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  1. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    Well to be honest, i dont believe in hear-say, but i believe in what i witnessed. Whale clanmate did a reroll from FM to gunner when gunner was released, He got Soul and Pet transfered while other clanmembers just got an answer that endgame gear wont be transfered. So yeah, some accusations may be false, but not all and even if it is just one player that get some advantages others dont get its freaking unfair, but thats how the world works, sadly even in case of a game ;)
  2. Will BnS Ever Introduce Region Transfers? + Poll

    Still funny how there is just a short response about region transfer but never any response to all those accusations how different support handle requests ;) All questions and accusations about the unfair treadment of different players requesting same service are always silenced. See @ImoutoMaster examples. Would be nice to get an official statement about this
  3. Well at least most of the playerbase consider Soul and Pet as part of the gear ;) Also a Max soul and Pet shouldnt be underestimated they give a huge advantage, let alone the shield of a max pet. Anyway this thread is not about PVP, its about the shortage of moonstone sources everyone need to upgrade gear even its indirectly for craftin PST and other stuff you need
  4. correction, you need MOONESTONES not Crystals to Craft Premium Transformation Stones, Transformation Stones, Empyrean Spirit Stones, Pristine Oil and you loose you Moonstones on a failed attempt to craft a Premium Transformation Stone. So dont say its wrong, dont say you only need Moonstone Crystals to upgrade your gear. You maybe not need thousands, but you still need a lot. So in your oppinion max gear is no advantage LoL your serious? I have played battleground on daily base when the Hongmoon weapon still exist and light / dark Stage 6 was the highest weapon. At this time you realy had a chance with a true scorpion agains a player with Light / Dark Weapon. Now a whale "just have to look at you" and you are dead. Battleground is nothing about skill, its all about who has the bigger wallet. Matchmaking and whales who derank on purpose / do winsharing do the rest. I needed 10 points to get to gold and went straigt back to 1300 Points on one day, due to AFK-Players or just bad matchmaking, something like 4 People with with Raven Weapon in my team vs. 6 full pvp geared with Drageonforge 9 or higher in the opponet team. Yeah 1800 : 0 thats realy fun...
  5. Unity

    Well i did HM / CS every day since Unity system was introduced. I have wasted tonns of shimmering stones (Left Side) to try transmute them into a violet shiny (right side, not shure how they are called in english) but never had a successfully try. They all failed. I just got one from the Daily Box you get when you have finisched 5 daily quests, thats all. With that bad RNG, i dont think i will ever get a legendary. So Yeah, Good job on bad RNG NC-Soft but ill guess you know whales will just swipe their credit card so why care about casual players?
  6. Well sadly NC-Soft decided to remove Woonstones from SSP during weekdays, you now can only farm them on Sat. and Sun. from 1pm to 1am. Also SSP never was adjustet to the current Gear. Go try to do the Battle Boss. Even with full TT-Gear i had no chance to get the Lootbox cause the Boss died instantly when the Fight as soon as the Boss was attackable. Instead of raising Bosses HP they decided to nerf SSP to oblivion so it even is hard to farm some soulstones as soon as there are more than 2 or 3 Players. Anyway from PVP you can get Moonstones, Soulstones, Scared Orbs and Elysian Orbs, basically you can get everything from PVP / Tower of infinity, while PVP Players have no chace to get Moonstones. Keeping PVE players away from farming Moonstones result in higher Prices for Transormation Stones, Premium Transformation Stones and other Stuff you need Moonstones to Craft. And thats a problem also affecting PVP Players.
  7. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    Wrong DPS requirement for clearing it was about 1.3M. For the time run you need about 2M You know that for most players cosmetics are the "true endgear" and more importent than other stuff? it highly depends on your class. Some classes need way lower gear than other classes to deal same DPS. When you play the wrong class, you are screewed. Let alone look at a 3rd spec BM and the enormous dps. even your own spec can make a huge different (Shadow / Ice WL, Wind / Earth Sum for example and so on) Also GC weapon dmg highly depends on rng progs. My damage can differ up to 500k in same dungeon depending on my weaponprogs. I already had fights in BC/ WC where i didnt get above 3 stacks on my GC-Weapon during the whole fight.
