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  1. This is one of the wind kfm's passive skill. It says that you get the buff for 3 seconds on a resist. Only about 1 out of 10 times I get the buff. Managed to make a video showing that the buff is not applied at the first time I resist, but it is applied at the second time.
  2. 7 pages and still no reply from any NC member. Are you serious? Just let us exchange the old items to the new ones and that's all. Don't sh*t on our face. This is the worst (game) company I've ever interacted with.
  3. At least I can get sunsparks... :)
  4. 1) Scourge / Soul Power says that: "Creates 1 additional Spectral Orb on a hit" - it does not work 2) When using the Simple mode the V skills during Quell (1) disapper (both in Distortion and Scourge) 3) Lots of wrong names are mentioned here or there... eg. the Divinity/Tiger bracelet mentions the "Imprison" skill, but there isn't any skill called like that
  5. HQ bug bomb

    Unfortunately I was not able to record a video since I'm having FPS issues at HQ anyway. But as the others said it happens after a KD. When the bomb was in the game before, the process was something like this: - KD - HQ wakup anim - drive - hourglass - infest And this was the point when one of the people in the middle got a timed bomb - side note: if there was a force master at mid, it got the bomb like 100% of the time. I've found a random video about this process (from a FM "bomber" pov): We've also tried to apply the same strategy but it seems that none of us were "marked", none of us got a bomb (oh, and forgot to mention that I'm playing with a FM), but people randomly died despite the fact where they were standing. Thank you for your quick reply tho, appreciate it.
  6. HQ bug bomb

    Hi, So we've just tried to kill HQ but people randomly died. We figured out that it's the same problem than it was before - the so called bug bomb. The bomb was invisible and unpredictable. Could you please fix it again? Oh, and the spiders are so bad like this... but that's not a bug just a bad feature... :D
  7. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    Please heck no! The reduced PTS requirements for VT neck are nice, but... 780 soulstones just to upgrade one BT accessory to stage 10?! At least don't ask for more elysians. The overall cost is increased this way! We get -50g and -20 moonstone / stage but also get +260 soulstone +20 sacred crystals +10 elysians / stage At least remove the PTS requirement or change it to TS so it won't be a huge wall to newer players. Anyway, you'll break the market this way. The amount of required soulstones is insane even now without this rebalance. With the current 0.5g price on the EU market that's a lot of gold.
  8. Warden Dragon bracelet

    Can you please AT LEAST confirm that it's just a visual bug? More than 2 weeks and there's still no reply from NC.
  9. Warden Dragon bracelet

    Any news NC? If it's just a visual bug then it's not that a big deal, but please make sure the stats are applied correctly.
  10. Low DPS

    Thanks, this makes sense. I was also thinking about using Q/Q to reduce the cd and since WD does not need too much iframe in PvE (because of his Blade Ward) it might be an acceptable way to do it. However, in your rotation the Q is not ready to use after 1 full rotation, so: (RMB/RMB >) F > 2x Q > 2x F > LMB > 5x F > 2x Q > LMB > F > and here, Q is on cooldown since we've just used it, so we have to Sonic Strike first, to reduce the Q's cooldown. My "best rotation" was (RMB/LMB >) F > 5x (or more since Sagewood) F > 3x RMB > LMB > 2x (or more) F > repeat, but that 3x RMB is slow, as you've mentioned it.
  11. Low DPS

    Hi there, I'm asking you to share your results and ideas, you might be able to help me. I'm a fairly experienced bns player, played with basically every class but now I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. So currently I'm playing with a frost warden, bought all of the draken accessories (and a sagewood badge because I had spare glory tokens). Here is my character profile: https://next.bnstree.com/character/eu/Elliosa The DPS: - F12 Moyun without SB: 70-72k - F20 Yunsang: 46-50k (I think I forgot to SB lol) - dungeons with low mech rate: 60-70k This seems pretty low for me. My rotation might be bad, but I also tested it with simple mode with similar results. I use V and 4 on cooldown, spamming F whenever possible. Compared to my (old, forgotten and) low geared BM with basically the same accessories/stats and a Raven 1 weapon, my BM deals 95k sustained DPS and 120k burst DPS on F12 Moyun: https://next.bnstree.com/character/eu/Derenys Could you please share your DPS results and/or rotation, maybe with a video or something. I'm lost :( (I know, I know, l2p :D)
  12. Frost single target skills

    Thanks for your opinions. I'm trying to get used to the frost build (while also testing lightning as well) and you're right. Later on the lack of AoE is not that a huge problem at all. Also, the HP cost of skills isn't that bad, most of the loss can be compensated by HP regen and HP drain. If you go really low, you can press 1 LMB that heals at least 15% of your HP.
  13. Frost single target skills

    I'm wondering if there's ever gonna be a change about the Frost Warden's RMB and F. Now the frost warden is basically single target with only a few skills that deal AoE dmg (the other F and 4). It would be nice if they could change the two main skills to deal a small AoE dmg (e.g. 3m near the target) similar to the Frost SF's RMB/F.
  14. Agreed, there should be at least an official notification or something from the NC. Not to mention the loss of upgrade tokens because I can't even stay online. I gave up for today.