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  1. The Gon thread (screenshots)

    I was Dancing up a storm on my Kung-fu Master.
  2. Game dying

    You actually bring up a really good point i was thinking about just earlier this morning; Lineage 2 is still in active service; and i remember that being in closed beta waaaaaay back in 2001 or 2002- in the days when i frequented a PC cafe and one of the staff members was talking about the game. So it occurred to me, "why would Blade & Soul be in any danger when there are much older and less revenue-robust games in NCsoft's catalog?" And we keep seeing Blade & Soul receive game updates; i get e-mails about a new update regularly. I personally hope to see BnS thrive long enough to see it in the UE4 update, because UE3 is really making me feel like i should take up a drug habit or something to ease the pain. (that got a bit dark, hehe- just kidding, don't do drugs!)
  3. Game dying

    It's the lizard brain in all of us that screams into that empty chasm concerning the state of a game we care about; it's very much relative to our own enjoyment and struggles. The game isn't dead until NCsoft releases a shutdown announcement, so try to enjoy things while they last, because they may not be here forever. :)
  4. If the issue is finding a balance on how to keep the new user-experience fresh and at the same time enjoyable; the end result being: getting all the new players caught up- (whether they be actual new players or just new Alts)- to current content as quickly and painlessly as possible to without bringing imbalance to Materials and Gold as that journey is being taken- -my suggestion to the Devs for that would be to create a catch-up mechanic that doesn't pull from the game-worlds main source of materials. (E.g.: Gold/upgrade materials) The catch-up mechanic would have a completely independent resource pool of items that could only be used to bring new characters "up-to-speed" so to speak; and wouldn't be trade-able in any form and wouldn't- again- require the main games resources. This in itself would allow old content to be adjusted as the developers see fit, without hamstringing the character progression experience within those leveling content brackets. This is just one of many different options to adjust mechanics to catch people up without the worry of impacting Trade resources. Though my suggestion would require quite a bit of R&D on NCsoft's end to function properly.
  5. i am fed up with mechs

    No one at NCsoft, it's studios and it's subsidiaries is doing anything personally to any given person. They are creating content and there are some people who do not like it. And that's fine, @pikapikapika is absolutely free to dislike it all they want. The problem is HOW @pikapikapika is conveying this opinion, and isn't the best way to communicate their viewpoint regarding content.
  6. do i look ugly??

    If it were my character i'd go with the usual thumbs-up approach. So she's quite lovely @Liteflitz :) Same with @Draknalor
  7. Heeeeey, now this is pretty darn good! Well-played shortstuff, well-played. :) And well-edited. :)
  8. So I'm coming back to Blade & Soul, and it took NCsoft baiting me with the possibility of an actual Fishing System to lure me in. "lured" get it? haha... hah.... ha.. Gosh I'm dumb. I was checking my e-mail and this little beauty from popped up. Fishing! I could be overselling the fact that it could turn out to be something less-significant in reality then it is my mind right now, but i've really wanted to see a full-blown fishing system in Blade & Soul since... forever. and believe it or not, it's one of the few features the game has lacked this whole time that's kept me from playing. Take the best MMOrpg fishing system you can think of (Rift and ESO come to mind) and then picture it in Blade & Soul... there is potential there. Now yes, i know it's probably the most underrated, disliked, and glossed over feature a MMO can have, but i don't care. Because it's Fishing!
  9. How on earth do you pvp a gunner?

    This is the nature of the beast when it comes to newly released Classes, it takes time and observation before balance is put into place, and often times the imbalance of new class mechanics (or just straight-out overpowered skills) can sometimes be drawn out by the developers themselves to allow players to enjoy the new class without feeling the effects of "power-creep" that older; more balanced classes tend to feel as they progress. Mix all of this in with the various PvP outlets in a game and the salt trucks come out of the wood-work; it's kind of unavoidable. It sucks but balance will come in sooner or later. :)
  10. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    Finished a drawing of my Character to be used in-game for my Profile image. *I really should be working on my INKtober stuff. >__>
  11. Lvl 10 Premium Benefits

    YAAAASS I strongly support this sentiment. Wings please. While your at it NCsoft, why not give us those obviously better-looking Stars, i miss my Blue Premium Star from the CN version. :D But yes, there are lots of neat-o things they could change or do. :)
  12. I wish people showed you more gratitude; there are definitely people out there that understand the meaning of gratitude, and then live by-it, but you're right, this game was sadly tailored after a certain point in development to be more of a Arena-style Combat game; It wasn't supposed to be when the game first went into development, but that's what happened. Please have patience and some understanding. Kindness goes a long way, and it's contagious. :)
  13. Lvl 10 Premium Benefits

    Some wonderful suggestions in here; i especially like the suggestion of name-plate Emblems.