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  1. BD skills change?

    So I haven't logged into BnS for like a month because of my schedule but when I finally do and the Legacy of the Hongmoon patch dropped, I see the new skill tree list thingie. So I'm confused as a lightning Lyn blade dancer picking through the new options. Like how there's: -critical shock -lightning strike -Thunder rolls like which of these help me deal more damage, I have it set to Critical shock.
  2. Oof that rousing counter argument, you got me there xD. Thank you for the information, it was very helpful!
  3. Hai! So I’m kind of a new playerish, I made the account during the first week of the game but stopped and returned two years later. So my mains a Lyn BD (lightning build) lvl 55 hm10 close to 11 and my AP is only around 1021 now. My weapon is now at Raven stage 1, I have full MSP SS all my legendary accessories from DT, EC and NF and they’re around stage 3-4. I’m using the event soul right now to get the ascending one, and I have the courage soul badge and my mystic pulse badge. So I’ve kinda been wanting to try and run BT along with a friend of mine who’s a destroyer sitting at 950AP. But our only dilemma is we can never find actual runs besides PUBG’s or competitive clans with high costs. So if I got this right, even if we do pay for a carry through the raid it’s not guaranteed what we need drops right? Plus it’ll also take more than one run seeing all the forums and...yeah I don’t have the gold for that lmao. I also rather not spend actual money on this game (unless it’s cosmetics lol). Also I’m not complaining about high costs, I’m just a broke little loli blade dancer lmao. I also run a fun little social clan *coughs* *Poharans Panties* *cough* *not self promoting* so joining a competitive clan is still a no. So why not try to recruit for BT myself? I know they nerfed BT but I’m guessing it’s probably a little more complex than KDV, FAS, SJF, and MSPP raids. I’ve already watched a lot of videos on the bosses in Black Tower and am learning the mechanics with my friend. I haven’t attempted to ever try to look for or run this raid because I just didnt think I was qualified enough or I couldn’t find a..cost friendly..? Raid. But are their any other tips I should know if I’m ‘trying’ to recruit and be a BT raid leader? (Emphasis on trying). I also live in the EST time zone in case that was needed? (Or should I give up on my BT dreams drop money on gear buy 12 fortune boxes for the coins get a lightning elemental and a roughhewn ring? I’ve actually thought about this, please someone talk me out of this. RIP my cosmetic money)
  4. Damage output question LYN BD

    Thank you so much! This really helped a lot! I'm still grinding for my soul badge but I'm close to getting a mystic badge now. I was thinking of getting the pulse badge and phew, good thing I chose to be in the soul wardens. I'll be looking back at this post a whole lot as guidance xD. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer!
  5. Damage output question LYN BD

    Before I saw this post I found this video here [ To try and help me and it kinda did. So should I just keep going with this or do what you said?
  6. Damage output question LYN BD

    I don't have any of my badges yet, I'm still working on getting those. I have the full MSP ss set from the story, still no clue on how SS fusion works. I have the black dawn lightning ring from DT and Zakhan from EC currently. My crit rate is at 116.37% approximately. I also do think I'm ani-canceling right-ish. But seeing my low damage maybe I'm not? Though I did watch a video and changed my rotation so I average 25k and burst 35k now.
  7. Damage output question LYN BD

    Hey hai! I'm a casual player on blade and soul but I had a quick question. I play a Lyn BD with the lightning build, my AP is 1011 currently and I'm lvl 55 HM 10 40 points in attack and 10 in defense. I have my baleful weapon at stage 10 and I have all my legendary accessories,only at stage 1, Like oath necklace, Eternity belt and dragon bracelet (minus the earring/ring/and HM soul). So I don't know If I read the little green bar that shows damage wrong but during fights I usually only get to a high of 25k or then drop to like 11k. So my question is, is this normal at my current level and gear or am I playing my class wrong lol? Could my rotation be wrong? I do Z > V >X > C then repeat when my skill's off cooldown.