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  1. 5 favorites for bns cosmetic contest?

    Lol. If you think "glint of aura" is overly sexy you obviously haven't seen the other entries. You think a tummy-revealing dress is more sexy than almost naked with pasties or a tube top?
  2. Solution? Don’t ever waste your time in the future designing art for a game that spits in your face for your effort and rapidly waning respect for it. I’m sure the number of artists who are interested in participating next year essentially halved or even less. Good job NCW as usual at helping to worsen publisher-player relationship. I would say this is even worse than ripping off whales cause artistic talent and time is worth way more than swiping $100 from hongmoon wallet.
  3. My opinion of the top 5 costume finalist

    You really shouldn’t bother arguing with a die hard white knight like him. It’s like trying to prove theory of relativity to an ostrich. You know you’re right but it’ll never acknowledge you’re right. It’s hard not to assume he’s some kind of really complex defensive bot programmed by the staff that makes Siri look like a joke.
  4. Good idea. Unless you have eidetic memory it's impossible to remember why you blacklisted the 80 people on your list, which in my opinion and 95% of others, is a pathetically small list since I get that filled in like 1-2 months. Then I have to start randomly deleting people off the list in order to block new ones. Tbh I'm pretty sure everyone just uses the spammer list once the blacklist is filled, but that doesn't turn their name grey so you won't even know you've got them blocked.
  5. Maybe you should learn to read beyond the first sentence. Either that or you enjoy running aimlessly and loading screens in this game aka wasting time.
  6. You really can't place the NPC at a worse location, and it doesn't help due to the fact that there's no warehouse NPC inside MSP either. Visiting the NPC during a MSP run? People will think you're leeching. Visiting after a run? You have to run all the way to MSP entrance, load, then run like 5 miles to the damn NPC, only to find out oops, forgot to bring my green/yellow/purple stones or sacred orbs cause they're in my storage. Then you have to tp back to Zaiwei, wait for loading screen, then run another 5 miles to the warehouse cause it's nowhere near the MSP entrance, get your stuff, run another 5 miles back to MSP entrance, load in, then run another 5 miles to the rat to trade. Oh of course being premium solves that issue, hooray. When buying items from a vendor takes almost as long to complete MSP 1-3 you know you've got some r/crappydesign. Solution: just place the MSP vendor beside the warehouse NPC in Zaiwei? Or even better, just put him inside dragon express? I don't get what NCS/NCW is trying to achieve by making the NPC as difficult to access as possible, it's not even like you have to pay a ticket to enter MSP? For the CS merchant I guess they're trying to get you to buy a CS reset to enter. Getting to this MSP merchant is nothing but a waste of time.
  7. Is this per character or per account? Is there any in-game indication you've already participated for that day so you don't end up getting screwed at the end of the week?
  8. Play Shackled Isles, Earn FREE Rewards

    Is this per character or per account? Is there any in-game indication you've already participated for that day?
  9. GG Event

