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  1. Can only join one server?

    @Snowyamur I have no idea about half the stuff being written in the chats. Nothing ''pretty well'' about that. Also impossibility to weed out people who can't communicate in a given language now. There's negative level of ''pretty well'' on that point, especially then in comes to hm dungeons.
  2. It annoys the on a hyper dimensional level to be honest. If I could switch it off, as of it doesn't show for anybody, I'd be a happy Ego.
  3. It's there so you can have a chance to get something useless, obviously. If you only got good things which benefit you, there wouldn't be enough of a power hunger to make you invest into their troves. Trove is an event where you give NC a lot of money and you get goodies for upgrading your gear. That's my theory at least.
  4. First, it won't take you more than one minute to write in faction "hey folks, the crafted gilded square diamond pouch shows two different diamonds. What does this mean?". Second, it's not your fault that you blundered, it's simply the result of your actions. I call it optimistic naivete.
  5. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Are you seriously complaining that a dungeon which gives as much gold as BC, takes 10 min to clear? Also 10 min? More like 7 with that dps.
  6. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Imo it's a good exercise at mechanics. M'ao in particular is far more engaging than most other things in the game. Then there is the part where people can't rely on anybody else to tank her for them, so those who are casually under performing on a regular basis, need to git gud, for the lack of a better way to put it. No matter how op one's gear is, if they don't do mechs at M'ao, she will kill them. Locking a BiS piece of gear behind such challenge is good for improving the skills of our community in general. People would otherwise ignore it and their combat sense will never improve. Afterall the mechanics in actual 6-12 man places are obnoxiously slow at times.
  7. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    @Wataru It is a jump but you're grinding gold base item, not some random breakthrough material.
  8. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    If they can't beat mao, they most certainly do not deserve her gear. And that necklace is an exponential increase. Talking a 150k jump over ~650k. That becomes much more the higher you go in your base stats.
  9. Server Consolidation — May 1

    So for the sake of the example, if I'm french and someone write in french, I block him? Why would I? I understand what he's writing just fine in that scenario. Now if he's to write some english or deutsch gibberish, yes I will filter him out. I'm not favoring one language group here. Fench can make little sense to english and german speakers as much as deutsch and french don't make sense for me, personally. It goes both ways with the chat clogging. Some people might be able to work with a multi lingual feed, but I'm not one of them (note that I said some, not most. I asked around).
  10. Server Consolidation — May 1

    It's fine that it's used for any language. Just give me a few thousand spammer spots and I'm fine.
  11. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    You people really try to get under my skin with this. Did I say I have anything but a personal problem with this? I seek personalized solution, not a global one. I want to be able to personally filter what I can see and what remains hidden. I do not have the time, nor the desire, nor the need to learn french or relearn deutsch. I do not have a problem with people writing in that, but it makes it impossible to keep track of what's happening in the chat, cause, unsurprisingly, it scrolls up like there's a serial killer hiding under the bottom. This did not happen 2 days ago. Therefore I simply ask for the facilities to make it enjoyable for me personally. Even if I personally filter out eeeeeverybody that's writing whatever, that doesn't mean it won't show up for everybody else. Where is the damn problem in that?
  12. Okay, this... This isn't okay at all

    PTS has miserable success rate for the input cost. It's way worse than upgrading with TS.
  13. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    @Grimoir So in your opinion everybody should just accept the annoyance? How about no? And I don't mean a soft no, I mean a hard no. This is a game not a test for how short peoples' fuse is.
  14. Server Consolidation — May 1

    @Lurane I fail to see what your problem is. I stated what my requirements for other people are. At least communication. English isn't my native language. If I spoke and wrote in my own tongue, 20-50 people would undestand me tops. Maybe I should do that and expect things to somehow work out in the game? 9000 IQ logic there; If they speak some language that is understood only by them, their kin and a select few who studied it as their secondary or third language, the rest of the community will not understand them. I am part of the rest of the community and I have a problem having a FACTION chat clogged up by stuff which makes no sense to me. It's one chat that can show only like 20 lines at any given time. I'm not going to scroll up and excavage what interest me and I did not have this problem prior to merge. Give me solutions instead of this condescending high ground morally superior dissing. And make it one that works. I'm here to play and enjoy the game not to "suck it up" and put up with annoyances. If you make it a solution that works for everybody else as well, that would be great.
  15. GJ with the server merge ncsoft

    The problem is that the faction chat scrolls fast and is full of stuff that people can't understand. This goes for everybody.