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  1. Yay another complete trash event to skip

    You mean something like the PVP Event on Battleground like 2016? Where PVP-Players cried cause they where matched with some PVE-Noobs with no gear who ruind their ranking and PVE-Player cried because they where forced to do Battleground? Or do you mean an event like the Vallentine Event 2018 where full PVP-equipped trolls thought it would be fun to troll the players by hiding behind the wheel, wait for their ultis to be up and smash their ulti in the group waiting to spin? Pissing of the players even more, who already have been pissed to wait hours to spin the wheel and to even make it more worse, spin the wheel for 15 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ seconds and also got trolled by "funny" noobs throwing pinchies bombs at them, when they finaly could spin the wheele? Yeah great idea :/ Realy? 1. you needed way more than 500k, as far as i remember you needed over 1 mio to kill last stage of the turtle and estimated 60-80% of the serverpopulation wasnt able to do this event. 2. Events should be independet from your gear and should be fun. The best event ever was the Poharan event with equalized stats for everyone. But people cried because they couldnt just burst the bosses down and had to do some easy mech. Well admittedly it took to much time and the rewards wasnt realy worth the efford, but it was fun. Personaly i would like to see much more of those events in older dungeons. There are so many unused dungeons which where so much fun back in time when they where actual and you had to do some mech. But then with some valuable rewards making it worth the time you spend in those dungeons. Let me answer this with some lines from an old song ;) (2002 Shania Twain - Ka-ching) Well a Network administrator would describe it like: We have some serious packet loss and CRC-Errors on our communication line between Community <--> Communitymanagers <--> Publisher/Developer Or a little bit nicer formulated: Either the "Communitymanager" or the "Publisher/Developer" switch/firewall drops all packets comming from "Community" cause they dont give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I can remeber one such event, didnt end well, at least for Master vs. Master (MxM) ;) Something like fishing? ahhhh no thanks...
  2. Cross-Server Lobby 'Channels'

    Guess he talked about the lobby numbers not the amount of players ;)
  3. Delete Mao mechanics

    I never claimed Mao is not doable. It was just an example. Some classes can do it easy, for example Warden / Destro, whil other classes will have a hard time doing Mao. Compared to my meele classes i still feel like mao is much harder with my fm even my fm is way better equipped. Also for lower geared players mao can be quite frustrating cause the slightes mistake can and most likely will kill you.
  4. Kann man das starter pack nur 1x kaufen?

    Hallo, das Starter Pack ist soweit ich mich erinnere auf 1x pro Account limitiert. Du wirst es also wohl eher nicht noch einmal erwerben können. Premium kannst du dir entweder für HM-Coins im Hongmoonshop kaufen (3 Monate) oder über die Webseite. Hoffe das hilft
  5. Delete Mao mechanics

    guess you never played a range class, especialy FM? You dont iframe / Dodge -> dead I iframe / Dodge -> also dead because you will jump 8+m behind the boss and trigger the rangecheck Even MAO is doable shes the most annoying and frustrating boss especialy for range classes So yeah what mechanic, just iframe .....
  6. Why the game isnt new player friendly

