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  1. Archer class, but w/o Yun?!

    There have been things we got that were changed or rather "adjusted" for NA side, but anything not already developed most likely wouldn't be added for us. And it's been said before this thread was made that Archer would be for Yun/Jin, and Lyn would probably come a couple months later to get some Race Change sells.
  2. Jumping off ship, my final words.

    I started about 2 years ago too, my experience was a bit different though. I didn't really struggle to keep up per se, I could if I focused on one character. But, that's not what I enjoy doing in the game. I enjoy having fun playing and mastering multiple classes. I liked outperforming people with significantly less gear, especially on my alts. But, it doesn't work out well anymore. I took them all to Aransu 3 eventually because I got tired of getting kicked even though I could run everything, even BC with Raven 6 and have competent dps. Then I learned, even with Aransu 3, I'd still get kicked from most groups simply because my HM levels were too low to bother gear checking. Anyway, on my alts, which I spend a great deal of time playing, I didn't rush upgrading their weapons. I focused on accessories like getting True Hongmoon Heart and the Hellion Bracelet, so I could focus on my main more. With what I had, my damage was on par with that of the average person I ran into with Aransu 9 on every single on of my alts by the time just using Raven 6 > Aransu 3 depending on the class/spec. Now though, with MSP 1-6 becoming such a huge deal, it went from my favorite thing(the 1st 2 weeks of double loot weekends) to just demoralizing for me. When I was able to easily make my own groups or sometimes slip into A6 or A9+ groups, there were very few where I couldn't make the meters. Every single one of my alts out dps half of people with Aransu 9. But, now that many people know how lucrative MSP is, it is dishearteningly hard to find groups anymore. People want nothing more than Aransu 9, how well you play and accessories are irrelevant. I used to disdain people I saw with high stage weapons and neglected accessories, and always paid attention to all gear, not just the weapon, and even if someone used HM Focus or just all Offense. But now I'm seeing with the way the community is, even though you can actually play better with gearing up smartly, no one will accept you, you're better off rushing Aransu 9 as fast as possible and using whatever you can for a high AP just to be able to get into groups. Unless of course you have enough friends and/or a good enough clan. It sucks, but I still look at gear and have plenty of screenshots of people in my groups, for example 2 wardens. One Warden had Aransu 9, and trash accessories, the other one had Aransu 3, and good accessories(not TT). The Aransu 9 had 437k dps, the Aransu 3 had 1.09m dps, but guess what? The Aransu 3 is not getting into any MSP 1-6 groups, but that Aransu 9 one would have an easy time getting in. It's not a big deal to some, obviously just look at the community. But for someone like me who plays a lot of alts, and actually plays efficiently, I would have to sacrifice a lot to get them all to Aransu 9 and neglect things that would matter much more. And soon that requirement is gonna be higher.
  3. Ok yeah 1 stage above not so much, doesn't make much sense to stop there knowing you won't be able to reseal for a long time. With the new patch coming, I can say it's more forgiving, True Tiger/Dragon is easier to reach, and True Cosmic won't be as much of an issue anymore. But considering that the lower stages are becoming more outdated, in my opinion it would be within reason for a soul to be account bound until Awakened Cosmic 5. With the way it was though, upgrading the soul was nothing like your accessories or weapon. Being screwed if you went above True Cosmic at all and the 10 stages from True Ascending to True Cosmic took time for people who relied on oils from events. It wouldn't have been unreasonable to ask for there to be more flexibility in moving it to a new main or something. Flavor of the month? No, if you played a character and spent a couple months making your way from True Ascending to Awakened Cosmic 5, you're screwed, too long to revert, and that soul would have been stuck on that toon for a while until you could get True Cosmic to seal and send over. Albeit, nerfs helped, but it still was like 66 oils or something. It'll be a repeat of the same issue for people who were progressing to True Tiger for a while and decided to change classes.
  4. It's always extremes with you, isn't it? OP reasonably said "1 stage above" means he's screwed, and for some reason it seems you got the impression that he's asking for every stage to be account bound with a 1 copper fee to mail.
  5. I play Lightning BD, but I shouldn't have to go against a Spirit BM until I can play the 3rd BD spec. Ban those specs because it's not fair for my spec to go against a third spec. BM/KFM are overpowered classes, giving them a 3rd spec will just make them more overpowered.
  6. Playerbase

    It's relatively small, decreasing and the worst community I've been in of all the MMO's I've ever played. I don't mean it's the worst, just the worst that I've experienced. That said, I still play, don't see myself quitting although I do need to take a break from time to time.
  7. Question: Should I?

    PvP or F5, otherwise make a ton of alts and do the daily challenge everyday and save up slowly over time. If you don't like to play alts, then tough luck there's no other source. Almost forgot, you can try the Trial Arena in Mushin's Tower. It's not much and once per character for each season.
  8. New Cosmetic Vouchers

    Rather than all these low effort cash and grabs, why not add more cosmetic options at a reasonable cost?
  9. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. 99% of the game is at a point where any exp you gained by farming that dungeon at a low level is irrelevant. But, even so, let's say you're Lv20 where the xp makes a temporary difference, everything except your skills is gated behind quest lines. The inconvenience of not having a 2nd chance to complete a limited time, event daily quest far outweighs some petty Lv20 reaching Lv22 too fast and having 0.2% more xp toward HM17 a month from now.
  10. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    What dungeon does not have a dynamic quest? The only time a reward entitles a lock is if it's something that needs a moderated supply. I.e. event currency, which the dungeon itself does not provide.
  11. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    And why is it necessary or useful to lock the event dungeon in the 1st place?
  12. Where does it say coalitions aren't allowed? Not that I'm for it, I've only done Shackled Isles once, a few days after it came out, then never again. But, looking at how the game is run, I wouldn't expect much in terms of enforcing a No Teaming Policy.
  13. Made a post before since it took two weeks to fix last time. Not sure if it's lack of feedback or just really took over a week to fix, but again we can't quickly search for items the normal way we used to. The only way that works is to use exact search for most items, but items with long names or special characters have to be searched by category and found by going through pages of every item in that category. Aside from that, aren't we overdo for a marketplace cap increase? Listing a maximum of 15 items at this point of the game is just so low, it's ridiculous. At the very least, double it to 30 for premium and 15-20 for F2P.
  14. 30-Day Premium Gift

    If it's your wife, then you could just buy it on her account instead of gifting in-game. As for giveaways, you could buy game keys for NC Coin instead of gifting 30 day premium memberships.
  15. On the contrary, maybe they realized the top PvPer's have no reason to spend money on this game as they can do it with any gear. Then for Battlegrounds and 6s, whales will spend to dominate no matter what really, so again no reason to put effort into changing it. They've probably paid someone to do the math and decided it's worth aiming at the people who spend hundreds or thousands(The people doing 500+ keys/RNG boxes on day 1 and still spending more later) rather than trying to cater to majority of players spending $10-50 a month, because many will still do at least that much.