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  1. there are only limitations to vials etc. Which is fine cuz people with 10 alts whatever can't abuse it.
  2. agree, we need a new UI 100% And we need to hurry the bananas up with UE4, i'm getting frustrated not being able to do raids properly with this pre 10 fps.
  3. Quality work from our developers, what can I say XD We got used to it by now, this game is dying
  4. mushin felt fps wise a bit better, but the game is still running horribly. we need the devs to fix this issue with opening/closing windows, hovering over items/dungeons/etc which drops our fps alot. The UI is one of the biggest problems performance wise. Hiding the right quest/map side with "." even increases fps slightly. The UI is one of the biggest culprit in performance. I don't know if that is due to the localization method used or the implementation of the UI into the game. I'd focus on that first and go from there if I was working on optimizations @ NC.
  5. it's almost like you didn't notice it didn't do anything :)
  6. they also managed to make 5+ people in my clan quit the game including myself. Byebye NCsoft, go fix your attitude towards EU & your way of making events and we'll be back.
  7. Exactly, i don't see the point of it either. And the game did not get optimized in any way also. I just shut down the game out of frustration, i'm on the verge of uninstalling and looking for a different MMO. All the months of hard work for nothing but i'm not enjoying the game anymore to be totally honest. It feels like a chore now, and no matter how much we complain as a community. It just falls into deaf ears @ ncsoft.
  8. I'll keep this very short. Stage 4, most of us need that fleeting sword weapon to make it. BUT, you need to clear stage 4.... 10 times before you can even get it? Is this some kinda joke?
  9. make it 60 seconds instead so i can waste the time of those scum that bid in my MOML parties
  10. @Baskerville Any update yet from the team regarding this matter?
  11. their excuse would be "we want to give endgame players a challenge" like they did previously. Hope they make all stages available for everyone
  12. Please stop wasting resources on new content & focus on solving our fps issues. Kind Regards, The entire BnS community
  13. Guys please do not deviate from the topic. It's about performance issues not network issues. A better network, being closer to the server, using new cables whatever WILL NOT change your framerates.
  14. Thanks for your input buddy appreciate it, But we are talking about performance not network related issues here. I mean offcourse there will be a difference between a potato pc & a high-end system. But it still doesn't make the game run as it should. Did some testing over several days with a few discord people. Range from old 3rd 4th gen cpu's till the newest i9 9900k OC'd @ 5ghz. Everyone is experiencing issues, it's not system related. It's the game client, that's why we are asking NCWest to do something.
  15. Totally agree, it's like NA/EU has no dev team. This has been ongoing for years now, but they always give empty promises or ignore the problem. Or when they finally reply it's • "We need to check this & confirm if it's indeed a problem or the cause of the issue" <== never hear anything back • "We're sorry that you are experiencing problems with your game, did you try repairing the client?" ..... BRUH It's always the same story, i'm surprised actually so many players put up with it for so long. A game company should be able to take criticism & act upon it to ensure thei
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