fire on their tail or, in BnS, more likely, kicked from the group for being "afk" while they were looking up whatever it was that they needed. time pressures in this game...
  7. Talus Engineer Corps quest

    I haven't found the secret agent outfit either, and putting outfits behind a pvp wall when they were pve really is poor form. I wanted that outfit and tried so many times -- then they killed the quest and locked up the outfit away from where PvE players could get it. Um...guess they are going to release it right about the time the bloodlust outfit comes out in F10....
  8. Well, Agree and Agree -- how boring!
  9. Friend List Empty

    Update: when I got back into the game -- friends list empty again.... No wonder I have problems making friends in this game w/friends list getting zeroed every new start.
  10. Friend List Empty

    An update on this -- mine started working when 2 people asked to be friends -- I approved, but nothing happened for a while -- but that's because they weren't on -- cuz when they got on, they appeared. And here's what else I noticed. Was talking w/someone about this in chat, and they complained that they never knew when I was on because my indicators in 'friends' always indicated I was offline. So we thought I'd might try to friend him again -- and i got message that I was already friends w/him (even though he wasn't on my list since I lost the list). I told him to try unfriending me and redo it, he did -- and then he could see me, but he still wasn't on my list. so had him try again, but let me invite him this time. Was able to invite, but still couldn't see him -- but later he changed characters, and when he came in on his new character, I got message he was on line -- and checked and he was now on my list. So you might try getting someone who has you on their list to drop you, then try inviting them again, and then if it doesn't appear, have them bounce back to lobby and re-enter. I don't know if my list will still have anyone on them when I go back in (as lost connection a while ago) and couldn't relog in -- wierd... Anyway, just thought I'd update this w/my symptoms...the fact that game still thought I was friends w/somone who hd been on my list seemed significant -- i.e still there, but just not on my list...
  11. Doing 2-3X damage isn't about the gear. That was partly my point -- they can do more damage than me with the same gear. I need a higher gear level to do the same damage as many people at a lower gear level because of other factors. Almost all clans are the wrong clans because they are clans (cliques) with established rules and ways of doing things that usually don't fit everyone. Considering I haven't made it through dogboy , I have no idea what you mean I got kicked from last clan for trying to get a group to do ET w/me in first week it came out -- not because I was expecting to finish anything, but just explore and see how good/bad it was. Got message in clan chat when I was in middle of a weekly run asking if I anyone might interested in a BT -- I said yes, but not just then -- would pulse when I got out. When I did, maybe 20-30 minutes later, They said 'uh, we finished BT about 20 minutes ago and are just finishing up weeklies". Oh...well that means you're free and can come explore ET w/me. No answer.... I go on ... I suspect not, which means it's the perfect time to go check it out! response.... Then someone response that it is the latest content and much harder than even TT. (I'd heard earlier in faction chat that ET wasn't as hard because it didn't have as much party-killing mechs or something like that -- dunno). They said that I hadn't even run the VT w/them or TT at all and I wanted to do ET? -- yeah, I just wanna go check it out and see what comes up and how far we get... and what it looks like. So how bout it? Wanna go? "You've been kicked from the clan"..... Just because they hadn't been able to memorize the mechs so they could lord it over those who can't memorize...rt... I've yet to find such a beast...some said they "used to", but usually when I come in they don't have room and they want parses that I won't do because they are worthless to show how you do in the dungeon. But only clans doing TT were hardcore enough to not want to help you if you hadn't already memorized the TT mechs and had the execution down perfectly (nothing wrong with that expectation, I 'm sure!). I said above...the exact gear isn't the point -- its what I do w/it. I could have all the Celest gear, but if I only perform at a VT level, that's it (that's an extreme example, BTW), to do TT, I'd need something better to contribute on an equal level. I can show you my gear, but it won't make a difference, as you will advise me to do some other than what I can do that would work for you. Nvrtheless... I have two mains rt now -- my oldest is a gunner:á While my younger main, which I tend to play more this year was a reason for getting kicked from a clan I'd been in for 8 months. They got new leadership who didn't like me having my equipment and not being better than I was so didn't like me working on multiple characters when they felt I wasn't good enough on my first. So they said mains only, and kicked my FM, but I told them I was playing my FM more... But they wanted me on my gunner (not that they were using me in any raids) and told me it was too slow in making my choice, but I could make a choice then to quit the clan or be kicked and have a good life. Ooph. So that char is at: FM It is lame when my oldest character had been waiting for TT for over a year but kept being locked out because my DPS wasn't as good as others and especially not for my equipment. Have even had more than one accuse me of having bought my account -- just because I know how to level up, doesn't mean I an expert at memorizing or doing mechs.
