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  1. NC seems to think they have a monopoly where they can simply choke out their customers. Like sure, the items were illegitimate and they have the right to remove it. But at the same time, it actually encouraged people to play and spend some money? And as a dissatisfied paying customer, I have the right to find another product to spend my money on.
  2. Being able to upgrade my pet was a massive motivator for me for the past couple weeks. Everyday, I logged on with the motivation of farming gold for soulstones. Well it's gone now, and I'm just not sure what to do anymore. I think it's time to take a break, only showing up to raids because I don't want to let friends down. Maybe I'll miss playing after just a day, maybe I won't miss it at all. I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way.
  3. While it is understood that it was not intended, please remember that this occurrence has been healthy for the playerbase, and the playerbase is what keeps this game afloat. Any additional actions that would anger the playerbase is NOT what you want. I hope that your team fully considers this before taking any potential actions.
  4. Last time you guys nerfed F8 gold, I didn't enter F8 for like 3 months. Please reconsider, you guys are killing the incentive to play and ultimately killing your game.
  5. NCWest, this mess up is on YOU guys. For the people who lost hundreds of gold worth of orbs because of your mistake, how will you reimburse them? Seriously, say 1000g is like what, 1600 ncoin? Would you be willing to reimburse that? You guys better figure out a way to fix this.
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