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  1. Delete Mao mechanics

    Mao isn't meant to be killed with story gear tho.
  2. Aboslutely unacceptable

    THeir existence will make them the requirement. We know NC will shove them in the next trove, leading to all the whales and semi whales rocking them and judging everybody else for not having them. Nobody wants to be "inferior" by perception. So you'll first have to combat and defeat this mentality in the frame of this game, which will be hard cause we have almost no content, then you can claim that a gear enhancing item is not required.
  3. Mao's Gloves

    What do you mean by pointless? If you don't get the mao gloves, you wont max out your BC gloves. Also, be very careful when you word your suggestions. If current chance is say 10%, then 10% of that is 1%, totaling in 11% drop rate. That won't make much of a difference.
  4. A Quick Update From Nico

    Well 90% of the technical issues are from the engine being a completel single thread potato. Then there are another 90% of issues that are generated from epic levels of poor management and lack of communicaion. Take this thread for example. "We expect it in 2020". That's so helpful. Somewhere in 2020! How about a month in which we are to get it? How about pointing out what performance problems it WILL fix? Where is that info? When it comes to trove stuff, they do 2 hour streams to explain to us how to give them our cash, but about something which actually interests us, they either pretend not to exist, or answer in a way that doesn't give us anything. I can tell you that there is 100% chance that everybody on this planet, will trip over something. When? That, my friend, is information hidden in the quantum realm.
  5. Plz add more PVE ways to get moonstone

    "Farm" is an extremely strong word to use here. If you're EXTREMELY lucky, you'll get one crystal from each material box you get from a dungeon train. Problem is, the overall turnover is roughly 1 moonstone crystal out of 4-5 boxes (my test was done by using the boxes out of 7 separate dungeon trains from EL up to CC, so it might not be the most accurate thing in the world). So all in all, very mistable turnover, when you consider how each dungeon yields one material box and how a full train takes a long time to do, even in potato mode.
  6. I for one have no idea how I'd call my characters there. Everything and it's dog is taken.
  7. Don't forget we didn't have 1 million gear slots back then.
  8. It's not too fresh. If we were to get patches to enroll in the same time frames they did on KR, it would be fresh. But we didn't. In all honesty, when I consider how much content was crammed in, ground down to dust and obsoleted so fast, it feels like Powaran times were back in Jesus times.
  9. Well, they will fist have to enroll optimizations and customizations which the playerbase uses and enjoys. Then they can ban BNS buddy to please you.
  10. How do Lyn feed their young when...

    KR is not the west. They have their culture. A "loli" is a normal thing there. Ofc NA gets all uppity every time something of the sort is present in a game, hence the never ending censorship in Lyns, Elins, Shai, Dwarfs, that stupid race from Aion, etc.
  11. Server Busy = Out of Stock

    @ThisGuyAgain So they can stick this in an rng box later on.
  12. They can close the studio after a lawsuit for breach in contract. The studio is obligated to implement whatever NCSoft decides should be implemented (and pays for ofc). The relationship between NCSoft and team bloodlust is the same as that of BioWare and EA, or Obsidian and Microsoft. NC is the king, Bloodlust is the king's horse. [edit] And to extend the analogy, NCWest are a vassal with no self governance.
  13. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    @Cyan Tell whoever made the mistake that they suck. This mishap costs us at least one human life in combined time wasted on farming the WRONG stuff. Just burn.
  14. Example: I have someone in our clan whose ability to learn is lesser that that of a mechanical calculator and we consistently wipe cause of them on the simplest of mechs. If they keep not learning anything, I'll not play with them in the future. How do you band us together? I have finite time to play and I'm not going to spend it on racking up deaths for the ''you died 100000000 times'' achievement. There's no merit in such venture for me.
  15. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    I can vouch that the listed issues are present in EU. My party made it in 10% category 2, but from what I see, we got a number of bundles of prem listed things at the rates of normal rewards and no normal rewards (moonstone crystals and elysians were listes as regular rewards and I saw none of it).