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  1. Problem before game launches

    The ownership has been tested, game complete reinstalled, drivers tested, latest drivers installed, clean boot w/no non-ms services either, Tried it with newly created user (new user). Tried separate account, tried 32 bit tried 64-bit. The only thing that worked was trying my housemate's computer before they left for holidays. I was able to login with it through same network and win7,on my account. Somethings different about the 'dll's on their computer vs. mine (they also have win7x64 Pro vs. mine is win7x64 Ult.) and there's is slightly older hw. Everytime, xcoronahost.xem sends some xcoronahost message (says xcorona in the message) to some webserver, gets short response, then sends another message to same webserver, gets a message back and crashes). Have tried contacting Wellbia support following their instructions, but of course got nothing back from them either. Eventually support reached end of their ability to probe problems on my system. The have no escalation procedure and no way to check the game or its interaction with the servers, nor any way of contacting the xigncode for escalation either. Unfortunately, BnS technical support is limited to troubleshooting generic problems with a customer's PC, but can't escalate it or submit it to someone higher up the food chain. :-(
  2. Problem before game launches

    Have tried everything, and still am locked out of game. Locked out since 12/19 (support was unable to help). Support log of everything that was tried is at It's about 90+ pages long of back and forth email. The end result was they they had nothing more they could do. Apparently they cannot escalate problems to either NCSoft nor wellbia (since this problem is a crash in XCoronahost.xem) UPDATE---took the doc off line, as I need to figure out a way to remove all the support people's names (where's a redacted pen when you need one!) might be a while reposting doc...gotta figure out how to remove all the support names...*sigh*...going through 90 pages of googdoc is not on my front burner...
  3. Festive and Joyous Tidings.

    Why do you think they go for 899nc? With hat, they go for more like 1199 or more. I'd expect hats to be available for around 399 or more in F10. Sorry, being cynical...wasn't cynical when I started this game, seems to have crept up on me. are right... that would seem to be false advertising -- good luck getting the FTC to go after them -- they are hard enough to interest in the best of times, but when there's no $$ at stake (no, nc-coins != $$)
  4. Problem before game launches

    I get asked for login+password in launcher, but when I try to launch, the xigncode logo comes up and the start page comes up and the static start graphic (shows characters in current story eps), displays, but then xcoronahost.xem (found this out during a re-download of game) crashes. It's never getting past the game-cheat-detect code -- that just crashes. I never get to the enter-PIN page (with moving background). So how can I get a workaround, patch or fix? I reported this to support, but they seem to only know how to solve general pc-config issues -- turn off services, or other launched-on-start progs, reset networking, install latest driver (going from v416->v417 of nvidia driver). The game was working sunday morning...then had power failure in neighborhood for 5 hours...afterwards, can't get to PIN page. Nothing on computer changed from time working to later (power was off!). I even reinstalled game client -- all 10+GB of it -- no luck. If you are going to use a error-prone game-check program like xigncode it would be nice if you would support it and/or provide workarounds when it doesn't work. This isn't the same bug as the PIN page displaying a disconnect message -- as I never see the PIN page. It's been over a day since locked buggy Wellbia/xigncode. How can I get a workaround/patch? This is all filed w/support -- but they seem stumped. It IS connecting to the servers -- I can see a request sent to an amazon compute server, and when that responds back xcoronahost.xem crashes. So how I get back my game? I still have trove tix to use as well, don't they expire this week?
  5. Issues logging in. Multiple Errors