    Back in time you had way less problems to catch up or farm your gear, there have been enough sources, even for lower geared players, to farm your stuff. Sadly NC-Soft got greedy as hell and keep limiting Materials and Farming spots. So right now only the 4 highest dungeons are realy wirth farming, everything below Gold and Mats got nerfed to oblivion. Also NC-Soft decided to announce some cost reductions for weaponupgrades but actually did the exact opposite, now weaponupgrades are way more expensive. But dont be afraid. just skip the 10 steps @ImoutoMastersuggested, talk with your banker, get a unlimited creditcard and just practice some creditcard anicancel. you will catch up in no time cause everything you need (and nearly impossible to farm in a reasonable amount of time) is available at F10 for a small fee.....
  7. thats the way you force people to spend money on trov and rng on top of rng on top of rng on ...
  8. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Create an alt and start over without the help of you main. In 1 or 2 weeks we talk again dude and see how far you get
  9. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Indirect it is, yes. 1. NC-Soft continusly reduced material income / Farming spots making it harder for casual / New players to catch up. Reductions dont made it better and we all know what happend with the last so called "reduction" that made things way more expensive 2. with breaking their own philosophy, which i partial quoted, they made the difference between casher and non casher / casuals / new players even greater. That resulted in even more problems for lower geared to find proper groups. As someone said, only the highest 4 dungeons are worthwhile to run, everything below is not worth the time you spend for them since you wont get anything rewarding, neither gold nor enough materials. 3. Less Gold/Mats in lower dungeons -> even more problems for lower geared to catch up. And now it slowly start backfireing at the Mid to Higher geared players, cause its getting more and more hard to find propper geared players for ET, while the next raid already is public in Asia. And here most people havent even started with TT let alone ET. So yeah at least its indirect NC-Softs fault.
  10. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Well the more they add and patch the more i feel the need to look for a good alternative. Anyone know a good MMO with a good combat system and some challanges and not braindad burst down anything? Im open for suggestions. Well we always head sol "elitists" with some absurd AP requirements for even the lowest dungeons, But what we have now, requesting TT / ET Gear for MSP is not only redicolous its a NC "greedy"-Soft made porblem. Thats what they have plausibly promised back in June 2015 ( ) Every buisness want to earn money and its ok but what NC-Soft did was just killing the game and grew a elitists toxic community buy making the difference between casuals and casher bigger and bigger. Now we are at a point where it even gets hard to find decend geared players for ET and the next raid is comming up soon, while most players are not even have TT Gear. Good game...
  11. oh come on dont play the BAD PC-Card we all know this is bullshit, i have a mid-top range Gaming PC and have problems anyway. Even people with top gaming pcs have problems in raids / MSP / Koldrak since bns is the worst game ever regarding optimizations. So dont blame people the loos interest in doing a bullshit dungeon where you freeze or even crashes and dont even get the freaking worthless loot in worst case. And honestly 5-6 weeks back in time befor the first rumors about Soulshield psyches came up, no on realy thought about koldrak could be relevant in any case anyway. So yeah, blaming people for not existend optimizations of BnS and blaming people for avoiding a freaking shitty dungeon not worth the time you spend and not be able to look in the future, that NC-Soft could decide to reuse old crap content for new stuff, is whithknighting at its best. 2 month agon no one could realy guess, NC-Soft would be that bold to ever use koldrak scales for anything new. And even then, only those people who follow korean updates or regulary check reddit (our Communitymanagers dont think its nessesary to keep us up to date untill its to late) knew about this.
  12. Yeah Koldrak was released quite some time ago, but Koldrak is one of the most annoying Dungeons. Not only it takes ages to finish, its buggy like hell and i wont even start talking about FPS and Lags. I know quite a lot of people who stop bothering farming this over the top shitty dungeon because of regular crashes, freezes, fps drops (yeah at Koldrak we count in Frames pro stunde / Frames per hour) I have ~20-30 FPS in every raid, even TT boss 1 with player visible, at Koldrak i have 3-5 FPS with people invisible I wanted the pet and outfit but gave up due to crashes, freezes and bugs. I dont know how many times i bugged / glitshed into Koldraks tail at his tailswipe and was pulled into the lava where i died because of lags, bad collissions and so on. And you expect people to do this shitty dungeon on a daily base where there was nothing worth the efford? LoL Dude, you are realy an expert in whitknighting...
  13. Pet "skin" transfer options.

    Technicaly its not a problem, it doenst make any difference whether you make a tradable item Character bound or accountbound once it was equipped. But it makes a difference for NC-Softs income. they just fear when the make pet skins accountbound once they have been equipped they will lose profit since you could send around between your chars instead of buying a pet skin for each char. So i highly doubt it would ever happend. Its the same like this realy bold rip off to force player to buy stamps to send a already buyed and PAYED outfit to another char. I wouldnt say anything for needing stamps to send event outfits, but for outfits i already payed an outrageous price? Well thats NC-"Greedy"-Soft
  14. Well ill guess next excuse will be something like" We are sorry to inform you that we had a typo in our table. Actually you need Premium Transformation Stones instead of Transformation Stones. Sorry for this typo and thanks for your understanding blablabla ... " LoL Honestly even it this table is correct Upgrade from Hongmoon Talisman Stage 5 up to True Hongmoon Talisman, wich are 6 upgrades will get more expensive. You save some moonstone-, elysiancrystals and blackstones but need 1 transformation stone even you dont need pet pouches by now. Awakened Hongmoon Talisman Stage 5 to True Hongmoon Talisman will get much more expensive, you will save 50 moonstone- and elysian crystals and 8 blackstones but you will need 10 (in words TEN!) Transformation stones what are aprox. 200 Gold True Hongmoon Talisman to Wyvern Talisman Stage 1 might be the same as now, you save 1 pet pouch but need 10 Transformation stones which are nearly the same price. Upgrades will only get cheaper from Wyvern Talisman Stage 1 and higher. Anyway this upgrade is a bad desission. After the so called "We mess around with our playerbase and punch them straight in the face" cost-reduction of Weaponupgrades the demand for transformation stones raised extremly what you could see in the price explosion. This update will increase the demand for transformation stones even further and the price for sure will also rise even further. The material reduction for crafting wont catch the much higher demand. In the end weapon upgrades will gettinge even more expensive, people will stuggle even more to catch up and in the worst case we will loose even more of our already very low playerbase. Sometimes i ask myself who is working at NC-Soft. For sure no one who knows at least a tiny bit of econemy and math. Seems like they just roll a dice and this dice just have 6 different choices on how to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ of the playerbase even more.
  15. Depends on the deffinition of abuse, Using a bug to get an advantage is an abuse, Using alts to "feed" your main is just plain bullshit you are forced to do by the pure greed of NC-Soft. So technicaly its not an abuse. Also i play the game since release and i saw how NC-Soft constantly reduced sources to farm and put more and more stuff to F10. So dont get me wrong, i dont defend NC-"Greedy" Soft, i just wouldnt call a thing you are forced to do abuse ;)