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  1. I don't really have any issues with character idle animations. I'm happy that characters even have idle animations to begin with because that's extra work on the animators. I'd really like it if we could choose our own idle animations though for the four races, similar to how we could do it in the character creation screen.
  2. I heard online about how the U.S. Senator plans to ban loot box gambling and P2W, on top of making it illegal to even have these features in any game made or imported in the U.S. To verify this, I found articles on the same subject matter, accessible via the links below: U.S. Senator Introduces Bill To Ban Loot Boxes And Pay-To-Win Microtransactions You Can Now Read The Proposed Senate Bill That Would Ban Loot Boxes In Games Kids Like [UPDATE] Loot Boxes Could Become Illegal In US If New Bill Passes We Shouldn’t Trust The US Government To Know How To Ban Loot Boxes And Microtransactions Game studios would be banned from selling loot boxes to minors under new bill Personally, I'm a bit nervous about what this could mean for Blade & Soul given this game has loot box gambling, P2W, and RNG all over the place, and concerned if NCSOFT might just make the dumb decision to pull this game from NA in response to this "because it isn't making them enough profit." At the same time, I'm happy that loot box gambling is being banned because kids are being exposed to "legal" in-game gambling mechanics that is gambling nonetheless and harmful for them due to risk of addiction. Ever since the whole Star Wars: Battlefront 2 problem that caused all of this, I'm content with not having to pay to excel in a game that I could get better at with time, but I really like Blade & Soul and am hoping this won't cause some executive decision to pull the game from the western market. These articles are worth a read, but for all those among both the NA and EU regions, what do you guys think of this? Keep in mind this could have an effect on the EU region as well.
  3. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    Not really. We still need to check off "Exact Match" to have search results pop up.
  4. purchase problem

    Have you tried purchasing Premium through here?
  5. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    Don't you get a reward for completing it? If so, that would be why.
  6. Assassin

    That sounds strangely broken to deal with in PvP. I'm not sure about that...
  7. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    First off, calm down. If you can't explain a point without cursing, it's probably not a good point at all. Secondly, I'm not sure how low-leveled you say you are. You're saying all these players are HM 18-25, which is true, but I could only assume you're really low-level if you made it clear that: The thing is, these mobs aren't that hard to kill when you reach at least 1400+ AP. You made it sound like an absolute struggle to fight them off. Thirdly, I can't figure out why you were doing Soulstone Plains to begin with. Was it to farm [Soulstones] and [Evolved Stones]? Was it to farm Faction insignas and raise your Faction standing? The problems you describe are there, but what are they hindering? You say it's one thing, but it could be the other; it's a bit cluttered for me to see. I'm curious to know why you're investing days-worth of time in 2-year-old content, for loot that could be farmed elsewhere, when it's currently plagued by high-leveled Ceruleans. There are other things in-game you could do to achieve the same farm, and these are more fun than standing around in half-hour to full-hour intervals, which is what most of these "high-geared gorillas" are doing. Granted, NCSOFT isn't doing a good job at improving their Faction system. It was cool as a concept, executed poorly, and it's now an abandoned project to work on. You were playing content that was bad to begin with, and there's content outside of Factions that I can say are better. TL;DR; the solution to your problem is do other things in the game. Leave Soulstone Plains to high-geared players who want to AFK all the time.
  8. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    To simply put, players who claim this game isn't P2W are in denial. I'm well-aware of how P2W this game is, and I'm also aware of the times this game scammed its players ([White Orb] scandal, [Starshine Box] RNG problem). However, what frustrates me is how this debate continues being looped among players such that it gets virtually nowhere. This is happening here, this is happening on social media, and it's happening in-game. We all get it: Blade & Soul is P2W.
  9. They could just make it where fighting these Faction raid bosses would scale with one's level. That way, even if such a boss is in a low-level zone, it would always be powerful. There wouldn't be constant insta-killing of bosses, and if these bosses are defeated, then it would be rewarding to the players who participated in the fight.
  10. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Yeah, but if Blade & Soul did that for their forums, it would be copying. It has to be something unique and different without copying how another game handles its own forums.
  11. Archer??

    I really don't want Blade & Soul to turn into TERA with all these class restrictions. Fortunately for this game, it doesn't have those stupid gender-locked restrictions for new classes, but it's slowly going to be compensated with more and more race restrictions for classes. Why can't the Yun wield a bow? They aren't all magic, you know. They can be archers, too.
  12. For the sake of making alt. characters more player-friendly, I'd say more items should be account-bound so we can trade them between characters, not just the [Orb of Ascension].
  13. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Fair enough. I'm not asking that an overhaul for the Forums be made, as that could over-complicate things. Sounds fine by me. As someone who works with file security and keeping my own stuff in one place, I'm in agreement. Well, the sooner the better I'd say. People use these forums, and having different personalities shown on the forums through different pictures is a nice aesthetic touch. I'm in agreement with this being the only thing implemented. The last statement is the reason I want profile avatars to be different. We're a community, and we all have different thoughts, opinions, and personalities. Making everyone equal is counter-productive for what's trying to be achieved, and it isn't fun. Hopefully, this gets changed soon.
  14. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    I think it'd would simply be best to have an NPC quest giver stand outside so people don't forget. It's unnecessary to add unlimited entry passes because this is a separate instance dungeon that can be done in groups.
  15. Which is something I wish was changed because the Faction system is really cool in Blade & Soul, but they just aren't rewarding enough to do for players. Having cool raid-strong bosses for factions would be nice. That'd be interesting.