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  1. Extended Maintenance "compensation"

    They did say compensation. Noone said anything about adequate compensation.
  2. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    Far Cry 4 has a pair of bare boobs and it got published everywhere.
  3. What would you say to NCSoft West?

    What do you mean "nobody seems to care"? That's quite literally all we are talking about nowadays. And these mcnuggets @NCSOFT seems to not do jack about it.
  4. Freeze! MF

    It's not even tied to clock speed. IPS is where the money's at. And obviously, more cycles per second = more IPS.
  5. unfortunate astromancer

    Oh, I see. Never noticed, since I just kill anybody I see trying to even approach me.
  6. Freeze! MF

    @Tioru Hate to break it to you, but as far as this game is concerned, you're playing on a really, REALLY slow cpu. The game is currently barely running. We haven't had any meaningful performance fixes in almost a year. Also they broke something two maintenances ago. The fps has been tanking more than usual since then and they haven't fixed it.
  7. unfortunate astromancer

    Only one person can see the loot after a mob kill. If you don't get loot, that means you did less damage or you were not the first to hit the mob (depends whichever condition determines who takes the loot). Rest assured, if a loot pouch drops for you, only you will be able to pick it up.
  8. Why????????

    Those boxes are pointless.
  9. How old is the Hongmoon School?

    StrykerGaming says Cricket has been in the hongmoon school for three years, not Namsoyoo. At least try to read... My estimation is that Namsoyoo is between 21 and 28. That would give Dochun enough time to turn into an old man, given Namsoyoo was an infant when Yunma Khan entrusted her to him..
  10. @Hime Anything? It has been almost a month now.
  11. Pft, you can fix fps in this game with hardware. We have a bunch of streamers in EU who have top tier rigs and let me tell you, a 10900k that can do 5GHz without throttling back is NOT enough to keep this game over 28fps in raids, 35-60~ in dungeons depending which part of the combat is taking place. The game is absolute garbage, performance wise. You can assemble the best PC on the face of the planet and you still won't play this thing with smooth 60 fps in parties and raids, especially raids. They know they can't fix it in the current engine (at least not cheaply), so they're not even trying to do so.

    It's like this cause it takes 10 minutes more to create all the database entries for boxes on each level. Would also take at least another 10 to improve the sealing process so it pukes out the used psyches in bound form. NC clearly doesn't have the manpower for the task.
  13. Den of the Ancients season rewards give old token

    This should be the last time we get the old tokens, since it was the last time we got graded on our old mao times. Let's see if it changes this wed.
  14. Liberty Token Issue

    It was a thing. We could trade newest tokens for older tokens for 1 newest token + some bound mats. They removed it at some point. Probably got patched out thoughtlessly, like everything else. @Hime Kick the koreans back in gear for us, please. We need that token exchange.
  15. Irrelevant HM

    Ideally make it scale like the new mao will. Apply this to all current and past dungeons. Introduce drop rates based on performance. Win for everybody.