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  1. Bonjour, Suite à la maintenance prolongée du mercredi 3 avril une compensation a été offerte à tous les joueurs. Un cadeau de Hongmoon est disponible dans la boutique pour 0 pièce de Hongmoon. Ce cadeau contient les objets suivants : 2 orbes des ténèbres 2 tablettes de réinitialisation de l'Autel flottant et de l'Entrepôt froid Ce cadeau est disponible une fois par compte et ce jusqu'à demain, vendredi 5 avril à 2 h (heure de Paris). Nous tenons une nouvelle fois à nous excuser pour cette maintenance ayant empêchée de nombreux joueurs, notamment européens, d'accéder à Blade & Soul. Merci encore pour le soutien apporté à Blade & Soul
  2. Regarding anything creative, things can be shared directly on the Fan Creations forums, that's probably the best avenue for that. Art can also be tweeted to us, we will like/RT some of it as well (we obviously cannot like or RT just about everything). When it comes to guides or useful resources for the Community, we got that thread (which is a bit outdated, but we can dust that off!), feel free to link your pastebin to me and I'll be able to add them there too. I am not extremely keen on having banners on forums / signatures. Keeping the place as readable as possible is our first priority, even if it may look a bit stale. Regarding colour template/design anyone is just free to make their custom CSS and use an extension like Stylish or Stylus. If someone comes up with something amazing I wouldn't even mind sharing it publicly but it will have to remain something "unofficial" through an extension. For brand image reasons we have to keep the default design as it is, it's not something we can change on a whim. (However if you feel that something is difficult to read due to a bad colour scheme, as long as it's something minor it's an adjustment I can make instantly). Regarding the Avatar Gallery and forum upgrade, I just asked the team in charge again today for an ETA. It's a feature we know works since we have it on another NCSOFT title forums, so all we need is to deploy that update on Blade & Soul forums.
  3. Hi! We answered to that question several times in the past and letting everyone to choose the avatar they want on forums is a route we will never take. We've all seen what can happen on F2 Profile pictures in-game already, I would like to avoid our Moderators chasing up after inappropriate avatars/signatures all day long, not to mention that forums are readable technically by anyone (including non-authenticated users) meaning that there's no age gating in place, so all content published in here must be completely safe for work (we are even more strict than we are in-game here). Let's not mention all the drama related to art theft that we would have to deal with too. Our initial goal when we launched forums was to directly integrate in-game data so your avatar would be representing your character in-game (like WoW basically), as well as pulling basic settings such as your level, clan etc. That was unfortunately never put in place. The alternative we are looking at is to have an avatar gallery. It's something we will be able to do once Blade & Soul forums gets upgraded (right now the functionality isn't present in the current version of the forum software we are using). Once that feature is in, adding a bunch of pre-determined avatars for everyone to choose from will be easy! Great mock up also Showta, thank you for taking the time to make that!
  4. Hello bonboncat, We have escalated that issue to the development as we believe that these should be tradable. We don't have any news to share at the moment but we will make sure to do so as soon as we have more information.
  5. Bonjour ! Malheureusement le pack de l'élévation (contenant le ticket niveau 60) n'est plus disponible. La date limite des inscriptions était le 11 mars. Ce sujet concerne uniquement le sachet de l'élévation qui est lui disponible dans l'onglet "Pièces de Hongmoon" dans la boutique en jeu (F10).
  6. I am sorry to hear that you got locked out of your Account :( In that case you will have to reach out to the Support Team by email (support@bladeandsoul.com). Requesting to change emails twice in a very short time frame can trigger a possible lock obviously since it's a unusual behaviour. The Support Team isn't locking accounts arbitrarily (they have a variety of tools at their disposal allowing them to take a decision), but to prevent a possible takeover by a third party.
  7. This doesn't affect anything in-game so don't worry about it. It's just the way forums were set-up. On the back end we assign an email address to a forum account whenever you visit forums for the first time. When you change your NC Account email address, the forum goes like "I don't know that email address, so please create a new username". This problem should not occur anymore however, if it does please let us know!
