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  1. @Cyan Where are the gold income changes you talked about on June 14, stating that you would be announcing something the week after? It's been a freaking month. Where are the changes?
  2. Since the new raid is coming on May 2, does that mean that Hive Queen Wings will become account-bound just like Raven Feathers back then? Will VT get a nerf as well?
  3. F2 hasn't been available for over 2 weeks, what the heck is taking you so long to fix this? This is unbelievable.
  4. I don't, 20g for 1 element is absurd and stupidly overpriced given the amount you need. Make them available for 1 Naryu Gold and 1 jewel just like in KR, enough of these stupid changes.
  5. F2 Page in French

    Besides, this bug is not even listed on their "known issues" topic, does this mean they are unaware that F2 has been broken since last maintenance? Do they even read the forums? Jesus NCSoft get your acts together and start communicating accordingly, enough of this second-rate treatment we are paying customers and deserve answers.
  6. F2 Page in French

    That hotfix yesterday did nothing, worse you can't even see AP in F2 now. What the hell is this? Why isn't it fixed already?

    Agreed. Whoever thought 18 secs of spinning was a good idea should be fired on the spot. Fix this garbage already NCSoft.
  8. F2 Page in French

    All of my gear and system is displayed in french in F2, what gives? Please fix.
  9. Well that was without a doubt the worst "anniversary event" I have ever seen in over 15+ years of playing MMOs. Well done, NCSoft.
  10. NCSoft be like "yeah we're listening to your feedback and will make it easier to collect it" and yet still does nothing about it. Just give us daily rewards as a bundle just like in F10. Makes everyone's life easier.
  11. Incorrect challenge quest marked as done

    It's still not fixed even after today's maintenance... Why is something so easy not fixed yet? This is really irritating.
  12. new premium worse then the old one.

    60 days of premium for Rank 10 is a distasteful joke. It should've been 1 year at the very least. No way I'm renewing my premium sub after this farce of a revamp.
  13. Aniversary event laughable

    Event dungeon is trash, daily dash is trash, even premium revamp is kinda trash. Yeah, pretty much everything about this patch is trash.
  14. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Did the dungeon once, now I never want to do it again. No beating around, this "event dungeon" is absolute garbage and the very opposite of the definition of fun. Running old and recycled content is one thing, making it stupidly difficult and not enjoyable is a whole different matter. Either nerf it or increase our damage input, I can't even begin to comprehend where's the fun in dealing 10k DPS to a 10 million HP boss with an absurdly low enrage timer on top of that.
  15. Mechanizer, Vicar, Starstone and Hollow weapon boxes must be tradable for peaches in Celestial Basin given their abysmal drop rates in said dungeons. They're only available from the dynamic reward chest for a stupidly low % and are blocking weapon upgrade progression for no purposes. This is just annoying and poor game design. Make it happen please?