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  1. These places are boring, simply because they repurposed lower level locations into story ones. Back when the game started, leveling progression was well paced and you had to FIGHT to get through a zone. I distinctly remember the razorwing ravine being hardcore prior to getting your hands on Tomb of Exiles gear and even then it required technique to kill stuff, as enemies didn't die in under a second.
  2. I do agree on the point of more stamina or unlimited stamina. At this point it feels dumb that we need to stop after 40 seconds, just because. We are on par with the guardians when it comes to abilities.
  3. AMD RX 5700XT Performing bad on BNS

    Point one - this is a DirectX9 game, so install all proprietary libraries. It does have it's own d3d9 dll, but you can never be too sure if it's not requesting other dlls for whatever; Point two - it's a DirectX9 game... don't expect much from it; Point three - check the core chart for your CPU and see which cores sit on the same crystal. Limit the game to operating only on these in order to eliminate the infinity fabric stutter; Point four - disable driver level vsync. Disable driver level antialiasing. Use the engine provided options (the ones in the game's graphic settings menu); Point five - play with the shadow settings and "SFX of others". There are gajillion people with pets which have their own shaders and animations, this costs performance, even for this single core+half a core game. As for the shadows, UE2.5-3 is reknown for having expensive shadows. Limiting their distance should give you a sizable boost. Also disable all motion blur effects. Even if it's just a smearing effect, when coupled with the live data crunching of the game polling all the present characters 20 times per second, it doesn't really rely on old fashioned AI "hacks" to make it smooth and not stuttery on the fly. It's probably worth to disable driver level AA for transparent surfaces and dimming effects from those as well; Point six - grab a gtx 1080 and test with it on this particular PC. If you get vastly different results, it's a driver issue or driver settings issue;
  4. HM Gem Powder

    Any fix for the permanent x2 price increase you guys made with your last "fix" for those? We need more than of those than ever, yet the availability is not even half of what we used to have in the game. Even with the gold income increase, the availabiliy will not increase magically. 25 solars for one powder is like getting a slice of bread (not even a full bread :D) for... 90 euros or so. And here's the big oof - now we have these new gems, where one hepta costs 50 powders. Couple this with the whale economy and suddenly the powders either stay overpriced or get even more expensive.
  5. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    I apologise for not addressing this earlier. Here goes: For the more challenging hard mode... that's only present in four dungeons, two of which have been nerfed in hard mode a number of times. I think you were lying; It is also unrelated to beginner mode released in korea, yet it came with initially lowered gold? I think you were lying; You understand that the name "easy mode" can be misleading. If you understood that, how come you guys didn't rename it to "less rewarding but harder than normal, mode"? If the idea was to do what you said you intended it to do, how come nobody and I mean NOBODY, in your QA team, noticed that literally everything was not working as intended, week prior to the patch going live? Even if it was a "custom" patch, as it would be if our "easy" mode is truly not the "beginner" mode that KR has, such massive mechanical problems are literally the first thing a QA would note down. Are you guys kidding me? Also your intent makes no sense. "to prepare peopl for hard mode". And what, pray tell, is the merit of doing hard mode? A couple of ugly outfits and a couple of psyches that nobody wants? Spare me. Just spare me this nonsense. If you wanted to help people, easy mode would've been basically three mechanical phases that don't kill you but make the boss invulnerable, and loop the mechanical elements until people get them right. Aka you don't get to finish the dungeon unless you learn and do the mechs. You don't die at all. This did not happen. Not to mention, the gold and overall rewards would be visibly different in their quantity between hard modes and normal modes. This is not the case. I don't know what game you guys are playing, but surely it can't be this one, as statements don't match reality even one bit.
  6. Dreamsong Theater 1st boss adjustments

    It's inevitable death. Imo it falls under wipe mechanics. There's quite literally nothing you can do to prevent your demise, bar killing the boss before you die or using escape.
  7. It was an rng box event. You couldn't buy them directly, sadly. Not that I'd mind seeing them back as direct purchases. That kind of sales, I support.
  8. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Easy modes I tried so far: TSM - when you take the curse and it runs out, you get one shot and cant negate it with hearts. If you pop the puddle, it still stays and runs out, you die to insta kill; BC - the leech miniboss wipes everybody if not killed in time; DST - first boss - if you don't do mechanics, the floor wipes you in 2 seconds with mechanical (not physical) damage; So... not as advertised. Mechs still one shot. Moreover they do so in dungeons where they didn't do so before. Get it together. Oh, I'll also update if the ant in HH is still one shotting in easy mode (which it didn't do in normal mode before);
  9. HM Gem Powder

