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  1. it was a question... maybe a staff member would be more helpfull, still waiting tho
  2. its called curiosity, knowledge... and because they already mention it a couple of times but not fully explained it? so why people are talking about EU 4 if we dont have it yet? *heavy face palm* mine was a legit question if the beginner/simple mode works like that people will be "more ready" to do dungeons in normal mode and then hard mode
  3. excuse me i wanted to know if doing a dungeon with the future Simple mode will give the achivement for doing that dungeon? maybe an example is better, if i do Sandstorm Temple for the first time in Simple Mode will it give the achivement for completing it at the end? there for, if i'll do it for 10 times will it still give the achievement needed to buy the bracelet with Hellion Cores? (i said Sandstorm Temple as an example, but you can change that name with any dungeon). i really really hope so. thank you and sorry for the possible bad english
  4. maybe you logged in the wrong region? in what region are you? if you are in EU maybe you logged in NA and viceversa if not contact really fast the support, is too weird that a char disappear in that way
  5. Dragon express too, with solar energies (so free, need a bit of time but still for free)
  6. idk whats happening but i got dc 4times in less than 10 mins, and i see a lot of people in chat saying that they get disconnected randomly so before someone start saying "your pc bad! git better pc! git better internet" (I wrote it wrong on purpose) is not only me. what is happening? i know that is "normal" to dc 1 or 2 times, is bns after all, but when is like THIS?! well is too much
  7. try Ctrl+F2, maybe you did activated bns classic mode by accident?
  8. you can use it only near enemies, go near an enemy and you will see your rmb
  9. -Once the download is completed, locate and run the BnS_Launcher_Setup.exe. -You will then be prompted to install the new NC Launcher. to me it does say "that there is an old version of the program and i have to unistall/delete it", i did but it still does say "there is an old version". i did look at some videos, old posts on the forum but it still say the same thing (i know i did not add some more info but im trying to translate all the things i did in english so people can understand, but for now if someone have already understand what is the problem, please help)
  10. it took me 2 MONTHS to get the starstone mines weapon box, just saying... so 26 run arent enought imo (but rng is rng, infact i did drop the Drowning deeps aka DD weapon box on my 3°run) you can get them in the dragon express too, first page all the way down
  11. are 35minutes that im trying to enter this game (from 19:00 to 19:36 right now) -start the game, agree, NOPE "disconnected form server xxxxx", close process and start again -start game, agree, this time i can insert my pin code, ops NOPE "server under maintenance xxxx", close process and start again -start game, NOPE "Disconnected from server xxxx" (repeat again) -start, game, agree, pin code, choose char (oh maybe this time...), go in server, walk, NOPE "disconnected from server xxxx" repeat this for F 35minutes, not 2 not 5 or 10... 35!!! im still trying while
  12. black screen of suffering, desperation, anger, doom (whatever you wanna call it), freezed and boom... i lost the key + 300% exp
  13. "The serial code you entered is invalid" i have never use it, first time taking the nomad code i did try it on differents accounts and it still sais invalid
  14. 1 or 10 moonstones crystals and enought
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