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  1. We can't catch a break with NCSoft's stupid decisions. First let's flat out nerf the gold income from dungeons when every accessories cost a fortune to upgrade. Then let's run an undoable event because of Orb shortage. Add some miscommunication and shaft everyone by not converting old orbs and DSP into their new counterparts, and finally let's make the game run like crap with even more freezes than never before. About the event tho, the free orb (not counting resets because they're useless) should be provided until the end of the event, it's the only logical and senseful thing to do. But this is NCSoft, of course it's gonna fall into deaf ears.
  2. Daily quest gold nerf

    There is no "shuffling around". It's a straight nerf. A straight, mind-numbing, and stupid nerf, when everything costs a damn fortune to enhance.
  3. Freezing in dungeons

    My screen is freezing in EVERY SINGLE dungeon since the patch, why the HECK have the servers not been taken down for emergency maintenance?? This cannot keep happening, fix it.
  4. I swear since the patch went up everybody is having screen freezes during boss fights, making us completely powerless between 20 and 60 seconds. This is unacceptable and unbearable, it needs to be fixed ASAP, it never happened prior to the patch.
  5. This issue is unbelievably annoying, yet hasn't been fixed since the dungeon's release. Everytime I defeat Nacha and proceed to the purple portal to reach the next room, 3 scenarios happen: 1. No loading screen, straight to the next room (5% of chance) 2. Loading screen that takes ages, while everyone else on the team has already defeated the mini boss by the time I finish loading (45% of chance) 3. Screen freeze and software crash, plain and simple (45% of chance) I use a SSD and my pc is top-notch. Why the hell is this garbage happening? Please fix asap.
  6. What the hell is this garbage "compensation"? How is this gonna make up for the hundreds of Demon Spirit Stones I lost and that you refuse to convert, even though you said you would? Unbelievable.
  7. Shackled Isles feedback

    Stop playing dead on the main thread and give us a proper compensation for the straight-up lies and communication mishaps. Thank you.
  8. Patch notes says: I did not get 5 Skill points when I reached lv 60. I did however get the 10 points from skill achievements. Bug?
  9. SSM and HH better be the only dungeons concerned, or the uproar will be real. Enough of treating F2P like utter garbage.
  10. It's not "steep", it's freaking stupid, meaningless and debilitating. There is zero way to farm Pet Pods efficiently. What kind of garbage decision-making is that? Jesus christ. Oh, unrelated but I just saw that from the patch notes: This has to be a freaking joke, right? The whole community has been literally complaining for years that the gold income from quests is too low, yet you decide to axe the amount of gold we get from daily quests again?
  11. Costs reduced for GC 1-6 but nothing for Aransu 3-9. Mind explaining the logic behind that?
  12. Yet another event requiring DC's

    + most of the time DC takes less than 10 mins if you choose to clear low level content (Basin, ToI, Floor 20, Avalanche Den, Lair...), not sure why you're complaining here. Also the rewards look far better than the last two garbage events we had.
  13. Not just soul, heart and accs breakthrough, now even the new Soul Badge needs 3 freaking oils per stage. While nothing is done to provide reliable ways to farm Evo Stones. This insanity needs to stop.
  14. No cost reduction on Aransu 6-9. Is this an out of season, April fools joke?
  15. All the issues mentioned below have been rampant for over a year. I'm getting tired of NCSoft not listening to complaints players have been submitting for months (years?) with no proper response, so here goes. Your events are trash. Period. Blade & Ghoul and Golden Harvest Festival were especially bad, they felt more like a hassle than anything and did not feel rewarding in the least. Events are supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and much more rewarding because heh, they're called events for a reason. Too many Sacred Vials are required for end-game gear. Like 250+ Vials accross all accessories. Ths is insane and debilitating. It's impossible to evolve a soul for multiple characters since your main one already requires all of them. Can we farm Evolved Stones efficiently? No, we cannot. The sources are extremely scarce and there's literally no way for a F2P to gather enough Vials for max soul in a lifetime. Lower the amount of Vials needed for evolutions or provide more ways to farm Evo Stones and Demon Spirit Stones. Too many Moonstones are required for everything. Yes, they are more easily obtainable now via PvP boxes, but I don't want to be forced to play PvP to gather 10000+ moonstones needed to improve all my accessories. Increase their amount in dungeons boxes rewards, instead of Naryu Coins for instance since they are completely useless. Why did you remove Elder Dragon Strongboxes from dungeons? Not only do they allow to inject more gold into the economy, they also were an additional incentive to run dungeons multiple times. Put them back in the game, along with the 10-100-1000 gold rewards from daily challenge chest. I know this will fall into deaf ears as usual, but enough is enough. I don't want to see BnS fall down the drain because of poor decisions.