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  1. Exactly, which is why I mentioned that even in a party the same result happens.
  2. Yes, from bad to worse, But how exactly? Well, first let me give some insight on what I have done since I started playing. Aside from the usual grind, There was the main story-line not that its finished, It's time to put your nose into the grindstone. I have learned to grind, heck I even came to accept the fact that you have to work hard to get the things that you want. It sure seemed that way, up until I was finally able to attain sky-break gear and more or less a decent amount of DPS. Some of the dungeons Like A rose from the past and Cold storage began to be daily dungeons for m
  3. OK, so i did my best to give this game a fair shot at the game-play, mechanics, economy and mostly character progression. Being a Player that is mostly F2P, I find that most items that took an eternity to get, are not completely worthless, Items that were relevant 3 and 5 updates prior to the new ones. So , what is really going on here? In my own perspective, perhaps the Devs are trying to keep players as long as possible, I gotta be honest, The fact the many players out there either boast of being a veteran player , which is fine, But playing a game for OVER 5 YEARS! Seriously?
  4. Then that , my friend is not fun in any sense of the word. I am absolutely appalled that most if not many of you just put with this kind of mechanics. So, from what I gather , Some of you have been playing this game for several years then>? Quite Honestly, I really don't see this game having much more life in it , Perhaps another year at best. From what I see, This is NC soft's way of "trying to keep players " as long as possible. Don't get me wrong, the game is and is still enjoyable, Up until you reach level cap, then what? It's not about a Slow and steady pace of growth
  5. My IGN is the same, it's TOONEGEMINIELF. Thank you.
  6. Im not whining about How this is supposed to be a co-op, Did you read what I posted, I have been getting kicked.. over and over. It's not like i'm an Introvert or anything. ALso, that is exactly the kind of replies I get, Because.. Honestly I just don't know.. so I ask. Because there is so much to do, I always hope that I get pointed in the right direction. Maybe you do, But I do not. You did mention a Progression over many months? You mean.. you actually play this game that long? Maybe someone else can point me to a "Build" of sorts or even a guide that would be of greater assistanc
  7. Ok, SO I gave that Notion about grinding a Go, Played the ENTIRE day and only was able to attain 2 items.. Yeah.. no.. This is NOT the kind of thing I am looking forward to. I also found out that the Orange quests all lead to "raids"? - Ugh.. im screwed. Let's be clear here.. I desire to SOLO everything.. Me.. and only Me. Why do you ask, Well - Thus far it's been this kinds of scenario: Invited to a party for a raid, then kicked because I wasn't geared to their own standards. And this is the kind of thing that happens over and over. I even tried PVP, it is ridiculous to be pai
  8. So I finally finished the story arc , Which is "waiting for the dawn". I even started a New character in Hopes that there would be more content. To my dismay, There isn't, Aside from trying to figure out who really wants to help within the BS community and who is just trolling. I reached a level , Where many would say that is have to do dailies, Or even "grind for peaches. Another Idea that I was given was to go an area where you start from the celestial basin. Yeah.. no.. that kind of grind is going to take FOREVER.! By the time I do finally get all the gear I need and have near to amazing A
  9. Exactly, After all, what good am I, If I can't carry my own weight.? Not to mention, Being in a raid party, only to contemplate being kicked out for Bias reasons.
  10. I really wanted to enjoy this game, Heck Maybe even spend some real-world money that worked so hard for. Then again, After that Legacy of Hongmoon patch, it's completely changed. What I was able to do on my own, Is now Near to impossible. Thus far I've seen this in many games and it' becoming more and more or the norm. While characters level caps increase, So do certain monsters, Now Hear me out, That is not a bad thing, But at least make it more reasonable. At stands, I feel Like I first started out, One hit kills, One hit stuns that last more than 5 rounds, Extra Damage taken from
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