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  1. Just don't forget to put an exchange option for the items you told us we'll be able to exchange. This is not going to fly. Do you want a 0 star reviews everywhere coupled with a manifesto of all the screw ups you never fixed? I can do that for you.
  2. So where are our items? I'm waiting.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    One of the new hairstyles looks pretty rad:
  4. Ok, no. You're fixing this. I intentionally didn't buy thingies with the items. Your miscomunication just costed me a blast ton of costumes I could've gotten with these frost orbs and god know what else. You're fixing this yesterday.
  5. gems

    You can get them for solar energies very cheaply. I however don't see any way to get hm gem powders ingame. Anyone knowing anything about this? We still need them to upgrade gems.
  6. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    I get the feeling this is a plea for the sake of people who can't figure out how to not look at xanos when he gets kded so they don't get blinded. That kind of laziness has no place in the top dungeons.
  7. requesting compensation

    Last time I checked, they milk here in the exact same manner they milk there. It's not a choosing beggar kind of thing, so a bit of consideration would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    1. That sounds like their problem, not an issue with the mechanics. I play with 80-110 most of the time and I never had problem with mechanics. And I'm almost 2000km away from the EU server location, living on a mountain in a forest, with a p2p 5ghz wi-fi connection, not fiber. Now... if people play from another continent, that's on them. If they play on a cheapo internet package, that's also on them. If you want to enjoy a prosper in a game while you have like 300ms. Choose something that is actually playable with 300ms. Aka not BnS, as harsh as that might sound; 2. I can make a PC that will run state of the art games on max settings with 144 fps, but will run BnS with like 15fps in raids. You'll need to learn more on how the ue3 revision that they used for this game works. There are optimization issues, that is true, but there's also the part where people don't know what they need for this game, then buy whatever shiny they THINK they need, then play with 5-20 fps in raids and keep being annoyed at the company, for not making the game in a way that would allow them to make stupid purchases and not suffer the consequences :shrugs: ;
  9. Dead game :(

    I'm on A9 as well. I recruit for about 2-3 min, requiring mech knowledge and 1,2k ap (I don't even bother checking people btw). Had only three runs out of 90~, which took longer cause we did those in the wee hours of the morning and people were dead tired. Other runs took no more than 3 min on first boss and then 2-4 min on last + whatever time it takes to run between bosses.
  10. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    Instead of wiping left and right, maybe it would be a good idea to learn mechanics, just like everybody else does? The point of these dungeons is to do the mechs, not to not do them. If you want to not do the mechanics, you'll have to choose a different lower dungeon or a different game, cause in this game the pve is about executing mechanic properly. If you're really, REALLY op, you can maybe skip one mechanic phase, but that's it. You still need to do it successfully at least the first time it triggers. And if you must can pull it off once, you can pull it off twice. That's all.
  11. Remove Cerulean faction/remove factions completely

    Or make faction activities actually worth the time investment.
  12. Dead game :(

    1. Considering BC last boss has les than 400kk hp, you don't really need all that much dps to clear it within enrage timer, so an aransu 3 party with legendary souls stage 3 ST bracelets+old elemental jewels, can totally knock it off the map. This means you can do it after a couple of months playing, which is charitably short period of time for a MMO game to allow you into end game content; 2. It is separated. Bosses get progressibvely thicker; 3. There are complex mechanics, not complicated ones. Most bosses can be summed up with "first the boss will do this aoe, then that aoe, then target someone and that someone has to do some menial task like iframing or going to X position". It's kinda embarrassing that people fail some of the mechs after the first 3-4 runs, if they have at least decent ping. Problem with mechs in this game aren't the mechs, it's the adamant refusal to learn anything. "I have big sword! Chop chop chop! Others will do mechs, while I have fun!". Until the players learn that this game is about learning mechanics and executing them properly, sometimes as a team, nothing will change. This is literally what pve is all about; 4. I'd like to see some open world goodness as well, as long as it doesn't bring back the crafting bot collectors that kept all material nodes on cd ALL the time; 5. Nothing complicated about them. Players need to not be lazy while doing these solo dungeons, that's all. Hong doesn't kill people cause he's too op. He kills people cause they're too lazy to move their mouse and press up to two buttons at the same time; 6. TT is challenging. Don't discount it like it's not there. Some people take a whole week of trying to get a clear, whether cause of gear or cause of low skill at the time. On the point about daily dungeons - you can always turn hard mode on. It does bring the failure punishment to max, which results in far steeper proficiency requirements, which in turn results in the practical impossibility of braindeading through content. Absolutely not idiot material;
  13. frost or lighting Warden, which one is easier to play?

    If by farming mats you mean wrecking havoc in celestial basin, then lightning is your friend.
  14. Outfit that fit BM

    Night Luna+ Junghado illusion sword; Shangri-la/Dazzle + Dragonsteel illusion sword/Aransu skin;
  15. Obviously if you don't have dps on the boss, you won't get quest reward at all. And the only way to not be dead via stack kill, is to dps. In other words, you're strong armed into doing what any normal player does in a dungeon. Fire wall doesn't really make any difference. You can stande whereever you want. The stacks will keep coming and you'll die. And if you end up with an insufficient number of stack positives + dps = no reward. Aka absolutely no way to leech. Obviously won't work on stuff that dies in one and half seconds. But I'm yet to see a SSM being cleared in 10 seconds, sooo. I'll think some more on this. I bet I can come up with a system that can eliminate all weaknesses in the system without compromising weaker players.