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  1. Well, i agree that its not the best cpu, but compared to the games i played BnS have the worst performance i've ever seen. On top of this no matter if i play low or max graphics, the game still have huge fps drops on 64bit client, This is 8 years old game, at that time the 3th gen intel cpu was released and yes the content of a game is much bigger than at that time buy still... for me it looks like they give up on this game and just waiting for poeple to quit to close the servers.
  2. Hmmm, small improvement, first 2 minutes its a Koldrak with 0-10fps (does everyone lagg like that during Koldrak?) Overall the FPS seems to be a little bit better but in raids and dungeons with 6-12 ppl in a party FPS often go down to 0, freezes etc.
  3. Already done it. Already done it. ok i have change that now from off to control. Already done it. Cant find it. Already off. Had gpu selected here, i've change that. Was set on prefer maximum performance. Change it to optimal but im not sure why optimal if better than max performance. Already got that on. Had this set on max performance, change it to quality and again i do not understande why quality is better that max performance? . Change it. Already done it. I had 64 bit client in
  4. Well, how can I get started ... I just to play this game a long time ago at max frame rate and now I want to cry during a fight with 0-20fps and 0 = freeze of course. I've tried everything and nothing helps. : ") Since I know there is no solution unless I buy a NASA CPU (I'm not 100% sure of this, but let's say it can help) I wonder why? Why does a game publisher allow something like this? People are paying for this game, subscription etc., It took me a while to realize it was mostly publisher fault. I am interested in the thoughts and opinions of other players, so feel free to share
  5. You know that in Korea the ''Easy mode'' was a part of a patch, right? I dont really mind having harder dungeons etc. but from the ncsoft side it was kind shi*** move in my opinion to skip this part of a patch.
  6. lol, change key bindings if you dont like looting items with F .
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