  8. Hello, I can understand how frustrating this issue can be since both the Chest and Gem names were incorrect in that case. This problem was reported to our services as the Customer Support agent mentioned to you. After further investigation, it turns out to be solely a description/name issue both for the Box and the Garnet > Peridot. Initially the box was named Gilded Square Gem Chest instead of Gilded Triangular Gem Chest. Likewise for all of its content which was named [Gilded Square X] instead of [Gilded Triangular X] and on top of that, "Garnet" was present instead of "Peridot". So it's basically 2 localisation issues on a single box hence why I understand why this could have been extremely confusing for you. However when it comes to the item itself (on the back end) you received the proper reward, only the description/text is incorrect that is why the Support Team did not replace your item since from a functionality point of view everything worked as it should (the box is supposed to give Gilded Triangular Gems, you got a Gilded Triangular Gem.) Would you be able to name the players who claim to have received Square Gems from that very box and when so we could investigate further and confirm what exactly happened there? Are they really certain that they obtained an actual Square Gem and not just a triangular one with a wrong description/name? Because the box should never have given any Squared Gems. Thanks again!
  9. Bonjour ! Le problème a été remonté aux développeurs en effet, il n'y a pas encore de date concernant une possible résolution cependant :(
  10. Bonjour, Suite aux retours des joueurs concernant l'événement en cours, l'éclosion de l'esprit, nos équipes ont pris la décision d'ajouter de nouveau un sachet de l'élévation disponible quotidiennement dans la boutique de Hongmoon pour 0 pièce de Hongmoon. Le nouveau sachet contient les objets suivants : 1 orbe des ténèbres 1 orbe d'efflorescence Vous pouvez obtenir ce sachet une fois par jour et par compte jusqu'à la maintenance du 10 avril, date de la fin de l'événement. Merci pour le soutien apporté à Blade & Soul
  11. Hello all, We understand there have been difficulties in participating in the event and so the Ascension Pouch is once again available in the Hongmoon Store for 0 Hongmoon Coins. The Ascension Pouch was updated and now contains (1) Orb of Ascension and (1) Blossom Orb, which can be picked up once per day per account until the Blossoming Soul event ends on April 10. We wish you the best in completing your Fleeting Legacy Soul or anything else you're working on to acquire.
  12. Hello Gman, Both files are safe and are calling the same process so don't worry about it! One shortcut is dedicated purely to the launcher one is for Blade & Soul (that still get started through the launcher). Obviously right now there's no difference because only Blade & Soul is using the new launcher, but we will add more products in there eventually :)
  13. Right now, the decision is to have that exchange permanent, there's no deadline. If for any reason this would change we would make sure let everyone know well ahead in advance.
  14. Hello there! We definitely care about Battle Royale rankings and while I know that we haven't replied to your thread, it's feedback we gathered and brought up in our reports. I understand that right now the ranking system may not be the best since it's solely based on how much you play (quantity) unlike other modes like the Arena where ranking is based on Skill/MMR (quality). When it comes to class ranking it's not something that is planned right now, but that is a good suggestion too! Changes to the ranking system would require a certain amount of work to be implemented so it's difficult to say at this point if changes are going to happen. Keep in mind that Blade & Soul goes beyond just our version in the West, so adding something totally "new" like Class Ranking isn't a change we can unilaterally make.
  15. Bonjour ! Vous avez sans doute remarqué que le nouveau lanceur NC vient d'être publié aujourd'hui. Tout d'abord nous vous invitons à consulter cet article sur le site de l'assistance Blade & Soul qui vous aidera a faire la transition entre l'ancien et le nouveau lanceur NC. Il n'est pas nécessaire de télécharger Blade & Soul à nouveau lors de la mise à jour du nouveau lanceur NC, une petite mise à jour du jeu sera toutefois nécessaire (environ ~1.5 GB) Assurez-vous d'être sur la nouvelle page de téléchargement du lanceur NC en appuyant sur CTRL + F5 depuis la page de téléchargement. Vous devriez voir le bouton suivant : Vous pouvez aussi cliquez-ici directement pour obtenir le nouveau lanceur NC. N'hésitez pas à poser toutes vos questions sur ce sujets et/ou faire des suggestions concernant le nouveau lanceur NC ! Merci !
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