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  1. Give us 5 Ebon Realm Remnant pls :)

    First of all, I'm not sure how long it takes to get those 250 blooms. The drop rate is kinda bad. Also, it is really-really hard to find a small spot on this big map. Or I'm just unlucky. :D I'm doing it in the mean time, and I just hope that no1 will kill me while I'm tabbed down. :) With a better drop rate or lower required amount it would be so much enjoyable. And people who want the good stuff from this area (eg. obsidian) could farm more just like now. I just want the stage 3 chest. :( :D Also, I'm not complaining, sorry if I made that impression. I'm just hoping/asking.
  2. I'm stuck at stage 2 and the event is almost ended. :( IIRC you were able to get 5 free ebon realm remnants. Unfortunately I couldn't get mine (irl things), and I don't really understand why they removed it. That area is just a waste of time and requiring it at stage 3 makes no sense.
  3. Cowards devs/staff

    Actually, the vial wouldn't be that much of a problem imo. Why? - you might ask. You need crystals for actually everything. A lot. By reducing the number of required crystals while increasing the oils count could be an advantage - since you use oil mostly for soul and 9->10 upgrade (I know that you need them for endgame but ssssh :D) Imo the actual problem is that this event really sucks. Previously, you could easily get 10-20 vials from an event with casual playstyle. Now, (as a f2p non-premium player) the weekly gives you 12 hearts, 1 from login reward and 3 from daily challenge for a total of 40 hearts per 1 week (7 days). One single vial costs 83 hearts, so you need 2+ weeks for a single oil. This is insane.
  4. Soul cost adjustments?

    Any reply from NC team?
  5. Make the badge exchange valuable

    Exactly! However, sins can exchange their badges, but barely any class uses any old (non-pink) badge imo. Of course there are exceptions as always.
  6. - Put the pink badge fuses to the list - Allow us to exchange mystic badges as well In my opinion, the exchange in the current status is basically... non-existent
  7. Could you please provide an excel sheet just like before? :)
  8. f5 marketplace graph bug

    bump, it's still not working...
  9. Revert Trial Arena AI

    First of all, thanks for your intelligent comment. :) Aynway, there is difference between "more difficult" and "impossible" - ofc it can be done with high(er) gear, so it's not literally impossible... but if you don't have x million DPS to burst them down, you can't really kill them. And not because they have too much HP and/or dmg, it's because the reasons I mentioned above.
  10. This is insane. Before the patch I could EASILY kill stage10. Now I barely kill stage9, because the AI uses skills that does not even exist or impossible (eg. blocking while running around). But most importantly, they have 0 cd. Literally. A FM grabbed me 4 times in a row. Not kidding. 4 times. Grab -> push -> grab -> push -> etc., froze himself 3 times in a row and so on. Could you please make Trial Arena and ToI fair? I know that it wasn't fair before but now it's insane.
  11. Just another useless patch. And this is 4th anniversary...
  12. Are you kidding, right? It's way too expensive with 33% success rate. It should either be 100% chance or 1/10 of the current materials. I don't think that anyone will use this option. You fooled us again. Is this 4th anniversary at all? This patch looks like a punishment for us instead of rewarding your players. Do you know what you should do? Give us free, useful stuffs, temporary cheaper crafting, etc. But at least don't make our life harder. This game is full of bugs, the community is cancer, and the publisher and developers don't give a single cricket about the game. Shame on you :(
  13. New gems, ouch!?

    It's already high... 35+g on EU market. Even the triangular gems are hard to get for a F2P player. I remember when the powder price was 8g and the daily income was 150+g. Now the powder price is 4x and the daily income is half of the old one.
  14. Just reinstalled the game today, and now the marketplace, profile (F2) is broken as hell. See the picture below https://imgur.com/Fbb9PAn
  15. Cleave should hit multiple targets

    We do, but it's still pointless that cleave hits only 1 target. It's CLEAVE anyway, by definition it should hit more than 1 target at a time :P