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  1. you high right??... those are th taechun weapon i think.... the stuff that comes in the new raid
  2. hmm she looks fine to me, yet the eyes might a bit too big, tho
  3. I think she is ok, im not an expert on Gons.. for me are hard to customize.. :/ maybe someone can tell
  4. THisi sfor someone meanie that said I was wearing namsoobitch oufit... :/
  5. Apparently not cuz always they will say yes yes yes they do or white knights saying yes they do, but lets be honest, the game changes are made with the CEO or chief developer that resides in Korea for their Korea audience, to suit THIER demands aside we have whales here they arent the the mass for them to even care, the team we have here well our producer does things he thinks might benefit us, harming us or helping us otherwise... Like the less cost of legendary jewel and elements people complained was too high and others complained was too meanie cuz it asked for mats for those,
  6. well so far i tested it is ugly feature for a kfm like myself, but i know the solution for now i did was turn off the skills that i dont want to appear in the simple mode rotation like in my rotation Smite is used everytime is up so i went to K and turned it off and it didnt appear again.
  7. it seems by the video I´d say the new class will be exclusivly for Gon
  8. She isnt a IT... well thank you... Ikr, i think we should get more stuff like that
  9. I know i know the art style is the hard part, even when i tried crate a gon she was so hard to custimozie and i did i took reference from a game for her face traying make her unique tho. I see... I knew something was kidna off but wasnt sure what was... Aww.. thank you
  10. awww... I knew it.. D: you thinkso?? than kyou :D o.o I see.. interesting... i wonder how in jinsoyun they have the same face i did my char like 4 times with vouchers maybe they arent alike alike but maybe kinda close tho.. Im in yura server. lmao... eyes up here... no no isnt that im doubting its just that im never satisfied on how i re do or create my chars, this is 4th voucher i used lel, its just that i want make my chars unique tho.... nope. sry.. :/
  11. Quick question those animations are from the tailoring thing right??
  12. Same as well with other suggestions posts as always they will never implement anything they just copy and paste from KOREA, go to korea and speak in korean to the real developers there, not here which they are just paid for copy and paste the content and review it...
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