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  1. Working as intended or bug? Gonna keep these unopened until we get some confirmation since according to patch notes evo stones drop rate in these boxes was "increased". Same issue with the boxes that drop a garnet, also says "expired", but I opened these already.
  2. Did you bother reading past the first sentence? I know what the % means, I've played this game for 2 years, not 2 days, otherwise why would I compare against previous events? Good items are ALWAYS locked behind the "%". But in previous events the "%" did NOT mean <1%, they were more like 5%+ because each one of my alts got AT LEAST one good item (PTS, oil, DGS, wheel spin ticket, etc). In other words the drop rate was fair. The earlier we go the less scammy these events were They're clearly <1% NOW because NCW relentlessly nerfs drop rate EVERY single patch, as stated, a completely ridiculous drop rate. Assuming they halve the drop rate with every event, by the time we're in May 2019 I assume the drop rate to be <0.5%
  3. 5 characters, total of 150+ pouches, here are my results: 0 PTS 0 pet pod 0 vials 1-2 GC steel But did get a bunch of SUPER useful things like gem hammers, blackstones and raven feathers. Yeah I'm sure we need raven feathers in 2019, or gem hammers when they're nearly free to craft. What's the drop rate this time, half of last event, i.e. 0.01%? If you keep this automatic nerfing of event pouches going, soon they'll be 0% (tbh they might as well be 0% right now and it wouldn't make a difference). Last year or the year before that you could easily get a few DGS/vials from event pouches PER character, ON TOP of the stuff you trade with farmed currency. I highly doubt the drop rate right now is even 1/5 of the drop rate of last year's. More and more troves and RNG boxes + continuous nerfs to every useful drop in this game + gear being exponentially more expensive to upgrade with each tier, gee I wonder what that implies.
  4. Mailing Grand celestial Wings

    Main source of SS are from raids? Lmao. Is this your first day of playing this game? Raids drop like 1-2 pieces per boss shared between ELEVEN classes in a party of TWELVE. Do you honestly think people are depending on raid drops for their SS? It'll take people 2 years to get a full set that way. How many times can you run raids a week? ONE. The chances of you getting a usable piece is ~9%, and chances of getting non-garbage rolls on it is like <1%. You speak as if you can actually farm raids. Farming MSP is lazy? LOL. Spending 30-60 minutes for 3-4 purple stones when each soul shield costs like 40-50, yeah totally for "lazy" players. Only takes like 10 hours to get one piece, not counting the amount of time wasted recruiting people. Fact check. MSP is there because they realized TT SS drop rate is pure ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in TT and they don't want 90% of the player base to be stuck in VT SS, not because people are "lazy". Do you honestly think people would farm that cancerous pile of rubbish aka MSP if there were better ways to acquire TT SS? Are you implying you never set foot in MSP and all 8 pieces of your TT SS came strictly from TT boss drops? If you farmed MSP, then you pretty much just admitted you're the lazy bum mentioned in your own comment. Next time think before whiteknighting
  5. I had a stroke while reading this. Or you had a stroke while typing it.
  6. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Once again the cringeworthy white knight strikes with a hilarious comment. What do you think a server merge means, population is increasing and game is doing great? Do you honestly think they'll keep a server up just for 100 whales when there are no f2p left? And do you honestly think whales will even stay when that happens? Oh yeah great game, a total of 100 players, will only take 2 hours to find a party, whales will totally dig that. Oh and did you forget 90% of the whale entertainment in this game is one-shotting casuals in 6v6?
  7. Pretty sure this is already mentioned but easily buried in the dozen other threads venting about this event, so here's just one glaring thing. NCW why in the world did you give us a copy/paste event from KR server when our gear is way behind compared to theirs, not to mention our gaming culture is also different?? In KR server literally every other person is a no-lifer or whale, whereas there are WAY MORE casuals in NA/EU server, so max TT gear for them is probably like max VT gear for us. This is pretty much the equivalent of releasing brood chamber or CoS when our endgame raid is BT, would that make any sense? Did you actually pay attention to our gear level in NA/EU server? This event is really questioning that. Yeah let's try to close the gap between NA/EU and the Asian servers by releasing identical events instead of actually giving significant boosts to gear.
  8. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    Do you actually think before constantly white knighting? Highly doubt it. 1. Raid chests have a chance for powders? LOL. Yeah getting 1-2 powders every month from BT is definitely enough since their drop rate is probably <5%, or are you playing a private server where BT chests have a 100% chance to drop powders? 2. Crit crafting? LOL. Yeah I'm sure people should also expect to get venture tokens from chests as their staple source of HM coin too 3. Do you honestly think octa's are the only problem? You need 8 to make one octa, the costs just go up exponentially from there. There are ZERO sources of powders in this game outside of whaling, what do you think is going to happen to the powder prices? Does it even remotely make sense that everyone needs hundreds of powders, yet there are no ways to get it? Reading this guy's posts makes me cringe so bad every time. It's almost like he's NCW's official white knight bot or something, if you look at his post history (he has like what, 3000+ posts?), every single one is literally responding to comments that that remotely criticizes this game and defending them no matter how retarded it may sound.
  9. More difficult events are good!

