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  1. Hello readers, I did a quick browse of the forum and couldn't find anything centred on this topic, so I've decided to make a thread. I've recently come back to the game and I was hoping to see that I could finally add my stupid Crimson Legion mask to the Wardrobe/Showroom. Sadly, I am still unable to do this. So, my question - Is there any ETA of when we can expect the Cerulean Order and Crimson Legion masks which have been crafted in the guild interface to be added to the Showroom? I'd like to spare up some space in my inventory.
  2. It would only affect paid forms. Loot boxes within dungeons would work and be allowed, fine. It's the "charging for a chance to gain something worth the monetary value spent" that all of these rules and regulations are going to care about. I'm confident they could put many different type systems in place which would benefit the player along with bringing them the same, if not more revenue than before. Skyforge has a neat system called 'Promotions' which is a bar you need to get to certain areas, each time you progress through the bar by spending the currency you will get an item and at milestones, you get special/rare goods. From my understanding, they do very well and that's something I wouldn't mind BNS adopting. Other things could be making the boxes give everything listed within it, with a chance to get tradable options. Another option is to just outright sell the items, but of course, a randomised chance with people going in for different things is something they may want to keep - and they can be fun to open. There is no chance listed for these boxes, at all. We get told it is 'rare' but it doesn't tell you that you have 0.02% chance to obtain such an item. I work within the industry and have designed RNG gatcha boxes myself, there are always items which contain 50/60% chances compared to a 'legendary' which has a chance of 0. something, or even 0.0 something dependant on the box and the number of items that it contains. It'd be interesting to see what BNS decides to go with. I'd happily pay for dozens of items outright if I had the chance.
  3. I'd like the addition of this, or heck, even a way to sell them on. I've bought 3 of those randomized weapon boxes to feed my inner completionist and I still don't have enough tokens, and I cannot do anything with my spares (I've sent some to my alt, which cost me gold :()But, I would very much like to see at least something we can do with these.
  4. Hello, I was a player back when the game launched and I have characters on both the NA server and the EU server, however, I have come across an issue and that is that I cannot for the life of me work out how to switch to NA from EU. I have looked around the games login home page, and I have looked around on the launcher itself and I cannot find it at all. Could someone show me a picture of where I can change to NA from EU and visa versa to access those characters? Thank you
  5. Daily Dash

    Ah I see. Thank you :)
  6. Daily Dash

    Hello I have recently returned to the game after around a year's break and I see that there are a lot of changes. I remember there being a board which we could access daily and get (5?) spins if we are premium and 3 if we are not. I see that this is still in the interface when we click 'esc', but the button does not work. Is there something additional I need to do to activate daily dash or is it just a bug?
  7. Daily Dash

    As in, the daily dash will return at a later date because there is a current event on? Or, that it itself is a short time event - so it may come back in the future? It used to be a 'permanent' thing when I last played, is why I ask.
  8. To the Blade & Soul Development Team

    This is usual for MMORPG companies in general. Reactivation is a big thing and this promotes that, whether it be on their social media outlets (which they did) along with newsletters, they can reactivate new and old players to check out the game by getting this. Making it so you need a level 10 character means the player needs around 30 minutes to an hour invested in the game, that is understandable. I also found the wording they used very strange, making it pretty difficult to understand what they needed from me. I just ended up clicking all the buttons and hoping for the best. Maybe, in the future, they should use better wording so players know where they need to click to activate the rewards.
  9. Maxed out pets are borderline OP

    I was under the guise that Pets stats didn't work in PVP? Also; a defence nerf? Players have upgraded their pets to 10 and should be able to use it to its fullest potential. Nerfing something someone has paid for is the worst possible thing they could do.
  10. What new class should BnS add next?

