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  1. Stop adding content, waste of resources

    What I think NCSOFT central is doing, and hopefully this is true, is they're slowly adjusting towards a balance between server maintenance and bug/ optimization fixes and improvements (the latter being in-progress) and adding new content to the game. I think progress is being made towards further improving the optimization issues, while new content is being released at a steady pace, which is hopefully the direction this game is going in. Regardless of how much the players demand for UE4 to be released early, it won't happen. I rather wait a bit longer so that the transition is done correctly than rush it and have it completely break and ruin the game. That's just my take on it. I also think monthly, at best weekly, updates on the progress towards the UE4 transition would be beneficial so as to take some of the heat off this situation, but that hasn't been happening, further proving my point that there is poor community engagement between the player base and the staff.
  2. Stop adding content, waste of resources

    No, which is why I believe there needs to be a healthy balance between adding new content and fixing the game's technical problems. And after re-reading what I wrote, you're right; I was also being self-centered. But t I stand by needing this kind of balance for this game because this will be what keeps it afloat, not UE4 alone. People want UE4 because they believe it'll help the game's performance problems. I'm sure it will, and I want it as well because I not only want my gameplay experience to be better, but I want more people to play this game and support it. However, the problem with people leaning too heavily on that side is that they're focusing too much on UE4, believing it'll save the game on its own, and completely forsaking the desire for new content to keep the game fresh. Even if UE4 was released early by demand, that alone won't keep the game afloat because there are some players today who don't have optimization issues, and they aren't asking for UE4, but for more content instead. Like you said, there are PROS and CONS to this matter, which is something many users on these forums don't understand before making a hate-filled rant about this game. So even if the game becomes more stable in the future, no matter how good the performance will be in the long-run, if players don't like the content they see in this game, they won't play it. NCSOFT central has to also focus on keeping players hooked to this game as well, while keeping it maintained at the same time. It's a constant struggle between making the game stable-enough to play, while keeping it fresh at the same time, which is what NCSOFT central is currently dealing with.
  3. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    Given you've done database coding in PHP yourself, why are you rambling about NCSOFT central being greedy and not coming up with solutions for them to use? That's what I don't get. It sounds like you genuinely care about this game, and yelling at them for how greedy they are won't change anything because they chose to ignore that after the past year and a half of people doing this. They will, however, listen to solutions if you have them that doesn't come across as "fix your code" because problems are not simply resolved like that. You can't just "fix your code" and make things all better; there's more to that. People on these forums continue mentioning how they're coders, game programmers, and game designers, but they aren't coming up with solutions that could potentially fix these issues. All I see is nothing but verbal aggression and less problem-solving. Sounds a bit strange to me, and it raises my own suspicion that those who say they're programmers are actually lying when they aren't helping to provide solutions to the issues still present in this game. These are just my thoughts. I'm not attacking people who claim to be programmers, but I'm questioning why, as programmers, they aren't working to provide solutions and are instead coming on to be verbally aggressive against this game and the company. I know people hate NCSOFT for failing to see the bigger picture, and that's understandable, but maybe constructive, and not "fix your code," feedback is needed, not just hate mail.
  4. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    Adding something is better than the company adding nothing at all to the game. If the game was not updated for months, or nothing new was added for months, just being bug fixes and maintenance, people would get bored of the game and leave. It's not just optimization issues that'll cause players to leave; it's the lack of content as well. Not everyone has the optimization issues being mentioned constantly across the forums. Because of this, while said issues would definitely be a huge good in the right direction for this game, NCSOFT central needs to also focus on keeping their player base attracted to the game. If people find this game lackluster, they decide not to play it; unfortunately, given how poorly-optimized this game is, adding more content will actually work as a trap to lure players into a game they won't enjoy because they can't even play it. But that's not my point. The point is that there needs to be a balance between content vs. optimization fixes, and while everyone wants optimization fixes, NCSOFT central needs to care about having a fair-paced flow of content as well. I know people want to just play the game, which is what I want as well, but this point needs to be understood so as to make sense of why content is still being added amidst the UE4 argument. Okay, and that's fine. Good for you that you worked modifying other games through PHPBB2 and 3-Forum software, but that means you're a freelance programmer, not an employed one. Being a freelance programmer vs. an employed one is different when it comes to what you can and can't do, but the job is nonetheless the same when it comes to what role you play. Both roles still code, so there's nothing different there. When you're freelance, you can do whatever you want because you aren't under the watch or direction of company executives and producers. When you're employed, you're restricted only to what the company asks of you. I've done modding myself, and I can say that while not being an employed programmer, I have much more freedom, time, and pace with what I want to program and how I want to code. If I was employed as a programmer by a company, I'm limited in what I can do because I have to follow what the company wants, not what I want.
  5. returning player after 3 years inactive

