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  1. Revert Trial Arena AI

    First of all, thanks for your intelligent comment. :) Aynway, there is difference between "more difficult" and "impossible" - ofc it can be done with high(er) gear, so it's not literally impossible... but if you don't have x million DPS to burst them down, you can't really kill them. And not because they have too much HP and/or dmg, it's because the reasons I mentioned above.
  2. This is insane. Before the patch I could EASILY kill stage10. Now I barely kill stage9, because the AI uses skills that does not even exist or impossible (eg. blocking while running around). But most importantly, they have 0 cd. Literally. A FM grabbed me 4 times in a row. Not kidding. 4 times. Grab -> push -> grab -> push -> etc., froze himself 3 times in a row and so on. Could you please make Trial Arena and ToI fair? I know that it wasn't fair before but now it's insane.
  3. Just another useless patch. And this is 4th anniversary...
  4. Are you kidding, right? It's way too expensive with 33% success rate. It should either be 100% chance or 1/10 of the current materials. I don't think that anyone will use this option. You fooled us again. Is this 4th anniversary at all? This patch looks like a punishment for us instead of rewarding your players. Do you know what you should do? Give us free, useful stuffs, temporary cheaper crafting, etc. But at least don't make our life harder. This game is full of bugs, the community is cancer, and the publisher and developers don't give a single cricket about the game. Shame on you :(
  5. New gems, ouch!?

    It's already high... 35+g on EU market. Even the triangular gems are hard to get for a F2P player. I remember when the powder price was 8g and the daily income was 150+g. Now the powder price is 4x and the daily income is half of the old one.
  6. Just reinstalled the game today, and now the marketplace, profile (F2) is broken as hell. See the picture below https://imgur.com/Fbb9PAn
  7. Cleave should hit multiple targets

    We do, but it's still pointless that cleave hits only 1 target. It's CLEAVE anyway, by definition it should hit more than 1 target at a time :P
  8. The latest "patch notes" is not different than the previous ones... half of the real information is missing. Please consider writing proper patch notes including ALL of the changes! Even the tiny ones. :)
  9. Easy mode. Really?

    Currently, the easy mode has the same mech as the hard mode. Previously in normal mode the bosses done only 2 mech phases, now in easy mode we have 3. And the additional mech elements (from hard mode) are added as well (eg. HH 1st boss flying balls). The only difference is the HP and the attack markers. And all this for half of the rewards. Pretty unfriendly for a new player - I also stopped playing for a while and cannot really catch up. Related topic: Also please take a look at the known issues thread: Still, it's kinda sad that it seems they even tested it...
  10. User interface & chat settings.

    Update / possible solution! Deleted the client config file (found in the c:\Users\<username>\Documents\BnS\NCWEST\ folder), logged in to a character (it's not enough to just start the game, select a character as well) and pressed reset settings (on the options panel). It was a bit of work to set up everything again but it seems like it solved the issue.
  11. User interface & chat settings.

    I even deleted 2 of my chat tabs and after a character change, everything is reset... It is really frustrating and I'm now thinkin on leaving this game because of this. I've already tried to contact the support team, but as you can tell, they couldn't help me at all.
  12. User interface & chat settings.

    Same here, and it's even worse now. :(
  13. KFM Titan stance

    Tried to be close enough to the target? :) All of your screenshots shows that you're farther away than 3 meters. It does not say that you have to be in 3 meters, but you have to. Also, it seems that some of your skills are disabled, try to re-enable all of them.
  14. In the character selection screen I reordered my characters and locked the changes. Then I logged in to one of my characters, then went back to the selection screen and the character order is reset. It starts to be frustrating.
  15. Minor change to simple mode (Earth)

    I didn't say that it's hard, but if you do it manually (smashing your mouse buttons), your fingers can get hurt. Anyway, there are classes that have almost perfect rotation with simple mode (eg. wind kfm)