    And the players will just accept it, surely. That's why we are down to just one server and we struggle to fill raids out of the one hour prime time window.
  10. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Don't forget to fix the wipe mechs in HH.
  11. HM Gem Powder

    This is a hard no. We have 11 gem gear slots. We also need these fragments for bracelet. There is quite literally no way two oblivion fragments (if you're lucky) per week can satisfy the requirements here, unless you find one square gem per year is acceptable, which it isn't. And slimy p2w practices such as "but it's just 15 ncoins in f10" are most definitely not an acceptable fix. Also, check the transmutation costs for above hepta pet gems. Those oblivion fragments are not getting wasted on side stuff or materials for others gears (such as main weapon gems). This isn't a solution. Not even a quick fix.
  12. This patch might be the last straw

    I don't think so. It would be fair if the entire gear progression was to become vastly cheaper. You can do daily dungeon quests just once. This is a hard cap on quest gold.
  13. This patch might be the last straw

    I think the point being made is that as long as there are enough people to make it profitable, we'll keep having joke level drops even in hard modes, which is what currently happens. Everybody would have to not do the trove AT ALL for them to reconsider their monetization and normalize the upgrade material progression ingame. Without the trove wares on the market annually, gear levels of the player base would look drastically different with the miserable mat drops from daily challenge, dungeons and reward coffers. Trove was originally made with that exact point in mind if you remember. Jonathan did say it's their solution to the massive shortage of materials back when the silverfrost mountains patch hit and baleful 3 used to cost an arm and a leg... kinda like how thornbreaker 3-6 cost an arm and a leg right now. The point some people try to make here is that the gear progression is long term. True, that it is. The obvious issue however is that there isn't enough of FUN stuff to do in order to adhere to said gear progression. A couple of kinda challenging dungeons and a dozen that are a practical joke, is not how you keep your playerbase happy and having fun, while they farm their gear materials and such. For the progression to be long term, there needs to be TONS of content to do, thousands of different things to kill and a bazillion locations to do it in, otherwise it's just a barren click simulation, kinda how it is right now. Granted they wanted BnS to be a PvP thing, trying to get into the moba cash cow, it obviously is not gonna work here. South Korea = small little spec of land with the best networking on the planet. Europe = a huge continent where the network is composed of all tiers of carriers, with half the traffic going through t1 backbones at places, which ruins the ping big time. So without the PvE, this game will be in the ground quite literally in a week. And the PvE is lacking, a lot. Trying to "help" the PvE with troves, is plain robbery and not what this game needs. Ofc if you ask NC's CEO if he would rather rund proper content for this game, or get himself a bigger yiacht... only he knows the answer, but I can make a speculation that's less a probability and more an inevitability.
  14. prophecy vs thronebreaker necklace

    Also depends on whether others in your party/raid have it. If you're the only one that has it or there is just one more player, it's kinda worthless, considering the effect down time.
  15. I wonder whether to come back to the game?

    Short answer - no; Long answer - nope;
  16. 1. It didn't; 2. And I told you why your idea won't work. This game, just like any proper mmo, rewards players for success, not for participation. Just being there and trying to clear it, will not give anybody anything. People need to clear it, otherwise it's pointless. And as I said in a rather obvious way in my previous post, people who can clear it, band up and clear it. People who cannot, give up. Your system won't change this, as there are requirements in place when it comes ot hard mode, that the vast majority of players simply do not meet. And by that I do not mean gear and stats, that's the easiest thing to obtain and possess. As I said, unless you have a solution to the problem where people simply never learn antyhing and attempt to just chop chop the boss down like it's a minecraft tree (some try to learn but it takes them an absolute eternity. Dunno what kind of incentive you have in mind for leveling up a party with such people, but it better impress me otherwise I'm simply not taking them or going with them), this will not go anywhere and rich will keep getting richer, while the poor will stay poor. Now that we have the clarification out of the way, what is your solution to this problem I presented? And before you get to answering it, closing our eyes and pretending it doesn't exist, isn't a solution. Rewards for completion, not participation.
  17. Out of nowhere, BNS is running at 30fps, previously 90fps

