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  1. That's a difference answer, in your previous you said moonstones are for PvP, which is false, moonstones are needed for other stuff aswell.
  2. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    1900 AP and you can't? I deal 1.4-1.9kk depending on how perfect I play it, Are you sure you are 1900 AP ? And what gear you're having? Can you link your F2 ?
  3. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    PVP. That's the problem.
  4. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    ^Just that, boss has like 180 milion hp and you have 3 minutes, so its 1kk / sec needed, try to learn properly your class/rotation, you're a warden, boosted class with tons of damage, should be able to do it.
  5. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    It makes sense, my ET raid cleared today thanks to everybody (or almost everybody) having one of this weapon equiped. So its not for plebs with low gear, its aimed for geared that people that don't have the maximum gear and can't clear ET.
  6. Evolved Stones

    only 1 page of evolveds in EU, and everybody with the ET raid is hurrying to upgrade his soul and heart, so you guys at ncsoft have big brains, make a reduction on both items, introduce new tiers on both of them, you know the demand is going to get high, specially when the newest added content requires said items to be upgraded as much as possible in order to clear it, yet the supply remains the same. If it is as planned so people can spend on rng boxes, trove and all the sort of pay 2 skip grind / pay 2 win / call it your name, don't count with me on it. Thanks for ruining the game economy yet again.
  7. We need...

    Loading screens, that load the loading screens, because the game doesn't have enough loading screens, great design.
  8. False, moonstones are not pvp resource, you need them to craft transformation stones, which are needed aswell for your soul and heart, amongst other recipes that are also pve related and can only be done with moonstones.
  9. Send a ticket to support and see if they can revert the situtation for you, because you need to know 2 things about this pouches 1.- Gem you get is not HONGMOON, meaning you won't be able to upgrade it 2.- There is RNG and you can get different stats than AP. So if I were you, I would send a ticket to support and not say anything about defense, just that you didn't see the gem isn't hongmoon and that you spent irl money to gather materials and gold to craft it thinking that you would get the real thing. Maybe if you are lucky they will undo the process and you recover your stuff.
  10. Question about the new event

    I see your point, however, if you read carefully at the event, there is no event for TT accessories, it is for Skybreak accs and dunno what else but basically low gear, and if I recall correctly this gear doesn't even ask for a single PTS when you breakthrough.
  11. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Perhaps I missunderstood 3 years ago when I bought my Master Pack there was 3-4 french server, 3-4 german server and the rest (my starting server was called Windrest) were EU servers. By your logic then, Eu server means people from portugal, spain, france, italy, poland, etc etc etc all together in a server and all speaking their national language and make the chat crazy. See my point? Why do you think you're different? I get your point, you're 47 and even put efford into learning, and your friend 67 year old he also got his rights to play in this and any other server, even if he can only say hello thank you tyfp, I completely understand, but you people also have to understand, how disrespectful is when someone in a foreign language starts to talk in a public chat. Is it that hard to understand English being the international language? Above said a lot of really stupid stuff, superior because I talk english? No, just educated, don't get it wrong. Common sense not demanding to have order? You played in ch/ru and had no issues, fantastic, bring hundreds of them to that server and tell them to start flooding their chats with something that looks like satanic language for the chinese people and then see what happens. Back to Merlin, look, whenever I'm on the street and the moroccan guys start to speak arabic I find it 2000% disrespectful they do that in front of me, and they do this and the feeling is like being displaced or like they have not too many good intentions, why would they speak arabic when I am there and I can't understand it? nothing good they're talking is what I think. Looking for a german raid? Fantastic, no problem, I'm not saying you can't LFP. I am talking about faction/zone chat being flooded with many languages, this is the point I think you are missing here, we have people in this server from everywhere. I never saw Swedish or Finnish talking their language in faction chat, never ever. Only certain cultures do that and its all because of an education matter, chinese for example when we had them at level 45 (they were a plague in our server btw and played market the most) they flooded the /say chat using pin-pin language which is some kind of simplified chinese, at least they didn't flood the faction or general, then we have spanish people who also do flood chats and some polish,french and germans, however nordics rarely do this. Do you have an idea why this happens? I guess it has something to do with culture and education, if you are educated in a way where is clearly offensive for the others to talk foreign languages you avoid doing it, if you are educated in a way where your language is the only one and the others has to respect it, then you think you are right doing what you do. And sorry for repeating myself with the moroccans but it is very disrespectful, being with them talking and suddenly they start talking in a language you don't know, and make you feel like if you weren't there or having any rights to take part of the conversation, same would happen to you if you were raiding with your german friends and someone start talking in any other language, would be disrespectful, honestly. Anyway starting on your point 1 and sorry for being like jumping without order, why in first place did you choose to play in german server? Why wouldn't you choose the EU one? Also about the server, as I said there was a group of french servers, a group of german, and a group of EU, where it is supposed by most players language is going to be english, and that's how's been till today and still is being like this today, thankfully. Servers by time did merge, french with french till only Naksun was left (Naksun was originally one of the french servers) and same case with Eisenherz, Jinsoyun was born later if I recall correctly as the original server names for the EU servers were places, like mine Windrest and don't remember other names but thing is if there was like 10 servers it ended with 2 and finally merged into Jinsoyun, I wasn't there because I stopped the game for 2 years, but I know for sure how it started. I could write 100 lines more but really I cba anymore, for me and as a matter of respect to the rest of the players I never wrote in faction chat Spanish, never and will never do and if I see a spanish guy asking help in faction chat I'm going to whisper him instead of annoying the rest of the server, that's my point and hope you understand.
  12. Question about the new event

