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  1. This is the last post I am ever going to make for this game's forums. After that, I'm leaving. It's just not right being a part of this anymore, and it's not the player base nor community being awful. It's the publisher and developer(s) being this untrustworthy and shady. Thanks for reading through all of this if you did. I've been playing this game ever since it came out in NA back in 2016. I quit for 2 years, then came back to find this game become one huge Pay-to-Win mess. I dismissed it, believing this to be one huge obstacle to overcome for this game to achieve its true potent
  2. Are you not seeing the big picture here? Unity and Ascension stones were supposed to be the ONLY ONE FEATURE that was NOT Pay-to-Win. NCSOFT changed that with this "patch" by introducing bundles where you can now buy Ascension stones and Unity xp for real money. It doesn't matter about being happy or mad about the whales funding the game. After this patch, there will be nothing left but whales in the game, and the fact that they kept these bundles a secret is shady as hell, on top of proving the reasons why we as a player base cannot trust them. Honestly, this has to be illegal som
  3. You can tell they're desperate with the amount of bundles they dropped in the cash shop, especially the ones with the Unity xp charms and the Ascension stone packs that you can buy up to 10 times.
  4. How is NCSOFT a multi-million dollar corporation again? With all this negative stuff about them coming from their EMPLOYEES?
  5. Yeah, and the fact BnS is declining in Europe/NA isn't good for the lot of us who continue playing the game because, knowing how NCSOFT operates their business, they might just withdraw the game from both regions just to profit heavily off of their Korean and general Asia player base. It's sad that most game industries are turning into this, but no one said life is fair, right? We just have to roll with it and see where it goes. Or, we can take a step forward with initiative to helping new players get into the game, all the while improving the community-aspect of Blade
  6. I didn't make MMO-Populations, so I wouldn't know if it tracks the player activity across all regions, but I think it does. However, what's important to understand about MMO-Populations is that their tracked MMO player counts are based primarily on active Reddit subscribers and users for the respective MMORPG Reddit pages. The actual player count is not as accurate as it's shown, mainly because getting accurate player numbers for any MMORPG game is very difficult unless this data was publicly released by the leading industry that developed the game(s). What makes the si
  7. I wouldn't use those numbers as a good projection of the current Blade & Soul player population, mainly because of the reason you explained: not everyone uses BnS Buddy. Better to use MMO-Population, as the statistics closely resemble those from Statista. The Blade & Soul MMO-Population graphs can be found here: https://mmo-population.com/r/bladeandsoul/
  8. Ahh, okay. It just sounded like the dislike came from the playerbase, even though the lot of us are continuing to press for better changes to be made for the game. Unfortunately with this "patch" coming up, it sounds like the worst changes are still being made.
  9. So are you blaming the actual BnS community players or the developers and executives on this one? It sounds like you're hating on us for these changes.
  10. That's the one thing I'm upset about. Of all changes, why was that one made? Allowing players to switch out their legendary mystic badges freely was so player-friendly and convenient, and now that it's being removed, the developers want us to farm for another badge? Yikes.
  11. Some of the changes are for PvP, and I don't do PvP in Blade & Soul, so for that, I wouldn't know if the changes are good or bad. But, for changes to the gear, the Marketplace, and the merchants, those aren't really fixes but are instead changes to systems already in the game.
  12. "We don’t like pay-to-win, so what we are offering are cosmetics, convenience, and consumables – not power, not gear, not permanent stat increases." Well, clearly this practice went out the drain now that Blade & Soul does more Trove and has its daily pool of in-game upgradeable materials that affect the gameplay in the cash shop, which players can buy with real world money. NCSOFT clearly caters to the whales, and one would be foolish not to see that. It's a damn shame, but a business is a business. Too bad other game industries are leaning in this direction.
  13. I wouldn't say these are really patch notes because from what I read, it sounds like there wasn't any fixes to any preexisting issues or anything. There are only a lot of things being changed and shifted around, which is really not fixing anything in the game aside from removing what needed to be removed and replacing it with something else.
  14. Maybe try playing at a different time then for a potentially better result?
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