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  1. Bonjour ! Vous avez sans doute remarqué que le nouveau lanceur NC vient d'être publié aujourd'hui. Tout d'abord nous vous invitons à consulter cet article sur le site de l'assistance Blade & Soul qui vous aidera a faire la transition entre l'ancien et le nouveau lanceur NC. Il n'est pas nécessaire de télécharger Blade & Soul à nouveau lors de la mise à jour du nouveau lanceur NC, une petite mise à jour du jeu sera toutefois nécessaire (environ ~1.5 GB) Assurez-vous d'être sur la nouvelle page de téléchargement du lanceur NC en appuyant sur CTRL + F5 depuis la page de téléchargement. Vous devriez voir le bouton suivant : Vous pouvez aussi cliquez-ici directement pour obtenir le nouveau lanceur NC. N'hésitez pas à poser toutes vos questions sur ce sujets et/ou faire des suggestions concernant le nouveau lanceur NC ! Merci !
  2. Bugged Warden Awakened Skills

    Hello, Sadly that issue affecting both Warden and Gunslinger will not be fixed in today's update. I understand that this can be very frustrating and I understand how important it is for both of these classes. We have reported this issue further up last Wednesday as soon as we were made aware of it, however the fix hasn't been delivered yet so it couldn't be deployed today. At this time I cannot provide an estimated date for a fix, then again with all the feedback we received about this we understand how it is important to players so it's something that will be pushed to get fixed as soon as possible.
  3. I just fail to understand your reasoning when you state "put you too much behind". Either it's too long/tedious to reach the cap everyday, but in that case it is for nearly all players therefore you won't be behind since almost nobody will reach the cap everyday anyway. Either it's not and in that case the system doesn't require any changes. It cannot be both at the same time. Hence my original reply: we will assess how players are progressing through the Unity system and make adjustments in the future if required, but as it stands (meaning today) there won't be any change. I understand that this system may not suit your schedule and/or play-style but we cannot adjust an entire system just because of individual feedback on the matter. We are collecting data on how players are engaging with various content in Blade & Soul and the Unity System is no exception, your feedback is directing us where to look but ultimately what will weigh the most in decision making are factual metrics and I hope that you understand that (again even if this may not go in the direction that you want.)
  4. Nobody is forcing you to reach the cap literally everyday. The most dedicated players will, but that shouldn't be everyone. The system wasn't designed to allow just about everyone to easily reach the cap daily but instead to reward the most active players. You may not reach the cap daily and that's perfectly fine, instead of just thinking about the Unity system as a task you must complete no matter what, focus on playing the game as you would normally and increase Unity along the way. Eventually you'll reach the cap. The Unity system has been designed with long term goal in mind, we will re-assess it as time goes by but as it currently stands the Daily Cap isn't going to change.
  5. Well the whole idea of having a daily cap is to incentivise players to log on and be active daily. Making that cap weekly would defeat the purpose. Sure there are days where people cannot play but that's the same for pretty much everyone in the end, you will just miss your Unity for that day. The very same happen with any activity that resets on a daily basis.
  6. Bonjour, Suite à une erreur de communication en interne, une information erronée concernant certains objets (orbe gelé, orbe blanc, pierre d’esprit démoniaque, tablette de réinitialisation de l’entrepôt froid etc.) a été diffusée lors de notre livestream ainsi que sur différent canaux officiels comme les réseaux sociaux. Lors de la mise à jour du 13 mars dernier nous avons découvert que ces objets sont devenus obsolètes et ne peuvent plus qu’être échangés contre une pièce de cuivre. Nous tenions tout d’abord à présenter nos excuses aux joueurs pour cette erreur. Nous comprenons que beaucoup d’entrevous ont passé du temps à accumuler ces objets et que cela est très frustrant de voir ces objets disparaître alors que le contraire avait été communiqué de manière officielle. À la suite de cette erreur et afin de permettre aux joueurs de profiter de l’événement éclosion de l’esprit dans de meilleurs conditions, nous allons offrir à tous les joueurs une compensation. Il vous sera possible d’obtenir quotidiennement un sachet de l’élévation dans la boutique de Hongmoon pour 0 pièce de Hongmoon contenant les objets suivants : 1 orbe des ténèbres 1 tablette de réinitialisation de l'Autel flottant et de l'Entrepôt froid Ce sachet de l’élévation sera disponible jusqu’au 22 mars à 18 h (heure de Paris) dans la boutique de Hongmoon, une fois par jour et par compte. Nous tenions une nouvelle à nous excuser pour cette erreur et feront tout notre possible pour qu’un problème similaire ne se reproduise plus. Bien que la compensation ci-dessus ne puisse satisfaire tout le monde, nous espérons qu’elle vous permettra de mener à terme l’amélioration de votre Âme d'efflorescence éphémère. Merci encore pour le soutien apporté à Blade & Soul
  7. Question pour le changement en niveau 60

