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  1. if i have 50 event box and trade to a friend and the friend send them back to me still i get the count?
  2. what if i send 50 boxes to a friend an my friend send the box back to me,i stil get the count?
  3. what if people play 2 different accounts and send from main to second account and then send the gift back how this count? @Hime
  4. 300 keys = not even a single 3 stars?........why?how?
  5. Why we still have in daily dash old clasic dungeon, weekly,raid upgrade chest,why??????Asking for a friend
  6. yea. Cosmic Horizon Celebration Bundle Redemption Period: September 23 - October 21 Restriction: 1 per Account Celebrating the launch of our 13th playable class, visit the Hongmoon Store and snag the Cosmic Horizon Celebration Bundle for 0 Hongmoon Coin! The Bundle contains an Additional Slot Voucher and a Level 60 Boost Voucher for you to create your Astromancer.
  7. How much ncoin/hmcoin was keys last event?1-6 and 7-12?any1 know?:?:?:?:?:?:?
  8. Or just make remnants acc bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You right man....another crap event Man just dont do it,use credit card buy all keys problem solved How the heck you guys can ask the new players to do CC and up?6 weekly?and Msp????????
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