    A whale flexing that he can do 1.1mil dps to a dummy that pretty much doesn't fight back, and considers that a great achievement for a headpat. Lol. Move along, nothing to see here.
  10. Right now afaik it only holds about 10 icons which is nowhere near enough. MOST of the important buff/debuffs aren't even shown on this bar making it really frustrating in some fights where you're forced to guess when your buff/debuff will be over. This is especially annoying with things like: Warden V duration - I have to guess how many sec I have on V? This is detrimental in some raids. And no it doesn't have 100% uptime in all fights Soulburn global cooldown - with multiple wardens/WL's in the party you're forced to guess what the global cooldown is because it definitely won't be in sync with your own skill's cooldown, or simply wait until all the other non-important buff/debuffs disappear from your bar before this one shows up Alpha call - same reason as SB with multiple gunners in party Sheath/HM block/stealth - same reason as above Soul/bracelet/heart buff - these are buried so far back in the buff/debuff backlog you almost NEVER see them onscreen Why are we not able to extend this bar to two rows? That would pretty much solve everything. Afaik even with BNSbuddy you're not able to extend the bar for some reason, as if these buffs are hardcoded to only appear in certain slots. 1st row - all the important buff/debuffs from boss mechs + all of the personal cooldowns like warden's V + soul/bracelet/heart buff 2nd row - all global cooldowns like SB stickied in the front, with all the non-important ones behind it
  11. 50%+ of F8 either has a broken "N" key on their keyboard or just like wasting people's time. When was the last time you've been in F8 and looting didn't take the full 20sec for each item? Why in the world do we need 20sec to decide if we want some crap like "artisan mat box"? These trash should have a 5sec timer at most. It's especially the worst then people purposely wait the full 20sec before upping a bid just to troll you, hoping you'd get annoyed and leave party. Timers should be changed to: Blue items - 5sec Purple items - 10sec Legendary - 20sec
  12. It's great you nerfed it for NA, but let's do some math here, as this is still more gear requirement than turtle event. 184mil / 180 sec = 1mil dps requirement. But this boss is NOT a stationary training dummy like turtle. Literally every other attack CC's you, so you're forced to constantly iframe, run around or block. This dramatically reduces your F12 parse dps. I'd say you're looking at 60-70% of your F12 parse, so people still need roughly 1.5mil dps requirement to beat this thing. What do you need to get 1.5mil dps? You're looking at GC9, true tiger soul/early stages of new endtier soul, TT8 with good rolls, and full tri gems. Again, this is not something people can achieve "just by working hard", you actually need to have played for 1-2 years to get this, or a bit shorter if you have no life and play like 8 hours a day. TLDR: event has pretty much the same amount of pay2win-ness as turtle event. Higher dps requirement (1.5mil compared to 1.2mil for turtle) but taken into consideration "people had 2-3 more months to gear up from turtle event" so some white knights might argue it's roughly the same amount of wallet check.
  13. Maybe you should learn to read cause your posts sound beyond idiotic and illogical, even worse than Grimoir's. Purple title? Where the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ did I mention "whole point of beating event is to get purple title" in any of my posts? Either you're new to the game that you didn't know how the last event worked or you have short term memory. Here's a recap: you get exclusive costumes and useful mats if you beat the last tier of the event, aka whale-only tier. You think maxed out whales need GC steels or TT soul shields 1-3? No one gives a piece of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for some title. Proving your point? About what? I like how you just completely ignore my statement about it's impossible to farm up to max gear unless you've played for a long time. You think any player can just farm 24/7 and get to GC9/max soul in a short period of time? Saying that is "proving your point"? LOL. No, it's proving MY point. Classic example of brainless white knighting.
  14. Use of [censored] scripts for AFK fishing in B&S

    OP sounds like the type of sour grape who probably got banned in another game for botting, and now feels hostile towards anyone else who does it even when it gives the botter nearly ZERO advantage. Fishing in this game is the most pointless thing I've ever seen in a game. First of all I wonder why people even do it when it gives nearly ZERO rewards and is probably the lamest, most boring thing you could put into a MMO. It's pathetic even freemium MOBILE games have better fishing "mini-games" that requires some degree of reflexes. Second of all even if they do bot it, what advantage are they getting and how does it affect OP's gameplay in any way? Oh wow they didn't sit in front of a screen pressing F once every 15sec with brains turned off, they're totally getting an unfair advantage over other players eh? Are you the type of person who also reports people for using the in-game auto-run key as well, since technically that is "botting" as well as you're not holding a key down? Or reporting people for using macros as that technically gives you WAY more advantages over other players than fishing? And no I don't do this pointless "fishing botting", because I don't even find it worth my ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing electricity bills to do this crap even if botting.
  15. Stop adding content, waste of resources

    Solving performance issues doesn't bring in $$$, because the most of the max gear whales, aka the people who actually care about steamrolling through new content on release day, don't have performance issues, or they do have performance issues but they've already spent too much $$$ to afford the luxury of quitting the game. Hence why we got ZERO performance improvements since launch day, but new content and new pay2win schemes released almost every month that 95% of the player base really don't give a crap about.