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  1. @ZairLook at the bright side. Maybe making trove completely unprofitable will prompt NC Soft to dump the idea completely and start running this game as an actual game.
  2. OP is asking where is the source for them, not where's the stockpile which will run out at one point or another.
  3. SP Male Boss Debuff

    The only reason they ask you to remove 1 stack instead of 3, is so we don't have the run the risk of getting petrified by the debuff cleansing circle. Damage wise, whether it's 1 stack down or all stacks down, the dps is the same, with only difference being that with all stacks down you need to do semi full mechs (block mirror shots at the very least).
  4. F9 Broken: remove floor or cut gold drop

    I'd say introduce actual gold sinks that make sense. Ones where you can dump gold and generate... well... enough stuff that's deemed valuable for the current average set of goals. Couple that with undoing all nerfs on all dungeons and raids, so old content can still be desirable and fun for lower gear levels instead of only the latest 1-2 raids being on the table of stuff that makes you feel like you're winning. [edit] Also remove rng from crafting materials. For example we need a lot of PTS. When PTS is rng, we end up destroying a lot of tradable materials. This inflates the gold even further;
  5. Enough is Enough

    4,5 Actually they do have these problems, just not as severe as we see them; 10 If you do a ctrl+x twice, fps in combat almost doubles in raids, which means there are so many updates going on that it's not even funny. No idea what the tick rates are on most of what's being updated, but it's way out of any reasonable bracket. Also the fact that player names are UI overlay elements and not hardcoded as objects, is pure idiocy. But wait, there's more - the UI is built on scaleform, which by now is reknown for being amazing when implemented properly and absolutely atrocious when not, which happens to be the case with this game. The sheer fact that opening the inventory shaves off a couple of fps for a moment, is indicative enough how much Bloodlust suck at their job when it comes to the UI.
  6. What everyone's thinking?

    Why are you talking about soulstone crystals when OP is specifically talking about Soulstones? You most definitely do NOT get enough soulstones out of PvE. Even if you push dailies and weeklies on all alts, you would hardly make enough of those for a single PTS try in a week. I would hardly call that enough, especially when we look at just how many TS and PTS the gear progression needs. And f5 prices of the stuff are yikes, at least in EU.
  7. Removing orb of ascension from daily and weekly

    Tell me more about all the dailies where you can obtain feathers. Tell, me, more.
  8. Where can I find Orbs of Ascension/fragments?

    I assumed they'd turn off the orb requirement at the switches so we could just enter and do it, at least for the duration of the event. Then again it's NC.
  9. How far behind is my dps ?

    It's not accepted. It's enforced. You think people would whale if there was an alternative that didn't require them to lead a virtual life?
  10. UE5

    Actually from 3 to 4 is the easier jump as it's highlights are technologies from 2010-2013. 5 has stuff that's a thing since 2016. Engineers with decent experience when it comes to dx12 technology are not as many as engineers versed in dx9-10 technology.
  11. How far behind is my dps ?

    I wouldn't call it laziness, @Grimoir. As a matter of fact, the major drivers of mediocrity in this game have purely technical roots and of course, total lack of common sense in the gear progression system. You need to spend roughly 1/3 of your non sleep time in the game in order to be anywhere near "decent" gear levels. Forget omega pet/majestic heart/true everspark+ stages. Just forget them. To get to even the first stages of those parts of the gear progression, you need thousands of hours. It's a good game, gameplay wise, but definitely not good enough to justify such low yields from the time it demands to be spent in it. I wouldn't call not wanting to spend 5h+/day grinding non fun stuff, lazy. There is a very good word for that - wise. When their game runs like an olympian on steroids and doesn't have 200ms server side latency, we'll talk about whether the grind is worth it. Cause as things stand now (at least in EU), getting to OP's parse level is not a goal worth pursuing, considering the amount of white hairs involved.
  12. Ping Problem of those connected from Turkey

    With the current pandemic, probably no solution. During prime time, the entire transit network chokes hard. My maximum speeds go from 200mbps down to roughly 2-8mpbs and stay like that till 2am CEST. Until ISPs start investing cash into enough equipment that's good enough to pump all the data they are advertising for, this will not change. Of course, they will not do that, since this entire situation is "temporary".
  13. Tailor Shop