    There is a difference between difficult and downright impossible due to gear check. Difficult = realmrift dungeon without soju (when we had it the first time), where people can actually participate and have a chance at clearing, where it was based mostly on skill Downright impossible = this current garbage Get your facts straight.
  10. Patch notes mention nothing about gunner/warden's nonfunctional awaken skill right now, so are these getting fixed or not? Also, how many emblems do you get from 4th stage turtle? Why is the number not listed so we can plan it out today?
  11. Simple way to fix event

    The logic of people in this forum is amusing sometimes. 1. You think players will stick to this game when they can't even participate in the damn thing? Oh wow great event, too bad I can't even enter it but I'm supposed to enjoy it anyways? Lol 2. You think the half an hour people waste doing this Jeopardy fast clicker simulation will encourage them to spend more money? 3. Supply is plentiful? LOL. First of all if supply was plentiful do you honestly think the orb would cost a whopping 35-40g each? When have you heard of a dungeon that costs 35-40g to even enter? You realize the REASON it's so damn expensive is because supply is pretty much nonexistent? You think average joes in this game actually buy those orbs? The only people who buy those orbs are whales who want to farm this place for the merchant, or generous whales sharing the orb with their clan 4. If you actually read my last sentence, I clearly said whales who want to farm this place AFTER the event. Obviously whales don't bother with the pathetic rewards in this event because it's the average players who actually need to benefit from these event prizes. Who in their right mind grinds these boring af borderline retarded event dungeons just for fun? If it wasn't for the event soul + costume I wouldn't even get anywhere within a 50-mile radius of those creepy demented fatsos voice acted by someone with severe autism
  12. Simple way to fix event

    Remove orb requirement for CS/HM for the duration of the event, because simple math tells us there are nowhere NEAR enough orbs floating around to be used. People have already used up the "free orbs" you gave because it's been nearly a week now. Anyone can take one look at F8 and realize 95% of the parties for CS/HM now are "YOYL" or "need orb" or "daily only cause no orbs boo", does that sound right? Of course everyone wants the stupid orb removed permanently but we all know that's not gonna happen since NCS enjoys introducing strife among players. The purpose of an event is to, you know, actually participate in it? And to obtain items in a slightly easier way than regular grinding. I don't think anyone's gonna disagree being able to enter CS/HM just ONCE a day for ONE event currency and a small chance at spawning that merchant (which usually sells complete trash anyways) is reasonable for event rewards? Especially since the rate you earn event currency is one of the slowest we've ever seen? What's the point of this if players can't even participate?? You can re-introduce the orb after the event is over so the whales who actually give a crap about farming the merchant actually has to spend some $$ to get those orbs, no one is going to mind that tbh.
  13. Only 2-3 failed attempts at entering MOML? Heh I think the average number is more like 20-30+ before a successful attempt. NCW you proud of yourself right now? Turning your EVENT into a complete clicker-fest? See who can click the fastest to even participate while 90% of people can't enter cause you decided to limit the frickin entry ticket for no apparent reason? I'm gonna get some popcorn and wait to see the white knights galloping into here with some more retarded excuses for why "there's nothing wrong with this".
  14. Here we have the 2nd white knight in this forum that pretty much defends everything NCW does no matter how trashy it is. Not gonna even bother arguing the lack of common sense displayed here since that'll be like discussing theory of relativity with a mongoose.
  15. Why make it bound to account when they want you to just spend more $$$ to trove on all your other characters for it? It's NCW logic you should get used to it.