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  1. Bladedancers new V Skill

    Hi there, I was also trying doing parse in F12 moyun and I was like wtf this new skill does no damage. I guess middle spec is best as X generate 2 stack and C 1 meaning you don't need to use V which is slow. Hope they fix this next patch, and no I was not using any festive visual skill.
  2. EU Or US most players?

    No official stats, however you can check and there you see how many accounts and clans have each region and judge by yourself. In numbers Europe look bigger.
  3. Producer switch good or bad ?

    All the events are copy/paste from Korea, as well as the game progression, Jonathan can only announce it on stream and try to sound like everything is exciting, that's all, meaning its not his fault the developers made crap events that none enjoy, like this hongsil thing going on right now, firing a gun braindead for 6 minutes just to consume your time, making in some runs people to afk and generating conflict because while half the players wish to do it for their gear progression the others are fed and want to afk or ain't worth their time. So whatever... new producer was not necessarilly needed and I hope if he has some power to chose how to direct this game and rebalance the payment users vs the f2p ones doesn't incline the balance towards the ones who spend a lot of money, that's all I wish.
  4. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Swrve is an external company, I might spend but don't want to share it with a company that sells my data. The only ones who know who spend and who doesn't is the company itself, still no argument on that 50$ milion profit, I don't think 0.22% of the player base make ncsoft earn 50 milion dolar, for me sounds more like microtransaction from ppl who buy some rng boxes for 5$ or a costume, pet, etc that make the massive amount of money, whales are just disgusting p2w users, a different model is possible, its just not that much profitable. Look at it this way, in the 80's and 90's you used to buy entertainment software and it came in many different kind of supports such as casette for commodore, msx and other personal pcs, to disks, cartridges (for consoles like nintendo, sega etc) then cd-rom for PC, playstation, etc, then DVD-Rom. There is a cost in developing the game, there is a cost in distributing, there is a cost in doing hundred thousand copys of the game and all those company do also pay the lights and the bills, can you explain me how a game that is digitally distributed can be more expensive please? There is no distribution chain, and lets talk FACTS, systems that originally were made in Japan, didn't land USA or Europe after years later because and only because they needed to find a strategy for distribution, and systems made in the USA or Europe didn't reach the other regions after years for the same reason, how can today internet that interconnects the whole world in one have a distribution problem? Only translation, but hey, said videogames when you buy them they come in multiple languages. Still even with this model of distribution and monetization NCSoft does 50 milion dolar, how can you even say 0.22% of the player base are responible for that revenue, has no real sense my friend, what they have to do is to stop being that greedy and make the game more playable and enjoyable for their player base and that will actually give people a reason to spend on it. Someone here mentioned Tera, the elins and the maid costumes, and its a true story, elins and the maid costume saved that game, but the true fact is with a monthly subscription and few spenses to maintain the game, its absolutely enough money made to keep the game running, pay salaries and earn profit, so its not a money problem its a GREED problem and a cultural problem in our modern world where companys want to grow and grow and grow to the infinite for what reason? If at least they would invest that money into fixing all the game bugs we player base been complaining since forever, but no, instead they invest I+D into how to create new necessity to playerbase and milk them more money, that's the actual truth.
  5. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Last year balance for NCSoft was a net profit of over 50 milion USD. That's something you can check yourself on the internet and true data, however your 2% of paying over 98 f2p who will never spend looks delusional to me, most of ppl I play with they pay for the month sub to the game, then there's also a portion of players who spend from time to time in boxes or troves, and then there is a minority that I know myself that spend absolutely 0 into the game. Maybe a lot of players spend 0 because they start the game play it couple weeks, realize how hard is to get to max level, gear up etc and they just give up, but don't think this is a 98%. In other words a different model is possible, thing is that its not as profitable as actual model with $50 milion of profit, But I am sure it is possible and would made playerbase happier.
  6. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    I don't care for what you have or you lack, I care for a better game model where everybody can gear up and get rewarded enough by playing the game without to enslave themselves or throw large amounts of money to catch up. I don't think its that hard to understand.
  7. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Whale spotted. How many NCoin you throw to game? XD. BTW, are you sure materials are limited? I think I can buy as much trove keys / rngboxes as my credit card can ? The thing here is go and see how much gold / materials you'll need just for maxing weapon, then do same with every other item, gems, etc, then you see some ppl they just have it from day1 with their wallet, well, its dusgusting honestly, if it wouldn't be like this they probably can't make money out of the game because why are you going to try to have a decent art department that continuously releases new outfits and other creative stuff to sell it for a good amount of NCoins, or why are you going to have a developer team that continuously creates content for the game to make the player in a competitive environment where gearing is not needed when you can just use this lazy model based on endless grinding that can be accelerated or even skipped throwing to the game some hundreds or thousands of dolars, just why? We love this game for their combat system ,dungeons etc but most players dislike the model in which you have to invest an stupid amount of time and money to gear up, and there are better models out there, maybe not so profitable for the company but overall sustainable enough to make both sides happy

    Just stop crying, get into a guild and ask for help. Try to queue the dungeons you need, specially if they are in the daily challenge, you will get carried one way or another, but coming forum QQ my gear is low and none want to help me it will just make you more frustrated, that's all.
  9. Yes they will give you the option to spend hundreds of mony to get nothing good from trove and that's all.
  10. I think this will change when we get the awakened skills patch, since there will be no more class specific elemental damage, just flat elemental damage (the same we have flat AP, but with element) so basically obsidian on that patch should be just 1 type for all classes.
  11. So are you just ignoring this?

    Whale spotted. No, not discriminate, make the arena start at same time for both players by just changing quest zone to be direct in arena or either put the quests in journal, or give them automatic (like dynamic quests) but don't make player load just after the countdown finish because its unfair for the person that has slower setup no matter how you look at it.
  12. Dungeons mechanics revert?

    No, you got it wrong, in patch notes they stated they were removing intentionally some mechanics from dungeons to make them easier. So in fact they were removed in purpose, looks more like they added them back by mistake.
  13. Dungeons mechanics revert?

    Some patches ago you guys took away some mechanics like rukesh instakill or bubbles from DD, now all of this are back and it shouldn't be intentional, seems like you guys copy/paste the korean patch with just translations and its been almost a month since this was messed up, can we know if team is working on a solution? Don't know if I can expect you guys are working into fixing it or not, but it would be nice to be more transparent with community since its been some weeks already, at least tell us if its going to get fixed or not.
  14. There is a better way to do this, during previous event in zaiwei ruins you could farm those 44 hammers you needed. Also you will unlock randomly slots while upgrading your weapon.
  15. Like the post title suggests, any guide or explainatory video of the new solo dungeon?