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  1. It would only affect paid forms. Loot boxes within dungeons would work and be allowed, fine. It's the "charging for a chance to gain something worth the monetary value spent" that all of these rules and regulations are going to care about. I'm confident they could put many different type systems in place which would benefit the player along with bringing them the same, if not more revenue than before. Skyforge has a neat system called 'Promotions' which is a bar you need to get to certain areas, each time you progress through the bar by spending the currency you will get an item and at mile
  2. I'd like the addition of this, or heck, even a way to sell them on. I've bought 3 of those randomized weapon boxes to feed my inner completionist and I still don't have enough tokens, and I cannot do anything with my spares (I've sent some to my alt, which cost me gold :()But, I would very much like to see at least something we can do with these.
  3. Hello readers, I did a quick browse of the forum and couldn't find anything centred on this topic, so I've decided to make a thread. I've recently come back to the game and I was hoping to see that I could finally add my stupid Crimson Legion mask to the Wardrobe/Showroom. Sadly, I am still unable to do this. So, my question - Is there any ETA of when we can expect the Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion masks which have been crafted in the guild interface to be added to the Showroom? I'd like to spare up some space in my inventory.
  4. Hello, I was a player back when the game launched and I have characters on both the NA server and the EU server, however, I have come across an issue and that is that I cannot for the life of me work out how to switch to NA from EU. I have looked around the games login home page, and I have looked around on the launcher itself and I cannot find it at all. Could someone show me a picture of where I can change to NA from EU and visa versa to access those characters? Thank you
  5. Ah I see. Thank you :)
  6. As in, the daily dash will return at a later date because there is a current event on? Or, that it itself is a short time event - so it may come back in the future? It used to be a 'permanent' thing when I last played, is why I ask.
  7. This is usual for MMORPG companies in general. Reactivation is a big thing and this promotes that, whether it be on their social media outlets (which they did) along with newsletters, they can reactivate new and old players to check out the game by getting this. Making it so you need a level 10 character means the player needs around 30 minutes to an hour invested in the game, that is understandable. I also found the wording they used very strange, making it pretty difficult to understand what they needed from me. I just ended up clicking all the buttons and hoping for the best.
  8. Hello I have recently returned to the game after around a year's break and I see that there are a lot of changes. I remember there being a board which we could access daily and get (5?) spins if we are premium and 3 if we are not. I see that this is still in the interface when we click 'esc', but the button does not work. Is there something additional I need to do to activate daily dash or is it just a bug?
  9. Yes please. Definitely if this barbershop also can change the colour of your eyes and makeup as-well. (So no slider changing, just a vanity change). I'm all for this as-well. This will also allow them to give other races and gender hairstyles to the opposing ones.
  10. Bearing in mind at the moment it says i have 3196ms... i'd say the ping is incorrect. lol
  11. Figurines. T-Shirts. Mouse pads Keyboard cover Etc. would be greatly appreciated!
  12. They can recover items, however you sent them YOURSELF. You even said that in the title, therefore you won't get anything back. Ha!
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