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  1. Whelp, looks like Imma be making a RP clan then. Already have a group of friends playing that RP.
  2. That's a good question; I do all sorts of rp, so like in-game or text rp, etc. I was just curious if it was even a thing anyone did here or not.
  3. Essentially what the title says; I have little faith, but anyone rp while they play or whatever on here? Just curious. Cheers.
  4. Damn, the Opportunity Cost. If they went about this a different way, they'd be having much more success.
  5. Done that twice. Nothing. Any other suggestions? We have submitted a ticket...we'll say what they say I guess. Edit: don't know what we did, but it finally worked.
  6. Hello. I know this thread is mildly old, but my fiancee is having this same issue. Every time we try to install the game, it says "Cannot find file" or something along those lines. We have uninstalled and reinstalled 3x, disabled firewall and antivirus, restarted the laptop entirely, even installed updates, etc. What else can we do to fix this issue? We're so lost.
  7. I have yet to actually find one, but that may also be simply because I've been drowning in art homework for college. If any openings still, my in-game name is Inaunis.
  8. Will do! Will be in around...2 hours?
  9. Yo, I'm new and could use some friends. I'm a lonely loser out there in the world of BnS.
  10. So for those that genuinely enjoy this game should just suddenly start hating this game 'cuz you do? This lacks so much logic. I get that this is an opinion, as everyone is allowed to having one of course, but... Why was this even posted? It's literally just whining; what is this going to achieve? I mean, vent all you want, I guess? But perhaps I'm ignorant, because I'm 100% new to this game and have been playing for like...what...a week(ish)? But hey, I'm enjoying this game so far. It's mostly a stress relief for me, though. And
  11. Hi there, so I'm currently looking to join a clan and all that good stuff. Like, friendly and not so elitist; is this such a clan? If any open positions, that is. I am new to the game, and I'd love to have someone teach me a few things if possible. Also, ya know, making friends is a plus.
  12. Hello! I'm interested. I may be in game later on today, but I'll be sending an invite. :) I've been looking for just some simple players just wanting to have fun in this game. Seems I've found mah peoples.
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