    intel cpus past 4th gen don't park cores on w8/8.1/10. Also, are you insinuating that an on board gpu can squeeze 30 fps in this game? :D
  18. F8 is how it is, because people keep not learning. And I don't mean it in a sense that people don't learn anything at all. Just learning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow for the general hard mode runner to accommodate. The learning curve for hard mode is completely off the chart compared to normal mode. Take WC for example. Is it mechanically hard? Not in the slightest. Is it complex beyond reason? Not in the slightest. Here's where the camel's back barely manages to hold the weight - learning phases. Each boss fight has a number of learning phases, that some people get stuck in, sometimes for all eternity. First phase of learning, is survival. Getting to know the bosses' normal rotation so you do not die to basic stuff. Most people struggle with this the most and for the longest time, but in the same time mastering this, makes any boss fight a total cheese, since normal attack rotations and dps checks take the longest amount of time in a single boss fight. Mechanical phases aren't that thrilling, since the mechs by themselves aren't hard at all, although I won't deny that some of them have more elements than others. Compare RTHM last boss to WCHM last boss and it's blatantly obvious that there are two more layers of mechanical complexity to pay attention to (which is not an issue, since it pretty much means you have to give more of your party members mechanic roles, meaning they don't get to just braindead dps. More involvement for everybody is what I call a teamplay boss fight). Our case is that there are way too many people that just don't get past learning how to deal with basic boss rotation. Those who learn fast, progress to clearing mechanical phases and the dungeons as a whole, while the rest need others to compensate for their inadequacy. This is where the segregation occurs. These who excel at rotations and mechanics, do not have ANY incentive to pick up the slack for those who do not. And your "static" rewards increase will not change this. People won't suddenly get an inspiration to group up with randoms. They'll do what they know works - form statics with people who are on their level of proficiency or better, so they can extract the highest amount of profit per unit of time invested. Meanwhile those who have problems learning rotations and mechanics, will just be stuck in the "try-die-respawn-try again" limbo until they eventually give up - this is the most common scenario you would encounter in this game, since a single player who goes full potato is more than enough to completely nullify a party's chances of succeeding in a dungeon run. In normal mode it's not that hard to salvage, but in hard more is a completely different story and there is no place for underperforming members until the dungeon becomes obsolete. Unless you have some remedy for this disparity in player skill levels and learning abilities, I don't see how your system will improve our curreny situation.
  19. BnS is taking 50gb space on my SSD

    Just put them someplace else and use to make them appear where they should be normally. You can do this with most of the game files, but if you move them to HDD, it'll increase your loading screens by a bit.
  20. BnS is taking 50gb space on my SSD

    Well, we do have 293829382389293289 costumes for all races and classes... why do you think every patch that introduces ONE costume, creeps the game size up by 40-60MB? :D
  21. lets draw a line in the sand betwing pvp and pve

    Just remove pvp gear and merge pvp gear stats into pve gear. or make pvp gear completely pvp reliant.
  22. This game to toxic .

    1. Ditto; 2. Aim lower. Not all content is newbie friendly. Also, you're in a mmo game. People here do not mince words. If someone gets short with you, just tell them to help you with what you're messing up; 3. There are a lot of people who did most of the dungeons on the list hundreds if not thousands of times. The fun is long gone; 4. Pretty much what I said in 3; 5. Likewise! Bay bay o/ On a personal note, I'd say you shouldn't get yourself involved with randoms in f8, or if you do, just ignore anything that comes around as flame. Join B&S radi recruitment and scout the server clan recruitment sub channel. There are plenty of clans that would be happy to have you and teach you the ropes. If you stay solo in this game, you need exorbitant amount of resilience to toxicity. Either that, or make sure to point out you're new to the dungeon, so people know you didn't know better. F8 is not for learning. Pugs never aim to teach, only to clear, so if you get in a party with the idea of learning, you're setting yourself up for getting absolutely destroyed in case you mess up a critical mechanic.
  23. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    The problem is that it's good to have around.
  24. 5 favorites for bns cosmetic contest?

    So your dev team gets to have a say on what we get to like? Get out of here!
  25. No we can't get it. It's not that simple. Not anymore. Now that we are down to one server in each region, this means we have just one market per region. Since f8 does impact the market indirectly, it does link the local servers. Now when we don't have this, there's no way to weasel around the obvious issue of importing different value goods from one region to another. Gold sellers will swim in easy gold and wreck the marketplace prices even more than they already do.