    Bonjour ! Il s'agit uniquement d'une erreur d'affichage :) Le personnage sera bien niveau 60 une fois le processus entièrement terminée (création + finir le tutoriel).
  8. Greetings, First, thanks again for all the feedback submitted regarding the upcoming Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update. I understand that still many questions have been left unanswered in this thread, hopefully Patch Notes available tonight will address most of your queries. I wanted to take a moment to give an update regarding the Talisman item and specifically its upgrade cost. I understand that this may not please some of you, however as it currently stands the upgrade costs are going to remain as they were originally designed for our region of Blade & Soul. Since we are effectively releasing three upgrade tiers all at once, the total amount of material needed to go from scratch to max is indeed steep. Maxing out the newly introduced Talisman should be seen more as a long-term goal for players who have already maxed out pretty much everything else. That said, the first tiers of the upgrade (up to True Hongmoon Talisman) will not require any Pet Packs. Another point which was raised in this thread was regarding the Custom Dreamcatcher costume set. The new collection system will require that costume set, and many of you pointed out here or on Social Media that it wasn’t fair for us to ask everyone to collect a costume that is bound to be phased out tomorrow once the Challenge Mode season is renewed. Thanks to that feedback we have made some adjustments, the Dreamcatcher costume set will be tradable using the next Challenge Mode season currency which will allow everyone to collect it even if you missed out this season. The pricing will remain the same: Custom Dreamcatcher: 20 Brood Challenge token Custom Dreamcatcher Adornment: 10 Brood Challenge token Custom Dreamcatcher Mask: 10 Brood Challenge token The above items however won’t be added straight away tomorrow but at a later date in a future update. Thank you for your continued support of Blade & Soul, we hope that everyone will enjoy the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update tomorrow.
  9. Method 2 will be 1 Dyad Gilded Triangular and 2 Square Gems yes. Indeed the new system will not be retroactive. (It will be called "Unity" also).
  10. Lvl 60 Voucher questions

    The new Temple of Succession series of Quests will yield enough EXP to bring a character from level 55 to level 60. As for the ticket, as said above it can be used on existing or new characters. Obviously you get more "value" out of it whenever using it on a character that is freshly created :)
  11. Right now it's a limited event, that doesn't necessarily mean it will never become permanent but that isn't the plan for now.
  12. They shouldn't be at the same time, Shackled Isles should be 1 hour after Koldrak. That's something we really would like to do, not only for people with disabilities but also for non-native English speakers who may have trouble to follow spoken English but have a easier time reading it. Unfortunately due to resources constraint it's not something we can offer right now :( 1. Not with this Patch no. 2. The normal Dreamcatcher obtained from HM will work fine. After checking carefully again, one collection requires the normal one and one collection do require the custom version, so you'll need both actually. 3. It won't be possible to buy Hexagonal Gems with Powder. ---- I know there are more questions waiting to be answered, will try to get another batch today if I have the time. As for the Talisman upgrade cost (since I know that this was discussed a lot this weekend could it be here, Twitter or Reddit) I don't have any extra news at this point and will follow-up as soon as I get more information. Thanks again for your patience all and all the feedback provided.
  13. Basically yes. Sorry again if that wasn't crystal clear yesterday :( I know that generated lot of anger. Feedback regarding Talisman has been passed on. It's obviously something that might take a little bit more time to address since unlike gem it wasn't just a mistake in communication.
  14. You will also get Gem Powder back! This is also valid for lower tier of gems like Octagonal or Heptatonal.
  15. Hi, First of all thanks again for all the feedback we received in this thread. I know that lot of questions haven't been answered but all your messages have been read and hopefully we will be able to address more questions until March 13th. I wanted to give an update regarding a piece of information we released yesterday regarding Dyad Triangular Gems Salvage ans which wasn't entirely accurate. Dyad Triangular Gems will be salvageable for the following materials: 25 Hongmoon Gem Fragments 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder 2 Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Gems The correct information is: Dyad Triangular Gems will be salvageable for the following materials: 25 Hongmoon Gem Fragments 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder 2 Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Gems Each Expired Gem will be able to be antiquated for a Gilded Triangular Gem + 96 Hongmoon Gem Powder. For exemple Salvaging a Dyad-Gilded Ruby-Sapphire will yield: 1 Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Ruby Antique to Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Ruby + 96 Hongmoon Gem Powder 1 Expired Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Sapphire Antique to Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Sapphire + 96 Hongmoon Gem Powder 25 Hongmoon Gem Fragment 6 Hongmoon Gem Powder This is still a 64 Powder "loss" compared to initially invested materials, that is however better than the initial 256 loss that was communicated. I would like to apologise for the confusion this caused and do not hesitate to feedback on the above. Please also note that Gilded Triangular Gems on their own will also be able to be Antiquated in order to receive Hongmoon Gem Powder back. The same applies to lower tier of gems like Octagonal or Heptagonal. ---- Couple answers to questions in the thread: Will the new PvP Battle Royale Area have equalised stats Yes! Are we gonna have the pleasure to enjoy having a house / estate in Blade & Soul anytime soon, or no plan yet ? There are no plan at this point. Will a character slot be added? This isn't planned for the March 13th update. Will Patch Notes be available before Tuesday 12th Unfortunately no, that would only leave us Monday as an option and we are just finalising this.