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  1. Really? Q3 is July, August, September. KR Is getting it in June at the end of Q2 that's really not all that bad. We're already in March near the end of Q1 2021. Patience cricket! NA will see it within the next 6 months. If anything players should start coming back now, grinding, and catching up for rather than wait and come back at launch and hope for some catch up event or to enjoy the launch to the fullest without being held back by gear or less of a chance of being unable to enjoy what you want.
  2. Dokdan the Wise on Mushin's Hall 1st Floor is speaking Korean while accepting the Yunsang Reignited quest.
  3. @Hime Drowning Deeps has been removed from the F8 cross server dungeon list though is a Daily today (Thursday). Would suggest since the patch notes intended on removing DD from not only F8 but the guide (failed to remove from the guide) rotate one of the other dungeons RT, ST, TSM, DST, BC, WC, CC in on the other days.
  4. I haven't noticed anything in particular to cause that much of a loss for myself. I know many are switching to grim regardless, the new 3rd spec. Not many will probably remain lightning compared to those who migrate over to grim. I for one have stayed lightning, for now. I read the patch notes and unless there were other unlisted changes, what was changed shouldn't have caused such a damage loss for you. Can you specify maybe like in which area or do you notice any modifiers that were changed but not listed? I noticed they added Raid and Anklebiter to the skill enhancements which I don't know
  5. LordSwift


    Is the gallery unavailable to post bns photos and pictures to? I also get an error message when I click edit profile that says something along the lines of profile customizations aren't available now.
  6. @Hyunkel No problem, and thank you so much for processing the name change request. :)
  7. Lol that's a pretty good take on the Hulk considering bns creation limitations such as the proper skin color.
  8. @Hyunkel Thanks I got a message earlier that they were still looking for it and then another a few hours ago. They seemed to have fixed the issue and F2's can be updated once again for now. Also @Hyunkel I know this is off topic and rather than create another post you may or may not look at I've been trying to contact support for a while now about changing my name on the forums with no success or replies, emailing bnscommunity2@ncsoft.com and personal DMs to CM's such as yourself.
  9. Seems many have had their profile pictures reverted or erased recently and are unable to upload a new picture.
  10. Sadly, many will probably have dozens of these expire. It's not the care of having or not having a cooldown it's more like the wrong information being conveyed to the playerbase.
  11. Guess I can't count on any CM's to respond. @Amraith @PhoenixMitra @Hyunkel @Hime Emailing bnscommunity2@ncsoft.com they never responded and support just refers to getting in touch with a CM here on the forums. Miss Jon and Linx and how they'd be more involved in the community. Granted I asked over a month ago though its not really a big deal but would've been nice to get something along the lines of "Hey we received your message and can or can't do it".
  12. An explanation we will likely never get before the expiration in a few days.
  13. Seems they are still trying to pass the buck on this. The Thanksgiving event is going to have the gloves included before we get a response here.
  14. @Hime Maybe you can look into this for me.
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