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  1. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    This RNG box is just an out-of-season Trove, with less benefits. At least they don't take away Daily Dash with potential venture tokens when the box is around. Also, the box gives no pity currency where you can exchange for goodies (the coin is only to get another box). It is quite a disappointment to outfit collectors like me, cuz the box introduces no new outfits, and the outfit chests are in the rarest pouches, instead of 2-star like Troves.
  2. People still upgrade gear to increase their farming efficiency. Sure, you can kill Ma'o with newbie gear without enrage timer, but are you willing to spend one hour per run to get a single alpha token fragment as end reward? Or will you upgrade first so that it becomes 10 minutes/run? The only thing enrage timer severs in this game is to DPS-check players, thus forcing players to gear up. If they want to gear up fast, they have to swipe, or grind a lot on multi alts, exhaust themselves, then give up and swipe. NCSoft is also very uncanny with enrage timers. Many times, in order to force players to gear up, they reduce enrage timers if they find out that players can dps leisurely at low gear. If you pay attention, you will notice that many end-dungeon bosses have much less enrage timer compared to mid-dungeon bosses. Numok is a good example. Of course, it is not matter now since awk.skill patch gives players a lot of DPS. But pre.awk, if you were in a party with low DPS (typical R6 party) and failed to do mech to prevent him healing, Numok was unkillable. Ironically, if he was in his former enrage timer (about 7-10 minutes), he would be killable even failing all mech.
  3. *NCSoft duly noted and decided to add all of these suggestions in future. Together with their normal enrage timer, of course*
  4. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    They are nice to have, yeah, but not necessarily must-have: 1) In this game, healing is something self-sustain from drain gems. Unlike PvP where it is harder to come by due to random player skills, Bosses are static target with fixed rotation 2) Even if you have max pet, if you are careless, you still die or lose a lot of DPS. High HP and Def are cool, but Pet won't help you face tank every single attack. Some attacks even deal fixed damage that ignore def. Meanwhile, a no pet person can survive just fine if they are careful to not get hit. 3) Many of pet stats are pvp orients. The only thing relevant to PvE is boss AP and healing. The latter can help a bit in case of DoT, but not permanent due to long cooldown. 4) You can have extra HP from unity system, which boosts your HP by a nice amount. Also talisman, though I don't advise upgrade it past the stage where it starts to ask for pet pack. And you can always have exyra HP from 20 HM points to defense, if you are desperate. With that said, don't upgrade pet past awk.loyal, or ultimate stage, if you only pve.
  5. Pet pods and pet pack farming

    Give up on vials from events and get pet packs instead. Unless you pvp, there is no point to upgrade your pet past awk.loyal stage. And Talisman upgrade is just an expensive trinket.
  6. Starcaller RNG Box

    Cost-wise, it is like buying trove keys, except that a chest can give you more than a pouch, and 10 chests gives you another chest. Have trove been evolved?
  7. Starcaller RNG Box

    Updating reward list: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/be8szr/sparkling_starcaller_chest_rng_box_megathread/
  8. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    Not everyone like solo contents. I myself refrain doing any solo dungeons, despite that they give hearty unnerfed gold rewards compared to running a group dungeon with nerfed gold. Cuz if I want to play things solo, I will just play offline game instead. So unless I'm utterly lazy, I will camp in F8 for group activities, cuz it is more fun that way. Also, F8 will never run out of people running dungeons unless this server really dies and have less than 10,000 rooms per week. However, someone prefers to solo in their own pace instead, so it is nicer for them to give them alternative way to play following the playstyle they want, while still complete the quota and not facing challenging solo bosses. Also, about daily in Moon Refuse, it is actually have some grouping for faster killing quest mobs, as you will occasionally see Spider group on faction chat, which recruits people for this. It is like pvpers have their own set of pvp quests that count toward daily challenges.
  9. The Real Issue With This Event

    And get a useless skin item that you cannot even apply it on your Heart. Glad that I skipped and sell all wheel items, which gave me some hearty gold :3
  10. Server Consolidation — April 24

    Wrong. They typed /roll 1.
  11. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    It is always better to have more than less options to do something. If anything, it would benefit new players. It is like Koldrak's quest being part of daily challenges one year ago. If you can do Koldrak, you save yourself like a few minutes of running another dungeon to fulfill the quota. If not, you still have other dungeons to run with. You lose nothing here. It is just a matter of conveniences that differ between people. I don't even mind if they add the daily quests in Windrest to Daily Challenge. Honestly, areas like Windrest should be a bit more common due to how relaxing it is.
  12. Listen your voice please.

    Yeah, people can do MSP for TT 1-5. So what? That option is always available, while event is temporary. If the event works properly, it would have become another alternative for people to get 3 TT SS outside of usual ways. Or, they can combine both: instead of hardcore MSP 6 for every single piece, they can divide it, so they will get 1-3 from event, and 4-5 from MSP 6.
  13. Bugged Warden Awakened Skills

    Should be fixed now. NCWest doesn't document everything in their patch notes. I notice a DPS increase for my WD/Gunner during SB too.
  14. For someone with 1.2m DPS, I cannot complete Longgui Stage 4 for emblem. So my only other source is tryhard with Burning Mausoleum, which daily gives me 6 tokens. This dungeon is another gear-check that requires 1m DPS for each party member. At least it is a bit more accessible, as you can get buff classes along the away. However, it has been a week and I only have two dailies done. Seeing a recruitment is extremely rare, lest about successful runs. Either I don't see any recruitment, cannot gather geared players cuz they finish it/give up for my party, or someone are confident about that their fleeting weapon will somehow help to reach DPS requirement, ignoring their draken accessories. I dunno what to do now. It is kinda depressing being excluded from the event, even partly. This game's constant event running is what keeps me busy with my alts (mind you, they are geared enough to carry their own weight. I scrapped the weak alts cuz they are no fun to play with), as this game has nothing else to be busy with for a pure PvE player. With no event activities, all I have now are camping F8, hoping some interesting runs will happen. Positively, I will take this as a break and shift my mind to non-BnS games. Negatively, I'm kinda worried about this game's direction if this gear-check/end-game event becomes a trend.
  15. Whats the point of Prayer Beads

    It can be traded for ToI tickets. Helpful at the beginning of new seasons when you want to farm a new soul badge as fast as possible, instead of waiting for daily allowance of tickets. With enough Yunsang's beads, you can day-one a new soul badge. Yeoharan's and Master Hong's tokens also act similarly. https://i.imgur.com/s0B1wis.png