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  1. Game dying

    Wow a statement like this made me puke. Id rather be an incompetent millennial than human social incompetent. All dungeons can be done with decent gear. VT can easily be done whit BT gear TT can easily be done with VT gear You dont need freaking VT gear for BT or TT gear for VT or ET Gear for TT. Just because it make things a bit faster doesnt mean it is nessesary would mean that most of the players can do at least everything up to TT unless there are some social incompetent beeings requesting way higher Gear than nessesary. I know quite a lot of people who exactly try this, but no one offering them a chance to join a TT-Raid, cause they might be just Aransu 6-9, or dont have trianangular or gilded gems or a max soul/heart/talisman. I miss the days where people had a sense of responsibility and human/social competence to accept even lower geared players who want to progress, have more than enough gear to do stuff, but dont fullfill the redicoulous requirements of a growing community of elitists. I also miss the times where people knew that brain > gear > dps My alt is Aransu 6, TT ring stage 9, TT earring, prophecy neck and skyreach gloves 10 but only meet 1650+ ap. Ill do TT with this alt and even got the time archivment but, try find a MSP group with it, even i can hold up to 1.2Mio with it. So yeah maybe i should limit my activities only to run up to maybe Starstone mine when i read your statement. Oh and befor you now claim im also an incompetent milennial. 1. i was born in the 70th 2. my main is quite good geared for a casual
  2. Do Lyn's have pads?

    Well even if they have paws, ill guess no one made the work to model or skinn the pads cause as you stated, you never or very rarely will see the bottom of the feet. So ill guess we never can be sure ;)
  3. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    And why it this a thing? I wouldnt only blame the people but mostly NC-Soft. Why? Well when i started BnS 3.5 years ago we had many players. People did care about others and helped each other. I even saw this behaviir when Desolated tomb where relesed. Ok there alwasy have been some people with higher gear but the gap was by far not as big as it is today. Anyway quite a lot of people, at least on my server, offered learing runs in F-Chata and took the time to teach others the mech, even it took an hour or two. It was fun learning by doing working as a team and so on. Yeah we once had the time to do stuff like this even we need to farm for our gear we had way less presure to keep up than we have today. But then NC-Soft started to bring update after update after update, Upgrades got more and more expensive while material and gold sources continusly got reduced. The gap in gear started to grow faster and faster. Trove and co did the rest. People where forced to spend a lot of time farming sor sell their kidney to NC-Soft when they want to keep up. Thats when many people start leaving the game. Suddenly everyone was in rush to do dailys a quick as posible to farm their stuff. No one had time to explain dungeons anymore the fun amlost was gone. you where on a constant hunt for ap to keep up doing your stuff and find acceptet in groups for higher dungeons you need to continue gear up, like NS for example. When you finaly reached the requirements the requirements where set higher and the hunt for ap started again. We had about 3 years less time than asia to get to the gear we now can get whil it was not realy cheaper or more easy to obtain the gear. Also NC-Soft decided to nerf dungeons just a few "days" while the dmg output skyrocket. Dungeosn bekame braindead hack n slay events. You just need 1 or 2 high geared players and can skip any mech. If someone fails no on tells him/her what went wrong, they get pciked up and carried through the dungeon. Even when they ask what went wrong, they most time get now answer. So its mostly NC-Softs fault but you all have to blame yourself to, at least those who dont take the time to help others out. I am GC9 full TT geared FM, can do most dungeons solo but anyway i use LFP in F8. Sometimes im lucky and have a high ap group, sometimes i have some "lowies". Last time i had a complete "low" Group in TSM and i thought ok that will take some time. We failed at the first boss cause someone pulled him into a crystal. I took the time to explain what went wrong and how to do it and we cleared the dungeon in the third try. People where happy and thankfull someone explained the mech and i had some fun and challange. And it all took maybe 5 minutes more than with a high ap group, so where the hell is the problem?
  4. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    They wont, its a quite easy calculations. Less material means people wil progress even slower which will lead at least a few to spend some money on mats at the daily offer in F10 As they always did in the past and then wonder why so many left... basin is not realy a valuable farming source, the only still valuable source atm is MSP. Since we will need 6 dailys for all rewards and there are also HM dungeons in the daily rotations many people will have trouble to finish their daily quest. Also it would be nice to have an official statement, why the hell every region have easy, normal and hardmode and we only get easy and hardmode, but since our community managers dont care about the community i guess we never will know...
  5. Easy Mode is a very bad idea

    I like your Point of view and zynism. Where did they made HM more profitable. as far as i know nothing have changed. Oh well they removed every HM except the last 3-4 dungeons and nerfed the new easy mode. Well thats the NC-Soft style to make things more attractive. Instead of adding some valuable things lets just nerf some other things... Great
  6. Game dying

    Made my day LoL. thats one of the most stupid arguments i have ever seen. While people requesting 1800ap for TSM i just go hit LFP and most times im out of the dungeon, while that guy still is recruiting another 2 or 3 people for his 1800AP TSM group. So tell me what saves more time? Spending 5 minutes to recruit a high ap group or going with a mixed group and maybe need 30 seconds more to kill the final boss? Oh and im close to 1900ap and a GC9 full tt geared FM and dont mind "carrying" 1 or 2 "lowies" Yeah making it even harder for lower geared to catch up, great idea as always. NC-Soft seems to be realy learning resitent guess they still havent lost enough players. Good Luck since the majority, at least on EU server still is VT geared. BTW: if you are on EU server, can i have your ingame name, to know who i should avoid running with. I dont like those "elitists" thinking AP is everything. On every dungeon up to BC it doenst take me much longer with an LFP party to clear it. The opposite is the case. I waste more time recruiting High AP people and waiting for a complete party then doing this BS with a LFP party. Oh and BTW, there are even people who buy clear VT runs. So dont pretend the majority of the playerbase is TT+ geared.
  7. Login rewards EU/NA vs RU

