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  1. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    The point of trove is take your money without giving you anything. It does fulfull it's purpose. @CrazyDude90 It is that worse. When it comes ot this game and it's lootboxes, the chance of getting trash is astronomical. Being lucky is getting a square dyad in 50 keys. Being unlucky is everything above that, since making dyads right now, is basically locked behind this lootbox event. You're not making penta dyads with just playing the game. Not when there's no source for gem powders. Couple that with the fact that each subsequent dyad variety costs a LOT more than the previous dyad, with the fact that old dyads can be converted to newer ones relatively cheaply and are taken out of the transmutation menu so you can't progress gems cheaply and you get to a situation where NC are doing pure p2w - gems are gear pieces afterall. You either buy the necessary gem powders from the store in the rare occasions they're up in daily special, or you trove. There is no situation where NC are not getting cash for the gem upgrades in the game.
  2. What everyone's thinking?

    Oh? Where is that bigger cost? I looked up the gear recipes. Not there, that's for sure.
  3. What everyone's thinking?

    Listen and listen good. You do NOT fix evil by equalizing it through adding more evil with opposite sign. That NEVER works. A lesson directly pulled from world history.
  4. What everyone's thinking?

    Just completely ignore PvP. Suuuuure. Swiping is the only way to do that. So to hell with that logic.
  5. Double checked just now. You're indeed correct. The ability to switch the gem colors on the hair pin is gone. Could've sworn it was there the last time I checked. Oh well, on more thing in the "to never fix" basket for our bois in NCSoft.
  6. What everyone's thinking?

    Getting some = maybe 1x moonstone/day. Maybe. It could be zero and more often than not, it's 0. Also if we dial back a notch, the amount of moonstones produced per day is way too low compared to the amount of elysian orbs and sacred orbs produces in the same period of time. Couple this with the natural limitations when it comes to gold generation and you get a very uneven price range on pvp wares. Me no likes this kind of broken system. Me no likes at all.
  7. Depends which colors you're trying to change. I found that everything bar the hair color itself, doesn't really display the difference all too well with most colors. If you go to the color selection menu and play around by clicking different colors, you'll notice that most of them barely manifest on the hair pin itself.
  8. @ZairLook at the bright side. Maybe making trove completely unprofitable will prompt NC Soft to dump the idea completely and start running this game as an actual game.
  9. OP is asking where is the source for them, not where's the stockpile which will run out at one point or another.
  10. SP Male Boss Debuff

    The only reason they ask you to remove 1 stack instead of 3, is so we don't have the run the risk of getting petrified by the debuff cleansing circle. Damage wise, whether it's 1 stack down or all stacks down, the dps is the same, with only difference being that with all stacks down you need to do semi full mechs (block mirror shots at the very least).
  11. F9 Broken: remove floor or cut gold drop

    I'd say introduce actual gold sinks that make sense. Ones where you can dump gold and generate... well... enough stuff that's deemed valuable for the current average set of goals. Couple that with undoing all nerfs on all dungeons and raids, so old content can still be desirable and fun for lower gear levels instead of only the latest 1-2 raids being on the table of stuff that makes you feel like you're winning. [edit] Also remove rng from crafting materials. For example we need a lot of PTS. When PTS is rng, we end up destroying a lot of tradable materials. This inflates the gold even further;
  12. Enough is Enough

    4,5 Actually they do have these problems, just not as severe as we see them; 10 If you do a ctrl+x twice, fps in combat almost doubles in raids, which means there are so many updates going on that it's not even funny. No idea what the tick rates are on most of what's being updated, but it's way out of any reasonable bracket. Also the fact that player names are UI overlay elements and not hardcoded as objects, is pure idiocy. But wait, there's more - the UI is built on scaleform, which by now is reknown for being amazing when implemented properly and absolutely atrocious when not, which happens to be the case with this game. The sheer fact that opening the inventory shaves off a couple of fps for a moment, is indicative enough how much Bloodlust suck at their job when it comes to the UI.
  13. What everyone's thinking?

    Why are you talking about soulstone crystals when OP is specifically talking about Soulstones? You most definitely do NOT get enough soulstones out of PvE. Even if you push dailies and weeklies on all alts, you would hardly make enough of those for a single PTS try in a week. I would hardly call that enough, especially when we look at just how many TS and PTS the gear progression needs. And f5 prices of the stuff are yikes, at least in EU.
  14. Removing orb of ascension from daily and weekly

    Tell me more about all the dailies where you can obtain feathers. Tell, me, more.
  15. Where can I find Orbs of Ascension/fragments?

    I assumed they'd turn off the orb requirement at the switches so we could just enter and do it, at least for the duration of the event. Then again it's NC.