    Because point is if you transmute it, that's the cost, and you're trying to defend the aberration of an idea "you have the chance to do it" ????? Would you transmute in your efford to being the laziest player ever knowing it costs you more than just upgrading via the usual way without even doing the event? Come on, try to put some sense to it.
  13. Question about the new event

    Grimoir, dude, we know NCsoft pays you to be 12 hours a day replying to all kind of threats and trying to discredit them, but please, don't be so obvious.... You are trying to defend with cape and sword what is undefendable. The event has a point, give tokens to use them to upgrade your gear, said tokens reduce your gearing upgrade cost. The moment you can pay for this tokenwith your materials making the upgrade more expensive than if you wouldn't use the token itself.... makes it an scam, and one of the worse events ever btw. Who in his sane mind is going to craft one of these ? Let's see price for a polished scale as an example; 185 ss x 0.4s = 74g 130 sc = 120g 55 msc = 330g 35 ec = 140g Total 664 gold in materials, plus add to it the transmutation gold fee if there's any. And let's not talk about the Dragon token because its even more materials and top it up with a PTS which is gonna make the cost go over 1k gold. It is absurd no matter how you look at it, even if you are giving the players the option to do this, no one normal person would do it, only someone who throw 2000€ to the screen per month and is ultra lazy to farm anything would just buy the materials and transmute the tokens, and no this is not a positive thing, because said players do take away the materials from the marketplace -at any cost because they don't have any issues with getting gold- and the ones who really struggle to get it have to see marketplace prices increased and suffer the consequences of their unlimited greed and lazyness.
  14. What about the necklace? I am a blade dancer. All classes except BD and Destro can stay with the Ma'o neck, I upgraded VT neck when it was 1200 moonstone crystals and 12 PTS, farmed my butt for it, then I did same with Ma'o and BC to get new neck and new glove, now ET comes out and I am forced to change my necklace because new one is better for my class while the others in my raid can sit and watch how do I spend tons of mats and gold while they don't have to. Its unfair too. Forward mine too, I know if I salvage my VT neck for example and get a crux I will get a reduction in materials, but still its savage that I have to spend almost 400 moonstone crystals for it on top of the other required mats when I already spent 1200 on my VT neck and around another 400 on Ma'o neck and so on. And yes my class also benefits from pink badge so I have to spend 5 grace stones 100 moonstone crystals, gold, farm ToI for liberty tokens, buy glorious tokens.... Completely unfair compared to other class that doesn't need any of this two. EDIT : PS I will skip the grindfest but it had a cost to me, I had to buy 800 moonstones which costed me 4000 gold, hard earned doing day by day dungeons and raids, just to be on the safe side and be prepared for this patch, because I have to upgrade weapon, heart, badge, neck... And the only help/reduction from NCsoft is for the heart which I am missing 2 stages only, so, yeah, great, I'm going to save probably 20 moonstones ? and what? 1 vial? 2? 3 at most?. Great work.
  15. Now when server are merged...

    Remove the windstriding cooldown, problem solved. You're having the loading screens in F8 anyway, in fact you have more loading screens. Get in F8 -> 1 loading screen -> recruit party and press the enter button -> loading screen -> go through the portal to enter dungeon -> another loading screen. Then to go next dungeon : Exit through portal -> 1 loading screen -> send party back to lobby -> 1 loading screen -> select new dungeon and press enter -> loading screen,go through portal -> loading screen. That's 4 screens for changing dungeon. Via openworld you would be having 2 only. (1 to teleport and 1 to enter dungeon) If you would press F8 while in open world and a LFP menu would show up and I just apply to a party or create a new one so people can join me, I would save loading screens and whenever the typical jerk of the group leaves after dying 1 time I can just press F8 put my message "5/6 boss ready" and somebody would come faster than having to ask whole party to go back to the dungeon portal, send them to lobby and recuit again blablabla, plus not being in F8 could even make it easier for the developers to save the character's position inside the dungeon so in case you dc, you just log in back and you are already inside the dungeon wherever you were before disconnecting, saving again loading screens.