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  1. Block out the names, don't give them excuse to delete the thread.
  2. Legit players are punished in this game while exploiters, botters and spammers have free reign to destroy the game.
  3. This is why I no longer use cross server dungeons. Leader can change loot to master loot while everyone is fighting boss and if everyone backs off he just finishes the boss and gets all the loot. Its sad to because this is one of the few games where cross server dungeons work great but now they are over run by toxic players who are allowed to exploit and ruin everyone elses experience.
  4. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    I apologize, please forgive me I have edited my post.
  5. wardrobe should be free already

    With queues almost being gone the wardrobe is like the only feature of value in the premium subscription.
  6. Ticket woes

    I have a ticket open since the 19th. Every day a new GM replys. The same gm must not be getting my ticket replys because next GM starts process all over again. I already stayed offline for 2 days for the transfer. Even right now I want to play but not going to because I don't want a new update asking me to log offline so they can do it and it never get done and a new GM response the next day asking me for permission to proceed, or this time telling me no, or saying they can but they have to do it differently from last GM. This mornings reply I caught 20 minutes after it was sent. Still not processed.
  7. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    Is it ok to like someones post or can you be banned for that if someone else doesn't like the post?
  8. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    People who talk racism in faction can be blocked so easily. You never hear them again. Its only a small amount of people and they are lot easier to block than nonstop gold spammers.
  9. Racist Rants on Faction Chat

    These threads are ban bait. Don't post any memes, medical terms, videos clips from anime or South Park, or even respond in anyway that might offend someone. NCSoft already deals with racism. Screenshot, block and then use NCSoft support to report them. Here is the link NCSOFT Support
  10. Dolar > R$ (brazil)

    If Brazil gets a special price I would have to find me a special Brazilian friend to gift me lots of stuff.
  11. MACROS are allowed?

    Only if your character is named something like lkjkljklj.
  12. We use to just have the option to just buy bags. Next F2P mmo will have bag ownership certificates $5, then you buy all the pieces for the bags zipper $2, buttons $2 each x5, straps $2, patches x24 $2 each.