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  1. Go to display settings and see if the scale is at 100% or 125%.
  2. The Yun thread

  3. Small typo on F2 tooltip

  4. Farewell Blade & Soul!

  5. Baleful to Raven

    @TheRealGangster I think Riftwalk would be a better option since it works well with BT8 + Dragon Bracelet (cd reduction on V + increased uptime on bracelet) You could go Baleful 12 -> Seraph 12 -> Riftwalk 3 -> Riftwalk 9 -> Raven 9 -> Aransu+
  6. BM Returns To Idle While In Combat

    It can happen when a boss (any) starts a new phase/stance. It also happens if you have a BD in your party from what I noticed. Now for tanking tips. Dont waste C on the rectangular AoE. Simply walk through the boss, going to the left side, or use SS like Shakuu91 said. When the boss enters Doom Mode, just SS from the back of the boss to his front. Video:
  7. KFM Flame Build

    According to the BNS Academy Discord: https://discord.gg/gPAUExd Revelation is still better. Blue Moon can be fused with magnum so it's not so bad but in endgame you'll want to fuse Ancestral (Alluvion+Glory)
  8. bracelet wind for bd

    Holy Fire is the one used nowadays, and after that they fuse Undying. The modifier for Rolling Typhoon is higher on Dragon than Tiger.
  9. Game doesnt work?

    Maybe try disabling the antivirus/firewall or testing a vpn with free trial. Pingzapper, ExitLag, NoPing, Mudfish...
  10. Since the May 9 patch, "Eternal Night", Lightning BM's 'Honed Slash' is slower than before when you hold the right mouse button for example. Video (before and after):
  11. Leaving this here since older posts didn't really help. Changing the SATA cable connected to my SSD as well as changing the port where you connect it on the motherboard fixed it for me. E02017: This happened to me when I tried to download updates from the launcher. It would check the files, create the $Patch$ folder to download them, and then I'd see the download speed decreasing until it stopped downloading and it showed me the error message. The official suggestion from the BnS support site is to close the Client.exe process, however BnS was not open. No other process was using the patch files. I then moved my ssd from my desktop to my laptop just to test it, and there I got no errors. Moved it back to PC, E02017 again. After changing the cable and port, it worked.
  12. Damage output question LYN BD

    Your rotation should be Z X C [anicancel] and then start using Z X C off cooldown. Do not use V unless you're out of orbs and Z/X/C are on cooldown. The anicancel is [F -> LMB] and F hits twice, so you should only press LMB once the 2nd hit of F lands. Also, you might want to use the double cast C until you reach a point where you crit a lot, so that you can choose the AoE C instead if you want.
  13. Any screenshots? You might have filters enabled... See if you checked 'Owned' or something in F3. You can send an e-mail to support@bladeandsoul.com to create a ticket, and also, try repairing your game before that...
  14. Tank

    You just have to keep the boss looking at one place and make sure he doesn't move a lot or turn around; that makes things more difficult for your party. The rest is about learning the boss rotation, which is imo the fun part in tanking - it's a challenge to keep high dps while controlling the boss and leaving your party safe. You can ignore most of the basic (yellow) attacks and dps normally, but avoid/iframe the red ones - there are some exceptions where a yellow attack will CC you, so you gotta block or iframe it... Some bosses will attack faster than others, but again it's a matter of getting used to it. As for BM vs KFM: KFM can provide crit/crit dmg buffs to the party, which is very useful (especially when there's SB available), while BM provides party iframes, which is also useful depending on the boss mechanics/if the party is bad or not at iframing... Some videos: Wind KFM https://youtu.be/0nuBHvehlkQ?t=8 Fire KFM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuIR65vPo7c Lightning BM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXBOXNjqF08 Fire BM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8BoerMs2nI
  15. bracelet wind for bd

    Every Wind BD I see uses Dragon. You can also check F11 rankings just to make sure.