    Add an option to view weapon skins on character while tailoring costumes in the tailor shop.
  14. He meants that in some games you have raids that lean ver heavily on complex mechanics and perfect mech execution. In BnS we have rather uninvolving mechs and tons of damage requirement. Here you train people like sheep. "When you see this % on boss hp bar, you stand here, then you turn around, then you move here/jump/usedanceemote" and so on. This is so braindead it hurts. If the game was not such an absolute mess of a performance joke with massive lag in raids and fps drops, especially when you have a bunch of sins+destros+bms on third spec, it would be laughable level of difficulty. Literally, the hardest thing when it comes to raids in this game, is dealing with the technical difficulties. Why do we need such high gear? Easy! Because no matter what you do, you'll have at least 50-60% more latency in raids, non negotiable. Have to compensate somehow, might as well do it with the only tool accessible to us as players - gear. Brilliant example of NC privatizing the profits and "communitizing" the losses. Edit - korean players get a guide from NC on how to do mechs. They don't go in blind;
  15. Box That Gives Gold [WEEKLY]

    We need a gold reset, that's why. There's so much gold in the game due to having zero gold sinks, the economy is completely busted.
  16. temple of eluvium is impossible to find and do.

    This is absolute nonsense. I join VTs with my ultra plebby alts that barely have 1.5k and can't hold 350k dps to save their lives. Mechanics are abysmally basic nowadays: On the sumo guys, two people tank them, everyone else insta grinds down the dummies that spawn, then kill the minibosses; Next you have the floaty balrok thingies from the glacial basin - dps it down till it's dead; Next you have Asura. You pick your strongest melee and ranged and appoint them to tank the bosses. Rest of the party just dps and block orbs so the bosses don't enrage; Next you have the warlock dude - dps down until dead. Kill thralls if you feel like it, not necessary. Assume your assassins/summoners/forcemasters/BMs have enough brain to use their projectile defense skills and stick around them; Next you have the miniboss with the soldies and lines. Have everyone who has a push/pull skills spec said skills and once the miniboss activates adds, people push or pull them in direction of the boss in order to sever the yellow lines to the soldiers. Cut red lines bybefore you dps into the next phase by going away from boss. Rinse and repeat till it's dead; Next you have the thrall. This is arguably the easiest boss to deal with - everybody attacks it. Dps until CC bars open. When they open everybody KDs. Three of the players will have a running debuff on them. Those go to the soulspace by looking at the boss after the knockdown. Rest of the party looks away (going to soulspace without the debuff is pointless) at this time. Next cc window opening = stun. If you fail to CC, the boss will do a punishment - if he lifts one hand - it's small circle then big circle. If it's both hands, it's big circle then small circle. If you get hit by it, you get a stack. This is what kills most people here, so look at the hands. You keep alternating CCs with those who have the debuf going in on every knockdown. Do this until boss dies; Next you have the two giants - stack them on top of each other and dps them down like usual mobs; Next you get the three acrimors. Basically, get three people to tank them. Dps them down until they die. If you don't have the damage and one jumps to mid, party iframe the explosion it does. They do use flamethrowers and lava puddles in their rotations - avoid standing in either of those as the damage can break your back, even with top tier gear; Next you have the harpy - do NOT casually waltz around. Coordinate to attack her all at once and dps her down as fast as possible. If you fail to do so, have someone stand 41m away from boss and kill a thrall thingie to zap you out of daze. Dps her down to 0. Doesn't matter who dies at this point; Next you have the hive queen - tank pulls her towards 10 o'clock. The three strongest ranged dps man the middle circle. Discplaimer - most archers do NOT play the ranged spec. The only two things you need to know about her basic rotation - when she lifts herself into the air, you need to use a longer iframe, as she'll use two knockbacks one after the other. After those she'll do two swipes towards the tank and then she'll grab him, opening her CC bars. You need to stun or daze her. Doesn't matter which, as long as it's not a knockdown (as not every player is familiar with how she will move depending on what she says upon getting knocked down). The party should have enough IQ in between everybody to coordinare stuns/dazes; At specific points, she'll go back to mid, stopping the death zone from moving clockwise (don't step into that one. It hurts to the dark realm and back). Then three big spiders will spawn, followed by three groups of small spiders. AoE the small spiders and move next to big spider. Now grind the small spiders down until their red aoes activate. That's it with the spider mech. If you successfully pulled all small spiders and dpsed them down so all the aoes touch the big spider, the big spider will die. While this is happening the queen will keep throwing stingers around. Usually those need to be baited, but you can just face tank them. Jump over any blue concentric circle aoe you see, as those grant you the awesome gift of... more stacks, which will be very painful if you get a lot of them; After the spider phase is done, tank baits boss to 10 o'clock and you repeat the whole thing until she's defeated. If someone died, you can start ressing them once tank baits the boss. This is all for the "simplified" mechanics in VT.
  17. Steel Uprising? LOL

