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  1. I asked a good gunner, top3 in CM and he said Legacy. Other options are Limitless or EON. Hope it helps you more than these 2 trolls above me.
  2. Europe server crash

    We got kicked from it and now stuck at char selection with message "Connecting..." that last longs forever.
  3. In other games if you queue with ppl that are way higher than you, you get a matchmade game where you play against all ppl that are higher than you. making it a hard game, on top of it you get less reward/points. Guess the OP point is really valid in this case, people exploiting the system for fast benefit shouldn't be like this.
  4. Disable aircombos in pve

    Relevant content Naryu Foundry nowadays, yes
  5. Disable aircombos in pve

    There was no dungeon where you did air the boss, troll. <-- pretty sure all classes can do this. Yes that's another solution with same result, good suggestion.
  6. Disable aircombos in pve

    They have no other purpose than annoying the melee players, yet 4 years the game is running and people can't disable they're F skill which takes 3 seconds to do it. You can't fight human stupidity but you can limit what they can do, can't you? Hopefully the devs do cap it to pvp.
  7. Wintrading players in rankings and no one cares

    No they don't care, but if you AFK during an event dungeon such as the yeti one and someone reports you, you'll get sued for it (happened to me one time that I went toilet)
  8. All this is not an issue, cash shop is working as intended. Try opening a thread where you complain you can't pay with CC.
  9. Skip them, they have no value, not worth the time.
  10. UE4 isn't the holy grail of the videogame, its just a visual update. bugs with classes or networking are a separate area of the game and has nothing to do with the game engine.
  11. Outfits in f10

    Hongmoon Master Scroll, Sacred Vial, Pet pod, Gem powder, Ascension stones... That's what the F10 needs, thank you
  12. Who said I don't use F9? I have permanent 15k gold on sale that it doesn't ever sell. Why do you think you have the absolute truth and know everyone when you clearly by your statements have no idea on anything you're talking. To start with your very first message on this thread you first thing mention was HR gold inflation, so there you go why I mention HR. The problem with the gold as I said in previous answer is that you can buy it for 4€ 1k gold, meanwhile with NCsoft method you have to spend 5€ to get 400ncoin = 400 gold so its almost 3x more expensive, they're not going to devaluate their NCoin value neither they are going to do anything to help you get your hmcoin because you're not of their interest, they don't care about f2p, they only care for spenders, get over it.
  13. 1 NA is very similar to EU, in fact your market is better, Sacred oils here are 750g already, in NA they're still 600g. 2 Then it means you can farm the event if you have the gear and the right friendships 3 The purpose of F9 is for players to spend their Ncoin to gain gold from f2p, making an npc that just buys the gold cuts off the few players buying it already, not going to happen 4 Abolish F9 has nothing to do with hmcoin, you can get those tokens in other different ways, like season rewards, spinning the wheel or some boxes that give one from time to time.
  14. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about, just in my circle of friends / guild members there's like 4-5 of them spending every month from 40 to 120€ to get gold, obviously they don't do it from F9 because they get it 3x cheaper with other methods. EDIT : point by point, 1st) HR wasn't really crowded by whales the way you understand them as whales, it was crowded with geared players, most of them f2p, aka smart players, then there was a portion of pay2win ppl but they were not the majority. 2nd) Whales do not lose their time in doing an event, they just throw a lot of money everytime there's a decent deal in f10 and that's it 3rd) The NPC buying gold is the most stupid idea I've ever heard, no offense but that doesn't help. 4th) Abolish HMCoin is another stupid idea, they make this so f2p has something with really low chance and amount but at least has something, instead of your idea I'd rather say abolish F9 and make every item in shop to be tradable via marketplace, this way spenders do compete to sell cheaper instead of f2p (majority of users) competing to see who devaluates the gold faster. At this point it can't go under 1:1 anymore but still 1k gold is 3.5-4.5€ on a player to player transaction and that's the issue here, in other MMO you can buy gold too but there's a culture of buying stuff in shop and sell it on market to make fast gold and safe, that's what we're lacking in this game.
  15. Producer’s Letter – February 2020 Update

    The very momentI saw an interview to one of those professional players back in 2015 when the game was about to launch and he was saying stuff like "blade and soul was the first game that gave me freedom" I know what was going on. All this MMO companies are all the same, they trap you in here for hours to get a really small reward. So either you spend too much of your time or you pay, that's how it is. They're not going to change the economic model at this point, it will be possible to release continously awesome cosmetics to replace the material selling but that requires efford by their side and they are not going to risk doing it because this actual model works for them.