  12. One issue on your response -- where do people get the idea that "bots" are filling ANYWHERE? (Note this isn't so much addressed to you as anyone who mis-uses that term). First off, an actual AI that plays the game for you (a bot), would be a huge undertaking -- and give we just went off of XIGNCODE3 (the anti cheat/anti-program) engine there is no way there would be the time or demand for an actual bot that could play BnS. Now whales -- another matter, people hanging around 'afk' (away from keyboard) -- those are common place events...but neither of those is a bot. Technically in the AI field a bot is a machine programmed to do some task because they can work 24x7 just like a machine! . More loosely defined in games is an external program that would play the game by itself to do low level tasks like farming. Given that most of the BnS world isn't build on any 'grid', even navigating -- getting a bot to walk or travel to some point would be a non-trival task. The closest thing to a bot might be something like a 'macro' -- but it would be very difficult to write a macro that has even the basic functionality of the in-game's 'simple' (I call it 'auto' or 'automatic') mode. Why?... because 'simple' mode can "access" your characters current state and the state of the surrounding environment. Have you looked what simple mode does (you can see the behaviors off of your s_K_ills page. It does things based on your status -- like if you have a buff -- do 1 thing, else if something else is going on -- do another thing. A macro can't tell when you have a buff -- it can't make "decisions" based on what's going on. So really, without the "hooks" (points where information or status can be read) that simple mode has access to and uses -- you can't have a really good "automatic" mode macro. Anyway to people in general, if you really think someone is using a 'bot' of some sort, theoretically you are supposed to report them -- though I'd more wanna get to know how they make things work -- do they use an AI 'seeing' program to navigate the world? Etc... More likely is they have some complex macros on a keyboard that a human can activate based on their knowledge of whats going on around them -- but it will be hard for them to be as good or accurate about the state of things around them as the 'simple' mode has can. Simple mode doesn't seem to do a good job for classes that require alot of manual typing skill/speed to do well. But classes that have 1 dominant attack sequence can be automated reasonably well. Really for a chance of making something useful for all classes in the game, I wish they'd let players add their own 'simple/auto' mode, then they might have something better than that which doesn't work for them. Anyway, if someone is really good about knowing what state they are in, then macros can give them an edge. But an actual 'bot'? I think this game is too complex to make development of a real bot worth it. I certainly wouldn't say it would be impossible to develop, but just that it wouldn't be easy and I would find it hard for someone to justify the development costs. And now -- back to our regularly scheduled ranting and raving! . .
  13. There is no way. They come infrequently and in small amounts, some think they get some rewards in 6's PvP, but I've seen them farming down in CB for what I know are slim pickings. The only think I've found were you could actually farm something used to be at SSP before the last equipment upgrade -- now, can't farm there, but before, I might be able to get up to 2x500 prestige points if I was lucky and turn those in for soulstone bags. But now, I'm higher level, but compared to others, I'm 6-8 months behind -- others who have stayed caught up were bragging how they spent 16K in the past 6 months bringing up a new character or two. Well beyond my limits. I got my PP off the NPC's, if you can solo the top boss there he's worth over 1000 PP's, but he's tough. Now, though it's hard to even get there with the required buffs before he's dead. Also, thre used to be 6 waves of middle bosses worth in the 100's each that were sent out -- but they are only sent out if the other sides drills are still running. And so often I come in and the other side has killed off the drills and you have to wait for over a half an hour for anything to happen again, so its gotten pretty messed up.
  14. Oh?...I got that it was for players to catch up, and since I usually need equipment 25-50% better than norm I'm very far behind. Every clan I've been in so far tells me I should be doing 2-3x the damage I do. So to catch up, I need equipment that does 2-3x what I do now. If that isn't far behind, I don't know what is. It's not the gear, its what you can do with it it. If you need high level gear to stay even with the Jones, that's what one needs, just because you don't get that doesn't invalidate it. Everything else you say is about some specific level of gear rather than where you are at with it. So until I'm at the level where I can get those items advanced and items like the blood attire as easily as others, I'm very far behind. I don't have the neck or glove, as there's no way to do those quests in a group, so they fail the accessibility test. As far as TT gear, most claim the weapon is outdone by aransu 9 until cg gets to 6, so from the start, one is behind. But I've been waiting to find some clan that isn't messed up for over a year at aransu 9. When ET came out I tried to get people to come and explore and try it out w/me, and I got kicked from the clan cuz they didn't want to do it because the videos on how to do the mechs hadn't come out yet and they didn't want to go and get killed and they thought trying a dungeon they weren't ready for was pointless. No I need to go and wait my turn doing auto-death dungeons with DPS gates I can't touch. I couldn't participate in the last event cuz I wasn't high enough, and neither in this one because I'm not low enough. Do you realize how lame that sounds?
  15. Yes it would. Because it is what many people need. Bis gear, smish gear. I don't care, I don't want to keep falling further and further behind. You are welcome to use your alternate gear you are such a fan of, but don't put your trips on others, cuz i for one don't like it. Your reasoning is pathological. Your reasons don't apply to other people so stop acting like they do.