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  1. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    Just got to reading this, my bad. No one playing any class should full rely on Simple Mode, that's not its purpose. It simply does the tedious, repetitive rotations for people, but everyone still has to use other important skills alongside Simple Mode. So you're correct on Gunner, 4 > V > Tab > Simple Mode. With your ms you should be able to sometimes cast 7 Bullet Storms, which would show 35 hits in the parse, each one hits 5x. As Fire FM, Simple Mode doesn't prioritize using Dual Dragon before Inferno, so Inferno does not get the extra 15 second reduction needed to completely reset the cd. My Simple Mode is binded to RMB for me, so for me the correct way to start off would be something like LMB>RMB>2>LMB>2>1>4>X>Hold down RMB(Simple mode). The second LMB+2 gets me 5 Ember Stacks, so I can use Shock Fire for the Inferno insta-cast, then Simple Mode starts off with Dual Dragon(lowering Inferno's CD by 15 seconds), the additional Inferno cast and Blazing Wall(which also lowers Inferno CD by 15 seconds as well as resetting Dual Dragon), then it'll use Dual Dragon again, which lowers Inferno CD again allowing me to immediately cast it 2 more times. This maximizes your burst and it's how you're supposed to start every time you get a weapon reset. You want to get 1>4>X off before using Dual Dragon all the time. It can feel awkward and clunky, but get comfortable with it and you'll notice an improvement. The purpose of me using 4 in between is because often if you just try to use 1>X, the Inferno won't be instant, you have to give it a slight delay for the Shock Fire buff to actually work, but I prefer using 4 in between instead. For gunner, your opener is the same as mine, except I start with a stun for Hae Mujin, so 2>4>V>Tab, then I just hold down simple mode, during my 2nd Bullet Storm, I start spamming X and immediately after, continue holding down Simple Mode. If I'm fast enough, I can still get the 7th Bullet Storm before Tombstone is off, then immediately use my C, and continue on with Simple Mode. For gunner, you should almost never release the simple mode button. I try to line up my CDs, I don't like to use C if I don't have my badge up, so if the V is almost off CD, or I have a reset coming, I'll sometimes wait for Carpet Bomb before using Firefall.
  2. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    One tip I can give you already is to add all points to HM Focus, especially as a gunner. If you prefer Offense because you like to see higher AP, then that is your choice. But, if your goal is to have better damage, then you go with 25 points in HM Focus. The bonus for reaching the thresholds in Offense doesn't at all compare to the amount of burst you gain from HM Focus. Some just think it's 50 Boss AP for 10 seconds and they'd rather go with the static Offense + bonus, but the extra AP toward your opening burst in just about every situation will provide the greater benefit. That aside, the rest would come down to improving gameplay. Both your gunner and FM are capable of clearing even with ping on the lower end. Can you send a parse next time you attempt so I can look at your counts and see if I can help from there?
  3. too afraid to run dungeons or ask for help

    I wouldn't suggest not bothering learning mechs for any dungeon. Albeit, lower dungeons, some things are just like QoL things to know, but I still see people getting bashed for killing guards in Naryu Sanctum on boss 1. And I've had a few groups that dismantled in TSM because someone would constantly drive boss 1 into a crystal after being told what to do and what not to do. People still wipe on RT, and it is very annoying on boss 1 in ST when one clueless person is too far from the group for the sandtrap and dies while getting everyone frozen. I've even had a wipe in DD when I was unfortunate enough to get a full group of newbies/bots/leeches and was on an alt too undergeared to pretty much solo and couldn't solo CC the boss for mech damage. He healed and we hit enrage. And before anyone replies with their useless "You should be bursting before mechs" comment, obviously that doesn't always happen. Sometimes on alts, you get full groups low dps alts/newbies/bots/leeches who can't do that. And before anyone replies with their borderline useless "Find a clan or I run with friends so I don't have that problem" comment, yeah it's nice to have a clan or friends to run with. But it's stupid to assume that doing this should apply to everyone. Some have too many alts to get a familiar group to run with on every toon everyday, some are newbies and still meeting people, and some just are more reserved and play on their own a lot.
  4. too afraid to run dungeons or ask for help

