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  1. Nerf on daily and weekly rewards (abysmal Moonstones rate), nerf on old dungeons gold rewards, nerf on overall characters stats despite a level cap increase, and absolutely no costs reductions on Rift/Dawn/Raven upgrade paths. I must say NCSoft is doing an outstanding job at turning the game into a gigantic pain in the ass.
  2. In 15+ years of playing online games this is the very first time ever that I get weaker upon increasing levels. This is utter nonsense and backwards thinking at its finest. From 50 to 55, you actually lose 2% of crit for each level you get. What the hell are those devs thinking? Also, old lv 50 content should by no means be scaled to 55 values, this is what new content is for. Only Starstone Mines, Hollow Heart and upcoming content should be scaled to 55 values. Why? Because this is freaking lv 55 content.
  3. The costs are currently exactly the same as before the patch. Another "intended" change?
  4. During last stream it was stated by Jonathan himself that the upcoming daily event dungeon would not reward any Hot Mushroom Stew, which contains rather desirable items such as pet pods, Premium STS, etc. However, here's what the patch notes mention: Some NCSoft staff member on reddit claimed that this was left "in error" in the patch notes and that we would indeed not get the Hot Mushroom Stew as a reward for completing the daily dungeon. Now the question at hand is, what's the harm in leaving the rewards as such instead of acting in such a greedy way? It's christmas, why can't we have nice things? Some clarification would be appreciated.
  5. Why would old lv 50 content get upscaled to lv 55 values? It doesn't make any sense and it's backwards thinking, what's the point of a level cap increase if you become weaker than now? Only Starstone Mines / Hollow's Heart and upcoming content should be scaled to 55.
  6. That's still 1 month and a half for 3 oils if you do everything every single day, which is absolutely mediocre. You could gather dozens of oils in the last Tower of Memory event with much more ease. At least the cosmetics don't look that bad.
  7. Basically it's been confirmed that you get 3 vipercaps a day for doing your dailies, +1 for free in F10. However in the event rewards list, Sacred oils are tradable for a stellar amount of 150 vipercaps each. This amount is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be lowered, that's like a month and a half of farming just to get 1 oil. What's the point? Can this be addressed before the event actually goes live?
  8. KR Test Server Patch 11-29-2017

    Not at all. Shadow gunner maybe, but fire got buffed with increased sustained DPS.
  9. How do you display buffs names?

    Well thank you all for your inputs but there's no need to get so carried away. The only question at hand is: Why is this option available on TW/KR/JP versions, and not on NA/EU?
  10. How do you display buffs names?

    Well well, my deepest apologies for not being as knowledgeable and pro as you are, Mr. expert, but unfortunately I'm not the kind of person who can afford to play 24/7 and I may have been playing since launch, there are still icons in this game whose effects remain a mystery to me. Having their names displayed just like in TW/JP would certainly be helpful to some of us.
  11. So it's come to my attention that eastern versions of BnS have buffs names displayed below their respective icons, which I find very helpful when your screen is cluttered with buffs. TW version screenshot: However I cannot find that option in our settings. Am I missing something here or is not available for EU/NA?
  12. Considering how tedious it is to farm peaches, frenzy hours would be a nice quality of life change. But since it implies making our progression easier and less annoying, NCSoft won't consider any of this. Just like they removed upgrade materials from vendor.
  13. Make BT accs tradable with feathers or some kind of token. The end. Enough of this RNG-gated progression.
  14. Black Friday Blade & Soul...

    This is absolute garbage. What the hell, NCSoft?