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  1. The difference between a player with premium and without is insignificant... The bonuses it provides are not the great to say the least for the money u pay... but probably some will disagree with me. Ofcourse it's their money and they can do whatever they want, but i think ppl who pay a great amount of money deserve a better premium membership... Is there a plan to REALLY revamp it to be worth?!
  2. Oh good i thought it was just me xD The question is how long...
  3. Thronwind cavren guide videos or a guide I couldn't find any T_T Please & Thank you🙌
  4. I did but couldn't find ANY. anyway TYVM i appreciate it.
  5. Well i know that but i want to prepare for it... is it really matter if it's getting delayed by 1 week jeez
  6. As the title says I couldn't find anything ... Any kind soul willing to help?!
  7. Omg Thank you very much i really appreciate it!
  8. If anyone found a guide Pwease post it here//content.invisioncic.com/w306168/emoticons/61.png (I didn't find anything it's really frustrating ...)
  9. I was wondering if there's a new soul badge becuase i didn't see in the patch notes (maybe they forgot to add).
  10. Well Dreamsong Theater, Brood Chamber, Warped Citadel, pretty much dead content so i was wondering if they are gonna remove the hard mode option like they did with shadowmoor and etc... Someone can enlighten me *_*
  11. This Sh!t really pisses me off darn it
  12. As the title says as we getting closer and closer to the patch i feel like there's no point of playing a game where management / community manager, not communicating with the community.... Not making any life improvements to the game instead they taking away the incentive to play the game!!! Theyre not trying to increase the player base but to lower it that's really a shame
  13. If they want to make money then they should take care of the community make better events maybe double drop rate at weekends on hard mode dungeons.. incentive to run them.. this nerf REALLY not helping the game. Thats a shame because the game is good combat system etc..
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