    Like the one I submitted over a day ago and ... submitted under separate subject since it's not the same error of disconnecting after pin page
  6. It does: "Proxy requirements:" "have no proxy". It doesn't work if you have to go through a proxy even though all of its connections are TCP and could be forwarded through the proxy. Having a PC is pointless unless you use it for something other than games. If one has a PC, it can be used, not only, to run graphics and video processing (have had 96G because images I was editing needed it -- 4 years ago; if I go for higher resolution ones, I might need more). But besides running video's on a 2nd screen at the same time as playing most games, the extra memory can be used for caching. If you are only thinking about playing games, why bother with a PC? You may also have multiple games running at the same time and just switch between them, since startup time on some games is too slow. So if you are saying PC's aren't likely to have 48G or more, then I'd say you probably don't need a PC. If you need a PC w/o PC features, why not just use a game console? The PC would be pointless and a waste of money.
  7. unlocking the skill isn't really part of progression. They all become available at 50 or 55. There is no progressive enabling ... its all or nothing -- none of the equip you use at higher levels is even available in the everyday dungeons. If they everyday dungeons dropped all the equipment and dropped gold like in a standard DnD type game, I doubt there would be the pacing problems that there are... (fast-slow-slow-fast-slow-slow-slow)& REPEAT... sigh...
  8. But not a good's too close to '4' and is a valuable top-row key. You already have a hand on that row+key -- better to use 5 for a longer reach key that comes after a 2, 3 or 4, like TAB for gunner or V for WL (24v,33334v), etc. the point of adding MMB, MB4, MB5...MBxx is that your mouse hand is already on the mouse. You want it to be more useful than just having 2 keys to press. One might argue that not every mouse has a 4th or more key, but on the PC, I'd say nearly ALL have a MMB. So really, the limitation comes from the game being designed for the least usable type -- a 2-button mouse. Most of the interfaces in this game are designed to slow down typing and play-ability. How many PC user complained when MS asked "are you sure"y/n" after almost every interface in Windows XP and below? It's because it is a bad interface. Instead, they added option to turn on asking, and added "undo" where they could. Like selling items or purchasing items. Why do I need to press minimum of 2 keys for a single purchase, or to open existing stock, w/more than one item, select, <move> select #, select again, or even w/1 item, select item, select retrieve, then pick yes or no. Or open item, select item, move to action, select action, move to confirm, select confirm. If it is 1 item, you can press y/n, but if it is more than 1 item, you CAN'T press y/n, but can press enter to take the default. But you can't take a default if it is only 1 item, only 'y' or 'n' will do. The only thing that is really 'undoable' are transactions between players -- because a local 'undo' would undo someone else's transaction (the person you purchased from/sold to). But any items moved from/to an npc source (store, storage, ground), either already are undoable or could be made undoable (meaning unsell item from a store, drop item on ground, or put an item back into storage). Or inconsistency of applying upgrades or some effect to an equipped item. Most of the time you have to unequip item (then why not auto-unequip?), but some upgrades, dont' require add a used SS-seg to an unused one -- need to unequip SS-seg to complete. But add unused SS-seg to existing -- don't have to unequip. Could argue that the 1st would leave you without all SS-segs equipped -- why? if a merge of 2 SS-segs results in 1 being unequipped, put the new SS-seg in the same slot. Game lacks common PC-accelerator keys because - it wasn't developed for a PC market, things like <tab> moving between fields, or control-C+control-V to copy+paste. All those things are automatic if game is developed using common PC libraries, but none were. Auto-forwarding of ports+sockets through an encrypted port (like a proxy)...all automatic using PC-libs -- wouldn't need to program for a proxy, that's handled automatically if you use the right PClibs (despite FFox having its own proxy interface cuz it was first), Opera and Google browsers just use the OS proxy settings. So does BnS for some things -- but it's schizoid -- using system settings (and automatically using proxy) for some things, but requiring direct access for others. If they used common interfaces for both, everything would work. Same for improving game performance -- if they didn't go out of their way to block performance tools & metrics, people could improve performance, but that's blocked all for PvP... fine... then require IGNCODE for PvP stuff but not for main game. In PvP where they monitor most heavily is where people have most disconnects + crashes...because of the igncode/wellbia monitoring code being more active. The game is slowest when you load new areas -- screen goes back and/or you get a static transition page and little tidbits of advice -- none of which should be necessary -- if the material was already decompressed and sitting in memory or on an SSD. The game make poor use of cpu's, graphics support, even memory!. I can play BnS for hours, and wandering around -- all those areas would be read off of disk (SSD). If they cached areas, then going back and forth between 2 areas, should involve no wait -- because it would already be uncompressed in memory. I have 96G on my computer with less than 16G used. BnS refuses to use items out of cache and wastes 80G of memory -- while prohibiting various programs from running at the same time for supposed 'security reasons' (bull). Whether they prohibit them from running or not, they should use free memory as a cache when it is available. The compressed form of the game could be stored entirely in memory (not the most efficient use), as it takes less than 40G. So anyone with over 40-50G of *free* memory could run never touching disk. Uncompressed...can't say, but I bet the movies(cutscenes) and audio take a large portion... so don't cache the movies/videos...just the statically stored material. If they want to attract the PC market -- USE the PC -- don't just deliver a console game to the PC market. People will notice the games are designed for memory-tight, slow processor, slower graphics consoles -- because they are unnecessarily slow and ill adapted to PC peripherals (kbd+mouse). At least consoles are keeping up in screen-res+size w/PC's ... though that's not true for the handheld market. I don't see portables ever including 4K displays by default...
  9. Gunners boss/mobs reset

    but press space and you are falling --- very little time to do anything. But thanks for the hint...
  10. Gunners boss/mobs reset

    I wish you could use skills from in the air. Shooting from a raised skystone is the same as shooting from a raised platform...not really in the air. But coasting from flying in, or can't use any skills. Not at all like the gunner in the story.
  11. Which ever they are, isn't the point. The only sources listed on them are battlegrounds and arenas. If they appear elsewhere in the game, they'd be listed.
  12. I've only been playing for a year and NEVER seen them drop. Over how many months?
  13. demon spirit

    you are thinking things would go up...but why not opposite. If demon spirit stones can be picked up for a penny, why wouldn't oils drop in price from 400g down to 4g?
  14. You and the next poster miss the point. You can bind mouse buttons to ??? WHAT? How do you specify in the config dialogs that 'middle mouse' button should be used for something? Or mouse-4 or mouse5? you can't. Goto the mouse config page...try to specify what activates something other than LMB or won't take the options... That's the point -- the config dialog has to allow the other inputs -- doesn't matter if you map those buttons to middle mouse button or a keypress -- if you can't enter MMB or the key in the config dialog, then you can't use it.
  15. BnS Buddy after update

    NOT TRUE!...only 50ms of a 140ms game-ping is ISP routing. I can ping the servers in 50ms. The servers add an addition 70-120ms depending on how busy they are. That means the majority of the time is spend in the server.