    We can't answer this for you, and if people try to provide estimates, they will most likely be slightly inaccurate. Just get on the game and see for yourself.
  6. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    We don't know 100% as to why content keeps being added and the optimization problems aren't being resolved, and continuing to lean off of the "not care" reason for everything is starting to get a bit old. You don't work for NCSOFT, and neither do I. While all of our assumptions are easily-based off of what's being brought before us (poor optimization issues, poorly-designed events, terrible Trove, etc.), it would probably be best to take a step back and think of all these problems rising from the developers, programmers, and designers not fulfilling the expectations off their jobs. If they didn't care, there wouldn't be content coming out at all. I'm pretty sure they care, but they're failing at their respective jobs, which shows from everyone yelling at NCSOFT after an update is announced, then released, on top of optimization issues still not being resolved, and bugs still lingering about. Whether all these issues stem from greed, we don't really know, and we continue using that as the reason because everyone else does.
  7. Stop adding content, waste of resources

    They were referring to a lot of the players who come on to these Forums to complain about the horrible framerate issues and optimization problems. It's a bit inconsiderate to say what you said because it comes off as self-centered; just because you don't have issues doesn't mean others are enjoying the same luxury. There are plenty of BnS players everyday continuing to bring up the FPS problems, so it should be clear already that 1.) the optimization problems are still there, and 2.) many players are unfortunately having said problems. What ThiccBoi is trying to say is what's the point of adding more game content if one can't even play them. They aren't wrong; if NCSOFT central adds a new raid, which they did, but people can't play it because of framerate problems, which is still ongoing, then how can one possibly play it? If players constantly die because they're fighting at 5 FPS, forget enjoyment; the game is unplayable, and that's what many players are dealing with right now.
  8. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    I like to think that most events released are for high-geared, end-game players, not mid-geared ones. The Sacred Longgui event was end-game, so it's likely NCSOFT central will do the same for the next event. This is, unfortunately, the only consistency the company has, and it isn't a good one for new- to mid-geared players. More events like these continue to close off opportunities for new players, which is disheartening, but what could we do? Community engagement between the player base and the staff isn't doing so hot right now, so if this is how the next event's going to be, then yeah, taking a long break from this game would be best. This isn't even the worst of the problems. Blade & Soul still has optimization issues that have worsened with the recent patch, and now we're having another upcoming event for high-geared players, on top of World Championship Qualifications? Where is the direction of this game going exactly?
  9. 8 fps problem

    Well, for one, your processors are weak. In today's century, i7's are the way to go for processing power. However, it isn't your PC that's entirely the problem. After the Awakening and Empyrean Shadows update/ patches, almost everyone's getting FPS drops and screen-staggering in raids, dungeons, etc. It's more an issue with the game's optimization than your PC that's causing the consistent low FPS and frame rate lag, which [hopefully] might be resolved in the upcoming UE4 update predicted to be released next year.
  10. Unity

    No one said you had to use the Refine Splendor System. Like every other system in the game, it relies on percent (%) chances to earn a higher-grade item from refining, but if it's that bad as you say, why do it? The Unity Splendor system itself isn't P2W because the stones can be bought for 5 [Frozen Feathers], which are easily obtainable by doing CS and HM. So, the actual refining system is by chance, but working to get the stones needed to refine IS obtainable by effort. Since you're a player who farms for Purple and Legendary Splendor Stones, then I can see where you're coming from, as I tried going for Purple myself, and the percent chances aren't fair. However, I don't agree with it taking a regular player 5 years to get a Legendary stone, so that's a bit exaggerated and out-of-place. If it's against PvE monsters, when does it matter whether it's fair or not? You're fighting AI, not players with emotion who react to things considered "overpowered" or "broken." If I can kill high-leveled dungeon bosses very quickly, what's wrong with that? It makes farming for mats. much easier and less time-consuming. If the Unity system applied for PvP, which I'm sure it doesn't, then it would be game-breaking because higher-leveled Unity players would outmatch the lower-leveled ones. The boost in stats would just be a nightmare to deal with for players who aren't even high-leveled in Unity, and it wouldn't make sense as to why it would apply to PvP to begin with. The point of the Unity system is to create a form of progress, w/ the reward being boosted stats, and Unity can only be leveled at Level 60, so it isn't easily accessible until a character hits that level. What else is new? This entire game is a gambling simulator for how it's 80% RNG, 20% gameplay. And that's bad... why?? For someone who farms as much as you do, I wouldn't think this would be relevant, but somehow it is??
  11. Can´t count till 3

    Honestly dude, if you're that mad at this game and the company leading it, just leave the game and push it out of your life. Be done with it, and move on. NCSOFT will learn the hard way that when their games slowly die and they're on the verge of collapse, maybe listening to their player base wouldn't have been so bad.
  12. Can´t count till 3

