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  1. Time flies yet nothing changed

    What you say is a contradiction and underestimation of a game developers and businessman´s strategies in and of itself. If you think that developers don´t already make money from you being online and that they didn´t come up with strats for you to spend tiny amounts regardless of what they throw at you, while losing track between the shifting of your bank account and in-game currency, then you didn´t look into free2play gaming models.
  2. Some will think that I mean NCSoft, but actually the playerbase didn´t change at all. With all the knowledge many before you have provided, valid critics, that have been written, including posting reviews of NC´s own staff, you all are just at a stand still. Even after all that I still see everyone around. Frustrating, especially after being one of those, maybe the only that openly discussed about NCSoft´s & NCWest´s failures since back then. After all this time you all still don´t realize what you can do, and what I write must really sound like mockery to the most of you, but start and boycott these guys. At this point, you all should be more than enough. Make out a date and don´t log in for a week and see how fast they change. "If there are no fishes, there will be no whales" - I said it often enough. If you really want a change, but think that nothing will and do nothing, then stop complaining and wait for UE4. And if you really wanna change something, advertise to friends, discredit whiteknights, start polls, join together on reddit, decide for a date and don´t even log for a week or two. You will lose nothing and only gain your sanity back, be it fps drops, their streams, this imbalance or these event, but if you always wait for people to write and complain, while painting your happy world and basking in the fruits of their efforts later on, then you were part of the problem and the game would have been better without you
  3. Don't expect changes until ue4. And if these changes end up good, are also a different matter. Regarding the topic, dont count on it. Cyan and the whole team do as if they have their hands full, but if they cared for any issues, none would have taken 4years or longer. Whatever they, ncsoft/ncwest, wait for it was definately not your thread. At least I can tell you that. Forum, feedback, any kind of comment is a waste and can be considered a vent. Venting just enough to log back in, just enough to forget to trove again and for some just a breather from wednesdays maintenance and offline time. Ncsoft and ncwest were given enough suggestions and could have counted on a lot of fans to even work for free for them to improve the game, looking at all these xml edits, bnsbuddy and mods. That they dont even accept gifts for free, shows that they see bns only as income. And if a publisher has no joy to play their own game, it will be always poorly handled. Bns is a waste for ncwests hands.
  4. Hidden patch notes

    This is no coincidence anymore. A few miscommunications, ok - but the frequency at which they are dished out suggests a motive behind it. You would think that at least during this time, after this disaster of a patch, that they would try to make the least failures, yet it feels like they intentionally try to get rid of people. One is to reduce the amount of players that may put out claims once they take the servers down in the west or two to completely start anew with bns 2.0 and ue4, while claiming for both scenarios that the west as market wasnt investigated enough, while feigning effort to counter the problems till the end.
  5. Oblivion Fragments

    This borders on intentional, no one right in their mind cuts that deep into their flesh without a motive. And what this motive is should be obvious by now.
  6. Hidden patch notes

    The amount of information that is withheld everytime it may act for a bad reputation is laughable. It's not just "server routine maintenance" rewards, hong moon coin and very soon ladder too were reduced or made non-existent. The transperancy with which a multi million dollar company, that considers itself professional, hides changes to delay community backlashes keeps scaling. Instead of informing us about the changes to get the communities' trust back, you ncsoft and ncwest mess up every week. This question is not to be taken as joke, because everything hints at what will come: You intend to close the servers in the west, right?

    It's great news, but at this point bns really needs an upgrade for its gameplay. The direction bns goes cannot be covered by better fps anymore. Upgrades, challenge, time, balance, money all of which going to either extreme. Thats not healthy for a game, let alone it's playerbase
  8. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Addiction is a wonderful thing. At least for the side that considers the other a plaything. Calling it an abusive relationship would be an understatement, because they even consider their friends enemies, who tell them otherwise. They couldn´t even be reasoned with when they were needed and they are still at it. The train is already past us. Welcome to your new home.
  9. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    It's even funnier, that no one liked your comment. Guess it's easier to blame others and to be honest, most here writing i havent seen or heard since alpha. Everyone joining now is very welcome, but also pathetic. Most here only argued about frilly costumes and ignored everything else for years. Matters that only affected a part of the population were always buried under the rug, since it didn't affect them, at least in the short run. Now with all these problems stacked, there is literally no way to revert them. We are just too far into it. And with the reputation of bns being so severely damaged, gaining new players is like roulette. If they are lucky they end up with a good class, but almost always the one they didnt want at the end game, if they ever reach and if they will ever stay. This game is no MMO anymore, its a solo RPG and the ones that didn't raise their voice or nodded at everything ncsoft did, are part of this mess. The game went into the direction with the most yes sayers and that were the customers that paid despite everything for years, so good job on that. Impressing people that are no longer there. Lets see how long you can keep yourself afloat in dos meter until you become a fish yourself. If not the server then the gameplay, is long done for. The servers follow afterward.
  10. Some here just want to forget. Building up there happy wall again, with all it´s crack. Yes, they changed, but you yes-sayers did nothing for this change. You stayed silent and just came out of your lurking to thank ncwest, even though you should thank the gamers that wrote up till now. If it was left up to you, nothing would have changed. So please stay silent like back then and let us try do, what gave you this change, you are so thankful for.
  11. The people that write the 1st time, did basically nothing and bask in the fruits. And as I expected people grew tired, even venting at the people that continue, though ncwest & ncsoft were the ones that started it. Thanks is a given, but don´t give the whole hand, forgetting everything. Especially if you never contributed to the discussion and didn´t even raise your voice. With you around nothing would have changed.
  12. Praising for going back to the starting point. And we're still not there yet. Sorry, but if you had any kind intuition for your playbaser, you would be more professional. Giving you any more time is asking for a credit. Better start running into the right direction. Still thanks.
  13. With the amount of things that ncwest leaves up to ncsoft, accepting every patch without checking, without adjusting, we might as well call them ncsoft. The differentation between producer and publisher is invalid. Ncwest is just an extended arm and shouldn't receive a better treatment. Ncwest is entirely at fault, same as ncsoft, because they do not care what they dish out, even though they are a publisher. Many times over, mindlessly applying patches. They definately do not care. A real publisher cares and checks, even denies patches if they deem them wrong. There is no quality check, no own thinking, no effort and no adjustments. The only reason can be, because "their" department did everything already. There is no separation between ncwest and ncsoft. Its not even they. Its a single company. NCSoft is here in the west. And alltogether have to bear the responsibility. Even Cyan has ncsoft under his name.
  14. Since when is this allowed?

    We both know that ncwest, and you said it many times over, like me, that ncwest cannot patch anything. They are never responsibile for a patch, aside from translation and the servers. What do you want to guarantee, we cannot even trust ncwests streams. If ncsoft patches or orders them to get rid of any 3rd party program, they will do it. Till now they, always ask and forward feedback. They do not integrate it. Even you should realize this now. Wake up please, you are already at that point that it hurts me to write. Thinking that you are just that invested into this game, while witnessing nearly everything what has been said and going down in this forum and the server. This game is not worth defending anymore. And you do not contribute to a good future of it, if you choose to excuse everything.
  15. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I feel sorry for you Cyan, wondering how long it will be, until you leave too. There is literally no way to change our opinion for you guys in ncwest anymore. Even the good things you might do, will always be overshadowed or linked to ncsoft, because you leave it up to the producer in korea to manage the game in the west. You failed as publisher.