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  1. Given the fact this company has been making decisions to slow down progression as much as they can, I can't give any praise on this. How long is it going to be before gold gets gutted again or something else. I suspect the only reason this was done was because they were losing too many people and/or people only would weekly/raid log...which they should. Some of us already know there isn't going to be much new content to look forward too, as we know a certain amount of the profits are going into mobile games instead of back into the game itself.
  2. Blade & Soul has been out in NA/EU since 2016. The game has not been out for even 4 years in the west, yet it's already down to one server for NA and EU each. I highlight a small number of the reasons and express why it may be too late to turn things around in the west.
  3. Since it's double drop loot weekend, I got 2 treasure boxes from stage 5 Longgui today. I ended up getting 2 boxes (box 5 and box 6) that weren't a 100% chance to get the legendary pieces of MSP. This is what is provided in the patch notes on this site: "Sacred Longgui Treasure Chests in Midnight Skypetal Plains can no longer drop Moonlight Soul Shield but now have an increased chance to drop Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chest." Am I reading this wrong? Did I misunderstand something? I'll provide a screenshot below -
  4. Poharan is easily my favorite boss with the level 45 content.
  5. The stats on the belt and bracelet aren't going to vary. You will get your belt from Blackram Supply Chain either through a drop or by trading in 20 Siren Emblems at one of the NPCS outside of the 24 man version. A long time ago NCSoft removed the "unfazed" and all that mumble jumble stuff from the belts last year. So now you don't have to have a certain belt just to do some of the dungeons. The bracelet you'll get from Bloodshade Harbor by drop or by trading in 20 Pirate Emblems at an NPC not too far away from the 24 man portal. I wouldn't really worry about pets and badges as of right n
  6. Blade & Soul recently got Act 7 story added to the game along with a skill revamp that eliminates hybrid builds that existed in the past. I figured I'd try my luck out with at Fister's Tower and see my luck. I'm pretty rusty, and I have a lot to learn still.
  7. The company probably got pressured into doing it due to a certain group of people pushing for various types of censorship in games.
  8. Your class has one of the best grabs in the game. You may not realize this now, but Korea just got an update not to long ago where certain classes (Assassin and KFM for example) will be able to use a new higher damaging skill when a target is grabbed. With end game content, the DpS a party can dish out with a Destroyer grabbing a boss can be more than if every class is just doing DpS standard. People don't party Destroyers for their DpS, but rather their grab and crowd control perks.
  9. Some people around my level are still using Blight tier stuff. Maybe one of you will find this video or some other video to get the help you need.
  10. Blade & Soul NA The Ploghollows Blade & Soul NA Pot Dog Shelter Blade & Soul NA Altar of Nubs Blade & Soul Na Chieftain Vodoo
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