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  1. Really? 8 hour and a half of maintenance?

    Many say you are undercover NC employee, can you answer how do you know what they are doing while maintenance?
  2. Really? 8 hour and a half of maintenance?

    Expect they will finish later than they said, always when there is big patch they delay the maintenance because they f*ck everything
  3. Really? 8 hour and a half of maintenance?

    But Grimoir.... 8 hours and a half.... with some preparation (test server) and experience (8 years in Korea + almost 4 in Europe) seriously, 8 hours and a half.... who cares its night time in NA, only Europe losing its prime time, we have bigger playerbase than NA and more active users, but again, who cares.
  4. Marketplace ( problem)

    @Cyan Better fix the prices to everything related to vials and crafting, thank you so much.
  5. Blade Dancer, Thundering Blade path, GC9 vs TB3

    @SilentOneHe asked for GC9 VS TB3, so I don't see where the PvE path matches his question. @dnguye999 I am at TB4 and come from GC9 like you, since I got the weapon I am happier, stacks happen as fast as GC9 or even better (GC weapon is not too good at stacks as it was Aransu9, honestly) and for the damage... well Yes its a DPS increase this time.
  6. Is the technician under cannabis or did you hire a turtle to do the job?
  7. That's a difference answer, in your previous you said moonstones are for PvP, which is false, moonstones are needed for other stuff aswell.
  8. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    1900 AP and you can't? I deal 1.4-1.9kk depending on how perfect I play it, Are you sure you are 1900 AP ? And what gear you're having? Can you link your F2 ?
  9. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    PVP. That's the problem.
  10. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    ^Just that, boss has like 180 milion hp and you have 3 minutes, so its 1kk / sec needed, try to learn properly your class/rotation, you're a warden, boosted class with tons of damage, should be able to do it.
  11. Are you deliberately trolling with these events?

    It makes sense, my ET raid cleared today thanks to everybody (or almost everybody) having one of this weapon equiped. So its not for plebs with low gear, its aimed for geared that people that don't have the maximum gear and can't clear ET.
  12. Evolved Stones

    only 1 page of evolveds in EU, and everybody with the ET raid is hurrying to upgrade his soul and heart, so you guys at ncsoft have big brains, make a reduction on both items, introduce new tiers on both of them, you know the demand is going to get high, specially when the newest added content requires said items to be upgraded as much as possible in order to clear it, yet the supply remains the same. If it is as planned so people can spend on rng boxes, trove and all the sort of pay 2 skip grind / pay 2 win / call it your name, don't count with me on it. Thanks for ruining the game economy yet again.
  13. We need...

    Loading screens, that load the loading screens, because the game doesn't have enough loading screens, great design.
  14. False, moonstones are not pvp resource, you need them to craft transformation stones, which are needed aswell for your soul and heart, amongst other recipes that are also pve related and can only be done with moonstones.
  15. Send a ticket to support and see if they can revert the situtation for you, because you need to know 2 things about this pouches 1.- Gem you get is not HONGMOON, meaning you won't be able to upgrade it 2.- There is RNG and you can get different stats than AP. So if I were you, I would send a ticket to support and not say anything about defense, just that you didn't see the gem isn't hongmoon and that you spent irl money to gather materials and gold to craft it thinking that you would get the real thing. Maybe if you are lucky they will undo the process and you recover your stuff.