    I hope when they create this new class (the 10th class in the works) I hope they allow all races to be it.
  11. To add to this: The current content update gave us around 6/7 items which are better to hold onto and spend at a later date. Then there are those without Premium who have also unlocked all of their storage but do not have the room for anything else in their so they then have to chuck outfits away (which will make them less inclined to buy outfits from your HM store). Allowing us to buy more space would be fantastic for both the consumer and the publisher/developer (aka, you guys). I actually had this question asked on a previous stream but it wasn't answered. I'm happy Provois asked it this time. Also; when we say we have little space.. we mean it like this (I like to have my inventories free of space so I can use that space for dungeon drops and to throw away junk and I've been going after soul shields so this means a lot to me by having the space freed in the inventory section). Now, onto questions about the content: The content brought 2 events along with it however I would love to see the Seed event stay but just requiring a lot more seeds to make boxes. This will help alt progression and allow players such as myself to constantly run dungeon with new players and help them out. Currently there is no incentive to keep running Blackram Supply Chain or Bloodshade Harbour only unless they are on the Daily Challenge. Allow us to help out other players and be rewarded with seeds. Allow 100 Moonwater Seeds to be turned into 10 Silverfrost seeds at a merchant that also will give us incentive to run the Moonwater Dungeons. Also: Mentioned here there are apparently plans in other regions to introduce an Apprentice / Buddy like system. Will we be getting something like this in the future? I like helping other players out a lot and am happy to give my time and the reward is seeing them progress however there are plenty of people I am unable to help so having incentive to help other players will get more people helping others through this type of system. Seeing as we can only ask one question and I've practically asked 2 and a half I'll leave it at that. I'm enjoying the new content a lot; the new dungeons are fun and the rewards are nice too.
  12. Received newsletter but no code available

    Also received the email; but no code.
  13. I'm actually curious about this rule; if you don't mind me asking this is the only open thread where this has been mentioned so I hope you don't mind me asking the following question: Why is it that a few individuals who are personally attacking one another can close a whole thread instead of just having their forum accounts banned for a specific amount of time + their posts removed? I have noticed that there have been lots of threads where the mean comments have stayed on the thread with the thread being closed. Back onto the thread topic: I always make sure I clear mobs if there anyone under level 50. I always make sure people are in the boss room before starting the boss as-well. People just need to take notice of others. If you don't want to help the party; why are you in the party? It's a party for a reason.
  14. Is Summer Grove outfit bugged?

    Thigh size? The whole character model changes. Her shoulders are closer together, her boobs are not as big. Her stomach isn't as wide.. and of course the most notable thing.. the thigh size is a lot slimmer.
  15. Tidal Treasures [Your Feedback]

    I have used over 60 Coralites today (I got the new outfit from the cash-shop which came with 50). The highest I got was Stage 5.. twice. I bought the glasses the first time I got to stage 5. I tried for stage 6 and failed. I noticed I always seemed to fail on 2 or 3. I think I only got a 4 once (other than the 2 times I upgraded to 5). It's disappointing... this event so far. Hopefully I can get enough crushed coralite to get the outfit. I'm already around 56. I was hoping to use Crushed Coralite on Mysterious Crystals and peridots.. but nope. I'll never get a stage 6/7 weapon; no chance. I will continue to upgrade with Coralite daily which I get from the daily quests... but I think time is better spent on the Moonwater and Silverfrost seed boxes along with Offal farming.
  16. I wish they recoloured the headgear to go with that outfit. Having it in purple would look so nice. I don't think it looks like a beggars outfit; but your view on it not mine.
  17. Lyn boob outfit??

    You should do, yes. However; I am unsure of the alternate outfit will appear if you buy it on your main. I recommend you go on female lyn and buy it. Unpackage it and just claim the variant outfit on your lyn - hop on your main and claim the other stuff and you'll be good to go.
  18. Lyn boob outfit??

    If you're a female lyn - you get both versions of the outfit. So that's 2 outfits for the price of one. An accessory and adornment + 50 coralite. Well worth the price.
  19. You can get seeds as you do the Coralite quests as most drop from similar dungeons which is nice as-well. I'd recommend going for Coralite.
  20. Lyn boob outfit??

