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  1. KFM Titan stance

    Tried to be close enough to the target? :) All of your screenshots shows that you're farther away than 3 meters. It does not say that you have to be in 3 meters, but you have to. Also, it seems that some of your skills are disabled, try to re-enable all of them.
  2. In the character selection screen I reordered my characters and locked the changes. Then I logged in to one of my characters, then went back to the selection screen and the character order is reset. It starts to be frustrating.
  3. Minor change to simple mode (Earth)

    I didn't say that it's hard, but if you do it manually (smashing your mouse buttons), your fingers can get hurt. Anyway, there are classes that have almost perfect rotation with simple mode (eg. wind kfm)
  4. 3rd spec and accessories

    They gave us some official information: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-master-kung-fu-master-third-class-specialization/
  5. 3rd spec and accessories

    Thanks! However, the current event is all about the accessories. Will the event currencies (especially dragonflame jewels) be available after the event ends? If not, then doing the event with a BM who can't reach stage10 on any accessory is almost pointless.
  6. Hi, I know it's 2 more weeks, but is there any information about existing accessories and the new 3rd spec for BM and KFM? It would be nice if we could exchange our related accessories (bracelet, ring, earring, badges) for free at any stage.
  7. Nerf ToI + Trial Arena

    I get your points and you might be right. However, farming tokens should not be so gear-related. You probably know that a single badge can be a difference between heaven and hell for some classes, eg. Assassin with Glory badge (I know that it can be bought, it's just an example). Changing the trial reward would be an option as well, where the lower stages give you the tokens while you can get the delicious materials and other things from higher stages. I agree that not all of the content in bns should be cleared with no gear, I just ask for "less cheating" :D These bots are using skills that do not even exist. For your last point: it sould not be tradeable just account-bound as I stated in my original post. Yea, currently I'm doing this method, it gives you 8 fragments or 0.8 token. However, getting 40 tokens with this method requires 50 ToI runs. That's not too bad but oh god... :D
  8. It doesn't make any sense at all that trial mobs cannot be killed (ofc they can be killed with proper gear, but not every character in the game is geared enough). BMs are blocking while running (without any animation), WLs have perma block, BDs and KFMs have 0 cd, etc-etc. You can find a lot of complainment about trial of arena, you should consider making some changes, NC. Since the seasons are way too long and there is no other way to obtain tokens, it really should be easier. Or at least make the tokens account bound from the beginning of the season. Not tradeable, just account bound. I simply don't need the purple badge any of my other characters, but my destro is pretty low geared, I cannot beat stage8-10 (depending on the class). ToI gives you 8 fragments at max (if you can kill floor 65+). That is something, but not so good (you might need 70+ ToI runs to get a single badge...) Btw, is there any point that the tokens are not accound bound from the beginning?
  9. So currently the simple mode is pretty ...well... simple: Wrath [onhit]> Cleave [oncrit]> Mighty Cleave (and its awk variants) However the Cleave and Mighty Cleave is on the same GCD so it feels clunky. An extra Wrath before the Mighty Cleave would be really helpful, like this: Wrath [onhit]> Cleave [oncrit]> Wrath [onhit/onuse]> Mighty Cleave Unfortunately - as far as I understand -, the combo cannot be edited by the client, so it must be a server-side change.
  10. Cleave should hit multiple targets

    +1 make this happen :)
  11. Tower of Memory lockout

    Yea, remove the daily lockout or put there an NPC where we could pick up the quest. I always forget it lol
  12. The worst thing is that they didn't even post any reply.
  13. 2 Bugs on Blademasters

    +1, these need to be fixed Also, it happens more and more often that you're dropped from draw stance, no matter what you do. This is especially annoying when you've just used your tab... you hold down your rmb like normal but you're not in draw stance anymore.
  14. Actually, with VT gear + glory badge + good rotation you can maintain the Wind Shear buff. There are 2 types of rotation for wind imo: - 4 > x > v > 4 > [rb lb f] spam until v goes off > wait for just a little bit then repeat - 4 > x > v > [rb lb f] spam until V almost goes off > 4 > x > [rb lb f] > 4 > v > ... The Wind Shear buff is dropped for the duration of [ 4 > X ] but you can cancel most of the animations. I played with fire kfm before the patch, but I enjoy the "Wind" kfm. I found out that for me it was harder to maintain the volcano buff. And if you don't want to hurt your finger, you can use simple mode too. Not that good if you would do it manually, but it is actually pretty good.