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  1. They're a pvp resource are they? Strange how their main utility is in pve upgrade paths. And no they don't come out of daily boxes. 1 in 10 boxes from daily pops a moonstone. That's a joke. Weekly is no better as it's max 2 stones and it's also pretty rare. Your doubts don't help the situation one bit. First NC will need to fix the massive lag spikes that happen around prime time. Until then we won't talk about pvp being a viable moonstone source. I don't care about any argumentation involving "but if everybody gets lag spikes then it's fine". No it's not fine. Nothing is fine about any form of pvp in any multiplayer game, which involves lag. Until their servers stop generating pretty much half of the ping we have, there is no future for pvp. This isn't sKR with it's 10 square kilometers territory. I want to hear your solution. One that isn't "it is what it is" or "equality in misery".
  2. psyche drop rate

    Ow dont misunderstand here. When I say 17, I mean 17 for the entire hm train. Means 17 psyches in total from ALL the hm dungeons, done every day for a month. Not just from ST.
  3. psyche drop rate

    The drop rate is miserable. My group does one full HM train every day and we've seen no more than 17 psyches in the last month. It's absolutely inadequate, considering six people need to share these.
  4. Broken Trove Logic

    @Grimoir No. Your point might be valid if there are alternative means of obtaining trove exclusive costumes, but there are none. Therefore, trove is a wrist twister.
  5. Listed places don't yield enough goods per minute to be viable. 1-3 msp during weekends is de facto the only good place to get "infinite" amount of mats relatively fast.
  6. Why is there to this day no class change ticket ?

    Sounds like you want to just get a flip switch for free and change class whenever. Give us an example of a game that has such fotm mechanic in place.
  7. Mao gloves need to be addressed

    No. It should be a much more common drop than even that. Say 1 glove in 3-4 runs, and giving 2 fragments when salvaged.
  8. Mao gloves need to be addressed

    That will remove the rng element from getting the glove though.
  9. Telia are a tier 1 backbone carrier. Imagine a cardio vascular system. The thick arteries are the backbone carriers, the lower circumference arteries are the smaller transit ISPs (a country scale telecom for example) and on the bottom of the chain are the capilary tubes - our readily available end user ISPs.
  10. Fish Network Treasure Pouch

    Or maybe our absence of upgrade fail shouldn't be offset by having to grind 10 times as much? There's the time factor. In KR you can just buy the fail safe things from other players. So you don't downgrade when you fail. Neat. This also has the side effect of them getting their gear much quicker than we do, due to having exorbitant amounts of drops. Obviously, the aim of BnS in KR is not the same as in NA/EU, so it's natural that we have miserable drop rates, rng upgrades or not.
  11. Well... considering half of Europe uses Telia as their Tier 1 backbone carrier, I fail to see why people are surprised that there are lag spikes due to congestion. These scrubs are so overloaded, it's a miracle we don't get packet losses in the upper half of the double digits. For anything that's not gaming or live streaming, it would make no difference if a package gets a timeout here and there, or gets "accidentally" flushed by a node. For gaming howeder, every packet counts. And with BnS and it's ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ tendency to just drop you the moment one package doesn't come back, it counts even more. W*Fast helps when it comes to long distance connections. They use a dedicated set of traces and have their own negotiated contracts for tunneling. The sad reality however is that no matter what you do, there are situations where no vpn can help you. For example if Telia's nodes in western Europe go wild, something which happens all the time cause Telia suck at traffic shaping and at everything else (I wouldn't hire them to buy me cable from the store tbh), there's an extremely high chance that you might not be able to fix your latency by just tying knots in vpn solutions. And then there are the situations where your ISP can be a total brick and have issues with their internal network which wouldn't surface via classical probing methods. Or some part of the network is set to delay specific traffic, which results in massive lags for whoever is affected. All in all here's how I see it - the ping issue is not your issue to solve. Keep ringing your isp nontstop until they figure it out. You pay the money to them. If some part of the network is being an idiot, they have the authority to hold their backbone provider responsible and task them with solving it. Yes, even if the issue is with amazon server nodes. You would be wise to send a ticket to NC support for that one as well, as they hand out the cash to Amazon and can get them to look after their network and so on. 8/10 the problem is due to our ISPs being potatoes and trying to cheap out on transit deals. The moment their pipe gets congested, we as gamers start to suffer. And on point of server hardware being a bag of fertilizer, I wouldn't say so. As long as there are people who have NO issues with their delay, as of it's 99.999999999999999999999999% stellar quality, then the issue is with the NA/EU networks.
  12. @Saekko Nonsense of the highest caliber. By your logic, every little jitter would get your fps into the single digits, something that clearly doesn't happen. The server runs on 20 tickrate. That's 20 beats per second when it comes to information gathering (inputs). Your client doesn't need server feedback in order to run the simulation. It will just "freeze" all the actors in their current positions until told otherwise, or until it declares timeout due to broken loop. If you have the hardware to run the simulation at it's heaviest with 120 fps, then you'll have 120 fps regardless of whether there's incoming update stream or not. Only a select few fps games have their simulation building on raw input. Nowadays you sandbox the scene completely and just update it. Saves a lot of CPU cycles and ram bandwidth, not to mention eliminates most of the l2 cache tied bogs (which can happen in games like counter strike for example).
  13. Tropical Treasure Trove 100 Key Results

    So why is the dragon knight weapon skin a 2 star crit then? By your logic it should be 3 star as well. It's an unique weapon skin, high quality mesh with decent texture, unlike dragonbrand dragon shroud, which are retextures of common items.
  14. Broken Trove Logic

    It's not worth 3 stars if it can't be sold. And those cannot be sold. Also "the playerbase" which "values skins more than materials", is a nonsense statement. Which mats? If we are talking about a nice fat 300 moonstones stack, for like 50-90g, then we can argue all day about how much "the playerbase" does value skins more than mats. In specific situations, yes, but when there is no real choice where you could feel like you've gotten a three star reward, no. For example if you have the dragon knight weapon skin in the same crit as the dragonbrand weapon skin, that would be alright as a two star crit. But a dragonbrand weapon skin, which is literally a retextured version of the old weapon we used as basis for making seraph/baleful. It's not remarkable, it's not pretty and the only "cool" factor to is, the dragon animation. The dark seraph is no different. It's largely 2D model with little to no redeeming qualities. I'd be kinda okay with seeing this same loot setup from a 2 star crit, but from 3 star crits I expect nothing less than square gems/dyads. Or some really, REALLY fat stack of cheap mats. in that sense the trove is a joke and always was a joke and you pretty much never get the bang for your buck.
  15. Tropical Treasure Trove 100 Key Results

    I've got this three star crit with the weapon skins twice. Got them both simply cause there was nothing better to pick. And considering the three star crits are there to make you feel less robbed by the endless 1 star rolls, this one is just... sad.