    Most likely in the cash shop. They will be available. All of the people getting upset that they wouldn't exist have been proven wrong.
  21. They will be seperate outfits. The reason why we currently do not have the female versions yet is because they are having a Lyn version of the outfit made. This was the last news we got of the outfits themselves. I'm kind of hoping they're making male versions of the female outfits since they gave the male version to the females. Yes. There is another version which are the Lunar and Solar Eclipse outfits which are supposed to drop from a floor in Mushins Tower from my understanding. I don't believe we have the corresponding floor for this yet though.
  22. Fantastic news to hear about the MWTS. Definitely worth the craft now. This now makes Chuanka the easiest dungeon and quickest to run for Moonwater tears as-well which is fantastic - I'll definitely be crafting a huge batch of them for my alt characters. (Along with farming tears for that darn clan outfit). I was more along the lines of the Silverfrost stones. Plenty of times it's been cheaper to buy them from Marketplace than make them yourself. (Or get all the mats, sell all the mats and buy Stones with the money made from the mats with a bit spare) MWTS have been like this occasionally; but not as often.
  23. is there a demand for "class change"

    No. There is a reason why I say no as-well. While it is a nice idea people will be switching classes and if you have an Assassin for example who has just switched to an FM and then they go join Yeti for example it'll be a mess. Levelling up a new character is a pain; I get that.. however it is also super easy. Instead of a class change being able to change your weapon into the same stage but a different weapon (So an Destroyers True Breeze Axe into a Warlocks True Breeze Razor) would be ideal for this. Level up a new character and learn the skills then transfer it over. I would pay easily £20 if not a bit more (That way I could level up the weapons on my main character; level up my newbie characters and send the fully geared weapons to them as I've farmed the mats on my main rather than them). This will then prevent players keep changing classes every few days as they haven't learnt the class and can't decide between them. It also allows players to level up again. Also; be aware guys that there will be a 45^ Level boost some when in the future so you won't have to worry a lot about levelling up a character much.
  24. July 20 Changes

    Upgrading the weapon to stage 10 isn't a problem. If you have crushed spare purple rubbish you get you can get fragments to upgrade your weapons by transmuting them into elements. Yeah, moving to Scorpio at the moment currently isn't worth it. Hopefully Moonstones drop more frequently in this event so their price will go down a little.
  25. New Event & Daily Challenge

    This is so true with Warlocks on Yeti. I also recommend if there are Warlocks in the party that you communicate with each other. Some people don't know when to Soulburn. Always Soulburn at the start (around 95-90%) and after the first ice phase. If there is another Warlock in the party and you're only around 50% let them buff then. They could also change their spec to time distortion if there are lots of melee players in the part who can benefit. Don't stay near the edges of the dungeon but don't get too close to yeti. Instead of using Z when the fire comes, backjump into it. It works a lot better and you are more likely able to DPS him. Other players should be doing the CC on the boss. Using 1 and putting it in Stage 1 Tier 3 is a good way to go as-well, you can block the aoe's by repulsing it away when Yeti is about to hit you with it. Also, when he is about to put his ass on the floor and create heat you can run under him and use that and it'll last for around 2 seconds. Plenty of time not to die in. I am always happy to run dungeons with anyone. No matter what they're AP is. I had a guy join Yeti earlier and I was with 2 players who are in their 350AP range and some in the 400 range. I was the only one above 500 in the party. The dude got angry because he wanted to be in a party with 550 players and thought everyone sucked so he left. People like that usually rely on their AP rather than their skill and that is why you see high levelled players fail at Be Ido in Naryu, 1st boss in Nexus, Twins at Asura. The Skill Tree isn't exactly self explanatory. I also had issues with it. I still only go in with a Single KD so I can assist players and I switch that out with Stun on some occasions. If you can't double CC or can't work with another party, do not just do one. It can ruin the flow of the party as-well; this happens A LOT in Cold Storage; in fact this is the main dungeon I've had this issue on :D It is easy to do the dungeons that are currently on the challenge; it'll also be easy to do the new dungeons however people need to be willing to learn and teach players the mechanics and work together. If you are all low AP you may struggle to max dps the boss; definitely if players aren't fully aware of good rotations for their class. Gloomdross is pretty straight forward: Same as Necro. Put a super high geared player defending one and have the other 5 on the other. or split it 2/4, 3/3. It'll always depend on the party you get.