  8. Thats the biggest crap i ever had to read. What gives you the right to say people who dont like pvp dont deserve getting nessesary materials, what makes you think moonstones are pvp exclusive? Why are pvp players better then those who prefer pve? Its total crap to force pve players into pvp and to force pvp players in pve. You want pvp gear go make pvp, you want pve gear go make pve but give any group a decent chace to farm the stuff they need. And no you dont deserve to get moonstones exclusivly from pvp. You can get HM-coins from ranking which pve players cant, what else you want? making all materials pvp esclusive to fore people even mor to do something thats pure p2w (at least on battleground) And yes i agree, Naksun is outdated but there are plenty other actual content to add sources for players to farm moonstones. So there was no freaking reason to remove something without any replacement.
  9. I dont think we need to discuss advantage of an anicancled creditcard /big wallet nor about the balance between different classes and neither about the advantage of 3rd spec which make pvp even more unbalanced. Your argument is nonsense. With avarage pvp-gear you dont have any chance against someone with max gear. A max pet will protect a "whale" long enough to oneshot you while you cant deal much dmg. Yes you can farm your pvp gear mostly in pve, you can even get novacore soulshields by farming msp. Anyway you need the same materials to upgrade your pvp gear that you need for pve gear and pve players prefer to upgrade pve gear. I thing i dont have to tell you how much materials you need vor GC weapon, TT ring/earing, Glove, Belt and Mao / ET neck. They removed moonstones from SSE during the week, They removed moonstoens from Naksun (Yes back in time befor crystals where introduced naksun could even drop a 100 stack of moonstones) without adding any other pace to farm moonstones. Your Argument, you only need crystals to upgrade your gear also is nonsens. You need Moonstones to Craft premium transformation stones, you need them to craft transformation stones, and oils. So either add an non tradeable accountbound version of these materials that can be crafted with crystals, or give anyone a decent chance to farm moonstones. I can remeber times when you could buy moonstones for 2-3 gold.
  10. I know. Anyway, saying its partial fault of the pvp playerbase was regarding those players who play arena with 10+ chars of same class to grab all those hm coins and to those players who purposly derank to get matched with lower tier players to have an eays game, not regarding the honest players ;) So if you are one of the honest players please dont feel offended.
  11. Well ask yourself, why there are so less PVP-players left. I can imagine a few reasons. 1. 10+ chars of the same class from same account in the top 100 Arena ranking gredy claim season rewards eraning themself a golden nose with HM-Coins whil others left with som crappy rewards 2. a since over 3 years critizised matchmaking on the battleground. High gear whales who purposly derank to get matched with lower geard players and get easy wins Honest players get punisched for a DC which is still quite common on the Battleground. Yeah they added the solution you can rejoin a game but when you spawn dead outside and have to press 4 you cant rejoin. Also the system failed, i got a serverside DC, rejoined the party but stil lost 60 points as punishment for leaving battlefield loosing my gold rank some time ago. I did pvp on a daily base too some time ago even farmed pvp gear but its just no fun anymore when you fight against people who roll their face over the keyboard and just can opne hit you because of a big wallet, while you cant kill them because you dont have that high gear. Or just make Battleground fair again and make it with equal stats like arena, but then all those whales who youst hide behind their gear would start crying. So its somehow NC-Softs fault, somehow the playerbase Fault that more and more people quit playing PVP. I dont argue against pvp players can make profit, but then at least add some kind of untradeable accountbound PTS / Transformation Stones you can craft with crystals instead of the raw materials. Also getting Moon/Soulstones from Weekly is a real bad argument. How many you get? 1 Moonstone and a few soulstones so it would take 8 weeks for trying to craft a PTS which still can fail. Adding some sources would also be good for everyone, even PVP Player cause things would get cheaper to upgrade ;)
  12. ... you made at August 11, 2016 Source: instead Moonstones have been removed from SSE during weekdays and are now only available at a pure P2W Battleground. Yeah you can farm your pvp-gear, but someone whos perfect in creditcard anicancle will always have an huge advantage over those who are free to play You never kept your promise, Ok you added Moonestone Crystals but you cant use them to Craft Premium Transformation Stones, Transformation stones and other Stuff. You need Monestones which are still only obtainable from PVP. The Result: as off 07.16.2019 about 5 PM CEST