    What bug are you talking about? The last few posts you made were about hating on NCSOFT for not listening to the community and the programmers for being incompetent. There was nothing about a bug from what you typed. And do you have proof of NCSOFT's development team having "consistently tested" their code, or proof that the playerbase fixed this bug you're talking about? Stop making stuff up, dude. Also, NCSOFT is an "it" because it's a game industry/ corporation. Get your facts right. Yes, programmers must do a good job with their work, otherwise they wouldn't have been employed in the first place. I'm not completely removing programmers from the equation of the problem, but I'm saying that the "blame all programmers for being lazy" argument really needs to stop. It's an overused and unsupported argument because most of the time, it's the executive decisions of the company that result in a game being so poorly-designed and distributed to the public. Programmers and game designers can only do so much within what they're allowed to do, and most of the time, they have to follow what their higher-up producers tell or assign them to do. You don't know for sure if South Korea has test servers; quit assuming stuff you can't state as hard fact. Granted, I'd be worried if they didn't, so I'll assume they do, but you act like you know everything NCSOFT has, when you don't. Instead of going over this poorly-organized block of information, I'll just make a few points. You're saying I don't mention NCWest? Why should I? NCWest has little control over what definitively goes in the game; most of the decisions come from NCSOFT HQ based in South Korea. Most of NCWest's responsibility is to help maintain the game here in the NA, but people keep accusing NCWest for everything, when they aren't at fault for everything. Besides, there are people on this Forums anyway continuing to blame NCWest and attack, so I don't need to do anything about that. What is with your obsession with the RU sector for NCSOFT? What they do is their own business, as it remains connected with the central company, and I'm pretty sure that if what they're doing is good, NCSOFT would find it practical to make NCWest do the same. Throughout this entire argument, you've only been comparing NCWest with the RU sector for NCSOFT over what one does and the other doesn't, which to me strays away from the point that the greatest issue facing the Blade & Soul community right now is NCSOFT's engagement with its community. Stop whining about why NCWest can't do this nor that; post a solution, and maybe then the developers, designers, and possibly the engagement staff would listen. That's all you had to say, but you decided to rant, curse, and spit at it.
  13. Player from F2

    We really need a better way to report troublemakers... We got so many in this game that it's suffocating.
  14. Can´t count till 3

    You do realize that working as a freelance game programmer for modifying games is different when working as an employed game programmer for a particular game industry, right? Freelance programmers have more freedom to do what they want within acceptable guidelines of the game they are modifying without fear of losing their job. They don't have to listen to higher-up executives nor producers, and they are in charge of the pace they wish to develop at. Most importantly, they can develop whatever they want, and make what they envision to be. Employed programmers sign a contract that makes it where they are obligated to follow the procedures and processes set forth by the company. They are led by higher-ups and producers on what they can/ can't do, and they lack the freedom to develop what they believe is good for game because it must be approved first. Essentially, they are not in charge of their own project, but are actually in charge of projects handed out to them by their producers. They have to follow the rules of the company, or else they lose their job. If you can't understand that and go straight into, like many others, mocking the developers, then your point is pretty much flawed. Yes, let's once again say that the reason why bugs and technical errors aren't fixed is because the developers are lazy; not like I never heard that before. Dude, have you ever programmed a game before, or worked as a programmer in a game industry? You need to understand that the developers are not 100% at fault for why the game is going downhill. They have to follow the procedures set forth in their contract by the industry they employed at, and they can't just go off on their own doing whatever they want. Most of the decision-making that goes into a game is by the executives and higher-up producers who manage the project; they work UNDER them. The problems inherent in this game have nothing to do with the developers being lazy because I can tell you right now, that's an overused excuse that has little value. I'm sure the developers want to fix bugs and technical problems, but they are obligated to follow what the producer and executives want, and what the company wants, not what they want, so if the company decides bug-fixing doesn't matter right now, they have to follow that, or they risk losing their job. They aren't lazy, but just trying to keep their job; geez, show some respect, dude. They? Not all players are jumping at anyone's throats; some are providing suggestions, so you're wrong there. You're one of the people you just described here, so you're no different. You basically just attacked yourself. Also, and ironically, the only person who's attacking anyone's throat in this thread is you. The amount of cursing you did in this thread is more than the cursing I deal with when moderating an online game server for Garry's Mod, and the people in that game are MUCH WORSE than the people here, so you just broke a record for being the greatest ranter here who can't prove a point in a civil manner.
  15. Tropical Treasure Trove Available June 19

    I spend 100+ keys on Trove, and I get items easily obtainable through farming... No thanks. I'll spend my NCoin on costumes which are only obtainable at certain times within a given year.