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  1. Hello, Like the name of thread say I am a little lost in this game. When I come back it take me a while to open all stages of chest, it was pain because like new player you can do ...nothing and you are often kicked from party and this event is only for veterans or donators - top dungs giving you 50 balls while low dungs 10 so do not say it is not. But it was doable and I had some goal. Now I do not know what to do because items missing any description - this is really terible and frustrating. I can not find any help even when I used google. For example I loo
  2. Well I leaving the game mostly because of this . Right now it is even worse P2W than before if is it even possible. And when they took off my long term farm...no reason stay in game. This game have at least for me greatest combat system, but it is not enough. Anyway I can not even imagine how can new player join into game :) But for all which like this changes, I wish only the best.
  3. Well I returned after 1/2 year and what I see is terrible P2W. No reason play if you are not prepare to pay too much. So I also leaving, is better play another game for example unnamed game where you paying few euro per month. BTW P2W mean: significant advantage for those who pay over those who playing for free In BnS even when you will be play 24h/day you will not be able to got enough. For example how long it takes to get Dyad Gilded Square ? If you say P2W is only when you can buy items which F2P players can not, think about it. It is like in real life you can
  4. Well I played since release to now, and I must say dark is harder even now. It is mostly because light have much better mobility. Dps is almost same but for example light have boost evasion so when you fail you have great chance to do not take dmg, also when you fail and boss kick you out of stealth, you are in stealth with one button. Shadow need charge to boss and get out of stealth in most cases(tab have long CD). When you do block you have stealth but shadow need to leave it. Here is need same ani-cancel like light (even your rotation need ani-cancel for shadow) etc. Yes for newbie should
  5. Hello, Please make loot at raids same way like in dungeons. It mean none Master loot but bid war like in dungs. It will be more fair and it will stop trolls from selling runs. Also in each raid will be at least one more spot for players which need go this content. Still clan runs will be without changes because people which know each other have their loot order.
  6. Yes sorry bro...my fault...it cost 15g...here is true! If you want you can look in game for weapon path... BTW with clan lvl 15 and premium it cost 9g 75silver so expensive really. Crystals cost 0gold 0silver you do not need use orbs so you do not need golds for orbs you just need to be able drop them and you really are now...they did one of best patch...now you can play and droping so many crystals...you do not need golds for nothing. Transformation you can craft again 60g per 35. PTS craft 15g. Empyrean spirit stones cra
  7. Well I must ask you why do you lie? For raven you need only 150g at worst without clan. Where did you take 1500g? You miss one 0? Or you are lazy to play game and taking mats? Even on low gear you can do daily... Drake+CB+pleb dung or so... Ez and fast and you take a lot of mats. Do not talk about mats price when you can so easy farm them now you do not need golds when you are able to farm mats. So stop cry and go play. Time which you spend on forum you could spend in game.
  8. Hello, Please when shall in our NA/EU BnS added combined gems?
  9. Well you have two options first is buy it from players and second leave this game like many of others. NCSOFT don't care about players like we can see on raids or bg...this problem was in many and many thread since BT and they never did anything with it...we still don't have any raid finder or something like it also in dung isn't any players filter. And after year and half still none different in BG, not even clan bg.
  10. Hi, Please could anyone tell me when will be another discount on number of needed sacred oils for soul I want upg it now but like I know ncsoft they will make it cheaper after one week. Thanks for advice.
  11. Well true is this game dying...and probably it will end like MxM from NCsoft. I think it's because approach of NCSOFT to players. They even don't response on forum and when you talk with support in same case they will give you what you want and in else in exactly same case they send you into ****. So you need a lot if you anythink want from support etc. In game you don't have much opportunity to enjoy world it is aim only on gathering gear because it is all in this game. And even if you will make good gear you will know you can't go raids because there isn't any raid finder or something l
  12. First at all assassins don't have any kind of stealth, because you are able to see him 100% of time. If you aren't total **** you can easy see him and hit him, not like for example in wow where you just don't see him. But on other hand I don't know why you want remove spin from BD. Better if they lost one of their Imunne, but even with it BD is just fine. In this time sin is the hardest class for PvP doesn't matter if in 1v1 / 3v3 or just BG and BD is easiest but true is you can play every class and if you are good you will win. I think for BG are best class: Gunner > WL >
  13. Hi, Please advice me how is possible to find group for VT raid I really don't know if it is possible. You need gear? It is nonsense bacause of in dungs is only trash and even BT gear isn't enough...I am 1 080 ap 1700 shadow Sin dmg and still none raid want me. You need clan? How I can join any good clan if they have only 80 places for closest friends and their alts (claps for clan wars reward). You need search for raid? Where? I don't know any single player which using F7 it is terrible made. Just none true raid finder even dungeon finder now isn't gear required. F8 also n
  14. Hi please give a option to change BT/VT accessory if they reach stage 10 to another element. I played until now shadow assassin, but because NCSOFT boosting only lightning and dark have much less dmg so I want play lightning but upgrade again BT/VT accessory is so expensive for do it again.
  15. I spend so much time and money in this game try to do my gear better but this? Like ITA said riftwalk is cheaper and different is 3500g...it is ok. BUT THIS? even none raven king soul, none weapon need, and material cost is lower then 2,2k for raven 6. THIS IS NOT A NERF!! With this rate i want back all my resource i used for raven... because now it cost only: I WANT BACK MY RESOURCE!!!
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