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  1. How about subscribe for 50k a day, sorry for necro.
  2. Actual shoes, like a pair of yunwas trainers? or a pair of shoes on your character that you nor anyone else cant see?
  3. The boycott has already happened, 100 viewers on twitch, all tubers left, nothing will happen untill the game has 2 million players it deserves. how do we get 2 million players?
  4. Its ironic that you give the game plus points for its lobby system, people used to complain during the hongmoon weapon days that all they seemed to do was queue for dungeons.
  5. Sunk cost fallacy is why they bother releasing new story, dont let them know we know.
  6. It worries you when you take 40 seconds to load into an instance or your frame rate hits potato but remember this, everyone else does too.
  7. OK, I'll start. Fantastic story the first time, lots of holes second time. You can fly. Combat is arguably the best in any game ever. Cons: Mobs only have 2 attacks and both of them are cc.
  8. You play the game, some of you always have. If the game you love is in danger of going extinct, why do you scare away new players who could breathe life into it?
  9. you need 40 to open legendary soul sheild but by then you will have 100s
  10. I despair at your attitude, you have given up, maybe you are young and new to the mmo, this type of thing might be all you know but sticking up for shark company and belittling a valid complaint makes my blood boil.
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