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  1. Tbh if NA or other countries in EU bans gambling simulators, BNS will shut down instantly, cause that's the only thing keeping this game alive as the devs can't be bothered to actually make this game play like an actual frickin MMO. The game's combat ran out of flair ages ago and it has pretty much nothing to compete against any other MMO released in recent times, with its complete lack of anything outside of combat. BNS = 6/12 players fighting bosses + gambling simulator, what else is there?
  2. Oh yes that sounds totally fun, running like 200 (or was it 250) dungeons PER ALT cause the stupid achievements aren't shared across your account. Yeah totally easy to do right? We know you have no life and love to argue against something just for the sake of it as this post isn't even remotely criticizing NCW, but just out of curiosity how long did you think it would take to do about 1000-1250 dungeon runs, since on average I'm assuming people have about 5 alts? 2 weeks? Compared to a request to easily get a 11 AP achievement so alts can use it. /facepalm
  3. Why spend the effort and time to coming up with actual content or QoL improvements, when you can just press that big red button to recycle content, recycle events, increases costs, and generate new gambling simulations, then watch the profit roll in? They could literally program a bot to release content for this game, because that's how little creativity that went into everything released in this game since like 2 years ago.
  4. They're not catering to people who actually stop and use their brain to calculate percentages and prices, and compare them with previous scamboxes. They're catering to the braindead whales who contribute to probably 75% of this game's revenue who don't have the time to afford the luxury of being rational. Even if you double the price of keys in trove the braindead whales will still buy in, cause price is irrelevant. For every person who is getting sick of these bullshit gambling simulators, there's another 3 people who are waiting eagerly to get violated. And if anyone didn't reali
  5. That's why the kick function exists. If people in party 1 are still not at the boss when the last person who joined is already waiting, you don't hesitate and kick. I'm not wasting even a sec waiting for entitled leechers.
  6. Yeah it's a waste of time arguing with people like you who will eat ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ like this consider them great rewards. Maybe you should learn to read, or possibly count beyond 2. You have to grind MT AND do the daily dungeon, so it's not "one dungeon". Also MT is getting significantly buffed so it will take almost the same time as a regular dungeon. 1+1=2, in case they didn't teach you that in school. You find it to take the same effort to grind 1 dungeon for a box with same garbage rewards, versus 2 dungeons? Well all the players would love to be you 1 MS crystal and 1 ely crys
  7. You think it's actually a good thing you have to now grind keys to open regular event chests, when they drop absolute garbage to start with? LOL. We went from free wheel spins... to having to grind another place to even have the privilege to get event currency and wheel spins gated behind cash shop. If you think that's absolutely fine then you have some insanely low standards and is the exact type of player NCW/NCS is catering to.
  8. It's also the only MMO where every single event gets progressively more trashy than the previous one, without fail.
  9. First thanksgiving event: run your daily rotation to craft lootboxes to open up for some awesome RNG loot, which has a chance to drop a key to spin the prize wheel Previous thanksgiving event: run your daily rotation to craft lootboxes to open up for some significantly nerfed, but still slightly-better-than-your-average-trash RNG loot, still has a chance to drop a key to spin the prize wheel This thanksgiving event: run your daily rotation to get absolutely nothing other than event currency (don't tell me event boxes drop anything but event currency, cause they haven't dropped anyt
  10. Basically no credible information as usual. They went to Korea to have some BBQ, that's about it. It's pathetic that RU servers have more info regarding NA/EU servers, than NCW's own staff. Zero info about UE4 (wtf does "2020" mean, Dec 2020? After NA/EU already shut down?) Zero info about what's gonna happen to current servers Zero info about any upcoming classes or new specs Zero info about any major balance changes or cost "increases" (cause I refuse to use "cost reductions" in this game's context ever again) Zero info about any upcoming "content" - or r
  11. Interested in knowing which universe you come from where dislike of irrelevant, pointless, inaccurate and complete waste of time streams = antisocial, or actually equating the useless garbage they spew out with a "stream". Have you actually seen a proper MMO stream before? Are you the type of person who spends 2 hours a day watching "2hr nonstop loop of spongebob giggling" on youtube and get your entertainment value from that? Cause that has about the same entertainment value as NCW's streams, objectively speaking. Maybe it's a lightbulb moment for you but most people actually want to see stre
  12. Are you serious? That is the stupidest ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I have ever heard from you, which is saying a lot considering you pretty much camp here 24/7 defending absolutely everything this company does, putting even FO76 white knights to shame. Players are to blame for mat prices skyrocketing when NCS/NCW are the ones controlling upgrade costs AND drop rates? So you're saying drivers control the supply of gasoline in a country that doesn't depends on importing from another country? So if that exporting country suddenly stops providing gasoline and gas price skyrockets, it's the drivers' fault
  13. You clearly didn't get the point of this post if you think it's about setting a ceiling price. Greatly increase demand + greatly decreased supply, what do you think will happen to the price? You think players are just being ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ purposely agreeing to all set price higher than normal? Basic supply and demand you learn in like first year of high school. And who do you think causes the increase in demand and decrease in supply? If you know the answer to that question then you'll know what I'm talking about in OP.
  14. Just wanna throw this out here. Costs of mats in NA: Transformation stone: 21g. 100% increase from old price of 10g just a few weeks ago Moonstone: 9-10g. Almost 100% increase from old price of 5-6g Sacred orb: 2.1g. 50% increase from ~1.5g Elysian orb: 8g. 50% increase from ~5.5g Soulstone: 80s. I don't remember exactly how much it was before but I'm pretty sure it increased by at least 25% Evolved stone: 20g. I'm guessing it's probably at least 30% increase compared to before this patch PTS: ~430g. About a 10% increase, which I'm surprised, w
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