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  1. Greetings, If you're looking for posts from NCSOFT staff, the best place to look is in the Devtracker. You'll find many responses to frequently asked questions and information on game updates. Hope that helps!
  2. Greetings all, This is a reminder that discussing forum moderation is against the code of conduct, and can result in the suspension of your forum posting privileges. Please keep your posts on topic. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your NCoin purchase. It looks like something has gone wrong along the way, if you let me know your ticket number we can help. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Hi, If you send me a private message I should be able to help you change your forum display name back to your old one.
  5. Hi, If you've already submitted a ticket then Customer Support will help you as soon as they are able. For the time being I would suggest that you change the password on your email account to something you have never used before, and consider using the mobile authenticator if you can. If you cannot log in to your account you can still submit a ticket by sending an email to support@bladeandsoul.com Hope that helps.
  6. Hi, Race change isn't currently available, it is something we are discussing but currently there are no plans to implement it. It's definitely on the suggestion list though, so if anyone feels strongly about it we encourage you to let us know!
  7. Hi, The time it takes to delete a character was implemented as a countermeasure to accounts being compromised. We are looking at this closely and taking player feedback on board.
  8. Glad to help :) You can buy a lot of stuff from the store with Hongmoon Coin, if you look at the tabs on the right-hand edge of the store window it's the one in the middle.
  9. Hi, There is also the option of buying character expansion slots using Hongmoon Coin, once the exchange opens you will be able to sell your gold for this currency and buy a new character slot without spending any real money at all.
  10. Good answer! I was about to post the same thing :)
  11. It happens! An easy way to remember is that all the NA servers are names after characters and the EU servers are named after places. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, Thanks for making this guide! A couple of points I'd like to make: It's definitely not recommended to try and play on Windrest in the EU, you will most likely experience long queues especially if you aren't a premium member. Poharan is an NA server
  13. Welcome! Welcome to the Blade & Soul Forums, we’re very pleased to have you here! We want to make these forums a positive environment for you to discuss Blade & Soul related topics, and to give us your feedback on the game. To facilitate this, we ask that all members of the forums follow a set of guidelines known as the NCSOFT Forum Code of Conduct; or CoC for short. Please remember that your fellow players and forum users should always be treated with respect, without exception. If you take anything away from reading the CoC, it should be this.
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