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  1. Revamp

    Revamp all classes old trees. 3rd specs are flashy and all that, ok, they look good, but what about players that already like the trees they're using and they are actually being forced to switch to 3rd specs, simply cause they hit more and are far easier to play. Almost to unga bunga level brain ability.
  2. Do you guys remember the Basin event on the first year of this game? remember how you could just stay all day doing it, even if you needed to hit 10% dmg to get the good box instead of the regular one or hit the final blow on the boss? well, this event is the same, except you can do it for 2 hours only, you have to worry about dealing enough dps to the boss without being killed by others and with low % of getting what you want from the box and being lucky enough to actually be one of the 300 players that can be doing it at the time it opens. On top of that, you'll be spending more gold than what you can earn from it, so it's another one of those events that are already dead before it even starts. - 300 players limit for what reason? if you can't handle an open map event with the whole server doing it, then why do it in the first place?. - 2 hours only? simply why is this restriction being applied when on poharan event you could just do it the whole day if you wanted to. - 10 gold to enter and re-enter if killed? this is what killed this event the most. No regular player or casual will do that, 10 gold to die in 2 or 3 mins if a whale sees you? simply idiotic from ncsoft. At this point it's stupid to even create this post to complain about ncsoft's lack of care for this game and yet, i feel like if we don't say something about it, more whale eclusive events will be coming, till the point where playing this just for the fun of it, will be pointless. I don't know what you guys think of it.
  3. 7 days premium

    You guys wanna know how ncsoft can solve the 7 days premium problem? just give us one universal code, one code for everyone who has an account, that way no one could sell it to others because it's the same code for everyone, so no one will buy that and just make the code usable once per account, and that's it, problem solved. We all know it won't happen, but that's how they can solve it though.
  4. 3rd Spec Tree

    It's a shame that most people had to change to 3rd spec bm, kfm and now destroyer simply because it deals more dmg and has better skills both pve and pvp. The same goes for each new 3rd spec tree for each class ncsoft releases. I'm sure many ppl still love fire and lighting, but since they deal less dmg, they had to switch to spectral. It's sad seeing ncsoft discard older tress, instead of making them better, why don't they all deal the same dmg? just let us decide which one we wanna play without feeling like we're losing dps. Also, ncsoft turned a melee character into range? does that make any sense? imagine a gunner doing a melee combo just because... Revamp fire and lighting, give them big aoe like spectral or something, each tree has its own way to play, don't force us to switch to the one that deals more dmg, i don't like playing spectral, i find it so easy to play that it's dumb to be honest, takes all the fun away, it's like a tree for newcomers without any experience. This game is basically taking all classes and turning them into just 1 way of playing them, it's 3rd spec or you're wasting your time, which is idiotic in my opinion. If your intention was to make everyone play the most op tree of each class, what's the point on leaving the older trees as an option? remove them then or make them as good as the 3rd spec tree. Gives us the freedom to choose whatever tree we wanna play whitout losing such huge dps.
  5. New Arena PVP

    It's simple but interesting, just add a 6v6 in arena, except that it isn't like BG's 6v6, in arena you'll get teams of 6 to fight 6 other players by turns, first player goes against their first player, who ever wins goes against the next player on the enemy team and the last man standing wins. And i know you'll say, "that's already how 3v3 works"... and yes, it's true, except if you play 6v6 you can't interfere ;) I'm just asking for this or any other type of pvp mode for arena, since BG already has 3 maps, we deserve a new mode for arena aswell. It doesn't need to be my idea, but add something new please.
  6. HM

    You're missing the point. Yeah you could buy a reset, but a reset won't let you enter HM without the orb though. That's why i wonder, why do we need the orb for HM? when you could just reset CS and get the same mats from it. It should just be removed as a requirement.
  7. HM

    Yeah buddy, except that you're still forgetting one simple thing, to farm that dung you need resets, which aren't cheap but let's say you can afford to buy 100 resets if you want... you could just reset CS instead and still use the orb on the second boss if you so desire, and get even more mats and CS is listed as DC too some days instead of HM... so, yeah, your answer is kinda pointless.
  8. HM

    Good job buddy.
  9. HM

    CS is also being implemented in events and you can still enter once per day without needing the orb, so my question once again is, why do we need an orb to complete HM? when it's the same as CS, you don't have to run a lot, the boss is really simple and the rewards are the same. This orb should be removed from HM or add something else inside the dung to use it after defeating the boss like in CS. People can farm CS if they want to using the same reset, so there's really no solid argument on why this orb must be needed to even fight the boss.
  10. HM

    You can complete the dung in cs wthout needing the orb though, so your answer is still invalid.
  11. HM

    Yo can only enter once per day... same goes for CS. So your argument is invalid.
  12. HM

    Could anyone from ncsoft or any of you tell me why this dungeon must need an orb to complete it? instead of being optional if you wanna defeat a second boss like CS.
  13. Cold & HM Suggestion

    From time to time, it happens that when you're entering the dung and for some reason your loading time is 15 secs slower than other players and you have 1 or 2 whales on your pt, 90% of the time they won't wait for the rest and will kill the boss asap just to go do another dungeon or whatever, so when you finally load you find out the boss is already dead and missed the quest and you're locked out from the dungeon. So, my suggestion is this, if the game sees the boss is dead but you weren't there when it happened to complete the quest, it will not lock you out from the dungeon so you can find another pt and try it again. I'm pretty sure it's an easy task for developers.
  14. Awakened Threat

    Many haven't noticed that threat isn't on the skills description anymore, to activate threat you'll have to press 1 and RMB. The question here is, why would they change it? when it was perfect as it was before... i find it really annoying to remember checking your buff bar to see if you forgot to activate it again many times while tanking. Why would they modify that when your threat was part of your rotation instead of doing 1 RMB, i know maybe a KFM wouln'd mind that much about that change or warden too, but as a BM it's really annoying to go from your dragon tongue stance, to pressing 1 RMB and then go back to dragon tongue stance again and things like that can make your dps drop maybe not a lot but still even 1 second here feels like an eternity to hold dps... i don't know who came with that idea, but that person obviously doesn't even play this game to make that desition. Would like to know your thoughts on this, do you like it or hate? i really wish they change it back.