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  1. This update is pretty bad. They just gave the KR content without adjusting anything for NA that would be beneficial to us. Serious inflation and gold sink in an already low income struggling last leg population server region. Whether intentional or not they are going to see a lot of players lose all hope on the western version. There have been several for 6+ years always saying its the end for bns but this update definitely made a strong case for that to finally come to light. If nothing is done at least to cator to the NA server economy.
  2. In the Korean version you could still farm the 50 AP Centurion Achievement even after the dungeon was removed from the demonsbane system.
  3. What's up with the guide and the loot table for stage 5+ for Nykarri Hall of Trials? Many are stating that you need at least stage 6+ to get an accessory drop (ring/earring). I wonder how much else is incorrect here? Most are trusting the guide since for AD/SUB/CSC within your patch notes they were incorrect as to the correct minimum floors or ranges in which several rewards were drop eligible yet the guide was correct in those 3 cases. It seems this time maybe the patch notes are correct and the guide is incorrect. Easy solution? Change it to say stage 6 and audit all/the rest of the loot dro
  4. So fusion stone farm seems to be gone, before FoE was a pretty good option if you did hard, easy was a low chance. Now it seems it has been removed aside from maybe doing your 3/3 on easy lol for the bonus reward. None dropped on 3 hard runs. Only 1 on easy 1 time, did a bunch of both difficulties today. Now seems all you have is stay out of top 10 on rankings and the daily in in the hongmoon store aside from like 1 here and there from a few dailies and weeklies.
  5. Yeah at this point don't spend and stop caring on NA BNS. I mean whatever you need to enjoy the game, premium, go bare minimum as you can though. Go pure f2p would be best if you're gonna stick around and ride out what very little time NA BNS has left (in comparison to 6 years from the start in NA) and I'm sure at this point it's on a downward spiral to its demise at maybe the end of this year or next. Likely will be mass migrations exiting BNS in the coming months putting an irreversable nail in the coffin (slowly things like this have been happening but this will be a
  6. Hey all I'd like to extend an invite to anyone who is not already a member of The Lobby discord server. We're a fun bunch trying to get more people interacting and involved in the bns community. Everyone is very helpful there and it is a no drama zone. We host gold giveaway events from time to time. Join, have fun, be on your best behavior, post look for parties/raids, talk about the game, ask questions, help others, etc. https://discord.gg/kUPGHznDUA
  7. Personally, I was thinking about it but then been playing for over 6 yrs same toon might as well just stick with it as I always have lol, its fun to me and I've mastered it pretty well enough for my own standards. Changing for a different approach, playstyle, dps increase, etc. I'm sure I won't be as happy once things settle in I'd probably end up missing my old class/spec. OG friendly classes/specs are nice.
  8. Also just know waiting sometimes does pay off because some using the class change voucher now might later regret and be waiting for the next opening. They will end up nerfing some classes and if you're hopping just looking for free DPS then that's never a good thing. You have to really love and stick with the playstyle you love regardless of dmg cause they always will continue to adjust classes as new content rolls out. Plus they want to monitor changes and bandwagoning that's kind of why it's just a short/limited term, otherwise they'd just keep it year round right?
  9. Don't worry I'm not trying to justify it 100% kind of just meeting halfway on their point of view. Welcome to korean mmorpg 😉 I don't have a problem with whatever they want to charge its like buy it or not or rant here right. It'd be good if they offered an alternative option like HMC, in game gold, event, etc.. Usually they have a "I want it now" pay to win or pay to progress/advance option 1st then later a free option for the patient ones. They do have to make revenue somehow with whoevers left.
  10. Federally min wage in USA is 7.25 but like 90% of everywhere pays over $15/hr now through legislation passed by countless cities, counties, and states... If you basically live anywhere making 7.25 you probably aren't playing bns at this point. Almost nobody is making that low, even waiters lol they get compensated with tips, they cant pay them less than $3 unless they get over $100 in tips basically otherwise they are subject to their local laws for hourly which is likely $15/hr or more. Also like anything you live within your means if bns is trying to target middle class (which is probably ma
  11. Likely in a year (if games still around) it'll show up in some event free like everything else eventually does.
  12. It's also too bad they don't allow HMC to be used for things such as this.
  13. $100 isnt more than a single day of work though here unless you work like part time but even min wage gets you that much. Granted it'd be a fairly large chunk there of your daily pay but then its just a day right a one time charge. Most prob make that in 2-4 hours. It's like gas money with these crazy high gas prices right now with the war and all. Either way I'm all for saving money it'd be nice for it to be as cheap as possible if not offer an alternative for totally 100% f2p people like idk save up a lot of gold and be able to buy it from an npc ingame, give 2 options, 1 pay, 1
  14. Justifying why it's worth it IMO along with various facts and points and asking you what you think it's worth or they should charge for such a system?
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