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  1. While they could solo the old boss, let them try soloing the new boss and its lowered rage timer. So when someone advertises YOYL, people honestly expect that one who provides loot gets both? That's lame. If YOYL or MOML the loot belongs to the one that provides a given battle, not the whole thing.
  2. Game freeze when CC bar apear in Raids/Dungeons

    BTW -- the perf problem is *all* the time -- not just in battle. It is worse then in that it tally freezes, but in the game before the maintbreak, and just diddling w/my inventory in Mushins tower, the FPS were down and I could hear crackles in the sound -- that's how bad it is -- it even causes the sound to cut-out. Also the transition times between anything were taking extra long. Really hurts playability... I also know it didn't affect everyone equally - maybe about 20% of the player base?... -l
  3. How to use lvl 60 voucher on existing character?

    Ok, I was confused by the text I receive when I first acquired the voucher in my inbox -- which said it could only be used from the character lobby. Then came instructions to press escape to see the voucher icon to the far left. Well, 1) its near the middle of my screen, but main point, its not in the character lobby, but the regular icon menu in the game. That's where pressing escape brings up all the icons including the voucher icon. So confusing / conflicting instructions but no bug...
  4. I had another character I wanted to lvl up to 60, and got the voucher but am having problem applying it to my character. I thought I was supposed to be in the pre-game lobby where I pick what char I want to go in on and press escape. Nothing happens. I can click on the voucher icon, but it just tells me that using it is non -refundable and then there is a confirm button. I press confirm and again -- nothing happens. I was told I should see some extra menu item appear in the lower left, but that's not happening. Is this another known bug?
  5. Game freeze when CC bar apear in Raids/Dungeons

    I have had these lockups too since the last patch was installed & downloaded to my client. I normally have my FPS capped at 40 as I'm more likely to get a smooth 40FPS, than I am 60FPS. I also usually get 120-140ms ping time in game. Since the patch -- in battle usually when the boss is about to do something 'intense' (cc bar might open up then to disrupt him, but I didn't notice it), then game + screen freeze for 5-75 seconds. I'm surprised I haven't died yet, but I did miss out on the rest of run -- as this time it kicked me from game toward the end of the freeze. When I came back in it asked me if I wanted to rejoin party, but only option available was "no" ("yes" was greyed out). This is making the game unplayable (or at least fighting bosses undoable). Before the freeze, I noticed my FPS dropping to as low as 4 and my ping going up over 250ms -- seems like something is building up and then a long hang. FWIW, I also have tried turning off all more complex graphics -- but no effect, if anything it's grown worse the more i've turned graphical complexity. They asked us to report any problems in this experimental code -- well here it is! And this is bad.
  6. Issues logging in. Multiple Errors

    I already reported the original symptom to support back in December -- they finally gave up and said there was nothing more they were able to do. I was shocked -- I'd never experienced a support team only qualified to troubleshoot "general" pc problem, but nothing technical related to the game. No way of escalating a problem -- no way of telling the user to download a debug client to give more information, no way of looking at network traffic to see what was being sent back and forth and what message(s) might be blocking things. I know you can do some game-specific things with provided tools, that let you restore things in the game (chars, items, etc), and deal with account related issues, but when it comes to knowledge that would overlap what a developer would have about the game and to be able to see internal workings and where something is breaking -- there seems to be no support in that area -- no ability to have an issue escalated. At first, I found evidence that one of the xign progs was crashing, but after the reinstall, that evidence wasn't reproducible -- even though the game still wouldn't connect. I had to drop out from my clan's raiding, because xign was updated in the middle of my game and didn't like a software engineering program I use regularly to troubleshoot problems. But recently I got kicked from my clan because some people didn't believe I was gone due to the game not letting me in, but something to do with only coming back recently for this latest trove. Of course when I lost access to the game in Dec, I still had over 100 game tokens on me divided between 2 characters that I lost -- was offered 1 copper each for expired content. They cost quite a bit more. I also missed several unique items and wearables while I had no access, though support did help out in once instance (for which I am very grateful!) But this clan thought I was making excuses and didn't want to hear what happened and the new leader (leader changed while I was out) finally kicked me out for trying to justify my flaky game playing -- even though I'd not been absent for the prior 13 months (when I started). After my previous posting (above) ... I had a problem with my external sound system and had to reconfigure my headphones and 'mic' to work. I ended up reinstalling the drivers and programs associated with it, and guess what... the game started working again. Now I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the drivers, since when I reinstalled the OS, that also reinstalled them, but something about the order or how things end-up in memory changes the access-behavior of the game. So now I have access again, but zero faith that I won't lose it again. Its sorta hard to get into the game and take it seriously when I know I can lose access at any time -- randomly and there is nothing support or anyone else can do about it. I was still starting to get into some -- when the new update hit. Something is very wrong, but I intend to respond under a separate subject ( ) as others are having the same problem. I just got a 1 minute+ freeze from the 1st boss in Ransacked Treasury. When I got back I had a question about rejoining my group, but could only click on 'no'. I guess they finished w/o me. On top of that I lost my awakened 3 igneous ring trying to convert it to the new material. It worked for one char w/lvl 10 of the same, but the awakened version turned it into a blue something and destroyed the ring -- no conversion. I asked for a revert this morning, but now 20 hours later, still haven't heard back from anyone. Seems like when it rains, it pours...
  7. Issues logging in. Multiple Errors

