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  1. Can´t count till 3

    Even if the engine changes, it will be the same people that operate it. Not treating a wound and watching their players count bleed out speaks volumes, since it didn´t affect their initial revenue or hard numbers and thus the players that could afford to go the short cuts and that system to play this game. If they didn´t act with UE3, you can forget it with UE4. And now with the vacant spots on the previous servers that equal the amount of opinions for this game, maybe you tell me if they were content with the developer and if this double work would have been beneficial instead, especially since most problems surfaced before UE4 was even announced.
  2. Can´t count till 3

    It started off in 2015 when people asked if ncwest could add the function to disable the wind walk effects. Back then it was considered a QoL, but it already displayed the intend of the playerbase to increase the performance of BnS even just a little, aestetic and a relation to crashes. In the end it was never investigated though and multiple threads followed afterwards. (crashes) (aestetic) (6v6 crashes 2017) (6v6 crashes 2018) (official statement from ncsoft that they work with the development team on it) Even though we got the confirmation from NCSoft that they were already working on it point, they weren´t able to reproduce the crash and ultimately gave up. (Elusive) Instead they changed the way we lose rating in BG, which still took them more than 1,5years. "You no longer lose 20 Rating for disconnecting from a 6v6 Battleground. Instead, disconnecting from a 6v6 Battleground now counts as a loss and you will lose Rating as if you lost; however, if you reconnect you are no longer subject to the automatic loss." Just for a programmer from their playerbase to find a solution for the bg crashes, which was later on integrated into bns buddy. And do not forget the quest log bug, which still causes fps stutter if it´s not disabled in the settings and many others. Now then, what disproves what I said, that the programmer´s of ncsoft are incompetent? Tbh I struggled quiet a bit what to say after I read this part, because you give me more questions than answers and preach about providing facts that can be easily checked. Especially since you take the side of programmers I expected this to be common sense for you, to first test a patch before it´s applied to the main server. RU literally shows what else a publisher can do instead of staying passive and actively reverts changes, if they receive feedback from the community and I leave it up to you to find the souce. Just to give an example of some: And if you care enough look up my history. I didn´t only create topics, I also posted suggestions in other threads, but at one point you grow tired, because their are no changes where it counts. Recolouring trove keys to match the seasons are much more important than to invest this time to fix something. Realizing that these kinds of things are actually what keeps your money flowing is what a publisher should aim for. Cuz when the fishes leave their will be no whales left.
  3. Can´t count till 3

    You realize that the bug i brought up was consistently tested "within the acceptable guidelines of the game" by said programmers, who came to the conclusion that they found no cause for it and was later on fixed by their playerbase? What is there to lose if NCSoft himself tasks their programmers to find the cause? They literally had to listen to the higher-ups to find it. They are obliged to follow the procedures, but not to code instable and flawed codes. They have test servers in korea for a reason. I already mentioned the mismanagement of ncsoft itself, but taking out the programmers is not right. As a whole, ncsoft including their programmers are at fault. Critic isn´t a bad thing, it shows concern in a different way and after 3 years of mismanagement or lack of awareness and pointing flaws out by the community, just to keep the status quo is what you prefer as a Mod. Sugarcoating words for the sake of not hurting someone when something is clearly wrong with every side and their lack of interest to resolve it is what we missed for many years. You also don´t mention the publisher ncwest and only refer to the programmers, but when compared to the russian counterpart they pale in comparison. Feedback and problems are resolved faster on the russian server even though they are "only" publisher themselves. And efforts that are now taken due to a decrease in revenue/money by NCsoft are caused by a decrease in players and could have been done by the community itself if they hadn´t continued give away money, when the state of the game was clearly going downhill. Threads that are about the game itself and point out bugs didn´t even receive replies from ncwest until recently. And the things that a publisher should provide aren´t even taken serious looking at the emergency take downs. Even streams contained wrong information or weren´t mentioned at all aka cold storage and HM resets being removed. What is there to praise in a civil manner, when a game is reduced to 1 server? You wanna stay civil after everything has been taken? Where were you when they weren´t civil?
  4. Perma stealth as in out of combat, no. Perma stealth with enemies around, yes. If you just want to go for stealth without regard for dps and skill accordingly, you can have an uptime of 90% since your main skills that get you into stealth have 6/8s cooldown (your 1 & 2). That´s something you should only aim for pvp though and there are still skills you should spec instead of stealth to take your enemies out or disrupt their gameplay, like ice mine if you can. For pve your skill set changes and it also depends on your style and the martial tome you choose aka Serpent or Shadow. Personally I prefer shadow, but to maximize your dps you require stealth for it to work and many bosses have aoe which gets you out of it. If you just begin with assassin it may be better for pve if you start off with serpent(old lightning build).
  5. Can´t count till 3

