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  1. Goes to show that killing someone is about strategy. Don't waste ulti on warden that's within their ward. Also that ward is quite literally their only redeeming quality. They have one long range gap closer and two short ones. Extremely ineffective when someone is actively staying away from the ward. If you go out of it, that's minus for the damage elemental bonus and minus for the damage sponge. Ofc I can see people raging cause they can't insta rip it, not to mention that it's cool and hip to hate on everything new. As to knowing the class - what you said can be applied to pretty much any class. And don't even pretend that you don't roflstomp true newbies. Easy to say it's op when 95% of the wardens in arena are people with years of pvping and picked up the class' mechs fast. Not like it's some complex combo beast or anything.
  2. White Angel finally arrives?

    To annoy us. Wouldn't be the first time too, considering how many great pashion pieces barely make an appearance.
  3. unreal 4 pc and consoles

    UE4 is much more flexible in terms of multithreading capabilities. Firstly, dx12 api allows for asynchronous drawing, meaning you can loop stuff in the scene directly on the gpu, without bothering the cpu with update calls or object maintenance (passive objects). Subsequently, UE4 has the ability to do the same "trick" by saturating other threads with sim segments which are not essencial, such as basic foliage, background sounds, static global illuminations and what not. This helps a great deal, as you get to unload the "main" thread so it can do it's thing, like maintain consistent and convincing simulation with say 20 tick rate without having 293829832983293829382 things dragging it down. For the time being with current mainstream cpu technology, it's too early to jump to more advanced scene drawing methods, such as separating the scene into four quadrants and have four separate cameras for each one, leading to quadrupling the potential "smoothness" of an active multi PC simulation. Such method requires a thread (core) solely for synchronization, as no matter how you hack it, dx12 still needs the data required for a frame draw in a specific format and sequence. And this brings our physical minimum when it comes to requirements up to 5 cores, dragging much more bandwidth over the QPI lines and ofc, a higher threshold for ram bandwidth, as now you defacto simulate on four threads instead of one. I gather we'll see some major improvement when 16 core cpus with 64+ pci lanes and solid 100GB+/sec bandwidth on their memory controllers become the entry level articles. Until then, imo we'll be stuck in this semi single threaded limbo, excluding block building games such as MC&co, which are governed by solid state logic. All in all, after a face value investigation, imo the revamp should at the very least improve loading times and eliminate some of the pesky micro stutter. Don't expect the game to suddenly be able to deliver 500fps when uncapped though.
  4. Basically what @Youmukon said there. If they're greedy and just want to wrench out gold, let them bid for an item they have no use of. You'll get their gold and they'll get an item that's worthless to them. Like what would someone with a vt necklace have to gain from bidding 20g out of greed for an oath necklace? Zero. They'll trash it and also will be set back by 20g. Just don't take the bait, let them burn themselves a few times and the practice will die at some point.
  5. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    This is hardly about parenting. Fact of the matter is that gambling doesn't belong in the domain of gaming. It's not a coincidence that in many countries, gambling (therefore lootboxes as well) is called ''hazard''. Ingame progres is meant to happen based on player's skills. Trove/lootboxes/gambling, call it whatever is not a projection of gaming skills and that's that. Even by proxy.
  6. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    Give it some time. Afterall it's an investment with extremely unlikely prognosis of positive or even worth RoI. That's gambling. No matter which bribed commission you send out there, this will not change. And obviously the practice is deplorable when it comes to online video games. Parents will keep making noise until the annoyance goes away.
  7. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    The trove is simply a lootbox in the form of a menu. Wait for the EU authorities to clamp down on it in the next one-two ears and it'll disappear, leaving room for the honest monetization practices that were promised to us at launch, the ones that don't involve full gear pieces packed in the afore mentioned lootboxes.
  8. Indeed it would be appreciated if we got an update. It's really tilting that the quests are gone.
  9. no reason players kick my FM

    @Kameliya If you can't pull 15% damage, that run qualifies as a carry'in the mind of many. And most would rather not put in the time. The game requires massive amount of time to not lag behing the curve already. Also clear it with bale weapon? You know, last ten times I was in Naryu Sanctum with a full baleful party, we either wiped Xanos consistently or went in under 10s up to -4s on the enrage timer. Tell me more about how ST is totaly doable with baleful without a bunch of Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnsons to lift the beef.
  10. no reason players kick my FM

    I have 1,2k on my warden and it hits like a sissy with purple elemental jewels and stage 3 non raid weapon, even with bracelet, legendary soul and vt badge.
  11. Looks like common lag to me, judging solely on how slow your lmb-rmb combo is.
  12. The Founder Title (Recommend to Redesign)

    @Grimoir Obviously, there has to be a setting to disable such effects. Hell, I'm annoyed that I can't disable titles on other people (cause some of them are long and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ me off), let alone something shiny like this.
  13. Dragonbone Sword

    This weapon skin is rotated 180 degrees from how it's supposed to be. We are slicing with the spine of the blade. Can be seen clearly when you equip it and the finger guard is over the back of the palm. Back Comparison: Side Comparison: Fix it please. It's been bugged for ages now. [edit]On a sidenote, fix the white background on forum spoilers. Can't see the text like this.
  14. The Founder Title (Recommend to Redesign)

    How about making a name effect menu? For example the option to make your name emit light and custom color (no rainbow bs, that would be eye cancer). Or add a special effect like particle emitting source. Just the title "The Founder", seems rather trivial no matter how much you pretty it up.
  15. So are you just ignoring this?

    Just load both players in an arena with two rooms at both sides, separated from the arena by big solid doors. Then put a button "ready". When both click, doors lift and the battle starts. No loading required. Or use current arena, but put both players back against back, so they can't see each other and can't rotate cameras. When they click the ready, they rotate automatically and the battle starts.