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  1. Irrelevant HM

    Ideally make it scale like the new mao will. Apply this to all current and past dungeons. Introduce drop rates based on performance. Win for everybody.
  2. Does anyone know what understanding they're talking about?
  3. Major patches

    @NCSOFT Okay, we've seen troves, store updates, bug fixes, class rebalances, etc, etc. But where are the true major patches? Where are the third spec optimisations? We are yet to see a decent optimisation to sins, destros and bm 3rd specs. Where are the rest of the third specs? Producing those has become so slow. What happened to general optimisation? Raids are both a lag fest and a fps joke. And above all, where is UE4? 2020 is in it's last quarter guys. You've been trying to keep us around with your game running like a slug for years. Enlighten us about your master plan. I'm sincerely tired of playing on a 3k euro machine and getting sub 30 fps in raids. It has been a long time since we've got any update regarding those problems. And considering how severely they cripple the experience, I expect you to start talking, or better yet start patching the game. It has been eight years since the game launched and it runs worse than ever. So what is the plan?
  4. Item Removal from Moontide Outfit Exploit

    Well, there's always the class action lawsuit route. For negligence and harassment for example. Probably an overkill, but who ever said you can't hunt rabbits by bombing the fields from orbit?
  5. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    Well CS is the fundament on which you stand in order to get into robotics. This isn't the 70s, my dude. As for BnS database, as long as they have time stamps on everything that's being logged, they can hunt down every single instance of bug abuse that has happened (by employing a custom seeker algorhythm for example). We already know from dealing with support that they do have time stamps and even detailed logs for what and when, since they do reverse lost items now and then. Obviously the issue here isn't their ability to gather the necessary information, it's people questioning the level benevolence to not throw a bola in everyone's feet and only punish first hand abusers (and they even limit that as well, which shows they do actually value us as players, even if some of us did something bad). Is that the most they could do? Absolutely not. Is it at least a decent step that doesn't screw out all the second hand involved people? Yes. In my opinion their decision to cut their losses, so to speak and not give us the iron boot, is probably the best solution for this situation. And if it's not obvious, they could've done a LOT more, rollback being the most extreme measure they could take.
  6. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    Masters degree in automation, robotics and self sufficient systems.
  7. They cant do a roll back, here's why.

    I suggest you read up on database structures.
  8. Fact of the matter is, that bug brought the pet pod prices down to reasonable levels. Let me enlighten you - if you don't live in the game, you won't even buy half a pet pod at the old prices in a day. And you need on average over 100 for each pet/talisman "big" upgrade that is kind of visible on the dps meter. Some fruit for thought for NC - time to shuffle the grind a little and make materials obtainable in reasonable quantities per hour of time investment. This goes for everything, not just the stuff involved in pet pod creation.
  9. What happened to ue4?

    The UE4 patch should've been here a year ago. These third specs are making the game unplayable. What do you call this game when people with i9 10900k on 5.2GHz, basically infinite amount of ram and gpus that can render other games in 4k@60fps without breaking a sweat, get something like 16-25 fps in relevant content? I call this a steaming pile of refuse. These issues MUST be addressed, yesterday. And no in a way that gives these people with these 3k euros machines a stable 30 fps. No. This game needs to run decently on most decent hardware configurations, not just on the unreasonably expensive ones. And by running decently, I mean at least stable 50-60 fps. A shocking requirement, I know.
  10. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    The point of trove is take your money without giving you anything. It does fulfull it's purpose. @CrazyDude90 It is that worse. When it comes ot this game and it's lootboxes, the chance of getting trash is astronomical. Being lucky is getting a square dyad in 50 keys. Being unlucky is everything above that, since making dyads right now, is basically locked behind this lootbox event. You're not making penta dyads with just playing the game. Not when there's no source for gem powders. Couple that with the fact that each subsequent dyad variety costs a LOT more than the previous dyad, with the fact that old dyads can be converted to newer ones relatively cheaply and are taken out of the transmutation menu so you can't progress gems cheaply and you get to a situation where NC are doing pure p2w - gems are gear pieces afterall. You either buy the necessary gem powders from the store in the rare occasions they're up in daily special, or you trove. There is no situation where NC are not getting cash for the gem upgrades in the game.
  11. What everyone's thinking?

    Oh? Where is that bigger cost? I looked up the gear recipes. Not there, that's for sure.
  12. What everyone's thinking?

    Listen and listen good. You do NOT fix evil by equalizing it through adding more evil with opposite sign. That NEVER works. A lesson directly pulled from world history.
  13. What everyone's thinking?

    Just completely ignore PvP. Suuuuure. Swiping is the only way to do that. So to hell with that logic.
  14. Double checked just now. You're indeed correct. The ability to switch the gem colors on the hair pin is gone. Could've sworn it was there the last time I checked. Oh well, on more thing in the "to never fix" basket for our bois in NCSoft.
  15. What everyone's thinking?

    Getting some = maybe 1x moonstone/day. Maybe. It could be zero and more often than not, it's 0. Also if we dial back a notch, the amount of moonstones produced per day is way too low compared to the amount of elysian orbs and sacred orbs produces in the same period of time. Couple this with the natural limitations when it comes to gold generation and you get a very uneven price range on pvp wares. Me no likes this kind of broken system. Me no likes at all.