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  1. Just a suggestion. Besides that a lot of thing in the game is not account-bound for literally no reason (think about PTS/TS crystals, for example), making the brilliant sealing charm fragments account-bound would be really useful. I'd love to have some on one of my characters. I have 9 (iirc) fragments dangling on my old character, back from 2-3 years, but those are useless in this way.
  2. Yea, any response would be appreciated. Also, restarting the game is not so easy. After a disconnect, most of the time, it starts with this error (after the NC + UE logo). I have to restart it multiple times...
  3. After the NC and UE4 logo, I get an error message: "Disconnected from the server. SystemErr - (3000 : Account Login Failure) NetworkErr - (132) WSALastErr - (0) Then the game closes. I don't know what fixes is, I try it over and over again, and after a while it lets me in.
  4. A small note: In the Unity Store, for 1 vial you need 40 unity tokens. You can get 3 each day if you compelete 7 daily challenges. That's 21 tokens / week / character. To max it out, you need 120 tokens which means you have to complete 7 dailies with 6 characters each day.
  5. Ahh, found the issue! It's the Archaic soul badge :) Haven't bothered changing it yet. Somehow it overwrites/shadows the other buffs, that's why I couldn't use my Z or F skills. Kinda strange.
  6. @Amarathiel Thanks, it seems that only my bd is cursed then :D 1) Gonna make a video about it, it doesn't seem to be a common problem 2) The Dark Bargain buff lasts 6 seconds after the thrall disappears, doesn't it? Even if I stand still in F12, summon the thrall, get some marks, then let it expire / distmiss it, it seems to be "random" for me when I can use the Funeral Pyre :(
  7. There are two main issues with the 3rd spec bd's skills: 1) After using Slasher (while the thrall is summoned), the Dark Binding skill disappears from the skill bar, cannot control the thrall anymore. 2) Funeral Pyre activation seems to be random - when I manually dismiss the thrall 90% of the time I can use the skill (F), however, when it disappears automatically because its time ends, it's about 30-40%. Is anyone else having these issues? Is there another dependency for these skills that are not properly listed? Eg. you need a minimum amount of d
  8. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/grim-tidings-events-preview/ It's time to update these 3rd spec starter gear packs. I mean... you can get better gear just by playing the story. With these items you can't run any dungeon tbh. I don't say that you should give everyone maxed gear, but a little upgrade would be nice. These items are so outdated, that actually makes no sense to even get this pack from F10.
  9. Will it ever happen? Or should I drop these items? :(
  10. As the title says... I don't see the point why they are not account bound while every other crystals are. :)
  11. First of all, I'm not sure how long it takes to get those 250 blooms. The drop rate is kinda bad. Also, it is really-really hard to find a small spot on this big map. Or I'm just unlucky. :D I'm doing it in the mean time, and I just hope that no1 will kill me while I'm tabbed down. :) With a better drop rate or lower required amount it would be so much enjoyable. And people who want the good stuff from this area (eg. obsidian) could farm more just like now. I just want the stage 3 chest. :( :D Also, I'm not complaining, sorry if I made that impression.
  12. I'm stuck at stage 2 and the event is almost ended. :( IIRC you were able to get 5 free ebon realm remnants. Unfortunately I couldn't get mine (irl things), and I don't really understand why they removed it. That area is just a waste of time and requiring it at stage 3 makes no sense.
  13. Actually, the vial wouldn't be that much of a problem imo. Why? - you might ask. You need crystals for actually everything. A lot. By reducing the number of required crystals while increasing the oils count could be an advantage - since you use oil mostly for soul and 9->10 upgrade (I know that you need them for endgame but ssssh :D) Imo the actual problem is that this event really sucks. Previously, you could easily get 10-20 vials from an event with casual playstyle. Now, (as a f2p non-premium player) the weekly gives you 12 hearts, 1 from login reward and 3 from daily challen
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