    Abundance is not the word I'd use.
  18. New Event Outfits

    Licensing issues? Show me a patent for a school uniform, I triple dare you.
  19. From bad to worse

    CS boss has a lot of regen and shields. If you drag the fight enough, your dps becomes super low. We brute force through with gears nowadays, but if you're on OP's gear level, you're not killing the mane. Nor Soyun to that matter.
  20. This nonstop complaining is not onlyabout ourselves. The idea is to make the game good enough so people who don't complain and just directly leave, would stick around. We need a community that's growing, not one that tries to shrink to the point where we are only left with those few that have such low standards, they're fine with even the worst financial schemes to be seen in a f2p game (we can't have a nice vanity based monetization that lacks p2w without a big playerbase to support it and we can't have that when the game runs like an mp3 on a i386 for 9/10 people who install it). This is where reality is truly different - the way NC thinks they can incite us to finance them, is not compatible with the target audience of this particular monetization scheme, for the simple fact that the target audience that would be okay with this kind of nonsense monetization is just too small. The numbers show that much. So the natural thing is for us to point out their problem. We are the inside agents afterall. There's noone who knows better why people quit, than these who see those people drop subtle hints for doing so before they never come back. So when these are the problems that drag the game down to the point if one server that can barely hold 10-15 end game raids (considering how easy the raid is, this is a laughable number. Pitiful even), the most obvious step is to fix the problem INSTANTLY, in order to prevent further damage. Not in a month, not in six months, not in a year. Now. Why now? Because the jig is up and we know that the prophecy of UE4 was just lies. We have two third specs that drag the performance on the game into the ground in every single fight and nothing being done about it. If we aren't getting the UE4 basically yesterday, coupled with the fact that we have a bunch of other third specs right around the corner, ready to decimate our performance even further, we will have a real grind to a halt, real soon. I mean, look at NeroKoso's streams for example. He's playing on a BEAST machine and the game runs like crap in raids. Utter garbage fps. When 3rd spec FM comes around and the fotm ranged players go to play it, we'll see even bigger fps drops all across the board. So there you have it. Should be glad that those people who complain and say they quit are still here. When they leave, give the game a couple of months and there will be noone left. I guess they can shrink the raids down to 6 people and dungeons down to 3. Don't know if going that low bar is wise, but hey, anything to keep stubbornly CPRing the dead horse instead of frankensteining it back to life, amirite?
  21. If the game's population keeps going down, main reasons being lack of optimization and p2w, in which reality is it a viable move to shove more p2w and pospone performance patches for when the game will have like 100-200 players at prime time? These are live servers where we have absolutely unacceptable lag and fps issues, not some early access kickstarter. If you want people to give you money in your game, you solve their problems yesterday, you do not pospone the fixes for decades and expect them to fund you on the base of good will, especially if you are like NC and your reputation is so deep down the renegade levels, Satan has to design a whole new circle in hell just for you. Joke aside, I think you get the point.
  22. Cowards devs/staff

    Do not confuse new player with a five year old.
  23. Soul cost adjustments?

    Mmmmhmmm. Well they'd better change their stupid policy. Let me remind you, it is their decisions so far, that got us down to one server per region.
  24. Cowards devs/staff

    @Grimoir You know... this would've made sense if these so called "new players" are their own community. They aren't. They come to the game and become part of the existing community. And the existing community knows very well what is normal and what isn't. Aka, your logic works for a single player game, not an MMO one.