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  1. I'm running 359.06. I don't update drivers for the sake of it, though. The only other two released since then was a VR-related one, and a gameready driver for tomb raider, and the division. Edit: Have you guys also noticed that there are 3 profiles for BnS, one is a dated one, with a different client (bnsclient) it's called. And the other 2 are for Korea, and China. I wonder if that has something to do with it, because I was trying out those profiles to see - because there seems to be no NA/EU profiles released from NV. I also don't think a game reinstall will sort it, but I've run
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I'll try fresh reinstalling the game (?). I've no idea what's up. I've seen no other graphical artifacting. I've anything that auto adjusts the optons unticked aswel. I even checked the config xml, to be sure.. My frame rate is also fine, excluding the typical d3d9/x86 threading-related performance bs nosedives for certain stuff. Which is simply because the game doesn't utilize the system's hardware, running dated APIs. My system is also healthy, and stable. Windows 7 pro x64 3770k @ 4.4Ghz GTX 970 @ 1440 / 1950 8GB 2
  3. Are you for real?. I've got everything set to max. The grass draws in about 15 feet in front of me, and the lod pop-in is pretty bad too. What GPU are you running?. I've a gtx 970. Can anyone else provide some input on this. Do you have this problem?. Or like above feel it's fine for you?.
  4. Could anyone else maybe bump this, if you agree with the topic presented here. I'm not requesting anything major. Simply unlock the draw distance (options) for the foliage, etc. So those of us with the systems to handle it, can raise the object draw distance, to eliminate the crude looking pop-in, please?. Either I'm overly sensitive to the pop-in, in this game, Or others need specticles? lol.
  5. The game is running d3d9, and rocking the x86 architechture. Unfortunately it's not going to utilize current/powerful hardware all that well. Especially on the threading side of things. Typically, you should be getting great fps when there's not much happening on-screen. But, as soon as a lot of process-heavy tasks begin. The frame rate will nosedive. If you're getting frame rate problems just stand around in general. Then there's something up on your end. Maybe try some pc maintanence (CCleaner, driver updates, etc) Also, try creating a profile with your gr
  6. The only thing I can think of straight away is, if you're trying to force hardware antialiasing (msaa, etc), from your driver. It's apparently known to cause this issue.
  7. Simply put - the object, and foliage pop-in is really bad. (grass, rocks, terrain, objects, etc.). They are being drawn a few feet in front my my character. Everything is set to maximum. Also note: I'm not bashing on the games' visuals or anything like that here. This is a seperate issue. Unfortunately with the config file being xml. All it really does is save the UI option preset values, and then resolves them on game launch. You can't raise them further via the config file, or anything like that (for example). I just wanted to post this, to see if anyone else finds th
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