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  1. Last time we heard about a producer letter was over 2 months ago and NCSoft went submarine mode ever since. Anniversary event is nearing and there's zero information about it. Game is pretty much dead (empty F8), economy is ruined and communication from NCSoft till this day is non-existent. Hello? Is there anyone left in the office or what?
  2. What's a decent dps nowdays?

    Any dps above 1M is enough to clear any current content. But you're just looking for attention so yeah.
  3. Unbinds available.

    Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Seriously remove it, it's annoying AF.
  4. None of your suggestions will be considered because: 1. They don't care about players' feedback 2. They will put scales in F10
  5. Everything wrong with upcoming patch

    Awesome, we have officially gone full KR. I barely reached Awakened Tiger after almost 4 years, now you can just swipe and get it with zero effort. What's next, RNG weapon upgrades ?
  6. When they removed PTS from Grand Celestial upgrades, their philosophy was to alleviate RNG for the upgrade process. Now, they're pulling this stupid crap by reintroducing RNG into the Heart upgrade process, which doesn't make any sense at all. Also, PTS needs TS and RNG to craft. TS needs moonstones to craft. Moonstones are obtainable either by PvP or by swiping (I don't count PvE as it's not reliable). They're basically forcing the players into one of those 2 options. What do you think will happen when the new player finds out that he requires half a hundred PTS for a measly upgrade? He will quit, plain and simple. I want to hear an official word from NCSoft on this matter, and I sure hope that those PTS numbers from the sheet are a typo.
  7. Useless for late stage upgrades, maybe. But when you're a pleb like me, you want to get your Heart to at least Champion 1 to benefit from Mystic boosts, which is now even harder to achieve due to NCSoft' stupid moves. The demand for TS and PTS keeps increasing while the supply stays the same, it's only logic that market prices skyrocket like they did yesterday. Grand Celestial Fiasco ==> You now need billions of TS for each upgrade while the supply is still the same. Heart Fiasco ==> You now need TS for very early stages and PTS for middle stages, the demand is increased and the supply remains the same. Even an ape with basic economics knowledge would figure that out. I only see 2 short-term solutions to fix this: Make TS craftable with untradable materials Make PTS craft 100% guaranteed. Upgrades should not be gated behind RNG to begin with. This is NA/EU, not KR.
  8. PTS and Oils already skyrocketed in prices to nearly 600g. Current event provides large amounts of Vials, which is now virtually useless since you need PTS to upgrade stages that are nearly 2 years old. It's almost a 1000g increase per stage until True Virtuous. This is unacceptable and should not be allowed to go live. Enough of taking your players for complete fools, NCSoft. Remove the PTS for awakened stages upgrades.
  9. This is the only game I have ever played where obsolete items become more expensive over time. Are you out of your goddam.n mind NCSoft? Remove those PTS from Awakened stages immediately. 4 PTS for True Virtuous, who the hell are you kidding? It's like 3 times more expensive than right now.
  10. For real? I couldn't find it anywere, was it a spend-x-keys-to-win-outfit?
  11. I want Wayfarer, Wipeout and Home Run (white version which we never got, idk if it's KR exclusive) back:
  12. Blade & Soul: Will of Iron Arrives December 11

    inb4 Heart reduction is actually cost "rebalance" and end up being 2x more expensive.
  13. Sound Bug!!

    I've had the exact same issue for weeks now. Support provided zero help. Please provide a permanent fix, this is unbelievably annoying.
  14. No sound in-game

    I have the latest Realtek Audio drivers. I have no sound 75% each time I start the game, which is a waste of 5 minutes every time given how long it takes to load. This is excessively annoying. What the hell is wrong with your game? Please provide a permanent fix.
  15. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    Same date as GC 3-9 cost reductions: Never.