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  1. Soo, EU's Character Info?

    Oh yeah, let's ask people how all their alts are called. I'm sure scammers will be thrilled to share that information with us.
  2. guys please help

    You're out of luck there. If you only want to buy the soul shields, that means you take an entire raid for yourself, which means they can't sell the badge, necklace and weapon material to other people who would be willing to pay very good sums for those. So for them it's either make a 1.5k+ profit per raid member, or cut you a deal where you pay say 6k, which is 500 gold per raid member. It's not that they don't want to sell the soul shields as a set to you for cheap, it's that they can't. You're literally looking for a raid that is willing to sell the mat and badge internally to someone of their own who needs these for some alt or whatever. That's an extremely rare case from what I've heard. I'd say post your offer in the BnS Raid Recruitment channel and see if someone contacts you, as people who can do ET and are willing to do what you ask of, are situated there. Good luck ;)
  3. Soo, EU's Character Info?

    I can confirm it's broken. Just putting this here in case devs exert that usual unhealthy dose of skepticism and say we are imagining things and that it's a temporary hiccup with the service. This problem has been here for as far as I can remember. The list hasn't been updated since forever. New players simply do not exist in the system. Unless you can click their name in the chat, or you know a name of their characters made in first half of 2016, you are simply not looking them up.
  4. What is the standard AP?

    I wasn't talking about lfp though.
  5. What is the standard AP?

    From my experience, nobody in EU goes ballistic when I join up to WC, excluding DST bursts, with this kind of character:
  6. What's a decent dps nowdays?

    Well OP, depends what kind of decent we are talking about. If it's decent dps for ET, that would be 1.7kk+. If it's for TT, 500k+ and you're sorted out. If it's H0 multi, 2kk+ sustain on the dumdum would be the norm. It's relative. Obviously for all intents and purposes, your particular dps would be more than enough for a single party member in pretty much any instance, so it's decent no matter the scenario.
  7. My first whale experience

    Look at the bigger picture guys. If trove becomes so worthless, eventually nobody would cash in on it, they'll have to remove it and rebalance the material yields ingame so we can be rewarded for playing, as the game was originally envisioned. And this is totally not blind optimism on my part or anything of the sort /sacasm
  8. Santa claus bankrupt,Christmas gifts NOT in 2k19

    It's the same game under different management.
  9. Hi. Old player thinking about returning.

    *proceeds with linking a video where someone uses macro (bannable)* in an easy mode dungeon. Certainly proving points there.
  10. Hi. Old player thinking about returning.

    @Aulann Let's see - it's an action combat game, where your skills utilize your gear in order to defeat a bunch of monsters. So you're wrong and saying the same thing twice won't make you any less wrong. Also I don't have Ego in my name. What are you even talking about...
  11. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    @Passel No it's not. I'm not the kind to play bns for 6 hours/day. Every minute of said "afk" equals 1 minute less doing something else. And there is a roster of things one has to do in order to not fall off the gear loop; @Granger That was a yes/no question. And I agree that it'd be stupid to kill people who are already running. Here's the problem - this is so nebulously rare, it's not even worth mentioning.
  12. Why Join a Dungeon Group ?

    Am I right in assuming that every second I'm being nice and waiting for people, is a second that just adds back and extends my life's deadline?
  13. Khanda Vihar

    So... the terrain in this location is broken pretty much all across the location. Fix it. Just to clarify - you run or glide and suddenly you get stuck and can't move anywhere. You keep getting rubberbanded nonstop.
  14. Hi. Old player thinking about returning.

    BnS is exactly about how skilled you are as a player. Don't spread misinformation.