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  1. The fight turns into a screenshot, it takes 10 minutes for the game to fix itself or you can try again in 3 hours.
  2. Pathing to oldman cho is broken.
  3. Have you seen how expensive it is to send mail to yourself?
  4. People with 3k ap stop commenting, this thread is not for you.
  5. I'm scared to windwalk anywhere, high chance i get teleported to the desktop.
  6. When WoW updated character models there was the option to toggle them on or off to the old style, maybe the same option will be available here.
  7. Even on potato settings ue4 should still look somewhat decent and you get better framerate in f8.
  8. Hopefully they are removing the bottom three tiers of gear.
  9. How about subscribe for 50k a day, sorry for necro.
  10. Actual shoes, like a pair of yunwas trainers? or a pair of shoes on your character that you nor anyone else cant see?
  11. The boycott has already happened, 100 viewers on twitch, all tubers left, nothing will happen untill the game has 2 million players it deserves. how do we get 2 million players?
  12. Its ironic that you give the game plus points for its lobby system, people used to complain during the hongmoon weapon days that all they seemed to do was queue for dungeons.
  13. Sunk cost fallacy is why they bother releasing new story, dont let them know we know.
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