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  1. Nova core needs some changes

    i think it was me :3 done it many times xd
  2. change the "PvP" to "GvG"

    dude i was plat on arena and at 6v6 cant do much when the other one has a 200k burst and takes like 10k dmg ... also lets not forget that some ppl have 30 ms and i have 190 ms when on most games i have like 50-80 i really like bns but are some things that need change ! :/
  3. Can we get an equipment based bg?

    or just make a standard gear for every one so its actually a skill based bg ... :/
  4. change the "PvP" "Player vs Player" to "GvG" "Gear vs Gear" it just makes more sense to me :/
  5. I am a raven6 sin with maxed bt accs and i cant find a raid i been looking for like a month ,why the sin class is so unneedet even tho most players use sin? my nerves are exploding from frustration a sf raven 3 is 10 times more usefull than me for the love of god balance this dudgeon...