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  1. prophecy vs thronebreaker necklace

    Also depends on whether others in your party/raid have it. If you're the only one that has it or there is just one more player, it's kinda worthless, considering the effect down time.
  2. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    Short answer - no; Long answer - nope;
  3. 1. It didn't; 2. And I told you why your idea won't work. This game, just like any proper mmo, rewards players for success, not for participation. Just being there and trying to clear it, will not give anybody anything. People need to clear it, otherwise it's pointless. And as I said in a rather obvious way in my previous post, people who can clear it, band up and clear it. People who cannot, give up. Your system won't change this, as there are requirements in place when it comes ot hard mode, that the vast majority of players simply do not meet. And by that I do not mean gear and stats, that's the easiest thing to obtain and possess. As I said, unless you have a solution to the problem where people simply never learn antyhing and attempt to just chop chop the boss down like it's a minecraft tree (some try to learn but it takes them an absolute eternity. Dunno what kind of incentive you have in mind for leveling up a party with such people, but it better impress me otherwise I'm simply not taking them or going with them), this will not go anywhere and rich will keep getting richer, while the poor will stay poor. Now that we have the clarification out of the way, what is your solution to this problem I presented? And before you get to answering it, closing our eyes and pretending it doesn't exist, isn't a solution. Rewards for completion, not participation.
  4. Out of nowhere, BNS is running at 30fps, previously 90fps

    intel cpus past 4th gen don't park cores on w8/8.1/10. Also, are you insinuating that an on board gpu can squeeze 30 fps in this game? :D
  5. F8 is how it is, because people keep not learning. And I don't mean it in a sense that people don't learn anything at all. Just learning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow for the general hard mode runner to accommodate. The learning curve for hard mode is completely off the chart compared to normal mode. Take WC for example. Is it mechanically hard? Not in the slightest. Is it complex beyond reason? Not in the slightest. Here's where the camel's back barely manages to hold the weight - learning phases. Each boss fight has a number of learning phases, that some people get stuck in, sometimes for all eternity. First phase of learning, is survival. Getting to know the bosses' normal rotation so you do not die to basic stuff. Most people struggle with this the most and for the longest time, but in the same time mastering this, makes any boss fight a total cheese, since normal attack rotations and dps checks take the longest amount of time in a single boss fight. Mechanical phases aren't that thrilling, since the mechs by themselves aren't hard at all, although I won't deny that some of them have more elements than others. Compare RTHM last boss to WCHM last boss and it's blatantly obvious that there are two more layers of mechanical complexity to pay attention to (which is not an issue, since it pretty much means you have to give more of your party members mechanic roles, meaning they don't get to just braindead dps. More involvement for everybody is what I call a teamplay boss fight). Our case is that there are way too many people that just don't get past learning how to deal with basic boss rotation. Those who learn fast, progress to clearing mechanical phases and the dungeons as a whole, while the rest need others to compensate for their inadequacy. This is where the segregation occurs. These who excel at rotations and mechanics, do not have ANY incentive to pick up the slack for those who do not. And your "static" rewards increase will not change this. People won't suddenly get an inspiration to group up with randoms. They'll do what they know works - form statics with people who are on their level of proficiency or better, so they can extract the highest amount of profit per unit of time invested. Meanwhile those who have problems learning rotations and mechanics, will just be stuck in the "try-die-respawn-try again" limbo until they eventually give up - this is the most common scenario you would encounter in this game, since a single player who goes full potato is more than enough to completely nullify a party's chances of succeeding in a dungeon run. In normal mode it's not that hard to salvage, but in hard more is a completely different story and there is no place for underperforming members until the dungeon becomes obsolete. Unless you have some remedy for this disparity in player skill levels and learning abilities, I don't see how your system will improve our curreny situation.
  6. BnS is taking 50gb space on my SSD

    Just put them someplace else and use to make them appear where they should be normally. You can do this with most of the game files, but if you move them to HDD, it'll increase your loading screens by a bit.
  7. BnS is taking 50gb space on my SSD

    Well, we do have 293829382389293289 costumes for all races and classes... why do you think every patch that introduces ONE costume, creeps the game size up by 40-60MB? :D
  8. lets draw a line in the sand betwing pvp and pve

    Just remove pvp gear and merge pvp gear stats into pve gear. or make pvp gear completely pvp reliant.
  9. This game to toxic .

    1. Ditto; 2. Aim lower. Not all content is newbie friendly. Also, you're in a mmo game. People here do not mince words. If someone gets short with you, just tell them to help you with what you're messing up; 3. There are a lot of people who did most of the dungeons on the list hundreds if not thousands of times. The fun is long gone; 4. Pretty much what I said in 3; 5. Likewise! Bay bay o/ On a personal note, I'd say you shouldn't get yourself involved with randoms in f8, or if you do, just ignore anything that comes around as flame. Join B&S radi recruitment and scout the server clan recruitment sub channel. There are plenty of clans that would be happy to have you and teach you the ropes. If you stay solo in this game, you need exorbitant amount of resilience to toxicity. Either that, or make sure to point out you're new to the dungeon, so people know you didn't know better. F8 is not for learning. Pugs never aim to teach, only to clear, so if you get in a party with the idea of learning, you're setting yourself up for getting absolutely destroyed in case you mess up a critical mechanic.
  10. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    The problem is that it's good to have around.
  11. 5 favorites for bns cosmetic contest?

    So your dev team gets to have a say on what we get to like? Get out of here!
  12. No we can't get it. It's not that simple. Not anymore. Now that we are down to one server in each region, this means we have just one market per region. Since f8 does impact the market indirectly, it does link the local servers. Now when we don't have this, there's no way to weasel around the obvious issue of importing different value goods from one region to another. Gold sellers will swim in easy gold and wreck the marketplace prices even more than they already do.
  13. When do things get fun?

    The key issue with old dungeons is in the term. Old - outdated+nerfed, dungeons - unchanging environment with a practical limit to challenge, usually going downhill after some time, due to nerfs making it more braindead than it feels after 20-30 clears in hard mode. If dungeons weren't just corridors with 2-3 bosses that don't really server a purpose but to be defeated, they would burn people out much slower. Sadly, production values of the content tend to show nowadays.
  14. Not the case here. Only some elements of the game will stutter when there's lack of data. If you cut out the dps meter and the random stuff which is worthless to you during a fight and you're left with just the gameplay, all you'll see if the server is being a dolt, are rubberbands. The fps will not be impacted as that's not how UE sandboxes function.
  15. Imo event dungeons that are basically a dps check, shouldn't exist. Make something like hong but more mechanically intensive with permanent stacks for failing a mech. Toss balancer gear in, like with realmrift supply chain and all is good. An event dungeon that relies on what this game's pve is all about - skills.