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  1. @Hime What ever happened to the Loading Screen Art Contest Winners 2021? In the past after the winners were announced they would appear in the ingame loading screens shortly after. I'm guessing with the whole UE 4 update it got pushed back and all but were you guys still planning on implementing the art into future loading screens? https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/5144/2021-loading-screen-art-contest-winners
  2. Some areas are speaking in Korean Vocals in F8 and Mushins such as Brood Chamber and Outlaw Island.
  3. Accidentally made a post outside of this thread that you can just merge/delete not a big issue but an issue nonetheless not a huge priority at all but just to get it on the radar for some point in the future.
  4. I logged in and it was in my mailbox no newsletter no code to apply I'm guessing they are just going to apply to it automatically to accounts.
  5. LordSwift


    Not that anyone really ever does DKV anymore but Meganura doesn't wake up anymore even after killing everything, Ivory Spectre and the 4 other bosses + mobs.
  6. @Hime So I'm not sure if this happened to anyone else but my BnS_UE4 Desktop and Taskbar icons respectively changed colors today. Yesterday they were Red and today they are Blue. Getting matrix vibes here lol. But seriously just wonder why like was this intended or is this showcasing some sort of file corruption or error of sorts?
  7. They basically just use standard time zones only thats why. Probably eventually we'll be stuck in one or the other where DST will be a thing of the past.
  8. Also they use UTC for the timezones so yeah they don't fall into DST categories you'd have to manually shift say if you're in the west from Pacific to Mountain time zone -8 to -7 during the 8 months out of the year. I just say go with base lol.
  9. Yea I assume they did it that way for a reason where your computer time wouldn't match your game time let's say you have to fly to the east coast from the west coast of NA for example for work, you bring your laptop to your hotel room, want to log on to get stuff or w/e... You could choose your game time to be whatever your local time was if you didn't want your computer clock to be set to your traveling destination time and such. In most cases though people have their timezone set to just automatically sync and update based on location, with Base it'll follow. The timezones prob were there ju
  10. If you actually choose "Base" for your time zone (the very topmost option) it'll always be correct it'll just follow your Windows OS Clock/BIOS time/System Clock.
  11. Well I wouldn't say "better" just "differently". I already know why it does what it does but was just curious when they finalized the specs what they were thinking if it was just pure performance vs visuals with how they came up with the GTX series as the recommendation and all.
  12. How will the ping be? Will we be getting server side changes with the UE 4 client to optimize and lower ping more? Currently even NA players need to use tools to improve their connection to get ping that's more in line with other titles out there. Also within the recommended specifications... Specifically the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB and why that was chosen when there are differences within the RTX series of cards and shaders vs the GTX. Is the developers intention supposed to be the way the GTX version renders and RTX just interprets it differently?
  13. I'm not sure has anyone tried it on a Skywatch Talisman yet? I feel most already enchanted their Overtures so it's hard to get a for sure answer without sending in a ticket. Even if support would know.
  14. Mythical is better to upg to asap for example overture talisman vs the new higher skywatch talisman. If you fail say level 5 in the new higher skywatch talisman you get knocked down 2 levels (from 5 to 3) where as in overture only one level (from 5 to 4) so it's more punishing when you fail. Where you won't have a choice is Acc's because they are swapped out for newer acc's. With Soul, Pet, Heart, and Talis though it's pretty much better to if you're going to mythical do it as soon as it's eligible rather than up tier a whole lot and have a more punishing level reduction fail system. Be advise
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