    Last week I was able to login for 1 whole week, then the MS updates came and the game won't let me to the pin page. Last week, I tried it after installing a, freeware, 3rd party font-rendering prog, to change the way your fonts render -- on the PC, to look more like what I'm told they look like on the Mac. I installed the 32 & 64-bit which both install a service to make sure newly loaded apps get the new lib. After those installed, I was able to login to BnS all last week, but after nearly a 2-month forced hiatus, I'd even forgotten rotations and didn't try much beyond my main (gunner). Said hi to a few folk, did a few dailies and weeklies. A little testing...if either one of the font services was loaded (32 or 64 bit), I was able to get to the pin-page and login. IF I stopped both of the services (providing a cleaner environment), the game wouldn't come up. Imagine that -- needing to load a 3rd-party font lib to make the game work. Then got a notice for Microsoft updates over the weekend. Nothing but security patches for an update of the remote desktop -- nothing that should affect any game. Ha. So of course, nothing I do now, lets me back into the game. It's too bad this game has no technical support -- it has general PC support, but no one who can trace the client to see why it is stopping, No one who can send a test-client so they can tell where it stops. Sadder is that NCSoft doesn't even care because it affects too few people. My life still feels incredibly empty w/o BnS -- considering how much I was in the game, its not surprising. At least I know its a game bug that they aren't interested in fixing -- dependent on whether I have other programs running in the background (not like some games that *don't* want you have things running in background, the only week this year where I could access the game was due to having such a prog memory resident. As one of the more drastic steps -- I even reinstalled Windows to reset things as an upgrade-install, which didnt help at all. Very lovely! :-( Hi all! Astara
  8. Game won't start

    Been locked out on my computer by welbia for 6 weeks now. Note -- I can login on my housemate's computer on my account -- and their computer goes out the same net-modem as mine. Why their computer works and mine does not -- no clue. Wellbia will NOT return requests for contact Support cannot debug any wellbia or game technical issues. They can only do general PC debugging -- I have over 90 pages of logs talking with them for over 3 weeks. I was told by support that there was nothing more they could do ... they can't debug xign/welbia problems or client-server problems. I even reinstalled Win7 to no effect. Also am wondering why the xign file needs a 5MB hidden data stream attached to it? Seems to keep recreating it. I wouldn't care if it worked, I wouldn't even be poking around if it worked. Does everyone have such a file attached as hidden or alternate-stream data. Looks like it reappeared again: > streams -s 'C:\prog\ncsoft' Streams v1.56 - Enumerate alternate NTFS data streams C:\prog\ncsoft\BnS\bin64\XignCode: :{4A705BBE-C39C-4059-9658-2F0F8F0A4F12}:$DATA 28 :{B6B3D3B5-E6DA-4ac3-B20B-7AD145E0AF58}:$DATA 5185536 Anyone who knows my PvP record would know I've never cheated.... This is what playing by the rules gets me? This has been very my mood keeps heading downhill. I keep hoping some patch will fix it, cuz reinstalling Win7 seem more than a little excessive. :-( I want a solution to this even if it involves a no-xign solution. Yes -- it would be more than fair, since without Xign, I might be able to play, but w/or w/o, I'l never be on a top anything list on this game.
  9. Problem before game launches