    I've been in your position before. Biggest thing is to prepare yourself as much as you can by researching mechanics and looking at videos of a dungeon before going in. Then, realizing it's not as bad as you think it is to mess up, and it helps a lot to let your party know it's your 1st time and/or that you're new. People tend to be more lenient of newbies if they're made aware you're new and not just a trap. We've all been there, so don't be afraid to speak up, people get more irritated when nothing is said and they're punished for it. If you want, you can send your in-game name and I'd be fine helping you learn dungeons from time to time.
  5. GG Event

    OP is calling it easy and flaunting to be a prick, it's not really hard to see. It takes very little common sense to understand how the event works. I for one can do it easily with my gear, but probably still won't sense I couldn't care much less about the wings or title. But, I still can see why it's annoying having something so simple be gated behind a gear requirement. I'd much rather equalized stats with challenging mechanics for a reward, that way everyone can participate.
  6. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    Warden has great damage in both. They have great burst, but your sustained is still good too. You may be confident in your ability, but if you're struggling on the event where others aren't then you're lacking somewhere.
  7. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    I'm not defending the event, I'm against a dps requirement for something like this. But that aside, 1900 AP, gunners and FMs are definitely capable of doing this fight with relative ease. Yes, gunner is a bursty class with obviously lower sustained, but the fight isn't be so long and mech-heavy that your sustained should be falling that low with the kind of gear you should have at 1900 AP and honestly they should probably be doing 900k+ sustained anyway. I'm assuming you have high ms, need to work on your rotations, or you need to work on timing things against the boss. I.e. for gunner if you aren't using Bullet Storm 6 times with every Tombstone you're probably not timing things well. And I know majority of FM's I come across aren't playing optimally. Either they aren't using simple mode, or if they are, they aren't utilizing fused badge if they have it. They'll cast Dual Dragon before Inferno all the time. Regardless, unless it's your connection or a physical limitation, you should have room for improvement to beat it and I'd be fine helping out if that's the case.
  8. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    Entertain me, what is your opener + rotation? Stage 4 itself gives nothing, just unlocks other things for you to buy.
  9. Sunfire Outfit Selection Chest