    Maybe because you better not mess with russians? Anyway, this starts getting more and more ridicolous how they rip us off
  8. But befor the cost reduction appears they lower gold and material income in the lower dungeons, therefore most players standing again for the same problem, Cheaper gearupgrades but less income and the vicious circle closes. With the comming update we will have HM dungeons in daily rotation which will be a problem for a lot of players. Also Goldincome in Easymode will be reduced from what i saw. So again less income for the majority of the playerbase. Again they didt the wrong thing, instead of making Hardmode more worthwhile they nerfed income of Easymode. Seems like NC-Soft is extremly learning resistant, plain stupid or they want to kill the game on purpose. You can do F8, even in HM but yeah its always a bit like playing russian roulette ;) A guild dont help that much either, since most guilds just raid together, some even have so statig groups for Daily / HM but you have to be luckie to become either part of the raid or static group when you join a guild. I have a great guild, i have no problem to get my tt gear, even on alts when i want, but only when someone is missing and there is a free spot. With my main i have a static raid with some people from random guilds. So joining a guild is not realy the solution to get a static raid / dungeon / hardmode group. And with low / medium gear you have to find a guild that accept you in first place ;)
  9. Do Lyn's have pads?

    I think Lyn "feets" are more likley cloven hoofed rather than paws so i'll guess no they dont have pads ;) Edit: which is quite unusual since Lyns seems to be a hybrid between different animals like Cats, Dogs, Squirrils, and so on (depending on their ears and tails) and humans. but ill guess it would have been to much work to make different foot typs ;)
  10. Game dying

    I realy start liking your zynism. 1. there are a lot of players playing since release and they are not even close to "endgame gear" since NC-Soft threw update after update at us and people usualy cant spend thousands of EUR / US$ per month or play 8-12 hours per day to keep up. 2. every time people are close to catch up NC-Soft lower the Gold and Material income so its getting even harder to catch up for lower geared players, while requirements constantly keeps raising. A few month ago my Aransu 3 Gunner alt with all assesouirs at stage 3 had no problem to find a MSP 1-6 Multi Group. Meanwhile my primary alt with Arans 6, TT-Ring 9, TT Earring 10, Phrohecy neck 10, New Glove and Bracelet 10 and holds 800k- 1Mio dps even struggles to find a group because my alt is still under 1700AP 3. Instead of raising the rewards for HM they lowering the rewards for EM. Thats exactly how our world works, making the strong / rich stronger / more rich while the others getting more weak and poor. The gap between high and low geared players, wich already is quite big will even getting bigger. 4. Most lower geared wont have any chance to do the HM daily. We are not in Asia where people dont care about your gear and / or a wipe. In our region all thats count is gear and if you wipe, at least 1 or 2 wil instant reagequit. 5. You also need at least 6 DC to get all rewards which means more time to invest by lower gold/mat income. And please dont tell me go find a clan even i realy have a nice clan there is not much we do together except for raiding cause People are way to much spread out in their online times. Overall its less the voice in "your" head, its more the community whm force you to keep up or get lost, which is also part of killing the game. So no its not only to blame NC-Soft for bad decissions, its also to blame the community. The combination of both scared away a lot of good players, and some of them i realy miss :/ What its only a matter of time as we saw how quickly it happend to MxM. "The question shouldnt be: Will it happens again, it should be: When will it happens"
  11. QOL suggestion about events.

    That request is as old as the game itself. People always demanded am acountwide vault. Drop some gems and mats in there and have access to it from every char on your account, but NC-Soft simply dont listen as always... Or they just love a useless gold ant timesink making you send 3 mails to send a complete set of gems to another char
  12. QOL suggestion about events.

    Tell me, where is the difference in doing 1x event on 11 chars or doing 11x the event on 1 char? Doing it 11 times on one char would at least save you from keep tracking on which char you already did the event and from sending a hundred mails to send your gems around it would be nice caus you might be able to buy something usefull from left over tokens instead of for example 3 potions on x chars ;)
  13. Right in time for the new class another Scam-trove, again with such valuable 3 star crits like this?
  14. QOL suggestion about events.

    Even i would realy welcome it, its realy annoying to swich through x chars and always need to send "hundreds" of mails to send the gems from on char to another, i highly doubt they will add something like this. The reason is quite simple, you could farm an unlimited amount of eventtokens and realy buy everything from an event, and thats what they dont want you to do. This would be quite easy to implement since we already have a report function for Bots / Spammers and this request is as old as the game is, especialy on battleground and 3 vs 3 (at least at times where people still played that mode). This request came up every few month since i start playing the game 3.5 years ago. But since asian people have a completly different mentality and you would never see anyone afk in a dungeon / BG they simply dont see the need for implementing a function like this.
  15. Game dying

    Thats not the point, for my sake they could sell raidweapons / Assessoiursor even their grandma (if anyone want to buy her xD). The point is they clearly stated in their Philosophy but do sell gear/permanet stat increases. Lets finish with a famous qoute and a little lesson in history ;) : (Walter Ulbricht, at an international press conference in East Berlin on June 15, 1961) Less than two months later, on August 13, 1961, work on the construction of the Wall began Thats the point. they lied and betrayed the playerbase and thats why most players are so angry. BTW: i dont think we will get the RNG-version of the ancient weapon level, i guess we will get a version with save upgrades but it will cost a ton of oils