    The ownership has been tested, game complete reinstalled, drivers tested, latest drivers installed, clean boot w/no non-ms services either, Tried it with newly created user (new user). Tried separate account, tried 32 bit tried 64-bit. The only thing that worked was trying my housemate's computer before they left for holidays. I was able to login with it through same network and win7,on my account. Somethings different about the 'dll's on their computer vs. mine (they also have win7x64 Pro vs. mine is win7x64 Ult.) and there's is slightly older hw. Everytime, xcoronahost.xem sends some xcoronahost message (says xcorona in the message) to some webserver, gets short response, then sends another message to same webserver, gets a message back and crashes). Have tried contacting Wellbia support following their instructions, but of course got nothing back from them either. Eventually support reached end of their ability to probe problems on my system. The have no escalation procedure and no way to check the game or its interaction with the servers, nor any way of contacting the xigncode for escalation either. Unfortunately, BnS technical support is limited to troubleshooting generic problems with a customer's PC, but can't escalate it or submit it to someone higher up the food chain. :-(
  10. Problem before game launches

    Have tried everything, and still am locked out of game. Locked out since 12/19 (support was unable to help). Support log of everything that was tried is at It's about 90+ pages long of back and forth email. The end result was they they had nothing more they could do. Apparently they cannot escalate problems to either NCSoft nor wellbia (since this problem is a crash in XCoronahost.xem) UPDATE---took the doc off line, as I need to figure out a way to remove all the support people's names (where's a redacted pen when you need one!) might be a while reposting doc...gotta figure out how to remove all the support names...*sigh*...going through 90 pages of googdoc is not on my front burner...
  11. Festive and Joyous Tidings.

    Why do you think they go for 899nc? With hat, they go for more like 1199 or more. I'd expect hats to be available for around 399 or more in F10. Sorry, being cynical...wasn't cynical when I started this game, seems to have crept up on me. are right... that would seem to be false advertising -- good luck getting the FTC to go after them -- they are hard enough to interest in the best of times, but when there's no $$ at stake (no, nc-coins != $$)
  12. Problem before game launches

    I get asked for login+password in launcher, but when I try to launch, the xigncode logo comes up and the start page comes up and the static start graphic (shows characters in current story eps), displays, but then xcoronahost.xem (found this out during a re-download of game) crashes. It's never getting past the game-cheat-detect code -- that just crashes. I never get to the enter-PIN page (with moving background). So how can I get a workaround, patch or fix? I reported this to support, but they seem to only know how to solve general pc-config issues -- turn off services, or other launched-on-start progs, reset networking, install latest driver (going from v416->v417 of nvidia driver). The game was working sunday morning...then had power failure in neighborhood for 5 hours...afterwards, can't get to PIN page. Nothing on computer changed from time working to later (power was off!). I even reinstalled game client -- all 10+GB of it -- no luck. If you are going to use a error-prone game-check program like xigncode it would be nice if you would support it and/or provide workarounds when it doesn't work. This isn't the same bug as the PIN page displaying a disconnect message -- as I never see the PIN page. It's been over a day since locked buggy Wellbia/xigncode. How can I get a workaround/patch? This is all filed w/support -- but they seem stumped. It IS connecting to the servers -- I can see a request sent to an amazon compute server, and when that responds back xcoronahost.xem crashes. So how I get back my game? I still have trove tix to use as well, don't they expire this week?
  13. Issues logging in. Multiple Errors

    Like the one I submitted over a day ago and ... submitted under separate subject since it's not the same error of disconnecting after pin page
  14. It does: "Proxy requirements:" "have no proxy". It doesn't work if you have to go through a proxy even though all of its connections are TCP and could be forwarded through the proxy. Having a PC is pointless unless you use it for something other than games. If one has a PC, it can be used, not only, to run graphics and video processing (have had 96G because images I was editing needed it -- 4 years ago; if I go for higher resolution ones, I might need more). But besides running video's on a 2nd screen at the same time as playing most games, the extra memory can be used for caching. If you are only thinking about playing games, why bother with a PC? You may also have multiple games running at the same time and just switch between them, since startup time on some games is too slow. So if you are saying PC's aren't likely to have 48G or more, then I'd say you probably don't need a PC. If you need a PC w/o PC features, why not just use a game console? The PC would be pointless and a waste of money.
  15. unlocking the skill isn't really part of progression. They all become available at 50 or 55. There is no progressive enabling ... its all or nothing -- none of the equip you use at higher levels is even available in the everyday dungeons. If they everyday dungeons dropped all the equipment and dropped gold like in a standard DnD type game, I doubt there would be the pacing problems that there are... (fast-slow-slow-fast-slow-slow-slow)& REPEAT... sigh...