  13. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    One massive waste of serverload for example is the function of taking parts from your chest (where the daily dash Stuff is stored) to your inventory. Every item is transfered one by one. So when you take the max of 30 Items ot of the chest it will take a minimum of 60 Database updates, 30 for the chest and 30 for your inventory. this maybe was meant as a time sink, we have a lot of them in the game, but it still causes massive database access. So do we need this timesink, do we need to transfer items one by one instead of transfering a complete stack of 30 items at once and only need 2 database updates? 100 People are transfering items, wow 600 database updates, thats what i call a massive waste of ressources. But i already explained this in another thread. I know that the Communty mamager cant do any changes and only can forward problems to the Devs. Anyway. Im playing BnS over 3 years, so many bugs, problems, suggestions have been reportet / made and jet you never heard somthing about it again. As a community manager its your work to keep up the communication between the Devs and the community. Here we have a one way communication community -> forum and most time no feedback. When there is a feedback its almost just hollow phrases like "We hear you" or "We are working on it" but nothing happens. Problems are hushed up untill they fall into oblivion. See my text about the friendlist bug. More and more people are affected by a not working friendslist (i am affected since 10+ month, a friend even some times longer) You realy think 10 Month++ is not enough to locate and fix a problem? When F10 doesnt work they imediatly initiate an emergency maintenanc, every thing else? who cares? as long as the shop works. Putting of people until they give up and stay silence or just leave the game nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Game is worse because have a lot of freezes and fps drops

    No thankfully i do not work for NC-Soft, and honestly i would be ashamed. Im not a professional payed coder but was involved into some adons / mods for PHPBB2 and 3 Forum-software. I learned how to code clean and gentle on preformance espacialy when it comes to database access. Honestly? Thats not care, cause the only thing they care is cashflow. They have to release new contentend, to get the most possible cash out of the playerbase. Check the forums for people who have problems with their friends list not working. Most of us are affected by a not working friendslist for more than 10 month. Do they care? NO they dont, cause it simply dont bring money to fix it, while new content does. If F10 would have any problem, they would fix it in a few minutes. As a coder i know its hard to debug code and find / fix an error, but come on, we are talking about professional studied and hired coders not about some unpaid selfeducated hobbycoders (who would have for sure found and fixed the problem already) and they are not able to locate the problem since 10+ month? There are only 2 options, either they are totaly incapable or they just dont care And you realy think they care, just because they add new contend? 2.5 years from formaly 12 EU servers to just 1 server left, players still leaving and they still dont care. Well ok they care as far as keep promising to hear us and try to fix the problems, but thats what they already did the last 3 years. In the end not much have changed. Some day the same will happend to BnS like it did to MxM, they simply announce they will shut down the server on date X
  15. Pay2win event round 2, time for another break

    To Be 100% honest thats exactly whats wrong with NA/EU 1. we are still way behind Korean Gear 2. not everyone can play BnS as a full time Job nor they can spend hundreds or thousands of bucks for a trove giving 3 star crits that are way beyond scam 3. it not only depends on you gear it also depends on your Class. A 3rd spec BM for example would need way less gear than most other classes. Also in KR. Hae Mujin had 630 Mio HP and 6 Min Enrage Timer what means you need at least a minimum of 1,75Mio DPS @Baskerville said: That would mean 630M - 20% = 504M but since he said more than 1/5th lets calculate with 25 % what still would be 472.5M HP BUT !!!! He also stated that the Enrage timer would be 3 Minutes instead of 6 Min in Korea -> 472.5M / 180sec = 2.625M DPS Just for fun lets pretend they not only cut the Enragetimer but also the HP in half (I hope they did otherwise they totaly screwed up xD) and reduced it by 20% that would result in 252M HP 630M / 2 = 315M 315M - 20% = 252M 315M - 25% = 236.25M (since Baskerville wrote "More than 1/5") 252M / 180 Sec. = 1.4M DPS 236.25M / 180 Sec = ~1.32M DPS So you would still need 1.32 -1.4 Mio constant dps without doing any mech. As you see, it doesnt even mak any big difference wether they reduced the HP by 20% or even 25 % The majority of players are somewhere between 800k and 1M, at least from what i have observed runing random F8 parties.