    This will be my last post, I just wanna say that it´s funny how you both have no answer for anything. BnS RU was introduced much later, but they already implement feedback from the community. And the reason why these forums ended up with so much negative threads lately is due NCWest never listening to feedback of the people, who formerly posted constructive posts. Back then my first thread involved errors, bug fixes andthe installation process where i compiled various ways to fix them during the alpha to get more people to play it and enjoy the game together, but if you see the mismanagement over the years and what is left of everything. Proving several suggestions over and over again what could have been done, but was never used, just to see ncsofts or ncwests last attempts to be these very suggestions from gamers that play their game and argueing that NCWest could do nothing cuz it´s just a publisher and be led by the nose by the russian publishers - i can onlý take this as a joke.
  6. Assassin is one of the hardest class to master due to it´s many skills that are triggered after certain actions and combinations. Keeping track of everything becomes more complcated if you engage in pvp or reach endgame aka BG to farm moonstones. Upside for sin is that you can already compete in bg even without gear, if you master your class and focus on the objective. Mastering your class means to proc stealth as much as possible without getting hit by enemy players. In pve assassin or short "sin", is welcomed by many due to it´s party iframe (double 2) and party buff blue buff (V) aka "bb". The diversity of combinations to spec skills and the amount of effects makes sin a class within itself. In the end you´ll have to decide what you enjoy the most, but be sure to try out all skills, but don´t expect sudden improvements. Many know the skill set of sin by now, but you decide if they can defend against it. But once mastered literally none can kill you and you´ll be one of the top dps. Don´t go lightning build though, go for shadow with the current patch and keep track of updates from korea. Sin will get it´s 3rd spec soon, which will involve debuffs and stacks.
  7. SF growing problem

    That´s not right. ncsoft separates skills into pve and pvp for a reason. The multiple modifier from acc to skill and badge became too strong in pvp. And it´s not possible to "just" evade the damage of SF. Frost Storm hits on the ground and during air. Paired with a badge that multiplies the damage by 4000% makes this hmmm idk not strong in BG according to you. For PVE that´s fine and had the means to make the class stronger, but since players do not have boss hp, it pierces defense and sucks you in, you easily die to SF especially since most skills break guard and burn your iframes without backdraw (RMB+Q/E, Frost storm, Frost chain, aoe knock back into 2 approach stun, frost stance daze ani cancel into air,...) and X cd reduction to repeat everything. The problem in general is not the pvp experience, the problem lies with difference in gear that is needed to obliterate the other player/party with less or more gear. And SF needs both pvp experience and gear less than other classes.
  8. You can just buy a lvl 60 voucher and transfer the gear. As for the character change, that will be probably added in the future, though it will cause many pvp players to change to said OP class. As for warlock, it had his time for 2,5years, more than any other class
  9. Can´t count till 3

    Sugarcoating the state of the game after all these years and several server merges is not the right time. And you Grimoir, looking at the amount of your posts, have an answer for everything, right? If you take away programming, what is the function of NCWest? Increase the playerbase through non-eixstent advertisement? Forwarding feedback for non-existent bug fixes? Providing stable servers, that do not require emergency take downs or ping boosters to play their game? Allowing 3rd party programs to make their games playable and add QoL created by their playerbase? If you are interested, look through my history and you´ll see that I praise NC, when they do something right, but we´re tired. And most of the tired ones left. There is no progress, only regress.
  10. "couldn´t use" is exaggerated, you just don´t have that many options aka dpi, etc. not saying they will do it, but maybe also something to consider for you. In KR you can buy mats with pearls, even if OP didn´t bring it up, we don´t know if we get that. So it´s a valid worry, as most here claim fishing with script not being a problem or prodiving any valuable items. These people can just farm them now, while going afk and creating multiple accounts to send all mats to their main. One of NCSofts problems and especially NCwest which is even slower, cuz they can code nothing and have to wait for big brother in korea for patches, is that they are very slow on the uptake and unable to draw conclusions before something happens. I mean if this already happens in korea, who in their right mind would implement or let this go? If a ncsoft moderator would be so kind to write "Me" as response, i would consider you my eternal wingman.
  11. Can´t count till 3

    Sad ly it´s not only ncsoft who doesnt give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. It´s also the playerbase. Just look at the people, most in this forum and game are numb or close their eyes from anything that critiszes ncsoft. They prefer to jump at the throat of a person, who brings up scripts for fishing, which is more fun for them. As long as they can ridicule someone. They don´t want to understand that any kind of script always leads to abuse. Not that their script is taken from them and "I dare you to say my class is overpowered, even if it is, not taht they nerf it", something like this. Most here just want to be the op class, without giving up anything, better to get some more and talk anything else bad, just self-centered people unable to support or think for themselves. That´s all we have here and one of the reasons bns will fail.
  12. before you reinstall, when you see the NC Launcher, both of you press "Scan file" in the bottom right corner to repair your game when you log in @crazybirdmikedownload the nclauncher from the official page of ncsoft and install it:
  13. Macros for non-competitive use is ok, but both should be a reason to ban people, because you cannot differentiate between either. Simple mode was implemented for a reason, regardless if it´s not perfect. If people still continue then there was no point to it. Just a waste of bytes. Like the dead content below lvl 60.
  14. If they are as fast as with arena, then in 2years, after the first professional fisher makes his debut
  15. Can´t count till 3

    You thought Gaben was the only one, but NCSoft can´t either. Instead let´s give every class over the course of the next 1,5year their 3rd spec and let everyone suffer, who aims to earn their share in BG or mash together half finished 3rd specs that actually acts as a debuff for the whole party´s DPS. The speed at which bugs are resolved by the playerbase through mods or addons exceeds paid programmers in NC headquaters. Let alone the the amount of bugs that haven´t been fixed since release, the programmers of NCSoft aren´t even capable to find a coherence between premium windwalking effects and bg crash back then and repeatedly claimed that they couldn´t find any problem with the client throught tests. And now these very programmers should code UE4? Lazy people unable to find or fix bugs? People that don´t talk our language or play this game, NCWest that never finds solutions for our feedback and lastly NCSoft management that is disconnected from reality, what is going on their servers. I don´t know how a company like this could reach the international level, creating games that are no games anymore.