    Well that's unfortunate, a couple of the older outfits were the ones I wanted, but RNG isn't for me. Thanks for the reply though.
  10. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    I have opened hundreds of MSP boxes. I've taken note of my rates of all mats per box several times. I always got 56% to 63% of the Moonstone Crystals I spent on keys back after opening. 50 of each box, 50 Stage 4, 50 Stage 5, and 50 Stage 6 would cost 50+50+100 Moonstone Crystals. Out of that many boxes, I received 126 Moonstone Crystals. I've tested this out over hundreds of box openings and looking at other's results online and the results are typically similar. Sacred Orbs at the cost of 3:1 did give me a slightly less return rate compared to Moonstones, typically staying closer to the 55% rate. I.e. I had 36 Stage 4 boxes and 38 Stage 5 and 6 boxes which would cost 450 Sacred Orbs, and I received 248 Sacred Orbs back which is 55%. Do note though, you get Sacred Crystals as well, and you're less likely to need to buy as many extra for upgrading gear, crafting or transmuting anything with Sacred Orbs as you would for Moonstones. That said, with Moonstone Crystals as the cost, even if I didn't, in your sense of the word, lose MS Crystals, the amount you gain isn't nearly enough to upgrade/craft/transmute anything. Last time I farmed a decent amount, I ended with around 400 Elysians, thousands of Sacred Orbs+Crystals, thousands of Soulstone Crystals(not as many as Sacreds though), and 70 Moonstone Crystals. So I would end up having to buy Moonstones for 6-7g each. Just because I didn't directly spend gold on Moonstones to buy the keys, spending my supply of MS Crstyals on keys is the reason I needed to buy them, so no, it is not free, that is a dumb and flawed logic. In the end, I am more or less paying for almost all of the Moonstone Crystals I had to spend on keys. That said, some simple math and Sacred Orbs should be the better option for most players. The price shouldn't sky rocket as much as some people are exaggerating, because it's limited by the value of the mats you get back. So no, Sacred Orbs will not raise to some ridiculous price because there would be no market to sustain that kind of price. I for one didn't like the Moonstone Crystal cost, and neither did my friends. One of them went so far as to say with the change to Sacred Orbs, they felt it's pretty much free now because they had thousands sitting in their inventory. Although, I did quickly disagree with that, because once those are gone, his Sacred Orb supply isn't gonna replenish itself nearly fast enough to keep up with the need for keys, just like my Moonstone Crystal supply didn't replenish itself fast enough currently for me. But Sacreds still are the lesser poison as far as I can tell.
  11. Waited with a couple friends for 30 minutes and nothing.
  12. Are the outfits/ chests from RNG boxes normally not available from the Dragon Express?
  13. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    It's not that I missed the part, I just failed to understand. I didn't think any one would compare the sum of all Moonstone Crystals they gained for the week to what they lost in MSP and look at the net outcome as what they gained for the week, in the way that you did. Let me make sure I have this correct, and please don't mind my figurative numbers, they're just for example. So let's say Monday you have 0 Moonstone Crystals, and by the weekend you're up to 300. You do your MSP, spend the 300 MS Crystals on keys and you get back 130 MS Crystals. Now overall, for the week, you still gained 130 Moonstone Crystals, plus a ton of all other materials. Is that what you meant? Also, currently Moonstones are often on the higher end 6-7g and sometimes more. Add the 50 silver and it's a clear nerf in to the price in that sense. And that is if Sacred Orbs do rise to 2g, I doubt it'll go that high, but maybe close. As someone who needs many Moonstone Crystals, and my friends and some clannies agree, I equate the price of Moonstone Crystals to raw Moonstones because I need them.
  14. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    You do lose Moonstone Crystals from farming MSP, unless you didn't do many runs and stockpiled keys from the week, but I'm not referring to the "free" keys. If you spend 200 Moonstones Crystals to open 50 of each Stage 4, Stage 5, and Stage 6 boxes. You will not get the 200 Moonstone Crystals you spent on keys back, you will get at best maybe 130 back. So if you end up with 70 less Moonstone Crystals than you started with, you are losing them, not gaining a small amount. I do agree with giving us options rather than substitutes to appeal to different players. Moonstones for those who enjoy PvP and have a surplus, Sacred Orbs for those who don't. Sacred Orb prices already plummeted, when was the last time Sacred Orbs were so close, and now actually sometimes lower than Soulstones? Compared to Elysian and Moonstone Crystals, Sacred Orbs have no good use or sink, this balances things out more than anything. You can get Sacred Orbs from just about every relevant dynamic quest and material box. Someone who doesn't PvP can ask the same question about Moonstone Crystals. Any additional you need, well as you said, F5 prices may be affected by the change, but stop complaining as if it's an abnormally bad thing, it's not. It's balancing because Sacred Orb prices only fell this low(emphasis on fell because 70 silver was not their normal price for long) ) because they had no good use so most people were building up literally thousands and had nothing to do with them. So the rest that you need, you can simply buy and it'll still be worth while for MSP. The amount of Sacred Orbs, Elysian Orbs and Evolved Stones you get back will definitely outweigh the cost of having to buy some Sacred orbs. Whether it's a bad choice or not is your opinion, and I disagree. Even if the price increases, the ratio of Sacred Orbs you get back is about the same as it is with current Moonstone Crystals, except orbs are much more easily obtainable. There aren't enough people doing 6s to justify all the need for Moonstones in my opinion so some alleviation and moving the cost elsewhere is good for me. I've only been around a couple years, taking some breaks here in there, but I've been back for a few months now and never saw oils at 100-150g. They went from 220g before the nerf and new heart/soul stages then went to 300-320g. Prices for oils are always high, to me it's not often when prices are at 220g, so that wouldn't be my expectation, just like I wouldn't expect Sacred Orbs to maintain the price of 70s when they used to be 2 gold.
  15. Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

    This complaint makes no sense to me, seems like one of those posts that's whining just to whine. How do you get 300 extra Moonstone Crystals every weekend easier than you could get 900 Sacred Orbs? I get the argument of processed vs unprocessed, but an abundance of Sacred Orbs has nothing to do with trove because trove hardly offers any, you get more Moonstones if anything. They want keys to have a cost, not be free, so if I have to pay, this is the better option. Sacred Orbs are given out like candy from almost every dynamic and solo instance. Now you can use your Sacred Crystals like normal, and save orbs for MSP, while actually gaining instead of losing Moonstone Crystals from farming MSP, which is the most complained about resource.